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Degrassi/Starfox crossover. Help me on this?


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I'm wanting to create a Star fox highschool/college fanfiction, and i wanna make them do an episode of degrassi.

Here is the information on it:


Episodes being used: Time Stands Still part 1 and 2


Characters being used -|- characters from show being replaced

 Wolf o' Donnell -|- Rick Murray

 Krystal  -|- Emma Nelson

 Leon -|- Sean Cameron

 Falco -|- Jimmy Brooks

 Fox -|- Spinner Mason

 Andrew -|- Toby Isaacs

 Panther -|- Jay

 Ash -|- J.T. Yorke

 Lucy -|- Paige Michalchuk

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Read this before you read chapter 1

In this version of the Star Fox universe, most of the characters you know and love are in high school, and are preparing to do a live quiz show. The characters know each other differently, and some character’s places are switched around.

These things are replaced in the fanfic

Blasters are replaced by Guns

Communicators are phones

These things are added

People own hover cars

Basketball is an afterschool sport

They have backpacks and lockers… that sucks



Character bios

Wolf o’ Donnel – 16 -  Wolf is one of the new kids at school, and was expelled last year due to “accidently†putting his old girlfriend in a coma. Since then, almost the entire school is against Wolf and they often bully him. He has been bullied over time as he’s been at the school, but eventually Krystal, Andrew, and then later Falco become friends, while Fox and Panther still bully him.

Krystal – 15 - she is Wolf’s friend, and helps him while they are in the competition. Wolf eventually forms a crush on her, but it ends badly. Barely serves a purpose, but we still need her.

Falco – 16 - One of Wolf’s bullies and new friends. Often plays basketball outside of school with Fox, and became friends with Wolf before the trivia competition.

Fox – 16 - Fox is one of Wolf’s bullies, and often times, does it when no one is around. He often bullies Wolf by throwing him into dumpsters, beating him, taking his stuff, or just flat out annoying him. Pranks him in front of the whole school on live TV, which was planned and helped with by Katt and Panther.

Panther – 17 - One of Wolf’s other bullies. Helps in the prank during the trivia competition. Is a total douche bag to Wolf.

Bill – 15 - One of Panther’s friends. Used to steal things from the school. Becomes friends with Wolf.

Andrew – 15 - Wolf’s last friend. Helps him through the competition and tries to protect him from bullies. Is a contestant in the trivia competition.

Katt – 16 - Panther’s girlfriend. Sets up the entire prank. Serves no purpose other than that.

Principal Pepper – 58 - A terrible principal

Peppy Hare – 41 - one of the school’s teachers. Had adopted Krystal as child after marrying her mom *akward*

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