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Shadon's fan characters.

Pharaoh Shadon

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I know that my characters may seem OP, (And they are) BUT I do something pretty unique in RP's. I scale my characters. So like say you're using characters like fox, I will Nerf my guys significantly so they are about the same power as fox. I will also lower their resources if need be too (So I won't have the entire Shadowtech army go after team starfox... That's just not cool to do XD

Lets start with Shadon


Name: Shadon Xarian
Age: 17,000 (17 in Xarian years)
Race: Dragon
Origin: Xaria kingdom
Home: Xaria
Sex: Male
Height: 6 feet
Build: No particular muscle tone
Eyes: Hazel (Black and red with creator eye active) (In part 3, his eyes have pink lightning in them from being hit by Ashela's pink lightning)
Hair: Black

           Father- Elder (Real name unknown)

           Mother- Queen Xaria

           Sister- Corruption (Battle name, real name unknown)

           Brother- Shayden Xarian

          Girlfriend- Ashela Roselina

          Grandfather (Elders side)- King Kyanos

          Grandfather (Corrupted side)- Dracogain Xarian

          Step mother (Ashela's side) Lina Roselina

          Step Father (Ashela's side) Ash Roselina

          step Grandmother (Ashela's side) Rosella Roselina

          Step Grand-aunt (Rosy Roselina)


Alignment: Neutral good (Likes to be on the good side but does evil if necessary)
Personality: Goofy and very trolly. But can, and will be very serious if needed.

Background: (Re-write another time)


Abilities: (Re-write another time)

Weapons: Shadon normally has Shadowtech armor which is just about skin tight, and he normally carries 3 weapons, a revolver he got from being in a outlaw group years ago, a Shadowtech weapon called the Necrotromina (Has a sniper mode, assault rifle mode, shotgun mode, and a blade for short range). And his sword that he can summon is called Sekron. (He also has the entire Shadow tech army... Probably won't count as a weapon to some, buuuuuuuuut he can call whatever he wants from it at any time sooooooooo yeah)

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Name: Ashela Rosanne Roselina 
Age: 16
Race: Fairy 
Origin: Earth, city raised though lived in a Roselina village very close to a big city.
Home: Xaria castle
Sex: Female
Build: skinny, no huge muscle tone.
Eyes: Pink (Part 3 she has Pink lightning in her eyes from using her Pink Lightning)
Hair: Pink

            Mother- Lina Roselina

            Father- Ash Roselina

            Grandmother- Rosella Roselina

            Great aunt- Rosy Roselina

            Boyfriend- Shadon Xarian

            Step Father- Elder Xarian

            Step sister- Corruption Xarian

            Step brother- Shaden Xarian

            Step grandfather- Kyanos

             great Step grandfather- Dracogain Xarian


Alignment: Neutral good (She likes to do good, but will do evil if needed)
Personality: Ashela is goofy and trolly similar to Shadon, though many would argue she is much worse.

Background: (Rewrite later)


Abilities: Ashela has power of the Pink Mist, its normal form is just like the black mist but instead of attacking, Pink Mist specialize in defense, and can create very powerful protective shields and barriers. It can still attack with moves like Pink Mist: Dragon serpent but its not as powerful as the Xarians version. Ashela's secondary mist ability is the pink lightning, her mist gets a lightning like attribute but there is a price to its power, it was quickly found out that its not lightning at all, just acts and looks like it. The attack is wide ranged and attacks even allies, an attack from her pink lightning, even minor, can have permanent side effects. Her and Shadon have pink lightning in their eyes due to both being in contact from the lightning.


Her weapons of choice is the Pink Rose, her personal creation that helps concentrate her Pink Mist to do what she says, she also has her sword called the Rosaline.

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Right, now for one of my favorites :D He's not nearly as OP as Shadon or Ashela SOOOOOOOOO no need to freak out for this one.


Name: Aki
Age: 18
Race: Fox anthro
Origin: Unknown village
Home: Black Nova Research Facility
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2
Build: skinny
Eyes: Blue (One eye mechanical, looks just like the other eye but slightly brighter)
Hair: White

          Sister- Terra


Alignment: Neutral evil
Personality: Very jokingly and hardly serious, although he will put on a serious act if he finds there is to be fun in it.

To an enemy or standard person, he is very chaotic and insane.

Background: Aki was born into a old village and was an explosive master. He was one of the people who set explosives around the village to protect it. He had a friend who was in the explosive team and both were close. The village sacrificed the young to please their god which is something that Aki never liked, especially because on the list to sacrifice was his younger sister Terra. On the night before the sacrifice he took his little sister and ran away from the village, he ran through his part of the mine field as he was the only one who knew where all the mines were so it added protection against the village although most started to shoot at him and Terra. Aki was nearly shot but then his friend got in the way of the bullet and fought off the attackers, Aki got away from the village and Terra was safe but he came across a problem, he didn't have much money to survive.

