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Kiloshi Rokstlice


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I actually have created several different characters, but i'm only going to put one for obvious reasons.


Name: Kiloshi Maxwell Rokstlice

D.O.B.: March 25, 1988

Race: Yoshiran (Not a Yoshi). Yoshirans are more closely related to humans than Yoshis. It is considered very racist to call a Yoshiran a Yoshi. They don't hate Yoshis, they just don't like being called that.

Home: Yoshinkrydonin District, Island of Yoshiro, Earth

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 253 lbs

Build: Muscular

Eyes: Deep Blue. When he uses a technique he knows, called the Imitate Juitsu, which is like the Sharingan, but not as limited, his eyes change to the eyes of the person he is copying temporarily. He inherited the gene that makes his eyes always look angry.

Family: Kiloshi's only biological family is his father and younger brother. Kiloshi does not know his mother, but since his brother looks nothing like him, Kiloshi believes his mother looks like his brother.

Alignment: Good

Personality: He always looks aggressive, but he is more of an easygoing, but kind of strict, person. He has somewhat of a superiority complex and is very competitive, but is still able to set his limits. Being a military leader, he also has the fiery and disciplined personality of a natural born leader. He also tends to act tough when in a televised situation. Overall, he is a more-or-less awesome and reliable person to be around.

Background: Kiloshi is the leader of the YMF (Yoshiro Military Federation) along with his brother and friends, but he outranks the other leaders.

As a kid, he tried to be the kid that was tougher than every other kid (Technically, he was). But unlike his younger brother, he always seemed to stay out of trouble, regardless of what was happening around him.

He acted the same way in his teenage years, but tended to assert his dominance slightly more. He was also more of a troublemaker, almost getting himself suspended from high school. During this time, he started learning the ways of the many styles of fighting, enough to make him highly skilled in all of them.

At the age of 18, when his father made him the official leader of the YMF, Kiloshi quickly realized that his tough kid act didn't quite work that well for him as a leader. He became more of a disciplined and strict person, but thanks to the lax rules of the YMF (Which is still a working and efficient military force to this day), he still kept his easygoing personality that he had as a teenager, but is just as mature as an adult should be. This is where he started training with firearms and melee weapons, because it is regulation of the YMF for every member to have some kind of weapon training. He trained so well with guns that he gained the sub-title of Weapons Specialist. Kiloshi is now a highly skilled fighter and skilled with weapons, so much so that he created a new mixed fighting style using close combat and firearms, but he hasn't come up with a name yet.

At 21, when his brother developed the UVR (Ultra Virtual Reality) System using already existing technologies, Kiloshi began training in the deadly fighting styles of Mortal Kombat (Since the UVR isn't reality, but close enough, this was possible). When the UVR became more advanced, Kiloshi was able to train in vehicular combat, like in the Twisted Metal games. At this point, Kiloshi now has a superiority complex, and sometimes sees himself as the "Deadliest Warrior". But even with this, it was proven that he is beatable in combat, which he learned the hard way when he fought one of his co-leaders in UVR (It probably didn't help that the person he fought was admitted to an asylum for having homicidal tendencies and uncontrollable fits of rage, among other things).

Abilities: Not only is Kiloshi skilled in fighting, there is other non-violent things he is able to do.

Kiloshi is able to play any instrument in an average rock band. Bass, Guitar, Drums, and Vocals, but he prefers vocals. Kiloshi is also able to imitate other peoples voices really well, and since he is able to sing in several octaves, from death metal roars to falsetto, this makes him a great candidate for a vocalist.

Kiloshi is also able to be a professional race car driver, but since his vehicle of choice is a supercharged 1968 Chevelle, he isn't eligible for NASCAR.

Kiloshi is good at picking locks, and that comes in handy for some situations. He is also able to hot-wire cars, which is necessary when he needs to use someones car to catch a bad guy, or if he for some reason lost his car keys.

Kiloshi likes playing video games in his free time. That isn't really a skill, I think


Carbon Black Combat Knife (With added finger hold for spinning awesomely)

Two Handed Double Helix sword passed down through his family (No, it doesn't look like Fierce Deity's Sword)

Sawn-off break-action quad-barrel shotgun (Called the Leviathan)

Custom .55-Cal Desert Eagle (This isn't America, so gun laws are different here)

Chrome Colt 1911 (Always have a sidearm, no matter how powerful)


Modified 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle (Sabre Ultima)

Custom biplane style fighter jet with engines located between the wings (Warhawk)

His own personal Minion (Twisted Metal: Black model)

Miscellaneous(Always (probably) have a misc. section):

The universe Kiloshi and his world lives in is connected to pretty much every other video game and TV show universe (Portals, Anyone?), which means Kiloshi and the YMF have access to all of those universes. Because of this, Kiloshi has worked with the Star Fox Team and he considers them reliable allies.

Kiloshi also has a thing for Krystal, if you know what I mean.

Picture: My avatar is Kiloshi. I don't have any other pics of him digitally. I also don't have a scanner or Photoshop, so that is the best I can do.


