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Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps


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RP Name/Title-Dragon'taan: Heart of the Marauder Corps

Style- Forum/Lounge RP

Theme- Lounge RP

Setting-Dragon'taan, homeworld of the Dragon-Shifters

Goal- none

Player count-any number - it's for everyone.


Description: This is a lounge RP idea I've had for some time, and have finally decided to put it forward to see what you all think. This is an rp in which you can join as anyone you want, do whatever you want so long as it conforms to the rules described below. Anyway...

Welcome to Dragon'taan, home world of the Dragon-shifters and the heart of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps!

Whether you be a soldier or mercenary looking for work, or a simple merchant or trader looking to buy or sell wares, there will be a place for you here. This world is protected by the warriors who serve the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps, and the law here is enforced by the Dragon'taan Military Police Department (DMPD). The Capitol of Dragon'taan - Indari City - is split into multiple districts, listed below:

Central District: This is where the Government enclave of Dragon'taan rests, built by the dragon-shifters after the Marauder War. This is where the leadership of Dragon'taan military and government issue statements and make speeches. At the center of the courtyard before the enclave stands a statue of General Kyle Indari, who led the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps to victory against the Necromyan Collective during the Marauder War. Also housed in the Central District is a museum, filled with many historical artifacts and items found throughout the Marauder War. This museum, named Marauder Museum, also serves to tell those willing to listen the history of the Dragon-shifters and how they came to Dragon'taan. Also housed within this district is one of the more populated Residential sectors (other than the Residential District, listed below).

Market District: Are you a merchant, looking to buy or sell wares? Or are you looking to buy supplies for your home on Dragon'taan, if any? In either case, the Market district is where you buy your goods. Located north-east of the central district, this district sells everything from antiquities and general goods to excess military surplus equipment. Nothing illegal sold here, and all transactions are under the watchful eye of the police. If you try to sell illegal goods here, you will be flagged. Repeat offenders face serious jail time and possible banishment from Dragon'taan.

Warehouse District: If you are stopping on Dragon'taan to re-supply your ship, the Warehouse district is where you go. When you arrive, please have a datapad of your ship, it's specs, and other required information so that we know where to send your supplies. After all, the space above Dragon'taan is VERY crowded. If you have reserved a supply shipment, please have the receipt and reservation ticket you received over the interstellar networks on hand. This district is located to the north-west of the Central District.

Restaurant District: Looking to take a loved one on a romantic date? Looking for a quick bite to eat? Or a good meal cooked by Dragon'taan's finest? This district is for you, located to the south-east of the Central District, this particular district has all manner of restaurants and eateries, some of which provide live shows and all of them providing good music.

Holodeck District: Looking for some fun holonovel time? Need to try a new simulation? This district, located south-west of the Central District, has all manner of holographic arenas, general recreation holodecks, and provides services ranging from holographic arena matches (similar to those of the LMC's Unreal Tournaments) to general recreational times. If you have a custom simulation you wish to test in the Holodeck District, please make the necessary reservations. If you come here to fight, please reserve your time with any companions you wish to accompany you before heading here. If you come here merely to relax, you only need to say so to the nearest District Employee.

Military District: Looking for a mercenary contract with the Marauder Corps? Looking to join our great military? This district, spanning the entire western edge of Indari City, houses many of our armories, recruitment stations, training facilities, and barracks. If you look for a mercenary contract, take it to one of the Mercenary Recruitment offices - if you wish to enlist, make your request to the regular recruitment center. If you're not a dragon-shifter, don't worry - there is a place for everyone in our military.

Residential District: This District, spanning the entire eastern edge of the city, houses the many residents of Dragon'taan. If you wish to live here, talk to one of the Real Estate Representatives to see what's available. Just a ten-minute drive further east of this sector lies Draco Hill, wherein lies Indari Manor, the place that houses General Indari himself.

Now, due to the nature of this place, It is necessary to point out the following:

1.) If you come to Dragon'taan armed, please keep blades and melee weapons sheathed and firearms safetied. If there are any accidental discharges here, an alarm will sound, and you can rest assured that the DMPD will be there in short order.

2.) If you need to fight, take it to the holographic arenas - fighting outside the arenas is strictly forbidden. If you cause trouble, the DMPD will not wait to ask questions. First offenders get a warning: Afterward, if you continue to cause trouble, you will be arrested.

3.) The basic laws of this world are no different than that of any other world; no stealing, no unprovoked violence, etc. Repetitive violations of the law will result in banishment.


4.) Because this is the homeworld of the Dragon-Shifters and the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps (DMC), the space above Dragon'taan is tightly regulated. Please, do not cause trouble in orbit, as any illegal act will be viewed as an act of war. If you cause trouble, you will be warned once - after that, you will be fired on, disabled, boarded, and arrested.


5.) If you have no ship, fear not - public transports go to and from Dragon'taan. This RP has a place for everyone.

We trust you will not give us any reason to regret our hospitality - thank you, and Welcome to Dragon'taan...

(That... took forever. Whaddya think?)


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I must first start off and say that your aims with this role play are quite ambitious; the sheer level of detailing and outlining required to put together this request was undoubtedly impressive.  You've formed a compelling world, though I do have a few concerns.


Regarding the overall scope of this RP, it seems as if the project is a bit -too- large, at least to suit the small amount of those that still partake in role plays on this site.  Many would be overwhelmed by the options presented, and I imagine that any sort of character interaction could be difficult when everyone is spaced out throughout the map.  Look at The Cornerian Complex as evidence for this; such a wide variety of settings are available and yet everyone repeatedly congregates around a single bar. 


Also noteworthy is whether or not anything in particular would actually occur in the RP.  Because The Complex exists and requires no previous knowledge of any universe aside from the accepted coexistence of anthropomorphic animal and human characters, it allows ease of accessibility and .  I doubt that many will even recall that there is a museum available on Dragon'taan or that it has specific lore and backstory. 

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