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Kurt's Rp characters


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Character Name Sven Schutz

  • Character Species German Shepherd
  • Character Homeworld Fortuna
  • Character Bio Place of Birth: Fortuna (exact location is unknown, only that it was a mining colony)

    Residence: N/A

    Height: 5ft 10in

    Weight: 190 pounds

    Build: Average

    Eyes: Brown

    Physical Details: Fur is primarily Brown with accents of Black on legs, back, and arms. Scar above left eye.

    Cosmetic Details: Has a few separate Kits depending on drop off situations,  favors a light body armor,  on occasion known to use an advanced armored Exosuit (MACH6 Ultra-Light predator class)

    Family: One adopted daughter (WIP)
  •  Alignment: Corneria 

    Background: Born in a mining colony on Fortuna. In order to escape his past on Fortuna, he left and joined the Cornerian ACI (Advanced Combat Infantry) at age 19, where he quickly became a well respected Marksmen. At age 22 his unit was sent to Titana to investigate the landing of a Venomian Cruiser. On the way to their objective his unit was ambushed, most of them were killed or injured. Suffering multiple wounds himself he was temporarily discharged for recovery before being recalled to continue his service during the invasion of Corneria during the second Lylat war. He served another ten years before "Retiring " after adopting a young girl. He still takes on high priority missions when called upon and occasionally takes an odd mercenary job with various teams. 
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Character name: Simo Häyhä

Species: Doberman

Homeworld: Fichina (Fortuna)

Residence: N/A

Age: 29

Height: 5ft 9in

Weight: 160 pounds

Build: Muscular

Eyes: Dark Brown

Physical Details: Almost entirly Black Fur, With Accents of Brown on arms, legs, chest, and side of face.

Cosmetic Details: Wears almost entirly Black Tactical gear, as well as a hooded cloak. Also wears a Black facemask.

Family: None, Orphan

Alignment: Whoever pays more.

Personality: Rather Cold hearted. Perfers to work alone. Rarely ever shows mercy to his enemy's

Background: Simo was orphaned at birth. He was adopted by a Mercenary named Antti Haakonsen. Taking after him, Simo became as cold hearted as the snow from his home planet.
He was taught to become a merciless hunter, Perfering to kill his enemys at extreme distances, he adopted using a High power sniper rifle. He became a Mercenary at age 18 and became famous for the longest distance sniper kill, at a distance of three and a half miles. He has been contracted by Military, as well as private investers.

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