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Star Fox: Sith Rising

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I too enjoyed it. Good job. :)

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Sadly, this story is approaching its close... I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this as I have writing it. Anyhow, here's Chapter Thirteen.

Chapter Thirteen

1100 hours, Ikktar 44, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Meeting Room

“... There’s no need to send someone into the Star Forge,” Kylet'oran said, “If someone’s already inside. Amanda intercepted a message ordering the Republic to attack. As of now, the republic is on their way and will need assistance while Revan and her companions deal with Malak and the Sith.”

“What is it we should do?” Krystal asked.

“We’re going to split the fleet into three groups; one will go through the aperture to the Star Forge, and two will go to the two regrouping points to deal with any ships that retreat. The Dragon’s Rage will lead the group going through the gateway to the Star Forge. Once we reach it, we’ll have to act fast to destroy that Star Forge. Hitting the Sith lines where they’re weakest simultaneously should do the job.

“Once we’ve broken through the Sith lines, it’ll be trivial to attack and destroy the Star Forge. After the Star Forge is destroyed, we should retreat back through the gateway and destroy it. Three transphasic torpedoes to the inter-spatial manifolds will do the trick.”

Krystal hesitated for a moment, then spoke, “I know that I can order you all to do this, and none of you would hesitate for a second... but I’m not going to do that. Instead, we’re not going to do this unless everyone in this room agrees. If you have an objection, please, speak your mind. No one will think less of you if you do.”

After a long moment of silence, Fox spoke up. “Krystal?”

“Go ahead, Fox.”

“I think it’s safe to say that no one in this room has been more... obsessed... with winning this war as I,” Fox said as Kyle poured glasses of Jek’ari’s Ale and passed it to the others. “We’ve all been through thick and thin together, and some of us have been knee-deep in blood and death before we found peace.

“And that is what we’re fighting for; peace. So if that fight takes a little longer, so we can all do something we believe in... I can’t think of any place I’d rather be... or any people I’d rather be with.

“So when I think about what we’ve been through, maybe it’s not the destination that matters... maybe it’s the journey.”

“To the journey!” Amanda stated.

“Hear, hear.” Jenifer added.

“So be it,” Kyle said. “Get some rest, all of you. We head out at 0500 tomorrow.”

1930 hours, Ikktar 44, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Admiral’s Quarters

Kyle sat on the couch in his quarters, staring out at the stars and the Nebula with his feet propped up on the footrest when Kursed directed an order to the Replicator behind him.

“Tea, Dragonaria II brew, hot.”

“I thought you gave it up?” Kyle said.

“I’ve decided to revive a few of my old habits,” Kursed replied.

“What else besides the Dragonarian tea?” Kyle queried.

Kursed smiled. “Haven’t decided on that yet.” Sitting down next to Kyle, she added, “In all my time on this ship, I’d forgotten how close to family that Star Fox was to you... and how loyal you were to them. Forgive me, it was wrong of me to lie to you, and I’m sorry.

“I’ve come to the decision to help you carry out your mission. Maybe together, we can increase our odds.”

“Come on, Kursed,” Kyle stated, “There’s got to be a way to have our cake and eat it, too.”

“We can’t destroy the Star Forge and the Sith fleet at the same time, it’s too risky.”

Kyle cocked a half-smile. “You sure about that?”

Kursed’s expression brightened. “There might be a way,” She said. “I considered it once, but it just seemed to risky.”

“That was before you decided to revive your old habits, so let’s hear it.”

Kursed took a sip from her Dragonarian tea, and began to outline her plan.

0400 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Hangar Bay

Krystal got into the shuttle with a belt of weapons, and Kursed said, “It’s about time. I’m not getting any younger, you know.” Krystal sat down in the seat next to Kursed.

“Now, you’re sure you want to do this?”

“No,” Kursed stated. “But Star Fox isn’t big enough for both of us.” Sighing, she added, “If I don’t make it, use the code ‘four-seven-alpha-tango’ to get into the encrypted database.” Krystal nodded and left.

Somehow, she felt that this would be the last time she ever saw Kursed alive.

0455 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Medbay

Jenifer groaned in pain. The child was ready. Problem was, Jenifer wasn’t.

“Try to relax, ma’am,” the MH stated.

“If you tell me to relax one more time, I’m gonna rip your holographic head off!” Jenifer screamed.

“I hope you don’t intend to kiss your baby with that mouth.” the MH said as Falco entered the room. Seeing Jenifer in pain, he exclaimed, “Tell me this isn’t another False alarm?!?”

“This isn’t another false alarm!” the MH replied.

“I... I don’t believe it!” Falco mumbled.

“Oh, believe it!” Jenifer groaned.

“I might actually win!” Falco said.

