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StarFox Solemakers Riseing


who do u like most so far?  

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  1. 1. who do u like most so far?

    • Fox
    • Slippy
    • Falco
    • Peppy (do a barel roll)
    • Crow

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NOTE: this is my first post. i made up this person. post if u like it!! :D



:slippy:theres a unutherized trasmison coming in!he talking!

unknown:hello starfox.

:falco:who the crap is this?!

:peppy:do a barel roll

:falco:shut up oldy

unknown: i am the gardian of fichina. the gardian is some one that helps the people of fichina if they are in danger.i have powers that u can not beat and skills unamgnable.the thing that gives me power is a wepon caled the sword of soles.the sword holds the soles of defeted enameys and i am  able to use those as lives.

:falco:OK... but ...Y THE CRAP DID U COME TO US!!!!

unknown; there is a theat to Fichina that i can not beat alone.

:fox: ok i get it all but two things the bad guys name and... YOUR name

unknown: the bad guys name is the fichinian concerers lead by a dragon.and i will only reveal my name as...Crow

:fox:... :oops:

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checking if this works (brawl card) http://www.mubos-md.com/brawlcards/cards+zv6xyvo

I got a 404.

Anyways interesting start, is this your prologue or something?

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:fox:lets get down there 

:slippy:u kiddin me! to cold

:fox:eneybody else?


:peppy:not me


:fox:ok lets go

11:05 the forist, Fichina

:fox:well... were here

:falco:this place is full of trees

:krystal:i think thats the pont of a forist Falco

:falco:oh shut up

:fox:hey whos that in the trees?

:krystal:i sense someone up there...

Crow:hey. nice of u to come.


Crow: thats my name so dont ware it out :cool:

:falco:ok were here so tell us wat u want or were leaving!!! :x

Crow FINE! pushy.

:slippy:HAHAHAHA :lol:


:slippy:sorry... :shock:

Crow as u can see this place has tons of trees. but if u come here theres not.

(barren, some or no trees)

:fox:..w.o.w. :shock:

(dragon appears) Dragon: Hello starfox. oh and Crow wat a plesent suprise!

Crow:get your butt out of here u basterd!!!

Dragon:oo u will pay. die Crow!!to be continued... i will post another tomarow!!!!

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Stop doing the "please level my brawler card" thing, please  :mod: , keep on topic. Also, keep using the SAME thread if you are going to continue your fanfic.

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  • 1 month later...

frum Icestar:

Ya spelled soul wrong...

plus, check me newest post!!!


Wolf:HEY, IS THAT MY AMP?!?!?!?





Slippy:ouch... :lol: :wolf:

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Plus: Dragon's name should be Arcanos! whaddya think?

Also: Arcanos is three headed, has six pack (OMG), and middle head is smartest, while other heads basically want 2 start a music group! (heehee :lol:)

frum Icestar (again)

[Pruned to save disk space]

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Guest Para Astaroth

Just to let you know, maplegirl, it's sort of against the rules to double/triple post.  It's best if you read the rules.  OH, and there is a modify button to compress those triple posting you were doing.

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Sorry it took sooo long but here it is!!!!!  :lol:


:falco:oh sut up slippy.( pulls out blaster) this will be fun. :cool:

Crow (attacks)

:fox:um OH starfox team lets GO!


:peppy:DO A BARREL ROLE!...

Crow (atacking)FOX don't just stand there ATTACK!!


Dragon YOU WILL DIE CROW!!!! (attacks crows side... hits)

Crow (falls down in to the snow. side bleeding)




dragon ahhhhh! grrrrr i will get you next time!(leaves)

:fox:(turns head to see crow and others)hey you guys ok!

:krystal: were all fine but crows not!

:fox:(walks over to see big gash in crows side) y don't we get him to the great fox




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  • 2 weeks later...

numba 4... i think...  :lol:

:fox:come on lets go

unknown; you wont be going anyware

:falco: wat NOW

:fox:i dono

:krystal:who are you?

unknown: i am Robin

:slippy:like... Batman and Robin?

Robin NO

:slippy:oh... O_o

:krystal: wate.. you sownd more like the person that sent us the mesage.

:fox: yea

Robin: well i did send the mesage...

:falco:then y did you say your name was crow?

Robin: I did? oh i was just yelling at him...


He was shooting his sisters dolls...

:slippy: hahahaha



post latter :D

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry it took SOOOOO long! ... :lol:... :shock:

:fox: shooting dolls?

:robin: Crow likes to... welll... harras His sister... Soafie

:fox:  O_o

:robin: OK lets get Crow to my house

:falco: a home thats WARM? WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! :lolhyst:

ummm... somewere at 1:30pm



:peppy: TRY A SOMMERSULT!!!!

:falco:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!



post latter  :poke: lol

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