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I was home. I decided to do an little fun… After all, I was bored. I invited 3 friends and used my watch to teleport 4 costumes: Fox, Falco, and…*chuckles* Peppy and Slippy! I grabbed Fox and put it on quickly. Oliver got Falco, and Timmy got Peppy. Then Brundon said, “ Are you kidding me? I didn’t want Slippy.” I said, It’s either this or the Apariods.” Brundon changed his mind. He hated Bug creatures so much, he said Die! Die! Everytime he see an bug and squashed it. Everything started feeling light headed. But not for long. As quickly as it came, it quickly departed. I also Teleported up StarWolf- not the costumes. We used Laser Paintball. We played and played until it My team won StarFox 9 – StarWolf 8. I teleported all of the costumes back along with the StarWolf team. I only didn’t know a person was hungering for me to join with it. Or an thing. It happened  20 days later at Novemeber 5th, 2010. I was busy typing on the computer while I heard Loud knocking. I stood up tiredly and walked to open the door. When I did, an rouge costume just grabbed my neck and I used my emergency time freezer. It froze time but only for 10 mins. I looked at my attacker. It was Krystal. I found out that she’s possessed by something. Insane, not evil. I jumped out of my luckily open window and got in my car. I drove very fast to the airport. I pinpointed the time freezing ray to only my house. Then I got on an airplane. As I sat, happily, I got 4 mins left before Krystal got unfrozed. As The Plane acclerated to Africa, Something attacked the Airplane. Krystal fired an RPG and blew an hole in the Airpalne’s hull while she’s driving an car with one hand  and shooting with the other. I used my TF Watch to change into an Battle-Ready Boeing 898 that can withstand an 10000 megaton bomb to help the other people in the plane. Krystal got fustrated and brought out an drill launcher. I quickly did an barrel roll while the drill whizzed beside me just  by barely. Peppy’s advice was right. I just used an Roblox Deleting Device on Krystal’s weapons. She stil have an RPG for just in case. What an demented  anthro vixen. I deleted her car. I LOL’ed while Krystal flopped like an fish. But for only an short while. I let the people got out of my empty airplane cavity. I changed once again into an Blue Angel Jet Plane. I was now going MACH 1O and I was planning Operation: Hideout. I was now 20 minutes from Base by 6 miles an hours.

6,000 mph an hour is  0.2 seconds. I got there and changed back to normal and came in. I was safe… or was I? Suddenly the Base exploded in front of me. I ran away while I saw Krystal coming out of the aflaming base with an vile grin. I turned into an Running cactus to survive the Sahara Desert. But Eventually, I turned into normal and half-collasped. I was laying in the sand powerless. Krystal came up to me chuckling. I think I know now why she was hunting me She’s hungry(deprived of merging events). She want to be with me together forever. And she’s think I’m her match. I collapsed and I was basically dreaming Krystal carrying me to save me. Only then when I woke up, It had come true. I was on the airport. Now I have misread what she did. I didn’t have glasses that day. It wasn’t her attacking me. It was the bad guy trying to kill me she was trying to capture. The threat to me was my wounds from the explosion. I was bleeding. Krystal said, “Xocce? Uho 0ei Unubo?”

“Nuat e madiko. “ A bden nxe ukkusbot 0ei.” Krystal was concerned about my life. That costume of Krystal actually have feelings! Then I noticed an dark shadow cast from behind Krystal. Krystal wasn’t doing what the shadow was doing.

The shadow was lifting an bat and starting to swing it until it was over her. I just grabbed an pebble of sand cobbled together and flung it 20 feet with my thumb and index finger. Krystal looked an the peeble flying thorugh the air and it hit the bad guy on the eye.

