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The Thing Request


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This sites RP board has been kinda empty, so Im going to try and pump some life back into it.

Im not sure how many people have seen the movie "The Thing", but in case you havnt here:


The film would take way to long to explain in my own words so please read the plot.

*Warning*- The movie is gory, but to follow the site rules
and for the sake of not getting this thread locked, we are
not going into to much detail concerning that.

Now onto the story and rules of the rp.

You are in an archeologist squad that is sent to cut out and study a strange alien form frozen in the ice of Fichina. After finding out the alien escapes and tries killing people, and no civilization around for hundreds of miles to help you, you must desperately try to hunt down and kill it.

(Yes, this is a survival horror RP)

Objective of the humans: Hunt down and kill The Thing/s by all means and anyway possible while suffering minimal casualties. Make smart choices and watch who you trust. The Thing will do anything to decive you into thinking they are still human.

Objective of The Thing/s: Kill and replicate into all the humans while not being noticed and killed.
While in human form: Do everything in your power to lie, trick, and decive other humans into thinking you are still human until you can kill them.
While in alien form: Kill and transform into a human while using air ducts, environmental structures, and darkness to hide.

Roles include:

Captin- Head of the excavation crew and research station. The captain resists fear and paranoia more then any other class and, since they know all the crew personally, have a better influence in calming down paniced members. Starts off with a .45 handgun.

Doctor- A trained scientist in the field of medican. The doctor can treat wounds, do blood work, set bones and can assist the captin in calming down scared or paranoid team members. You know, doctor things.

Engineer- The fixer-upper of the group. The engineer can repair doors, eletrical panels, equipment, and basically anything broken. They can also jury-rig weapons including a flamethrower, with the right parts that is. (Vehicles are excluded with this class.)

Mechanic- Grease monkey and skilled driver. The mechanic is the only person who has the skills to drive the arctic vehicles, operate heavy machinery, and reapiar anything with an engine.

Archeologist- A scientist specialized in digging and studying ancient remains. The Archeologist can survive out in the cold longer then any other group member and, with their job of bringing the creature out of the ice, they start out with a flamethrower.

The "Go Get Me"- Basically they were the lacky of the group, the person who ran around the building getting things when the crew asked for them. But dont let the past job discourage you. The "Go Get Me" is faster and stelthier then any member of the group. They are quicker and lighter on their feet and with good agility they can hide in higher and tighter places.

(Depending on the amount of people I get, I will add more jobs. Only ONE person can fill each job, so its first come first served. PM me the job you want and I'll tell you if its free or taken. Also, all characters are anthro. You can be furry for a day....or..... many.)

This RP will play a lot like DnD, and im not going to lie its going to be confusing and a bit complicated at first. I'm basically the GM. Unless everybody is in a group together, the posts will be sent through PM to me. Just like in DnD, you tell me the action and I tell you the outcome through dice rolls that I will perform in real life. If you know how to play DnD, even a little, you should be good.

But now for a bit of a confusing part. When the group is not ALL together (say three people go off on their own) then you will NOT post in the main thread. The posting will be done through PMs. Now there are two ways we can do this:

1- You can PM your post to me AND the members your character is currently with.


2- You can send your PM to me and I will forward it onto the people your Character is with.


3- (After talking to Crazy, he mentioned this idea) We can do the same as one or two but with Skype instead of the PM system.

This RP is one of mystery and terror. Using the PM system/ Skype makes sure you dont know what other characters are doing unless you're with them, thus adding to the feeling of the unknown.

(If you are a "Thing" I will tell you which other characters are "Things" also so you dont attack them.)

This is just a quick rundown of the RP. If I get a good enough body count (Im looking for 6 or at the least 5) then I will go into further detail and explain more rules and gameplay mechanics (such as guns, environment, scavenging, fighting, health, ect.) I want people who are going to be active and participate on at least a semi regular basis who also arnt going to randomly disappear on me. I dont want to have to hunt you down and beat you with a stick because you're not posting. If you have a reason for leaving please tell me, I'm an understanding person. If not then your character will be swimming with the frozen fishes.

Please place your Character down below and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Character sheet:
Role: (PM me first before filling out)
Background: (optional)

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This is reminiscent of Redeemer's old RP, "The Mimic" if I remember the name right. Good times those were.


This RP, with all of its additions, does seem somewhat logistically challenging. I wish you luck in pulling it off.

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I'd be game as a Doctor since I still have a shit-ton of medical .pdf from Star's RP.

In addition to the PM thing in combination with Crazy's Skype idea. There's a calling tool called Mumble that a lot of people here use. It's a low demanding program that asks like Skype without the web cams. I'm just putting this in since if the RP was going to use multiple calls for different groups, Mumble has the ability to create different calls withing a group. It would save hassle from quitting one call and starting another.


Name: Galek Eisenberg
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Species: Human (What is this RP anyways? Humans or you going to go furry?)
Role: (Doctor?) 
Background: To be Included. 

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This is reminiscent of Redeemer's old RP, "The Mimic" if I remember the name right. Good times those were.



Holy shit right? So much fun man. :D Wish you guys the best with this one.

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I read through your guy's old rp and talked it over with Milky yesterday, seemed like it was getting really good. Shame it just ended so abruptly.  But yanno, you guys have a chance to make more good memmories :D

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