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What if... a new SF64 tier StarFox game was made?


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I don't know if this is my learning Rust and looking at MIT Open Courseware stuff, but I was looking at this thread and I started wondering... what if a StarFox video game could be designed that had a good impact on the franchise as good or better than SF64?


As a flight of fancy we could bounce ideas off of each other's heads for what a good SF game would require. With the resulting ideas being decided by people who have extensive experience in the games and what could make or break one.


I hope this turns out to be a fun thread.  ;)

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I think something else the series could benefit from is if they expanded on the multiplayer mode where you could play casual or competitive matches against friends, bots or even online. Anything that gets people competitive with each other could bring some more activity to the series and make it more interesting - especially if it was anything like Assault's multiplayer mode, if I haven't already run anything SF: Assault-related to the ground.

For a single-player game it could go either way - I wouldn't mind an on-rails shooter with multiple routes or if they gave it a more free-form space exploration. As long as it's fast-paced and feels very responsive I trust it'll be a fun experience if executed well enough.

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I second the idea of a competitive/semi-competitive online multiplayer. Those tend to build a community rather quickly and keep people around for awhile. While I don't mind 3rd person shooters, if they were to do a online multiplayer I would like it to be Arwing dog fighting of some sorts. 


And as for single player campaigns, while I love SF64's style of gameplay and would eat up anything Nintendo throws out like that, I think a mix of Assault and Adventure would be really neat. Essentially a SF game in the same vein as Mass Effect or something.  It's kinda tough to say, since some people really prefer just SF64's approach. 

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