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Images from a Post Apocalyptic Corneria


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The following pieces are based on a headcanon and fan lore which states that an apocalyptic war occured in Corneria's past. The final terrestrial war waged by it's divided nation states before the planet unified and became the Corneria we see by the events of the Games.  This event took place a good 2,000 years in the past. Far enough for people in the present to forget about it. Thus having no impact on the present day events in the main games. In this timeline are three eras, from the beginning of time up until the war is "Old Corneria", the era after the war is called "New/Modern Corneria", and the era depicted here is known as th "Dark Ages" or the "Cornerian Dark Age". An era where for roughly 500 years, Corneria was a post apocalyptic world were the survivors or descndants of survivors struggled to eke out an existence in the wreckage before the founding of New Corneria. The attitudes of Old Corneria were drastically different. The nation states of old were divided far inbetween and militaristic, speciesism was rampant and conflicts broke out often. Culminating in two consecutive global wars and this final terrestrial war that the planet would ever face. The nation of Old Corneria itself was nothing like Modern/New Corneria. It was a ruthless militaristic superpower respected and mostly feared and loathed by other nations. New Corneria was more diplomatic, democratic and most importantly more pacificst than it's predecessor. It managed to successfully unite with other surviving nations and factions and unified the planet into a single planetary governent and civilization . Becoming the Corneria we all know.

The post apocalypse in these images are happening before the events of the games, not after it. And very far into the past.

Although those two eras has faded from living memory, the war had it's effects on the new cornerians. Their peaceful nature was born from the nasty reminders of the exact militaristic attitudes that destroyed the old world and wiped out almost a third of the population. The construction and use of great underground cities coming from the inadequecy of underground shelters for all. The few constructed in old corneria were only used for the governments, the military, and te wealthy elite as the commoners suffered above. Even though the original intentions faded from living memory, they are forever ingrained into the Cornerian psyche.

I'm using the version of Corneria as depicted in the 1993 Star Fox comic by Benimaru Itoh. the aesthetics are dated compared to what we see in later games like Assault or Zero. So I made it represent an earlier time period in Corneria's past. a past that no one remembers.


This is a ruined version of the original Cornerian High Command HQ from the 1993 Nintendo Power Comic. I'm trying to show that this is corneria by adding the large arches featured in the games. These have become important navigational landmarks used by wastelanders when travelling across the ruins.



The ships at this time and featurd here are based on the spaceliners from the comic and are instead spaceplanes, not dedicated spaceships as they would go into lower orbit for a while before descending and landing at thir destination. the closest spaceships are spaceshuttles that can get into orbit (for the short term) but are unable to leave Corneria's sphere of influence.



A significant portion of vehicles shown use hover power, though more heavy duty vehicles such as semi trucks and most military vehicles still retain wheels or treads.

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The Ruins of an Anti-aircraft missile battery . During the war, these had onced launched missiles at enemy aircraft to defend the now abandoned base. now they stand as silent monuments to the ferocity of the conflict. Scattered about the wastes are the husks of cornerian fighter craft. brought down during the fighting or an from weapons utilizing EMP pulses, causing them to shut down in mid air and drop to the ground like flies.

The missile launchers here are based on ones seen on a certain anel from th 1993 as well as on one of the panels on the mission file printout.

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