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StarFox ALS ice bucket challenge fiction/story?


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This is my first thread.


It would be great if anyone ever make a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fiction with Star Fox characters.


I would like to see how Falco reacted when he took the challenge. Ditto for Fox. I also like to see how they learn about the ALS diease before taking it


The characters I'd like to see being choosen for this challenge are...







others you'd like to add.


Many series like Naruto, Pokemon, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and other were used for the ALS Ice BuckethaCllenge fanfiction. Why StarFox? It should have one if you're interested in making one.


If you've already took the ALS Ice bucket  challenge, would any of you interested in making a story like that? As a StarFox fan, This is just my request.


Thank you.

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"Ready Peppy?"

"Ready as I'll ever be, Slip."


Peppy steps under a large grey bucket.  ROB pulls the rope and the bucket overturns, pouring ice and water over the elderly rabbit.


"D-ddddag nab it!"  Wet, shivering and drooping ears, Peppy hurries to the bathroom department of the Great Fox for a hot bath.


"Who should go next?"  Slippy said with his eyes set on Falco.

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Fox is flying his Arwing.


Bucket of ice water in hand. 


Crashes Arwing.


Gets shot by other fighter.



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So this is a request?  Okay.  I'll bite.  The request is so out there I just have to try my hand.




It was a hot summer's day on Corneria, Fox was sitting in his living room, tuning into the news station as they were talking about the recent thwarting of Andross, when an anchor appeared, having concluded the story Fox was watching.  He was about to turn the channel, but something made him stay. 

"Thank you, Rodney.  Now, we turn to the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, what exactly is it?  And why is it so popular?  Today on Corneria News Network."

"Ice bucket challenge" Fox repeated, "Wonder what that's all about."  He had a few hours to kill before Krystal came home anyway, so he figured he'd continue to watch, see what this was all about. 

The program returned from its commercial break within five minutes, and Fox's eyes were glued to the screen.  The anchor had a guest with him, now, coming in from Macbeth.  "Today we have Joe Paluzzi with us from Macbeth General Hospital to talk about what exactly ALS is."

It took a few moments for Joe, a husky breed, to respond due to the delay in cross-planetary communications.  "Thanks, Mike.  So ALS is a neurodegenerative disease, that being it decays the nerves in your body over a relatively short period of time, usually three to four years."  The husky on screen said.  "Currently, there is no known cure to this terrible disease, but thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has gone viral over the internet, donations to the ALS foundation have been pouring in.  I'd just like to take a moment to thank all of you who have participated and will participate for bringing this disease up, and spreading awareness, and raising money.  It's because of you all that we're able to continue research, and find a cure."

Fox sat back, the program concluding.  "Wow" He said to himself, giving a slow nod before reaching in his pocket for his communication device.  He dialed Falco's number, but not before getting a phone call from him.  "Speak of the devil" He said, answering the phone.  "Hey, talk to me"

"Yo Fox!  Did you see the news today?  About this ALS disease?"

"Yeah, I just finished the program.  We should do the ice bucket challenge!"

"And donate what?"

"Well we just got paid by the CDF, I figure if we each put in about 50% of our earnings, we could have a pretty big donation to give to the foundation."

"FIFTY PERCENT!?" The Pheasant screamed into the receiver of his phone, causing Fox to hold the phone a bit away from his ear.  "You crazy!?"

"No, but if we give 20%, how does that make us look?"

"Nobody has to know"

"Falco, come on.  We made enough from that job to last a while on 50% and it's not like that's our last job or anything.  Don't be so greedy."  Just as he said that, the door handle to his apartment room turned.  "Hey, that's Krystal getting home, I gotta go."

"Yeah whatever, man" Falco responded, hanging up, still grumbling to himself, "Fifty percent, ludicrous..."

Fox looked to the door, putting his phone away,

"Hey, honey" Krystal said, closing the door as she placed some bags on the table from her day out. 

"Hey.  How was the shopping trip?"

