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I'm about to Triple post, so sorry about this. I just wanted to say that the first two characters are from the original Character Profile thread. I'm posting all my new characters here now (obviously!  :lol:)

I appreciate comments, as long as they are not offensive or rude.

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Name: Max Starwell

Age: 20

Race/Species: Fox (Same type as Fox McCloud)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weapons: (All guns’ ammo is lasers) Balanced in most guns. Particularly prefers rifles or small automatics like the P90. Has an ordinary blaster as pistol. Occasionally wields two at the same time. Max dislikes heavy artillery or large automatics. For melee, he usually wields dual katars. If not, he uses one.

Abilities: Can use Fox illusion (The side B for Fox/Falco in Super Smash Bros.).

Looks: See attachment. Basically Fox, but the fur is grey.

Background: Max was born and raised as an orphan. His biological parents are unknown. So Max was given to the orphanage and was often made fun of because of his obsession – saving the world. He had always wanted to construct and fly his own fighter ship and use his piloting skills to save the galaxy. With this in mind, the obvious hero of Max’s life is Fox McCloud. When Max was old enough, he immediately left the orphanage and joined the Cornerian army. For numerous years, Max had saved up all his money to buy himself a genuine star fighter. Gradually, Max had upgraded and hunted down numerous ship parts that would fulfill the piloting part of his dream. Years later, the finished product of Max’s hard work was a fighter ship named “Comet”. When it was complete, Max left the army and became a mercenary for hire. He also possibly wanted to start his own team or at least be in one.

Stats:    Power – 7/10

            Speed –9/10

      Defense – 6.5/10

      Endurance – 7/10

    Accuracy –8.5/10

As you can see, Max is a pretty balanced guy other than his majors. From young to where he is now, Max had always loved to be the speedy one. His ship, Comet reflects that on him. Max also excels in accuracy. This is why in most rifles he uses has an equipped scope on it. The weakness in this fox is the defense. In order for a great amount of speed, he must lower his weight on defense. The lighter his armor is, the quicker he gets. Max would be a great teammate to have by your side.

Ship: Max is the creator of the Comet and the Comet II. Currently, he is piloting the Comet II.

[Pruned to save disk space]

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Name: Leon Firbronze

Age: 21

Race/Species: Lion

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10"

Weapons: (All guns shoot lasers) Carries an automatic assualt rifle at all times, and magnum for pistol use. On special occasions, he uses a shotgun. At war, he chooses a rail-gun and homing Launcher (the ones you find in SF Assualt.) Other weapons he can use are mainly based on heavy damage.

Abilities: "Burning Beast". It's a melee type attack in which Leon lunges at his opponent and rips him to shreds with claws and teeth. When Leon lunges, the impact of the attack leaves a burning sensation on the victim's body.

Looks: View Attachment. I'm sorry it came out blurry, but you hopefully get the gist of his body. Just imagine that body, without the guns, pods, etc.

Background: The family background for Leon has just been a row of thieves, culprits, and gang leaders. Leon's parents have been caught and locked away by the Cornerian Forces. Leon himself is operating as a gang leader and is living in a base. He has been forced to take care and defend himself with the help of the money his parents had left him. He learned all his fighting techniques from his early childhood when his parents were still with him. Currently, Leon is traveling solo and his true wish at heart is to rescue his parents - by any means necessary.

Stats:    Power – 9/10

            Speed – 7.5/10

      Defense – 8/10

      Endurance – 7/10

    Accuracy – 4.5/10

The stats posted above illustrate Leon’ abilities and tactics. Melee wise, Leon has great power over his opponent and fights with no mercy. When he fights with weapons, he usually chooses ones that give a great deal of damage. On foot, Leon can be a great dasher. His speed may go a bit faster or slower than Wolf O’donnell’s. It depends on his “energy” level. Leon cannot only pack a punch, but also can withstand an above average amount of damage. Leon wears heavy armor at war or on a dangerous mission, but normally, his endurance to hits is again, above average than most. Leon’s weakness is his lack of aim. Although Leon has great power it’s almost useless if he doesn’t hit his target. That’s why he finds close range combat more convenient.

Ship: Leon is the creator and the pilot of the Razor.

[Pruned to save disk space]

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This one isn't much of a playable character, just a character that would be mentioned in an RP...

Name: D.E.M.O.

Age: -

Race/Species: Android/Robot

Sex: -

Height: 5'5"

Weapons: No actual weapons except for a tazer. Equipped with repair and building kits (drills, screws, hammers, etc.).

Abilities: Since it is a machine, it can do all sort of technology stuff it was programmed to do like scan, repair, build, and more.

Looks: See Attachment. DEMO looks like the black robots to the left of the picture. Never mind the astronaut or the blue colored screen at the bottom.

Background: Not much of a history. Was built by Max with the help of others in the Sky Acers team. D.E.M.O. is the "ROB" of the Sky Charge, the Sky Acer's carrier.

[Pruned to save disk space]

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