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Starfox: Horntail Squad


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hiya! it's me, le maple masta! This sieries is about what happened before rise of the lost!!

but first.... the character lissssttt!!!!!

Silvertail: The great aran princess

Wolf:silvertail's mate

Fox: leader of starfox

Raina: silvertail's mother

Barrion: silvertail's father

Slippy: guy who likes jingle bells

Peppy: 70-yaer-old flying bunny

Crow: guy who came 2 kno an evil dragon in the first place

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  • 2 weeks later...

We see Raina carrying a dragon egg.

Raina: Barrion!

Barrion: what is it?

Raina: when Arcanos first stole silvertail, she..she...

Barrion: she what?

Raina: look.

Inside the egg, instead of a dragon, a mortal vulpine is inside.


Raina:I hear a roar. I must go.

Raina dashes off to her hidden cottage.

*crack* *crack*


Raina: *looks at egg*

Nanuke:look! Silvertail hatched!

Raina looks into Silvertail's eye, and sees her trapped in ice.

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Nanuke: what;s wrong, mom?

Raina: she's mortal. She can't stand up to arcanos.

Nanuke: what about the immorality potion?

Raina: Nanuke! that's a great idea!


Meanwhile.... on the great fox...

Peppy: ha! beat ya again!

James:ha, but ya still owe me 50 bucks.

Raina: James my brother....

James: Raina?

Raina: i'm speaking to you by telepathy.

James: well, what is it this time?

Raina: did you see nine spirit?

James: yeah. i saw her at Spiritfall last night.

Raina: thanks brother.

Raina goes off to Spiritfall, and meets nine spirit.

nine spirit: what is it, my child?

Raina: nine spirit, due to arcanos, Silvertail became mortal before she even hatched.

nine spirit: do not be dreary, my child. i will trust the recipie of immorality unto you.

Raina: really? Thank you, nine spirit! oh, thank you!

nine spirit: my pleasure.

Raina prepares the potion, and someone knocks on the door.


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Raina: Nanuke! quikly! hide Silvertail!


Raina and Arcanos fight, but both of them get destroyed at the same time.

Nanuke: no.... it has to be a dream....

Nine Spirit appears.

Nine Spirit: nanuke, follow me.

Nanuke: why?

Nine spirit: we're going to your father.

They arrive at Rien Palace.

Barrion: what brings you here, Nine Spirit?

Nine spirit: Raina has died.

Barrion: no...

Nine spirit: please take care of the children in the palace.

Barrion: i will. anything from my secret wife's mother.

Nine Spirit flies away.

Barrion: come, Nanuke.

Nanuke: is this where we're gonna sleep?

Barrion: yes, but one thing. Don't tell your stepmother who your mother is.

Kaiser: why?

Barrion: she wants to get rid of all Nine Spirit's children, just because your uncle is arcanos.

Kaiser; well, that's certainly unfair.

Nanuke: then what do we tell our stepmother?

Barrion: tell them you're the prophet's daughter, and don't forget to call stepmother lady Necro, okay?

Children: yes, father.

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Many years pass by as more and more new enemies attack the Aran clans, but when the cornerians (settlers) come, that changes everything, even for Silvertail, who is now 11 years old.

Barrion: sigh...

Silvertail: what's wrong, dad?

Barrion: it's just the wars. i hate to see people being killed in battle.

Silvertail: may i go out and play for a while?

Barrion: okay then. But come back in time for dinner.

Silvertail: i will. :P

As Silvertail walks around the village, she sees a fellow Aran being beaten up by Silvertail's enemy, that stupid Kaganami, also known as Kag.

Kag: we'll teach this settler a lesson!

Silvertail (thoughts): Settler? he looks like an aran to me!

Minion: Hey boss, it's that dumb Silvertail!

Kag: good. just in time. We can make a twerp sandwich.

???: help...

Silvertail: back off, bullface!

Kag: ya think you can beat me?

Silvertail; oh, yes... SHINING RAY!!!

Kag: Whoa! okay, we'll back off...! RUN!!!!

Silvertail: :D

Silvertail approches the victim.

Silvertail; HIya. i'm Silvertail. Who are you?

???: I'm wolf. But here I'm called Graystorm.

Graystorm: hey.. aren't you the.. the... imperial princess?

Silvertail; yes, but don't tell anyone. Okay?