"Oh, it went well.  I found some really nice stores around town.  What've you been up to since I left?" She asked the lounging vulpine

"Nothing much, just watching the news, recent exploits, and a story about the job we did a few nights ago.  But there was also this segment on a disease called ALS."  At the mention of ALS, Krystal nodded, "Oh you know of it?" Fox asked

"Yeah, I've read about it.  It's a terrible disease, no known cure or anything."  She replied. 

"Yeah well that's gonna change" Fox said confidently.

"Oh yeah?  What happened?"

"We're going to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  We'll donate 50% of the earnings to the foundation, and have fun recording it!"

Krystal wasn't sure how to respond, so she started with the obvious.  "What's an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?"  Which prompted Fox to explain the videos they showed on the news segment he watched just minutes prior.  After the explanation, Krystal nodded again, "Alright!" She beamed, "That sound fun!" 

Fox got on the phone again, this time calling Slippy up to ask him if he had something creative they could do. 

"Oh yeah!  I heard about that.  That sounds like fun!" He said, cranking a wrench on the G-Diffuser of one of the Arwings in his hangar. 

"Are you still working on those ships?" Fox asked, "I'm sure they're fine, we didn't take a single hit.  The maintenance the team did just after the mission should be enough."

"Don't worry, Fox, I have an idea." He said, "Something we can do to be totally different for this challenge!"

"Alright, Slippy.  Hey, give Peppy a call for me, tell him to meet us at the park just outside Corneria City tomorrow at noon.  And bring a few gallons of water and ice." 

"Gotcha, Fox.  I'll see you then!" He said, hanging up his phone, and putting it away before returning to the G-Diffuser he was working on. 




It was 11:30, and Fox arrived at the park with Krystal.  He lugged two heavy two-gallon containers into the center of the park, where they were going to do the challenge.  Now all that was left was to wait for the rest of the crew. 

Shortly after Fox, Falco arrived on scene, parking his hoverbike in the lot closeby, and removing his shades and helmet.  "Alright, Fox, fine.  You win.  I'll donate half my funds" He said, draping his jacket over his parked bike and headed to the center of the field, as Krystal headed in front of them to set up the camera. 

"So how's this going to work, Fox?" He asked, shifting his weight to one leg as he folded his arms skeptically. 

"Well Slippy said he had an idea, so I'm counting on him."

In the distance, they heard a low whooshing sound, which grew louder with each passing second.  They noticed the source but a moment before it passed them.  It was an Arwing, flying rather low, doing a fast pass above them.  "Heh, speak of the devil" Fox said, waving to the toad, who landed a decent distance from the duo. 

"Hey guys!" He called out as he ran towards them.  "I got an idea I gotta tell you for the challenge!" 

As he got to them, Peppy also arrived, waving as he approached the group.  "So what is this all about, Fox?" Peppy asked, as Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal all congregated together. 

"I trust you know what ALS is" Fox said as Peppy nodded, "Yeah, so there's a challenge to raise money and awareness, which involves us dumping a bucket of ice water over our heads and donating money."

"Fifty percent, Fox?" He asked skeptically

"Yeah, it's a good cause, and it's not like we're not going to make the money back next time we get a call, right?"

"Well alright, Fox.  I guess it is a good cause."  Peppy agreed.  "So how are we gonna get all this water over our heads?" Peppy asked, looking around.  There were no high points, it was just a wide open field.

"See, that's why Slippy brought the Arwing.  Slippy, you tell them"

"Alright Fox.  See, I put a projectile in the Arwing's Nova Bomb storage, which is almost literally a giant water balloon that will pop in the air, and cover its target in water.  And it's all remote controlled, so we can all be in the video!" 

Fox was impressed, looking to the rest of his team who also showed their appreciation for the toad's work. 

"So the camera's all set up, let's get this show started!" Fox exclaimed as Krystal gave the thumbs up for the video.  She pushed the record button and ran to the group as Fox started them off.

"Hey everyone, I'm Fox McCloud"

"I'm Slippy!" The toad beamed, jumping in the air as he said his name

"Falco here" The avian said, crossing his arms

"Peppy Hare!" Said the rabbit

"And I'm Krystal" The other fox giggled, as they all looked at the camera

"And we're team Star Fox" The group said collectively

"Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of Ice Bucket Challenge videos surfacing online" Fox started, "And that's why we're here.  But we decided to do something a little different than a bucket." He said, laughing slightly, cuing Slippy with his remote control. 

