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Sroberson's character(s)

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sroberson    162


Character Info

Name: ????

Gender: Male

Psuedo-name: Steel, Deter0 ('Nobody' in Saurian)

Home planet:???,

Assumed home planet: Sauria

Approximate age: 32

Profession: Lone mercenary, contracted scout, former spec-ops survivalist for Cornerian military

Appearance: Island Fox. Longer silver fur with light blue underfur. Average height, blue/greenish eyes. Lean athletic build

Clothing: During missions, often found wearing lightweight impact armor with passive camo that acts to absorb light, reducing his visibility. Outside of missions, often found wearing cargo shorts and breathable synthetic shirts to keep moisture off his body

Ship: The Skyhook, a modified and old Katina scout fighter. Accommodations for primitive crew quarter, heavier short range armaments, heavy plasma shields, long range sensor arrays, advanced G-diffuser/life support system, thrusters, and overdriven stabilizers added. Heavy armor, heavy payload storage, targeting systems, and long range armaments removed. Has been known to have malfunctions due to some of the hardware not being replaced during upgrades.

Weapons: Moderate range plasma rifle with high power scope, light ballistic firing pistol

Equipment: Adjustable strength binoculars, knife, light protective clothing with passive camo, raingear, water bottle, and a small shovel

Brief history: Steel himself didn’t have much of a history in the Lylat system. After awaking on the planet Sauria after an apparent crash landing that left him with a severe case of memory loss – he had to slowly stitch together a new life in the system without the slightest clue of who he was or where he came from, carrying only a name he recovered from the wreckage of the passenger ship he assumed as his own - 'Steel'. He lived life as a renegade, only held down long enough to scrap together a living through the Cornerian military training he underwent after being picked up by the reconnaissance troops sent to investigate Sauria after the supposed reappearance of Dr. Andross. When the Aparoid invasion of Corneria resulted in the destruction of the military base which Steel dwelt in, he went AWOL – resorting to his survival tactics mastered by his time spent in isolation on Sauria and his recon skills honed through his training. He was never the most skilled fighter, but knew what it took to survive – even in the prisons of Corneria when he turned himself in after the War. It was grit and determination that guided Steel through confinement, and back into freedom when he was pardoned and remunerated for his time to the military and imprisonment.

He would find the truth behind who he was...

Personality/traits/skills: Due to his time spent on the planet Sauria and confusion over his sense of self, Steel tends to be quiet and is most likely terse in conversation, spending more time listening and absorbing his surroundings while selecting his words carefully. He believes in actions speaking for himself. Though he pretends to be insensitive to others' pain, he cares deeply about the well being of other people and has in the past put himself in danger to help another. While somewhat detached from the materialistic lifestyle, he takes great pride in the efforts and money he has spent in his ship and gear. Independent of true loyalties to any entity, he has few issues with taking on some more questionable missions so long as it doesn't land him in trouble with anyone else.

-An extremely skilled survivalist capable of living in the wild for extended periods of time or in some cases - indefinitely

-Not an aggressive person by nature, and as a result is not the best fighter in any area - though the personalizations done to his ship allow for him to be a competent, if not deadly, pilot. Steel is typically stressed, nervous, and even fearful of dogfight engagement despite his accomplishments.

-Competent in light arms use, but not great

-Inexperienced in hand to hand combat

-High level of physical endurance and resilience as a result of having to live off the land and becoming accustomed to high levels of g-forces regularly applied to his body.

Powers: For reasons unexplained for now, Steel has a sense of intuition that serves him on rare occasions, seemingly guiding him through difficult situations and decision making. 'Fate' is what he simply refers to it as, though the story goes a lot deeper than that..

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ballisticwaffles    194

I dont know why you were so nervous. This is a fine first charecter. Plenty of good things going for you.

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sroberson    162

Another character I just threw together in case Steel has too much of an ingrained timeline in StarFox for some RPs to work with...not my best, but i'll probably clean it up later.

