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Automotive dreams (Forza)


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Originally just to expand my "range" of submissions on DeviantArt, I finally discovered that taking photos of your cars in certain scenes can be really fun. But no ordinary photos - because let's face it, everyone can just put their car on the street, snap a picture of it and gain likes just because the vehicle is pretty and/or exotic (no offense, I'm guilty of this as well). ;)

No...I aim for pictures, that tell a little story solely from their depicted content.

Of course, since I'm just at the beginning, some "portraits" are hard to avoid, since it's difficult to reconstruct certain scenes and even more so to catch the right moment, but I'll try. :)
Also, to prevent me from spamming the thread with lots of post with only one or two photos and thus inflating my counter, I'll simply add new ones into this very post.

As I'm currently playing Forza Horizon 3, which offers gorgeus graphics and a rather mighty editor, you'll only find photos from this game at first. I hope that it's not a problem for you. :(

Anyway, let's start, shall we?


Vehicle: 1973 Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R with tunings

8-litre-V10 - The largest series-production engine in the world.
Vehicle: 1999 Dodge Viper GTS ACR

Vehicle: 1993 Jaguar XJ220

Vehicle: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Stunt gone wrong.
Vehicle: 2015 Alumi Craft Class 10 Race Car

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I just bought Horizon 3. I am absolutely in love with this game and the series. I just started, so my collection is small.


Do you play on PC or Xbox One? 

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Good choice, but unfortunately the balance online is terrible. :/

Playing on the XBOX One, want to burn some rubber this weekend? I mean, coop-campaign? :)

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I plays the Forza







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While I'm honestly amazed that more people here play it as thought and would love to do some intense racing (But without AWDs, please), I'd like to not turn this into another Gaming Meetup-thread and reserve this thread for photos only. ;)

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I was thinking about getting Forza but I'm a PC gamer and have absolutely no interest in buying a console that I'm not going to use except for one or two games.  I noticed Forza was on PC but what makes it better than Assetto Corsa or Project Cars?

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This isn't a question about "What is better", it's more "What do you prefer"? ;)

While AC is a hardcore simulation that is stated to be hardly playable with gamepads (It got better through updates, but it's obviously meant to be played with professional equipment: steering wheel, pedals, and such), Forza is easily accessible for newbies and caters to the casuals (Which you will definitely see if you go into multiplayer), while still offering a simulation-feel and complex tuning-options for experienced tuners. But the arcadey Horizon-games are more like Need for Speed. So if you enjoy casual motorsport, go for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. It's also F2P, as far as I know.
Though I lost my my interest since FM4, because it's just blunt working off events on the always same and too few courses.

Project Cars (Never caught my interest, because it doesn't have a progress-system) seems to be in between. More simulation, but not really hardcore.

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