The Arwing started up, hovering in place for a few moments before taking off ahead, flying forward at a remarkable starting pace.  The whine of the engines grew louder through the camera's microphone until a popping sound could be heard as the projectile was released.  Soon enough, the entire team was covered in eight and a half gallons of water from the giant water balloon, soaking each member.  As the sound of the engines died down, and Slippy told the Arwing to return to base, laughter could be heard from the group. 

"I'd like to challenge team Star Wolf, and General Pepper of the CDF to take this challenge.  And additionally, we will be donating two-hundred and fifty thousand credits to the ALS Lylat foundation." Fox called out with a fistpump.  "Together, we can raise awareness and beat this disease!"  He concluded, prompting Krystal to run up to turn off the camera. 

"That was awesome!" Fox yelled, shaking himself off as he looked at Falco, whose laughter died away as he tried to shake his feathers off.

"I hate getting wet!" He exclaimed to Fox, before chuckling slightly, "But that was fun I guess"

"That's the spirit, Falco!" Peppy laughed, patting his friend on the back as he stepped into the congregation. 

Krystal picked up a collection of towels from inside a plastic bag just in front of the camera as she returned, handing out towels.  "How about we get something to eat?" She asked, which elicited positive responses from the rest of the team.

"That's a great idea" Fox agreed, "I'm thinking Arby's?"  He asked. 

The team had tons of fun afterwards, eating, talking, and laughing.  They all hoped their contribution would make a difference in the medical research of this disease. 




This post was not sponsored by Arby's Restaurants and is not affiliated with Arby's in any way.  Though if they paid me to write this, that'd be freakin' sweet!

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That was a nice story. Thank you for writing.


Persona 3, Persona 4, Earthbound (MOTHER), Warioware, and Metroid deserve to have Ice bucket chanllege stories.

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Most of these stories are from random inspiration. It's not hard to write a story on your own. 


Why don't you try writing one? :-)

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What am I missing? I mean, at what point during the whole ice bucket craze did one stop and think, "Y'know what this needs? A Star Fox fanfiction."


If that's your thing and you can get others to write it, more power to you, but I just want... nay, need to know why. At what point and reason did that thought formulate? Of all the things that could be made into a Star Fox fanfiction, why that?

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What am I missing? I mean, at what point during the whole ice bucket craze did one stop and think, "Y'know what this needs? A Star Fox fanfiction."


If that's your thing and you can get others to write it, more power to you, but I just want... nay, need to know why. At what point and reason did that thought formulate? Of all the things that could be made into a Star Fox fanfiction, why that?


I dunno, it was pretty fun to write

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I dunno, it was pretty fun to write


It would also be fun if any StarFox fans to do All That's "Your Know Stars" interview with most of the characters in the Star Fox series and put it on fanfiction.net.

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I'm quite tired right now, but I think I can at least muster enough energy to come up with a skeleton for an ALS Ice Bucket SF fanfiction story.


Slippy is working on the arwings when he gets a call from Beltino who informs him that one of his (Beltino's) fellow co-workers has been diagnosed with ALS. Slippy has met this guy face to face, and the news devastates him. While Slippy is having a meal with the rest of the team, Fox notices that something seems off about the way Slippy is acting. Falco makes a joke saying that Slippy can't get over being beaten in combat simulation over and over again. Slippy gets mad at Falco, and in the process blurts out the news he received from Beltino. One problem, everyone else on the SF team has no idea what ALS is.

Slippy proceeds to explain what the disease does to those it infects. Krystal is shaken by such thoughts, and asks if there is anything doctors can do about it. Slippy responds that there is no cure, but lots of money is being raised to help fund research. This prompts Falco (feeling guilty about his earlier remark) to ask if Slippy knows who they can donate money to.


Slippy then tells the team of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and how it is being used to help raise awareness. Fox and Co. agree that they should get involved in supporting the cause. Star Fox team records themselves accepting the challenge and following through on it. Fox challenges Bill and other Cornerian army members to take the challenge, while Falco challenges Katt. They donate the money. The end.

