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Funny Interviews with SF & SW... [Warning: Spoofs]

Guest DRL

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Okay, I plan to do a small fan-fiction where I interview Star Fox team members (and Star Wolf as well) and get some hilarous stuff to happen. I will go character per character, first one is our favourite frog, :slippy:...


Hello everyone! This is DRL working for my own website (which kinda sucks) and I am now going to interview the famous Star Fox Team members...

Right now, here is Slippy!

:slippy: Er... Hello!

DRL: Hi. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

:slippy: Okay!

DRL: How are you?

:slippy: Fine, I think...

DRL: Come on! Anything interesting you might want to tell us?

:slippy: ...

DRL: Well, now I shall ask a direct, perfectly normal, question:

:slippy: Yeah, ask!



*Bunch of Cornerian Intellingence guys enter and grab DRL*

DRL: NO, Wait! I did not do any....

:slippy:Yes, take him away! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


DRL: *Jumps in camera range again* That is all for today people!

          Check out next time for mooo- *Cornerian Intelligence guys grab him again*

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Ohh, this is gonna be good *grabs popcorn*  :mrgreen:

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:lol: I've always wondered that question myself. Good one, DRL!

haha! Nice! I definately look forward to the other members!

Ohh, this is gonna be good *grabs popcorn*  :mrgreen:

He,he thanks guys!  :lol:

Since the Cornerian Intelligence just released me

(after forcing allowing me to sing a "DO-NOT-ASK"

contract) I do not know who should go next...

So, who do you think should be next?

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slippy is referred to as he, so even though he has a high voice, he's a guy, and in the later games you can tell cuz his voice is less female sounding.

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slippy is referred to as he, so even though he has a high voice, he's a guy, and in the later games you can tell cuz his voice is less female sounding.

I know, I know!... Actually, I have a... "Funny voice" too, so I kind of understand him.

However in the thread title I did warn about spoofs!  :lol:

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Well, I must apologize for the double-posting. But... Here it goes the next interview.

Captain Falcon fans, rejoice! He is today our guest star. :cool:

Today´s interview: :peppy:...

(Personally I like to call this interview the

"Meme tragedy"... You will soon see why  :lol:

Only thing I do not like about this one is how

the colors came out... Looks too much U.S... :oops:

But... Maybe I can change that later, if you want

me to... ok?  :lol:)


DRL: Okay, we are at the G-Zero racing track, and our favourite memer is here.

        Can you guess who he is?... RIGHT! It´s Peppy-the-Hare!

:peppy: Hello my fans everywhere!

DRL: So... You are a fan of Zero races, right?

:peppy: Right. I am specially a fan of Captain Falcon.

              He is also, just like myself a memer.

DRL: Well, you may be in luck today, Peppy.

:peppy: Why?

DRL: Because the Captain is right here!

:peppy: *Turns back* Oh! This is great!

Captain Falcon: Yeah, it is! I am so exited to

                        meet a memer such as yourself, Mr. Peppy!

  DRL: Hey guys, know what? I am a memer too!

:peppy: Hey... That gives me an idea! *Whispers it to DRL and Captain Falcon*

Captain Falcon : Mmh, seems like a good idea!

DRL: I love it, too!

*Severals hours later, on the news*

News Reporter: Today a great event has happened in the downtown part of the Cornerian Capital.

                        Three indiviuals - Independant Reporter DRL, Racer Captain Falcon,

                        and Peppy Hare of the Star Fox Team,

                        banded togheter to create the bizarre "Memer Team".

                        At first, people thought it was a joke; but now there are hundreds of people

                        hospitalized due to the actions of these individuals.

                        Some people tried to escape from the deadly


                        while others tried to avoid being forced to do the terrible


                          and as if that was not enought, the evil villains memers grabbed heavy metal

                          instruments, and started to sing a song so bad, that we suggest you not to

                          listen to it, even thought we are going to play it now:

                        FIRE THE HYPER-FALCON-CANNON!

                  DO A-HYPER-BARREL ROLL!

                  HYPER-BARREL-FALCON PUNCH!

                          Now, if you have not fainted, you can go to work; the vicious criminals memers

                            have been just placed under arrest and are on way to the "Cornerian

                            Institute for Meme Addiction"... Have a good day!

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reading this topic i had an idea for an rp! the talk show!

it would be a sticky topic like this:

the characters:

the interview guy,

one or more guest stars (anyone, fan characters, you, or anything that comes out of your mind)

players? anyone!

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Guest Julius Quasar

Thanks Asper, it really made me laught!

...And thank you Julius for writing it  :lol:.

Right on, man!  Thanks for posting that, Asper, and thanks for reading that, Hatsworth.

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Today´s one is a short one. But it is about Panther... So it can not be good news...  :lol:

Specially for me...


DRL: Um, hello Mr. Caroso!

:panther: It is "Caruso". And please, be fast. I have other thing to do,

                like impressing ladies with my muy macho musculature.

DRL: *Mutters* oh yeah like in your dreams...

:panther: WHAT?!

DRL: E-er!, nothing... Now that you are on vacation, what do you

          plan to do?

:panther: Impress ladies, going to the gym... Impress ladies, And of course,

                my #713673166 attempt to have Krystal come with me.

DRL: Oh... well, what do you think of your team, Star Wolf?

:panther: I think that we need to be more macho-men. Wolf is allways

                trying to impress everyone with his bionic eye... DAMN SPACE PIRATE!!

:wolf: Panther! WHAT DID I TOLD YOU?!! I am not A FREAKIN´ PIRATE!!

:panther: But it is true man. Come on, do not be like Leon... You know what?

                  the poor reptilian thinks he can master poker. And yet, he is the

                  worst poker player I have seen so far.


