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Hugoh's RP Chars.


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Name: Hugoh Novellii Wesly
Age: 18.
Race: Anthro; Black wolf.
Origin: Fichina; Lylat System.
Home: Corneria.
Sex: Female.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 130lbs
Clothing: White tank-top, army green cargo shorts and combat boots with a blaster and ammo holster on her belt.

Build: Skinny, but muscular.
Eyes: Varies from blue to green.
Hair: Jet black, long (down to her mid-back), wavy hair. The color of her hair is a few shades darker than her fur color.
Family: Derek Wesly - Father; Vivian Wesly; mother. Justine Wesly; Sister - deceased.

Alignment: Good;  sometimes rebellious.
Personality: Kind, arrogant, stubborn, caring, independent.
Background: (this was taken from my 'about me' section on my SF-O pofile) My name is Hugoh Novellii Wesly. I'm 18 years old, and I grew up on the icy planet called Fichina. At the age of five, my father, Derek Wesly,  mother Vivian Wesly, sister Justine Wesly  and I moved to the planet Corneria. From there I was placed in the Corneria Academy Flight school, where I entered the army and got my own pair of wings. Over the course of years learning to fly; my sister, Justine, got terribly sick and died 6 days later. I was given the news when I graduated. I took her death lightly; since my sister was born just 2 months after I was enrolled, so I never really grew a bond. ---- After graduation I attended her funeral, then made my way to Corneria Air Force Base, where I patrolled the skies, and was given the offer to board the Great Fox.Of course, I accepted and was a replacement for Falco since he was on and off the team so often. --- I've been flying with the SF team since; and currently, it's the best decision I've ever made.
Abilities: Flying Arwings, computer hacking, acrobatics, video game playing.

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