Graystorm: gotcha. :wink:

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Silvertail and Graystorm walk all the way to the Rien palace.

Barrion: Ah, Silvertail. Who is your new friend?

Silvertail: Father, this is Graystorm.

Graystorm: Kenara, my emperor. (Kenara is a royal greeting)

Barrion: Silvertail?

Silvertail: yes, Father?

Barrion: I have thought abut this... and.. I think you and your friend are both old enough to join the other Warriors and fight with them. What do say?

Silvertail; Graystorm?

Graystorm: sure! :P

Barrion: Then be it so. Silvertail, I title you as descandent of the dragons. And you, Graystorm, I title you as Furious wind of Rien.

Silvertail and graystorm: yes! :D

Silvertail and Graytail go off to the dragon army base camp.

Silvertail:Graystorm, meet my cousin, Instructor Sparks.

Sparks: Hi! You must be Graystorm! nice to meet ya! :P

Graystorm: Hi!

Sparks; well, who's ready to practice fighting? :D

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Sparks: well, then.... LET"S DO THIS!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!!

Silvertail and graystorm: :oops:

All of them head over to the training grounds, after they get their armor first.

Sparks: okay, then. Now, Silvertail? can you tell graystorm about the different types of warriors?

Silvertail: sure!

silvertail: well, first there's the healing warriors. they DON'T fight with swords or axes. all they can pretty much do is heal a wounded partner in battle.

Sparks: hmmmm.... maybe graystorm is a healing warrior.

Graystorm: actually, I took a part-time job at a haeling tent, and I got fired.  :(

Silvertail: he doesn't seem like a stealth warrior, or a crusader.... so the only thing left is elementalists.

Sparks: Graystorm? you wanna try magic?

Graystorm: well, i guess....

Silvertail: go on. channel that magic within you into your sprit.

A little spark of fire comes from Graystorm's hand.

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Silvertail: that's it, wolf! you're doing it! :D

Graystorm: whoa!

Sparks: now fire it at that dummy!

graystorm shoots, and the dummy is singing in horror: burn, baby, burn! :oops:

A propheciser dashes into the trainig area.

prophet: quikly! The black magician is striking!


prophet: yes, and i also come with a prophecy! Ice will shatter the bridge of love, and again will reunite, stronger than ever....

Sparks: love? bridge? ice?

graystorm: well come, on! the village is on fire already!

Sparks: okay, then! move out team!

the Aran army meets Arcanos, who rose from the dead.

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  • 4 weeks later...


Silvertail: We will stop you, arcanos! Even if it costs my life!

Graystorm: Silvertail, you do know that all pure arans get frozen after you defeat him, right?

Silvertail: i do. But the lylat system needs me more than ever.

Graystorm: LOOK OUT! :shock:

Arcanos throws a deadly soul crush.

Silvertail: FINAL ATTACK!

Arcanos; huh?

Arcanos falls.

Silvertail: we..we..did..it...

Graystorm: yes... we.. did....

Arcanos: SURPRISE!!

Silvertail: huh?

A giant lightning bolt streaks through the sky.

Graystorm: Silvertail!

Silvertail; My time has come! We must part !

Graystorm: no!

Silvertail: this is goodbye!

A giant wind sweeps over them.

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It's been 20 years since Silvertail became frozen, and Graystorm....no wait, Wolf is now living a bandit's life in sargasso. He had amnesia ever since, and the arans drove him out during lady necro's reign when Barrion became sick. Wolf still doesn't know why something bothers him and why he howls occaisionaly, and has haunting dreams of a maiden lost in the dark. He usually sketches his dreams of the maiden, but Mr.Idiot ---> :leon: always finds his drawings and tapes them on the walls. Of course, he punishes leon. But there was one day where everything changed. Silvertail's cousin,  :fox: comes to sargasso.

Fox: okay, leon. Where is that theif?

Leon; over there, having nightmares.

fox; night mares?

Leon: he keeps on saying stuff in his sleep. something like, "Silvertail! come back! where's Maru?"

Fox (thoughts): Maru? he knows! I'm actually Maru!

Leon: if want to arrest him, go on.

Fox: okay.

Fox chases Wolf all over the lylat system, soon landing in an icy cave in another dimensioN.

Fox catches wolf, but Wolf was crying at the foot of an ice pillar, looking more like an ice crystal.

read rise of the lost to find out what happens naext.

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