Freyr Graymane

Character Info

Name: Freyr Graymane

Alias: Freyr

Home Planet: Titania

Age: 26

Profession: Mechanic, former pirate

Race: Jackal

Sex: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 250lbs

Appearance: Heavily built, Dark gray fur, carries some scars, hardened expression, muscular.

Former Combat Clothing: Cargo pants with light impact pads lining his shins and knees, trench boots, heavy leather jacket with heavy impact pads on arms and thermal negating Kevlar plates on chest. Often wears padded gloves.

Casual Clothing: Jeans, sturdy button down canvas shirt, steel toed boots

Weapons/gear: A particularly large and heavy durasteel wrench, high output pulse pistol, energy shield.

Brief History: Freyr was born on the inhospitable plant of Titania shortly before the Lylat Wars broke out; the bastard son to a stationed soldier who immediately left for the frontlines when his time to serve came. Raised on the fringes of society in one of the forgotten towns destroyed in the war, he had to scrounge together living from the meager resources on the planet. Growing up, Freyr never had the chance to attend schools as none existed where he was. His youth was full of time spent learning to hunt the indigenous Korgialas, the massive scorpions which served as the inspiration for Dr. Andross' bioweapons research on the planet. Growing into adulthood, he eventually found and became associated with local gangs where he learned martial arts and slowly crept deeper into the underworld of organized crime. Never missing a chance to take on a new challenge, Freyr also often found himself competing in the arena against the stationed Cornerian forces whom he had grown to hate. Local interplanetary pirates who often attended these arenas noticed Freyr’s combat proficiency and offered him a chance to leave Titania and carve out a piece of the galaxy for himself. His life of crime, though more glamorous, left a bitter taste in Freyr's mouth. He disliked the tactics and goals of his superiors who often put his team in extraordinary danger for little accomplishment. Freyr took every opportunity to try and defame and subvert his superiors – opportunities that soured their opinions of Freyr quickly. After several years of dwelling in the criminal underworld as a mere grunt, his luck ran out when his team was commanded to carry out a raid on a heavily secured weapons research center – a suicide mission that left much of Freyr's team dead and him responsible for the failure.

Unfortunately for Freyr, failure was hardly tolerated by his superiors who proceeded in making him a marked man, forcing him to flee from his life of crime and the lawless outskirts of the galaxy to settle in Corneria. Having no history, professional skills, or education, Freyr took up an apprenticeship working in mechanics slowly building up a life of normalcy and stability that he had never had the chance to experience before. Freyr now enjoys a quiet life in the lower-middle class of Cornerian society as a simple citizen – with a slight taste for rebellions and individualistic attitude.

Personality/traits/skills: Due to the time Freyr spent on Titania learning how to fight, Freyr is heavily built, very strong, and tends to be aggressive when approaching conflict. Somewhat antisocial and awkward at times.

-Average proficiency in firearms, not much training

-Exceptional mechanic, having spent several years extensively studying it as a profession

-Very strong, and very talented at hand-to-hand combat.

For The Saurian Adventure

Strength: 5 (+3) = 8

Perception: 5 (+0) = 5

Charisma: 5 (-1) = 4

Intelligence: 5 (+1) = 6

Agility: 5 (+0) = 5

Willpower: 5 (+6) = 5

Description for high strength: Implanted with nanite protein synthesizers that allow for quick muscle and tissue regeneration. Allows for extreme periods of muscle use but still resist fatigue and regrows muscle more effectively - better than typical biological function. Resistant to atrophy. Nanite protein synthesizers can also be used to repair tissue damage inflicted in combat. Not capable of quickly repairing bone damage, but Freyr's time spent in hand to hand combat training has resulted in higher bone density which allows him to resist damage that would otherwise break bones.

Skill Set:

Martial Arts +Mastery

Technology +Mastery

Melee Weapons

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