I don't know why, but I keep thinking this is too much info. Well, the only way to find out is by what other people think.

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There is no such thing as too much information IMO; though you've definitely attained an interesting head-canon there. 


I approve of the Chevelle by the way. :-P

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Thanks! I'm glad you think that. I would like to post the asylum file of the character he fought in UVR, should i post it on this thread, or do it somewhere else?

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So long as it deals with the character then here should be fine.

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Ok, i'll go ahead and post it. One note though, this guy is the epitome of "Overpowered". Why do you think he was in an asylum?


*Begin Report*


Yoshiron Asylum Patient Record

Date of Report: August 14, 2002


Name: Yoshin     Middle: ?     Last: ?     Sex: Male     Age: ?     Height: 8'02"     Weight: 463.2 lbs



Homicidal Tendencies, Uncontrollable fits of rage, Insomnia, Extreme disdain toward canines and the color blue (Reason unknown).



Sedate with high concentrations of non-diluted tranquilizers. Sedation is not immediate and will only last a few minutes, must be administered from a great distance (Use of a rifle is recommended). Keep under maximum confinement.



Do not come within 100 ft. of patient under any circumstances. Lethal injection has no effect (Reason unknown). Unfazed by gunshot wounds, even to the head. Tear gas, pepper spray, and tazers have no effect. All attempts to subdue patient tend to exacerbate rage. Is known to destroy armored vehicles with bare hands. Do not attempt to interact with patient, unless under extreme circumstances.


Summary: Extremely Dangerous!


*End of Report*


Since the report doesn't describe Yoshin fully, i'll put what the report didn't say.

Race: Yoshiran

Home: YMF Headquarters, Island of Yoshiro, Earth

Family: Unknown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Build: Hulk-like

Alignment: I guess you could say good.

Appearance: Yoshin is a massive guy with clothes and scars to show what a brute he is. He wears a tattered orange prison jumpsuit and his lower jaw is literally broken in two, his left is wired shut and his right hangs free, and because of this, he is unable to talk clearly, save some unintelligible grunts. Occasionally, he wears orange tinted glasses so the color blue appears black to his eyes. His skin is a faded dark green color.

Personality: Yoshins personality is very negative. He is ill-tempered and never close to a positive mood. Yoshin never shows any like towards anything. This is the reason he is a person to not interact with at all, especially for those who are a canine species.

Biography: Nothing much is known about Yoshin's past other than he has a large criminal record and he probably got his hate for canines when a rottweiler attacked him as a kid.

Abilities: Yoshin doesn't have any special abilities, unless you count brute force and high resistance to attacks as special abilities.

Equipment: The only weapon that Yoshin has is a 9 ft. wooden support beam reinforced with a thick metal rod down the middle and long screws sticking out of the end, like a mace of sorts.

Vehicles: Yoshin only has one vehicle. It is a large dump truck that is named "Manslaughter", like the vehicle of the same name from the game Twisted Metal: Black.

Miscellaneous: When Yoshin became a YMF Leader, he became less dangerous as he was (But still dangerous, nonetheless) and only fights when he is ordered to, or if someone makes him angry. He now spends most, if not, all, of his time in his room at the YMF Headquarters.


Another thing is, like most of my characters, Yoshin is beatable (albeit, overpowered), it will just take forever to beat in a fight. It is recommended to use a powerful firearm against him, like a M82 Barrett or a S&W M500. Using a chainsaw is effective, but not recommended.

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I might as well start posting about more characters on this topic. Only if I can rename it (Can you rename topics?).


Well, This is Kiloshi's brother.


Warning: There is language in this post that may be inappropriate to some readers.


Name: Chameloshi Rokstlice

AKA: Chame (pronounced "Cammie")

D.O.B.: July 24, 1990 

Race: Yoshiran

Home: Yoshinkrydonin District, Island of Yoshiro, Earth

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 156 lbs

Build: Lean, similar to Daniel Tosh

Eyes: Hazel

Family: Kiloshi Rokstlice (Brother) and Megashi Rokstlice (Father)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Chameloshi is basically responsible, but irresponsible at the same time. You could consider him as a "lovable creep".

Chameloshi likes to mess with people in annoying, sometimes mean, ways. The fact that his vehicle is a very expensive sports car makes it worse. Although you would consider Chameloshi a "dick", he has a kinder, more serious personality that offsets the douche-bagginess that he possesses, making him a person you can't help but like.

Background: Chameloshi is a very smart, but irresponsible person, having an IQ of over 300. Because of this he was able to graduate school 3 years before his older brother, although it would have been earlier if his practical joking didn't constantly suspend him. It's actually surprising he did graduate that early, given all the things he did.

Chameloshi always acted the same through all years of school, from elementary through high school. He actually broke several computer keyboards because every time he saw one where the backspace key was abbreviated "BS", he thought it would be funny to start aggressively hitting the key, claiming it meant "bullsh*t".