He screamed as the sand went in his eye, paining him as the miniature rocks was tearing the surface of his eye. I never knew who the guy was because Krystal killed him. She almost hurt me to save me! Kind of Ironic, right? Well, we didn’t stop there! I lost too much blood to live much longer. Krystal said, “Ted’j nehh0 m0 vhaodt, no nacc ro kewokoh jeed.” As I passed out, Krystal saved my life by merging with me PERMAMENTLY. My living skin  found Krystal’s REAL dna and And rempped mine to match that. The costume wasn’t bonding me like Fox. It was going INSIDE of me and changing everything from A to Z to match its own DNA to heal my wounds. When It was finished, The costume was gone. It “died” trying to save me. Now I was Krystal. Let’s fast forward to the part where I reached London. I was back home. But I felt like the new neighbors from an different country, or in this case, a different planet. I was walking towards my home and when I got there, Silver showed up and said, “Hi Krystal. Have you seen my best friend? He suddenly left his house after the window had broken. I wanted to talk with my best friend because my friend’s parents are coming in 8 hours.” My eyes suddenly widened and I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t take into consideration that I wasn’t normal anymore. Roveho A nuj dehmuc. Den A Um u udkxhe rcio lapod vhem Star Fox. Fcij A ted’k xen ke foo den rosuijo den A’m u vomuco rcio lapod dumot Krystal vhem Star Fox. “Hey Krystal, are you alright?”, Silver said. I was in the bathroom taking off my used to be normal clothes and put on whatever Krystal weared. I stepped out of the bathroom, while, Silver was cleaning the house for my parents to arrive.

The floor was done, the curtains cleaned, even the bedroom justiceifed.

It seems so alienly clean that it surprised me when ever I looked in the trash it even smells clean. I was practically having a wandering mind. When Silver was finished, the palce looked amazing! I was mesmerized by the glamour and shine Silver had gave this place. Let’s fast forward the 30 mintues of boredom to me tealling Silver about what happened. After I explained the Sahara Incident and the Krystal “merging”, Silver looked like the Screamer. “Silver, what I am I going to do?”, I said. “We will figure out an plan. If that dodesn’t work you tell them.”, Silver said. Ok. 20 minutes later, I unintentionally fell down the stairs. M0 reerj nerrcot nxod A vocc tend kxo jkuahj. “Ow…”, I said.(Caution! Offending Themes! Do NOT Translate!) I went downstairs to grab an snack. After I ate a few chips, I went to bed. I only didn’t expect my parents would show up earlier while I was sleeping. “Is that a fox? Weird, since Foxes aren’t that Blue and also  Foxes does not have enough IQ to compherend Blanket and Bed, so they sleep on top of it, but this one sleeps UNDER, not over. Also this Fox is unusually large.”, My mom said while I was sleeping in my bed. “It looks female cuz of the cursive body shape. None of that Musuclar stuff.”, My dad said. I rolled over, unsuspecting that my mom and dad can see my face now. “Whoa. It’s really a she! It’s oddly very beautiful.”, My mom said. Let me tell, you that I have sleepwalking habits. And it also applies to Krystal, which is me now. I got up from my bed still sleeping. My parents made a face that means,”She’s Tall! But Is she Awake? And look at that she’s not an Normal fox! She’s an blue ANTHRO kitsune.” My Parents somehow realized that their child have the same sleepwaking habits. I walked up to the kitchen and grabbed an opened unsalted cracker pack. I just eated 10 or 20  whole crackers. I was still sleeping. Then I closed the cracker pack and went to bed again. My parents watched this whole thing and decided to wake the fox up, which is me. “Hello?”, they said to me while they tapped my shoulder. I slowly got up and said “Hello.” While I was wiping my eyes with my sleeve.    “Have you seen our child? We thought

Our child lived here, but we might be mistaked. So do you know where our kid went?”, They said. “Oh sure, I-“, I said until I noticed they were my parents. Then Silver smoke grenaded the entire room and grabbed my hand and thought a message and sended me that message to my head that said:” Go to the back door, but never let go of my hand.” We did as we shoul do but things din’t go as palnned cuz Dad was a 50-year veteran, trained to survive and complete missions. “You won’t get away from me that easily.’”, Dad said. Silver said, “Time to confess.” Visb, why does it have to end this way? But I have to do it for it is my fate. “Really, Dad, Really?”, I said. “Wait,WHAT? You? My kid? I don’t think so.”,Mom said. So I decided to pull down my pants then lifted my blue fox tail to show the birthmark that I have even before I was TF’ed and TG’ed to Krystal. “No! It’s impossible! My child is this… this… thing! “Trust me, you do not know half of my life.”, I said. After I explained  every detail about since I moved out for the summer and will come back for college(Not anymore cuz I’m now an sexy blue female anthro fox called Krystal, which is from The StarFox Team, But If I still could go, then the world’s first female blue fox scientist will be me!) My parents finally understood A-Z now. They began preparing a new way of the same old life I used to have.

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