Aki and Terra then was then on the streets, mainly stealing food to survive but Aki also had a habit of creating art pieces made of whatever materials he could find., He made different palm sized dragon designs which became popular so he started selling. This caught the eye of Ash Roselina, who found the two and offered them to work at Black Nova. He promised that Terra would be taken care of and so would he, but Aki stubbornly refused and went to attack him but Ash unleashed his pink mist devastator which grew very big and put Aki and Terra in a paralyzing fear. Ash then asked again, saying that he could make Terra escape any dangerous situation, and that he could make Aki's art work come to life. Aki then accepted.

After the research and the modification to his body, Aki and Terra woke up, feeling stronger than ever, and also had powers of heir own. Terra could now control time, and Aki could generate metal explosives, and control them.

Aki trained with his ability and started making his explosives have a dragon shape. He quickly raised the ranks in mission success, and power and became rank 3, just under agent Eclipse and Agent Nova. The two favorites of Ash. Aki went on several missions and used his explosives to blow up buildings, or military/personal guards to certain companies. He obtained a unsettling friend name Agent Pyro, although both would seem to hate eachother, both share a odd friendship and teamwork that normally involve Aki putting explosives on Pyro, but works due to Pyro's durability.


Abilities: Aki is very quick and evasive. Although he's not very good at close range combat, he is nearly impossible to hit as he is very fast and cunning to escape. He is often called a coward due to him being an escape artist and long range fighter.


he has several different forms of dragon explosives he makes.

Micro-explosves: These are around black nova research facility. They are micro sized explosives that blow up on a micro scale, there are probably an un-countable amount of these around Black Nova and when a ship gets in range, it looks more like Desinigration rather than explosions.

A-10 Wyvern- Aki typically rides a 3 story high Wyvern. The A-10 is balanced in weaponry and speed.

B-20 Wyvern- The B-20 is slow but heavily armored and armed. The B-20 has 6 cylinders under its wings to launch explosive dragon missiles, its mouth shoots micro explosives, and much more.

C-30 Wyvern- Not heavily armed nor does it have many weapons, it is however, the fastest of his Wyverns, Faster than the speed of sound in fact. The C-30 is ideal for any escape that Aki may have to make.


A-10 dragonjet- The typical transport for black Nova agents. It can transport a typical team of agents to go to the field and back. Many agents are afraid of the dragon jets as it can blow up with them inside it, and there are times where Aki has been ordered to kill entire black nova squads in that manner.


Aki also lost an eye during a fight but was replaced by a mechanical eye. This eye can zoom in and out, record video feed, take pictures, and even act somewhat as a targeting system for Aki's explosives. When linked to Black Nova, he can scan people and find out information on them that are in government, or black nova servers.

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Name: Dracogain Xarian
Age: 100,000+
Race: Xarian
Origin: Xaria
Home: Xaria
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3
Build: slightly bulky
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

           Sister- Xariana Xarian

           Daughter- Xaria Xarian

          Step-Son- King Elder

           Grandson- Shadon Xarain

           Grandson- Shadyen Xarian

           Granddaughter- Corruption Xarain

           Step-granddaughter- Ashela Roselina


Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Very serious and calm. 

Background: Years ago Dracogain was born into the royal Xarian bloodline. What made him unique was that he was born with great power and at a young age, became stronger than even Xarian generals. He unlocked his secondary ability, the acid mist very quickly and using this brutal secondary ability, was able to take on nearly any foe with ease, especially the Xarian bloodline enemy, the Roselina.

Years later his parents were killed by his sister Xariana and escaped making Dracogain the next king of Xaria. He quickly found the Roselina home planet and set invaded. He found the Roselina who had the greatest kill count, Rosy Roselina, who had the pink laser as her secondary ability and he took her on personally. He killed her infront of her sisters eyes, Rosella Roselina, the leader of the Roselina. Thus, the start of the final battles, and arguably most brutal of the Mist wars

The mist wars was very brutal, if an Xarian saw pink, then he or she would be considered already dead or if a Roselina was in black, then fellow Roselina would try and push back the black mist to save them. Some got lucky and were not hurt, although many unfortunate soldiers were unlucky and was in a powerful secondary ability like Dracogain's acid mist.


After who knows how long of war, Dracogain Xarian and Rosella Roselina faced eachother one on one. After a 7 day battle, using many powerful abilities of the bloodlines like the Devastators, Rosella was running out of energy, Dracogain was low on energy too but still had enough to finish Rosella. But this is when an outside helper came in, King Kyanos, with his ability the sealing ice. After a 2 hour long battle, Dracogain vs Kyanos and Rosella, Dracogain had a choice. Be vaporized by Rosella's attack, or be sealed forever by Kyanos's sealing ice. Dracogain chose to be vaporized by Rosella's attack, being killed without a trace and thus, ending the Mist wars. Kyanos became the new king of the Xarian and although the Xarian and Roselina still hated eachother, they were still able to tolerate eachother. As the generations went by, the hate died down, many even forgetting the true horrors of the mist wars.

It is rumored that Dracogain chose to be vaporized so he can one day be resurrected.


Weapons: The creator eyes. (He mainly uses them to scan enemies for weaknesses and strengths.)

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