When Chameloshi joined the YMF, his personality didn't change (Go figure), but he is viewed as a respectable member. With his intelligence, Chameloshi developed many useful pieces of technology, like the UVR, Helicopter Force fields, and a special paint/armor combo that makes any vehicle highly bullet-resistant, almost to the point of bulletproof. He also had a part in developing Kiloshi's .55-Cal Desert Eagle.

Abilities: Chameloshi is a licensed mechanic, cook, and doctor. He is also able to manipulate wind, being able to use it to his advantage in combat. And just like Kiloshi, Chame is also keen in Mortal Kombat and vehicular combat. Chame is also an impressive hacker and modder; He can mod video games to the point that his mods look like they came with the game itself. Chame is also skilled with genjuitsu, being able to use it in fights, or to make his jokes even more unbelievable. Chame is good with drums, and he also does vocals, but only when he is singing songs with suggestive lyrics, like songs by the band "My Darkest Days". Chame's most fascinating ability is that he is immune to impact damage. For example: Chame can jump out of a plane without a parachute or get run over by a truck at 80 MPH and be completely unharmed, but he still gets hurt from punches and blunt weapons, it might be a surface area affect. It hurts less to get stepped on by a boot than a stiletto.


S&W M500

Striker Shotgun

Custom H&K MP5

Masta Sword (The blade of cheap imitations! Looks like the Master Sword, but isn't)

Razor Wind (or Circular Boomerang of Death)


Black Ferrari Enzo with 4 different vanity plates, which he uses one at a time obviously.

Harrier Jump Jet

Appearance: Chameloshi has a light blue skin, but doesn't have the "angry eye" gene that Kiloshi has. Chame wears a brown "Baby V" Deep V shirt, standard blue jeans, a black cap, a watch on his right wrist, and black Converse shoes.

Miscellaneous: This is where the "lovable creep" part comes in. Chame may be a cool person, but he is also considered a pervert, but not to much as to where he would spy into girl's locker rooms, he does have common sense. For some reason, Chame keeps a stack of adult magazines next to his computer, not hidden from view. Technically, you can distract Chame with an adult magazine Metal Gear Solid style, but he won't stop what he's doing to look at it for several minutes, because chances are, he would just take it and put it with his "mag stack", as he calls it.

Edited by Kiloshi
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Here is another character. This is literally my most powerful and cheapest character.


Name: Megashi Rokstlice

D.O.B.: February 29, 1937

Race: Yoshiran

Home: Unknown

Born: Dekashiro District, Island of Yoshiro, Earth

Sex: Male

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 263 lbs

Build: Between Toned and Muscular

Eyes: Deep Blue

Family: Two sons, Kiloshi and Chameloshi

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Although Megashi can feel every feeling, he can only show two: Anger and Insanity; anger most of the time, and insanity when he is putting a very evil person in their place. This is the reason why it is impossible to see his true personality.

Biography: Megashi is the original leader of the YMF, starting back in 1985. During his leadership, Megashi was very disciplined and strict, leading his military with utmost precision and professionalism.

Shortly after Megashi passed his leadership role to his son, Kiloshi, Megashi practically dropped off the face of the Earth, and any history about him before 1985 seemed to have disappeared with him. Kiloshi knows the reason this happened, and has vowed to keep it a secret, as per Megashi's request. Lets just say that, after this point, Megashi went on a quest that caused him to become the most powerful being the world has ever seen.

Abilities: Megashi is exponentially more powerful than his son, Kiloshi, stating that Kiloshi's best is no match for Megashi's barely trying. Basically, Megashi's powers are a combination of Albert Wesker (Extreme agility, superhuman strength, and durability) and Deadpool (Fast healing and he can't die), and throw in powerful telekinesis as an added bonus. Megashi also knows a more powerful version of Kiloshi's Imitate Juitsu. With it, he can copy anyone, regardless of who they are or the power of that anyone. Megashi can be seen as a god with the power he posesses, but because of this, Megashi does not interfere with any war or fight unless the situation seems hopeless for the good side. Megashi's whereabouts are unknown as of now, seemingly appearing out of thin air when he does take action. Although he does appear in some instances when he wants to talk with someone.


The same double-helix sword that Kiloshi has


It is believed Megashi's vehicle is a more powerful version of an M1A1 Abrams Tank.

Appearance:  Megashi's clothing choice can be seen as cliché; He looks like Kiloshi, but he wears a black trench coat, black undershirt, black denim jeans, black combat boots, black fingerless gloves, and an eye patch over his right eye.

Miscellaneous: With the power that Megashi has, he is capable of defeating an entire army battalion and survive a zombie apocalypse with no aid or weaponry whatsoever. Basically, he can take over the world if he wanted to, but since its against what he's for, he won't. It is never a good idea to challenge Megashi to a fight, unless he is an available character in a fighting game; In the game, he would be considered an optional super-boss, but in real life, avoid a fight with him at all costs, because he can overpower the entire YMF without breaking a sweat. it also should be said that Megashi always has one, or both of his hands in his pockets, making his fighting stance intimidating to say the least.


Megashi is pretty much neutral unless provoked, so he would be a working character, but as stated above...



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