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I'm going to sart another fic

Guest krystal08

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Guest krystal08


Well...i realize not so long ago, that my current fiction su**...i don't really have a storyline..its just combat over combat and lots of blood, carnage and... heheum... so i decide to start on something new. This time, it WILL have a storyline. ( i put all my ideas in a note book, and make my story with that, much better than just add ideas i had last night) and i think its good. But...its been more then a week...i'm stuck.. :banghead:...i need to know a good reason to stop killing humans. I need a reason to stop the fight OR a (human) quality which would make .....ha damn! ok...i'm gonna translate the resume of my story okay?

(traduction voilà.com)

[copy past translate]

The earth is form wiht two continents, as it always was. A continent for the wolves, one for the human beings. Asaka and Asheru forms a special team charged to go in human territory. Similar for the humans, they have a team special for to see the wolves. Unfortunately for two, they will meet in court of road what will lead them to a desert island between both continent. Consequently friends with the human beings, both she-wolves will find a means of coming home, and to allow the human beings  to make so much. It is a pity that the wolves army decided to attack the human beings to defend themself because, the best defence, its attack! Both she-wolf will attemp to stop the war[...] :yes::no: ?

Well, its pretty basic..but its better than how i would translate it so... Now...i only got a head thinking *Why would Asaka and Asheru want to stop the war??* WHY!?  I'm searching the answer for more then a week!

Searching both reason why stop the wolves attack OR a good quality to humans ( wich would be a reason to stop the attack) .... :?:

Do someone is following me?...

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Guest krystal08

now, i got some reasons to stop the war, thanks to FDM, the best on is;

-we can learn much more together than by killing each other

the other one isn't so good;

-the humans can be good slaves


Now, i got other problems... i can't start writing it because i need an approbation from Scott Ruggels...because i'm using his character (Asheru) Problem is...HE ISN'T ANSWERING....


He answered!! Asheru's dead... Her name is now Zaoma and she have a totaly other style

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