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Krystal bounces through to the Starfox team.


"Hey guys," she winks as she seductively leans on a piece of equipment at the wall, "I've been thinking about doing this ice bucket challenge thing that all the cool people are doing."

"But Krystal," the team say collectively, "What is the ice bucket challenge?"
"Oh, oh-ho-ho-ho!" Krystal teeters, batting her eyelashes, the knowledge of power surging through her, "It's a challenge where people privileged enough to have a source of clean water pour a bucket of it over themselves to raise awareness for a neurodegenerative disease called Lou Gehrig's disease, but most people just do it because it makes for a really funny video and can get them popular on the internet."


There is a silence as they all consider such a drastic action.


"Hey you know," Slippy ponders aloud, "I've heard that people can instead, or also, donate to the charity that helps-"


The team glance around at each other.


"Doesn't someone need to nominate ya, or somethin'?" Falco asks, skeptical.

"I nominate myself!" Krystal beams.

"... A'right, fine."


They land on a nearby planet that is coincidentally warm, with sunny weather and grassy fields. The team work together to build a set that looks just like a nice, residential backyard, including a while picket fence, a few potted plants and of course, a garden chair.


"Good job team!" Fox grins, "This is sure to be fantastic!"

"It better pay off!" Falco grunts as he heaves a large bucket of cold water from the ship to the chair.

"Oh neat... wait, isn't there supposed to be, y'know, ice in there? The ice bucket challenge?"
"Naw, Krystal told me she didn't want it too cold and it's okay 'cause not many people actually do it with ice either."

"Oh, okay."


Just then, Krystal strolls along to meet them, carrying a bag and wearing a white t-shirt.


"Thanks for setting this all up guys!" she claps her hands with joy, "I brought the camera! Slippy, can you record this?"


Handing the camera bag to Slippy, she sits herself down on the chair and waits. Slippy sets up the filming equipment in a jiffy, and makes sure to capture the vixen's best side.


"Tell me when you press record," Krystal tells him.

"3...2...1!" Slippy pushes the button.
"Hi guys! This is Krystal from Starfox, and today I'm doing the ice bucket challenge! And before we start, I'm going to go ahead and nominate Fox, Falco and Pigma do to the same! Okay Falco, I'm ready!"


Falco shuffles to the bucket that he brought over earlier, lifts it, and empties it over Krystal's head. Krystal's mouth opens in surprise as the shock of the cold liquid renders her speechless for a moment, raising her hands and shaking them in a matter that expressed her discomfort. After some moments, she pulls her hair back from her face and looks directly into the camera.


"Wow! That was really something! I'm so wet and completely soa-" she is silenced as her muzzle falls off, plopping to the ground and leaving nothing but an empty space on her face. Her eyes widen with shock, but before she can react, her arms fall off as well. Little by little, she begins to fall apart.


"My study of Krystal's vital signs indicate that her species, which little is known about, cannot handle extremely cold water that is without ice while sitting in a garden setting," ROB drones.


In a matter of moments, Krystal is in pieces on the grassy ground. And for some reason, all the pieces of her begin to give off smoke. The team stare in horror as little blue critters spawn from her body parts, giggling ominously.


"Gromlons!" Fox snarls as he readies his lazer-pistol. Falco does the same, and the gang back off towards the ship, leaving the little beasts to mess with the camera.


As the crew flee back to their ship, one of the gromlons knocks over the camera, which was left behind. It looks into the lens.


"Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video."



The end.




This fanfiction is not canon and Krystal is actually not based on Krystal but instead my fan character Grystal, who is Krystal's evil twin made during an experiment with a horrible weakness to cold water without ice in a garden setting, but don't worry, she can reassemble herself. She is also Fox's true love because later on he turns her good through the power of love. This is not reference to how poorly written Krystal actually is or how her character is extinguished for other people's entertainment. This is just me expressing myself and I have the right to write whatever I want because I played Command once for like 7 minutes and I know how the plot goes okay? 

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"Hey, b-b-b-b-boss." Korben began. "L-l-l-l-look at this."


