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Well going to start this topic as I will participate in rpgs later

Name: Mike Murdock

Alias: Jack-Knife

Age: 29

Race: Fruit Bat

Rank: Sergeant

Primary Military Specialty: Mech Pilot

Secondary Military Specialty: Engineering

Apperance: [will provide a link to a image later]

Origin: Zoness

Home: Corneria NAVY CVV-Falcon

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10'

Weight: 135

Build: average body.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black fur with white patches and muzzle with black hair

Family: Ivan Murdock (Father [ex-Sergeant in the Cornerian Military]) , Rosa Murdock (Mother [Psycologist]) ,Jess (Sister [Currently in Boot camp for the Cornerian Air force])

Alignment: Good

Personality: Introvert- Mike usually keeps to himself unless he brings over a few work buddies to his home. He is an average cook mainly getting some meals from a friend at the workplace who she is a far superior cook than he is. He is very shy towards new people unless they have a similar interest that he likes. Tends to only have a short temper when playing a video game that is not in his favor or something with other stuff not going his way, but he will never show his anger towards others unless he knows the person very close.

Background: Mike was born on the Planet of Zoness where he lived an average live on the small Island of the Erib Archipelago. At the age of 25 he Joined the Cornerian Military to continue his father's footsteps of serving in the armed forces. He spends his time at boot camp at Fort Ralcon on Zoness training piloting construction mechs to build new facilities, homes, and other structures for both the military and the civilian population.

4 years after passing his boot camp his first assignment was on Corneria where he met his long time friend and secret crush Natalia. Both of them worked for the 4th engineering corps to build artificial island to expand Corneria city. The largest city on the planet.

It was 9 months later when the Andross Empire started there full invasion of the Lylat system. The 9th Engineering team was orders to do a patch work on the construction mechs into makeshift warmachines against the Empire's combat mechs. It was a massacre as the construction machines were no match against the militarized weapons of the Imps. Mike barely survived while his friend suffered irreversible injuries to her limbs and was forced to have cybernetic replacements. They were the only survivors or the 9th.

As the war progressed the two upon returning to service after medical treatment were assigned to the 22nd Marines as a Mech pilot for the newly mass produced CM-01 Damocles military Mech. Mike duty now is to follow the orders of the captain of the Falcon and assist with retaking the Lylat system from the imps.

Abilities: Mech Piloting, Computer Repair/Support, Engineering

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and a merc

Name: Oviata Kova
Street/Merc Name: Tripwire
Age: 32
Race:Ussuri boar
Origin: Venom
Home: Swamps 200 miles from Kilri Spaceport
Sex: Female
Height: 7' even
Weight: 200 pounds muscle weight
Build: amazonian build
Eyes: green cyberware eyes. (pretty much think jensen eyes from dues ex human revolution)
Hair: Dark brown fur color with short yellow hair
Family: -information not available-
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Adaptable, Aggressive, Decisive, Cautious, Insulting, Morbid, Tactless
Background: Tripwire an ex-member of a boar gang known as The Metal Maulers. A group of scrappers (gang members) that lived in the slums and swamps of Venom doing whatever they want from robbery to war with other gangs. Driving heavily modified SUVs and cars in the streets. This was before the arrival of Andross to reform the planet into the Empire. Every day the streets were in constant gang wars fighting for territory in the slums.

When Andross arrived his loyal followers and mercs were sent in to 'clean up' Upon crushing the gangs some scattered and became mercenaries, were influenced to join the Empire and those that were crazy enough to not be bribed or become a merc were ' reeducated' into the Empire Ranks. The Maulers separated into various factions. Some just being part of the empire while the rest just became mercs paid for the highest bidder.

Tripwire didn't mind being a merc since she can still do what she does back in the maulers ,but now be paid to do it. On one of the runs however she lost her eyesight when she was with a few other mercs to raid a Cornerian Research center for The empire. Both her eyes were replaced by cyberware. Even after that ordeal she keeps going with the phrase in quote I'll do it till I'm fragged or I just get bored with it.

Abilities: Proficient in shotguns, Driving,  Explosives, and street brawling

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