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Affairs of the Lylat System {{{Discussion Thread}}}


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Yeah, I know, I'm late starting this up. Any ideas/complaints/issues get put here.

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What's up with Star Trek and Star Wars in a Star Fox RP?

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I don't know, I just got carried away to some degree. Halo, Star Trek, Star Wars - they're all favorites of mine with Star Fox. Besides I figured the races of Star Fox would benefit from trade with other factions from other 'verses. Just my opinion.

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More humanoid species (Humans, Romulans) kinda take the magic out of the whole series, which is based around two-legged space-faring animals.

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>Starfox Story+System

>Adding Star Trek

>Like blending eggs and Dental Floss 


The RP gonna crash and burn like that yo.

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well.. it's not like my shenanigans are helping either...

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Mind if I join in with Zane?

Name: Zane Godfrey

Age: 30

Race: Dog - Border Collie

Origin: Corneria

Home: Corneria

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Build: Well-built; muscular but agile

Eyes: Pale blue

Hair: Silver fur spotted with darker gray splotches; dark gray hair and ears; white muzzle, underside and limbs.

Family: Marco Godfrey (brother)

Personality: Amiable, hard-working, kind-hearted, quiet, is spooked by loud noises; due to abusive past, he is nervous when he is the center of attention and does his best to avoid the spotlight. He prefers to remain part of the background.


Zane grew up in the slums of Corneria City, where he was almost never allowed to go outside. His parents were hardly ever around, the responsibility of caring for Zane falling upon his young adult brother Marco. Marco was fairly decent to his brother, but he was resentful, seeing Zane as the entity sucking up his life. He chose to vent this frustration by controlling Zane's life with an iron fist, keeping him restricted and ready with a swift punishment if he disobeyed any rules.

As hard as it was, Zane remained loyal to his brother as a child. He was his only friend, and they shared some nice moments together. However, as he grew older, he came to see Marco as his warden, and the two came into conflict more and more. Zane began to sneak out while his brother was out on errands, and he explored his neighborhood more and more each day he was able to get out.

One day, he went out too far and arrived home after Marco had returned. Infuriated at his brother, he decided that instead of restricting Zane further, he would give him the freedom he obviously wanted. So the pair got into his car, and Marco showed him the slums they lived in. Zane was both in awe and terrified of some of the things he saw on their drive, but terror turned to horror when Marco suddenly stopped the car at a dead end and threw him out of the car. If he was so keen on exploring, he could do so while he found his way home.

Abandoned, alone and scared out of his mind, Zane frantically tried to make sense of the unfamiliar streets. He wandered for three days before he finally made his way home, and in that time, he was subject to things no one should have to endure. He never left his house again, and he barely stepped out of his room except to eat and bathe, which was something he had to be forced to do. Zane had lost himself to those streets, and Marco's guilt for crossing that line drove him mad. He lashed out more and more at Zane, trying to get his younger brother to react to anything, going so far as to physically hurt him to get him to do something, but Zane was broken.

It wasn't until some time later, when Zane was on the cusp of adulthood, that he finally snapped. Marco's backlash was particularly violent, and it was the final straw for Zane. He attacked his brother wildly, and he found out later that Marco had managed to lock him in the bathroom while he called for help. The hospital attendee explained that, in his psychosis, Zane had ripped out his fingernails trying to claw the door back open.

Zane was given help through a special charity organization and put through therapy. Marco was later arrested for a non-related crime he committed later on in his life. The two never saw each other again after that day.

Now mostly recovered, Zane earns an honest living as a mechanic, working on all manner of machinery from gadgets to automobiles to personal fighter units like Arwings. He finds doing work with his hands therapeutic. He's also come to the realization that he is homosexual, and while it has taken a little time to come to terms with it, he now accepts that as part of who he is, but he chooses not to flaunt it to other people.

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As I said to the last people asking to join, this RP is open. No need to ask me if you can join - if you want to join, do so. That's how I intended this RP to be.

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