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Starfox: Next generation


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It's been 10 years since rise of the lost, and Silvertail is now trapped in arcanos' lair. Silvertail's children, Renes and Fustir think their mother is dead....

Renes looks into the mirror.

someone apperes behind her!!!

ghost in mirror: Renes... help...

Renes: *SCREAM!*

Fustir: okay, what is it now?

Renes: a ghost....

Futir: please. it's just your imagination.

Renes: but... but...

fustir: :facepalm:

fustir: okay, who else are you going to see? Bloody Mary?

Renes: :x

Fustir: ah, shut it.


children: but... but... *pionting at each other*

Marcus: get. out. NOW.

children:  :(

Marcus: :!:

Marcus sees something in the mirror. Wolf comes in.

Wolf: :!:

Ghost: Wolf! thank goodness! help!

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Silvertail in mirror: Wolf! I'm imprisoned in celes island!

The ghost dissapears.

Wolf: Well then, our next mission is on Celes Island then. Come on, Marcus.

Marcus:  :shock:

Fox(thoughts):Celes Island? Then the time has come for the true wolf to come back. I've been preparing for this.

Wolf: come on!

The starfox team travels to the nexon dimension.

Wolf: you got the boat ready, Marcus?

Marcus: yup.

Wolf: Renes, do we have enough food?

Renes: yes.

Fustir: SO BORING!!! I wanna actually fight something! not sail around the world!

Wolf: too bad. You'll have to go anyway.

Fustir: :(

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Sry if this took soooooooooooo long. I was too busy on the bakugan forums.

Wolf: well, we;re all here!

Fustir: FINALLY!

Renes: ditto.

Fox: well, who's ready to go into the dungeon?

Everyone: ME!

Fox: okaaayyy......

They enter a dungeon, and meet the gaurd, Taurios.

Taurios: HALT! What is your business here?

Fox: we wish to slay Glas Ghabblann*.

Taurios: you may enter.

Taurios opens a gate, and they all enter a dungeon.

Just then, Kisa the deformed krazoa pops in.

Kisa: hiya! whatcha doin'?

Wolf: we're all here to save Silvertail.

Kisa: Silvertail? I have hadn't had contact with her in years! I wanna go!

Fox: okay then!

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