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Foxtober Challenge!


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And I found out after the latest batch that I have a bad thumb on my drawing hand.

So, Foxtober Challenge has officially ended for me.

Final batch upload pending.

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On 10/23/2016 at 10:27 AM, SF Alba said:

Never give up! Use your off-hand!

I did draw something after I stopped Foxtober Challenge, but judging by other's responses it really sucks.



That's the good version, the one that was made entirely in GIMP (as opposed to being hand drawn before being cleaned up in GIMP).

That's the only version I've posted across more than two sites and people still hate it. And I don't get any criticism or feedback, people just downvote/don't bother commenting and then forget about it. Hell, I'd be fine if one person just said "this sucks" and leave it at that. But apparently my art isn't even good enough for that.

I already know people will say "don't give up!", but honestly, unless someone has some way to magically improve my drawing skills, then it's not enough for me to keep trying.

Let's face it: I'm on my way to the ripe old age of 30 years. I have no job, had no girlfriends at any time in my life. Hell, in high school I didn't have any friends, acquaintances sure, but not friends. I essentially pissed away any chance of getting a good education at college. It's time to face the music, by the time I actually get good at illustrating I'll be an old man in a nursing home (yeah, it takes me a crap-ton longer than normal people to learn anything, and my motor skills are a good deal below average which means more time still to learn).

Really, if I was good at anything, wouldn't I be doing better by now?

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