:leon: HEY!

:wolf: Leon, I have an idea... *Whispers to Leon*

:leon: Oh... Good one!, uh, I mean, EVIL ONE!!

:panther: UH-OH...  :leon::wolf: *Beats Panther*

:panther: Thank you reporter.... Now, HOW THE HECK I am going to

                  impress the ladies if I am like this??!!

DRL: Uh... Stop being a creep?

:panther: Come on, you look like the type of guy who could use some

                help from Panther. *Starts to whisper something to DRL*

DRL: I do not so. Plus... Oh!, I WILL DEFINETLY TRY THAT!

:panther: You see... I am the MASTER of Lady-Impression, after all.

                Do that... and you will have the BEST interview with Krystal.

                Everyone else will envy your interviwing skill!

DRL: I am not sure if that would work... But heck, it could be the BEST

          independant interview!... Yeah!....

          Well, that is all for today people, next time I will interview our

          favourite blue vixen! Yay!

  :panther: Bu-But I wanted to impress ladies by posing for the camera!!!

DRL: Maybe some other time... *Turns it off*.

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O-Kay. If you read the least one, this one is a MUST...

Really!... :lol:


DRL: Hello everyone! Today, I am with the cutest

          vixen in the galaxy! YEAH, KRYSTAL!

          *Makes a lame applause*.

:krystal: Hi!.

DRL: Well... Krystal, do you mind if I ask you a few


:krystal: Ok.

DRL: What is your favourite hobby?

:krystal: As you should know, reading people´s minds!

DRL: Oh really? Then now I am going to think my next

          question... Guess it?

:krystal: Okay... Let´s see... "Krystal, could you and I have..." --- WHAT?!!

DRL: Errrr, Panther suggested I should ask you that so I could have the best

          independant interview!!!

:krystal: And you REALLY believed this would help???!... I will do two things now:

              First, I will give you some free advice: NEVER EVER DO SOMETHING PANTHER

                TELLS YOU TO DO. Got it? *Dark evil aura around her*

DRL: Y-ye-I got it. And... what is the... S-

:krystal: Second thing? Oh... I am just going to tell you that I am going to REALLY

              enjoy my dinner tonight...


:krystal: Well... You 'could' put it that way... *Evil girl smile*....

*Later, Krystal is in the Great Fox´s kitchen. :fox: and  :slippy: Come in...*

  :fox: Hello Team!

  :slippy:  *stomach hurts* Oh... man, that mission was really hard...

            I mean - No food for two hours!!

  :falco: *mutters* ...Now, that explains why you are so

                    short and FAT...

  :slippy: W-WHAT??! You know what Falco?... Mmmh! You look delicious


  :falco: Uh... *Backs away, with Slippy following close* You know what Fox?

                  GET THE ONE BEHAIND ME!!!

  :fox: *Stops Slippy* ...Come on guys... No need to eat ourselves!


  :krystal: Oh, SHUT UP! Like someone is going to help you.

  DRL: Well, I am sure Fox is going to help me... Are you going to help me, right Fox?

  :fox: Oh... Well... *Looks at his team* Like I said before... No need to eat ourselves!!!

  :falco: *Looks at DRL* You are dead meat, pal!

  :slippy: *Evil laugh* MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  DRL: And... Peppy?!

  :peppy: Do a barbecue roll!

  DRL: DA*N IT!!!... *Looks at STILL THERE camera* Okay people, see you next time...


  :krystal: *Turns off camera*

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haha! who is going to be the next one?

see that after the commercials.

Well, since our producer is such a

lazy fool generous person,

he says that you can suggest the

next one...

Damn Cannibals.  :P

...Completely right.  :lol:

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He,he.... Sorry for double posting,

but here is a new (but rather silly) one:


DRL: Hello everyone! Today I am going to interview

          everyones favorite pirate, Wolf!

:wolf: Call me pirate again and you will suffer the consequences.

DRL: But Wolf.... According to the rest of YOUR TEAM, you are a


:wolf: What??!... You must be lying!

DRL: Well, the other day - the one prior to being nearly-eaten by

          Star Fox team - Panther said you were a pirate. Right, you

          then did beat him up... But hey, then WHY do you wear a patch?

:wolf: I do it because I look bada** wearing it. So, SHUT UP, about me

          being a pirate!... And, didn´t Krystal warn you about not listening

          to what Panther says?

DRL: Well... It is not only Panther... Just look, Pigma and Oikonny made

        a video... a MUSICAL VIDEO FOR CHILDREN,

        singing "you are pirate".

        There is no need to hid it Wolf, you ARE a PIRATE!.


Pigma: Wolf, I think it is time that you accept it.

Oikonny: Of course you must accept it! Just look at yourself.

              You are a pirate in every way!

:wolf: GrrRRRRR!!

DRL: Well... can you sing the WAY-TOO-CHILDISH song guys?


Pigma & Oikonny, as well as :leon: & :panther::

*Sing You ARE a PIRATE!*

DRL: So... That is pretty much of it, Wolf. Good luck on your next

        pirate raid!


Cornerian News Reporter: Today there were incidents in Downtown Cornerian Capital,

                                      mainly because the StarWolf Leader,  :wolf:, was REALLY MAD with

                                      his team, and former team members Pigma and Oikonny.

                                      Right now, all of the StarWolf members (save for  :wolf:, himself)

                                      are hospitalized, as well as Independant Reporter DRL,

                                      who almost had an eye taken out by :wolf: as the wolf

                                      screamed "NOW WHO IS GOING TO BE THE FREAKIN´ PIRATE!"

                                      althrough in the end he decided just to beat them all and take

                                      legal actions. In other news, Andrew Oikonny

                                      has just begun a transgendering operation, more on this later...

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