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leafkin's Characters! @>@


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Hi, I'm leafkin! I'm not exactly new to forum RP, but I'm definitely new to this forum! This is my list of characters, which I'll probably be adding more of later.

As of January 8, 2015, here's my first character!


Name // Kamil Khan
Age // 25
Sex // yes pleaseMale
Species // Western Jackdaw

Weight // 133 lbs.
Height // 5'6"
Build // Swimmer's physique, rather lanky, with slightly longer legs than most.

Eye Colour // Amber Yellow, one is replaced by a cybernetic eye, which is coloured exactly the same, though one could see a camera-like aperture at the pupil.
Hair // Black feathers, light blue geometric patterns dyed on arms to neck and shoulderblades, head feathers tied back into a "cropped" ponytail

Origin // Khan Family Isle, Western Hemisphere, Zoness
Current Home // Apartment block in Corneria City, Corneria
Family // Aron Khan(father, alive), Dagi Virra-Khan(mother, alive), Torris Khan(grandfather, deceased), several younger siblings, from 12-17 years old
Associates(and Rivals) // None... yet.

Background //

Kamil was born into the Khan clan, a Zoness family, with a history of esteemed freelancer pilots. He grew up listening to the stories his grandfather would tell him; tales of bravery, and cunning. Epic battles between warring factions, and intense duels between heated rivals. Kamil, suffice to say, grew up with stars in his eyes and an expectation to keep. When a boy from the Khan family turned eighteen, they'd pack their things, and train at the Cornerian Flight Academy. It was a time-honored tradition that every Khan was proud to uphold.

An excited young Kamil left on a cargo shuttle to Corneria, so that he could train with the best. He was competitive, constantly trying to outdo his classmates(and even himself, he set his own records) in the simulations. He favoured agility, one time being called "swift as the wind" by one instructor. Five years later, he graduated Flight Academy, returning to a very different Zoness. The pleasant, blue waters were replaced by toxic sludge, and the islands were reduced to specks of dirt in the sea of death. His family had escaped, though Kamil had lost all contact with them.

Armed with the training afforded to him by the Academy, and his custom starfighter, the Syrocco, Kamil is out to find his estranged family through the mess of the Lylat Wars and beyond.

Abilities //
- Kamil is a very good swimmer, being a born-and-raised Zonessian.
- Kamil has a thorough understanding of g-diffuser technology, and can modify the shape of the Syrocco's g-diffusion field to enhance certain elements, such as speed, or maneuverability.
- Kamil is a rather good cook, though he can only cook seafood.


Arspace Dynamics Company FX-23A Multirole Fighter, Kamil Khaan variant "Syrocco"

The Arspace Dynamics FX-32A was a semi-obsolete exo/atmospheric, single-seat fighter. It was equipped with a full electronic warfare suite, comprising of ECM jammers, countermeasures, subsystem interdictor, and an array of comms disruptors. It was also equipped with RCS thrusters, allowing for strafe-type movements. It was primarily produced from 60BLW to 25BLW, as a small production-run military craft.

Kamil Khan's variant, Syrocco, is highly customized, with the electronic warfare suite removed, to make way for an advanced G-diffuser manipulation system, and an array of weapons, to enhance the FX-32A's combat capabilities(the production model was armed with two Arspace Dynamics M44C laser cannons). On the Syrocco, there are now one Cornerian Defense Industries CM-20 chaingun, and a Cornerian Defense Industries Valkyrie Missile Pod System.

Due to the RCS thrusters, and the G-diffuser manipulation system, Kamil can make highly complex maneuvers using Newtonian motion, Kamil's signature maneuver being the Prevailing Wind.

To preform the Prevailing Wind, Kamil shuts off the G-diffuser, and his main engines completely. He fires the RCS thrusters to flip Syrocco backwards, so he can neutralize a pursuer.

Whereas the standard FX-32A has a paintjob of grey/green, Syrocco has a custom paintjob of yellow/white.


The RELIC Auto-AJM is a custom-order sidearm inspired by vintage designs. It fires in both semi-automatic, and a five-round burst, though its limited 20 round magazine renders the burst fire option not viable. The weapon's length makes it slightly impractical, taking longer to draw than most sidearms. However, the barrel's length gives it a longer effective range, and adding a basic telescopic ring sight can make this "vintage" shooter into a reliable for long-range engagements.
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Name // Newton Fisk

Age // 22

Sex // Male

Species // European Hare

Weight // 121 lbs.

Height // 5'4"

Build // Rather lanky, some would say of feminine build(though Newton wouldn't be too happy if you told him)

Eye Colour // Amethyst

Hair // Light brown fur, darker spot around his muzzle. Hair is messy and long, sticking out in many places on his head. Made even messier with goggles.

Origin // Clovis Bay, Papetoon

Current Home // Planetary Defense Headquarters, Katina

Family // Percival Fisk(father), Marion Vivian-Fisk(mother), Ren Fisk(older brother)

Associates(and Rivals) // 302nd Katina Defense Battalion, works as Havok Squadron's engineer

Background //

Papetoon is the place where legendary starfighter pilots are born. Newton isn't one of them. Instead, Newton took a different path. As a young boy, he was very curious about how things worked, starships in particular. His father, Percival, worked as a commercial pilot, often taking his son on flights to other worlds in the Lylat System. Newton's father knew very well that his son would lose interest in sitting around the bridge of the passenger liner he flew, so he would get the crew to show him around. Young Newt took a liking to the engine room, where he would learn very early on, his new interest.

Newton would constantly make drawings of imaginary ships, which improved over time as he grew. Newt studied engineering, and astrodynamic design throughout his teenage life, learning the insides and outsides of many, many starships.

He would be pressured into military service by the looming threat of Andross, using his engineering skills to repair ships during the war. Over time, Newton grew attached to the ships he fixed, giving each of them names. His squadron found this amusing, and would actually paint their ships with the names Newton had given them.

Abilities //

-Newton has a very keen sense on machinery. Something as simple as a change in pitch from the engine noise can tell him volumes about a ship's problems.

-Newton can detect body language rather easily, making him able to tell if someone is lying.

-Newton has learned to do a few foreign accents somehow.

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