Michael walked over to Korben's console, and saw a video of renowned actor Lavrin Sinonos dumping a bucket of ice water on his head. "Ah, I've heard of this," he announced. "The Ice Bucket Challenge. For Zengina's Disease (the Cornerian term for ALS). I don't understand why people do this."


"Y-y-y-y-y-y-you get challenged t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-to dump a bucket of ice w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-water on your head or p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pay 100 C-c-c-c-c-corneros to the Z-z-z-z-z-z-zengina's Disease Cure F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-foundation to help fund the r-r-r-r-r-r-r-research for a c-c-c-c-c-c-cure." Korben explained. Michael shook his head.


"That's so stupid. And most people don't even donate! They just dump a freaking bucket of ice water on their heads to weasel out of donating to a cause to find a cure to a debilitating disease! It's degenerated into a pride contest and veered way off course from its intended goal: raising funds for a cure of Zengina's."


"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-boss, you've been ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-challenged" Korben said as a notification rang on Michael's console. Michael opened up his inbox to find an e-mail from his estranged brother, Fox. Michael opened it, and noticed that it was a video. He pressed play.


"Hello, Lylat. I am standing on the shore of the Granger Sea, and today I was challenged by Lavrin Sinonos to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I intend to not only have a bucket of ice water dumped on my head, but I will also happily donate 100 Corneros to the Zengina's Disease Cure Foundation. With the appropriate help, we all can find a cure." Michael scoffed in disgust. "Ready, guys!" Fox then was drenched in ice water, courtesy of Falco and Krystal. He cried out, and was left shivering. Fox shook off the water. "Now, then, I challenge Peppy Hare, Nevin Mercado, and my brother, Michael McCloud, Chairman of the Expeditionary Forces of the People's Democratic Republic of Papetoon!"


"YOU PIECE OF SHIIIET! I won't do this crap! I'll donate 1 million Corneros!" Michael then went on the website of the Zengina's Disease Cure Foundation to donate his 1 million Corneros. "That'll teach those selfish DICKS!"

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"Hello, good citizens of Corneria."
Clad in nothing but a pair of *way* too tight Skivvies, Leon Powalski lounges on a simple stool, clutching a very tiny glass of ice water.
"I am the Great Leon, and i have been told something very... unsexy"
Leon turns his head with the camera as it cuts to a landscape of Leon, the Lizard stretching out to fill the frame. 
"Hundreds of thousands of very sexy Cornerians are affected by the most incredibly unsexy disease known as ALS"
The screen cuts to various pathetic images of people suffering, maybe even one or two of them from ALS.
"As a member of this proud and very sexy Star System, i always do my part to help my fellow citizens and be a proud and very sexy member of Corneria"
The screen cuts to occasional photographs of Leon doing charity, visiting Orphanages, Shooting at Star Fox.
"But i was recently issued a challenge by our fellow Team, Star Fox"


"I'd like to challenge team Star Wolf, and General Pepper of the CDF to take this challenge.  And additionally, we will be donating two-hundred and fifty thousand credits to the ALS Lylat foundation." 



"Now Star Wolf as a team dedicate an incredible amount of Tax Deductible time towards making the Galaxy, and by extension Corneria, a very Sexy place. But this challenge shall come from me alone."


Leon raises the glass above his head.


"I nominate every single pilot in Corneria to match Star Fox's amount donated to fight ALS, as well as every sexy being to do what they can to fight ALS."


Leon tips the glass back and sprinkles the little glass of water all over himself, the camera thankfully only catching the contours of his buttox.


Leon smiles for a second.


"In addition, for the next two months, every contractor that signs on Star Wolf instead of Star Fox, I shall donate my share of payment directly to the charity."


Leon leans back in the chair, the camera following him as he grasps a Rope hanging just off screen. With a mighty pull, Leon tilts his whole body as a full 6 seconds of ice water drops down on him like a deluge from heaven itself.


The torrent finally giving way to a few drips, Leon licks his lips and lets the runoff highlight his body. He is shivering, but his half lidded expression never changes.


"Your move, Star Fox"

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Sweet fuck that's sexy.

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I have never in my entire life seen anyone make Leon sexy. This rivals the Old Spice commercials.



I don't know how to feel about this.

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