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First up are a pair of bust drawings for my OCs; pencil and paper were the only things available to me at the time, and I'm terribad with digital mediums.

IMG 20150710 171608 (1)

More stuff coming sometime later, I guess.

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Digital isn't for everyone; it's okay XD I love your style!!!! :D

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Thanks! I lean more towards western cartooning, though a bit of anime influence is there. I'm hoping to make the jump towards digital: I'm raising money for a Cintiq, seeing as that's the ONLY way I'd be able to work with digital mediums :P

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Do you currently have a cheaper Wacom tablet?  I ask because I think it's important to learn the basics of digital art itself before dropping so much money onto something like that.  I like your pencil drawings, but I think right now you should focus on color blending, which appears to be the main point of difficulty in your digital image, which won't be helped by getting a cintiq.  Cintiqs really help with line art and creating fine details, but a normal tablet is just as good for color blending and general use.  I know it's annoying and difficult to get used to the screen/hand disconnect, and I'm actually learning to get over it right now myself.

I think you have a lot of potential, and for now I'd recommend you focus on working in color.  Try mixing colors on screen rather than using the slider for everything. 

I really appreciate that you go for a more western style with a slight anime approach!  Best of luck!

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