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Hey guys! I decided that I wanted to post some stuff that I'm working with on SAI paint so what better place than SF-O :-). Now some of them will contain blood but nothing worse than that. Also, I may post works that were done over a Line art someone else drew, because I cant draw worth balls, but I will surly give credit to that person. Other than that, the coloring will have been done by me and any other affects will have also been done by myself. So with that, here is my WIP for Halloween!



I understand that it's a bit dark and depressing, but I am also currently writing a Creepypasta on Pokemon and I just had to do one that had to do with it. I hope you like how it looks so far.


Lineart by: Deneed990

Coloring by: Starfoxchick309


Edit: Here is my finished product.



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That's actually quite nice! :yes:


One question: do you draw things, but just don't do the lineart for them? Is that the case with the picture you've shown so far? I'm wondering because you say someone did the lineart, but lineart can just mean that it was drawn on paper and then refurbished on a computer. So I'm wondering if when you say you can't draw, do you mean you can't draw lineart very well, or draw altogether?

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