“What?” Jenifer asked.

“The baby pool. I picked today, 1235 hours.” Falco answered.

“I’m so glad I could accommodate you!” Jenifer growled.

“Admiral Kyle to Falco, we’re ready to get underway.” Kyle’s voice said over the intercom.

“Admiral, I don’t--” Falco started to protest.

“Go,” Jenifer said.


“No buts, Falco,” Jenifer said firmly. “If this mission is to succeed, we’re going to need out best pilot at the helm.” Leaning her head against Falco’s, she added, “Don’t worry about me... the MH will bring me everything I need.”

Falco held his wife for a moment, and left for the bridge.

0510 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Star Forge System

It took ten minutes to move the fleet through the aperture and into the Star Forge System. Once there, the fleet came across a battle already underway. The Republic was up against a multitude of ships; Kazon, Sith, Cardassian, Jem’Hadar, and Vasari were present.

“I’m getting a message on Republic E-band... patching it through.” Katt said.

Kyle looked to Fox. “Would you like to greet them?”

Fox smiled. “Certainly,” he replied.

“This is Admiral Forn Dodonna of the Republic warship Liberty, Republic Third fleet to alien fleet, identify yourselves.” came a female voice.

“Admiral Dodonna, this is General Fox McCloud of the Dragon’s Rage, Star Fox guild. We’re here to render assistance.” Fox responded.

“We could use all the help we can get, General. We’re suffering heavy losses as it is, and we have a number of Jedi knights who have infiltrated the Star Forge.” Admiral Dodonna stated.

“Understood,” Fox answered. “We’re on our way. Save some of the bastards for us!”

“There’s plenty to go around, General.” Dodonna said.

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Here's the Fourteenth and final chapter to any who are still reading this.

Chapter Fourteen

0525 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Star Forge

Malak strode through the massive halls and over the vast walkways of the Star Forge. He was patient and confident, savoring the victory to come over the republic. Not only was Revan here, but so was the republic fleet. All his enemies drawn together to be destroyed in a single, glorious day!

Yet somehow, he could faintly sense another presence on the Star Forge... something alien, something – or someone – he’d never seen before. Still, it was no matter – He was the Dark Lord of the Sith, destined to rule the galaxy.

He hard a faint footfall behind him, turned to face it, and saw nothing. Sensed nothing. He turned to continue his walk toward the command center, and stopped when he heard two sets of footfalls. Two Jedi knights were on his rear flank. He cackled, turned to face them, and suddenly, a lightsaber hilt was put against his back while an arm grabbed him by the neck.

“I’m not sure you know this, but Cerinians tend to be invisible to the Force.” said a voice behind him.

“Brave of you, ‘Cerinian,’” Malak said, reaching for his lightsaber. “But foolish. I am the Dark Lord of the Sith.”

“And that is why you will die.” the voice said.

0830 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Star Forge

All hell had broken loose as the Sith fleet and their allies were forced to deal with a vicious assault from multiple factions. Every hour and a half, the enemy fleet would have reinforcements fly in from nowhere. The Sith fleet was effectively cut off. Their Admiral’s dreadnaught destroyed in action, the lower-ranking officers were forced to assume command and tried to rally the Sith fleet and their allies, to no avail. The enemy was just too well-organized and well-equipped. With nothing to do but fight to the last ship, the enemy fleet put up as much of a fight as they could.

The ship they were most interested in taking down was the Class-II Dragonarian Warbird. The ship’s multi-adaptive ablative armor held off the enemy’s assaults, though, making it very difficult to damage.

“Tactical, what’s the status of the Star Forge’s systems?” Kyle requested.

“Weapons are off-line, but shields are still up.” Katt answered.

“Bring up a tactical screen for the battle area.” Fox ordered. Katt complied, and Fox noticed a break in the Sith formations. But it was Kyle who put it into words.

“There – a break in the sith lines! Transmit the coordinates to our allies and have the fighters break through!”

“Copy,” Katt replied. “Tau squadron, into the breach!”

Fox and Kyle watched as Tau squadron – the XG-1 Star Wing Assault Gunboats marked as blue blips – headed for the breach. A few red blips moved to intercept them, shimmered, and disappeared as Tau squadron broke through.

“Tau squadron is through; we’ve broken their lines!” said Tau squadron leader.

“Bastila is no longer using her battle meditation against us! The tide has turned!” exclaimed Jedi master Vandar over the COM channel.

“Red and green squadrons – into the breach!” Admiral Dodonna ordered.

“Battle group Sangheili; reinforce their position!” Kyle ordered. Noticing another breach in the sith lines, followed by two more,  Katt, Fox and Kyle began issuing orders.

“Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot squadrons  - hit the center breach!” Katt ordered.

“Battle groups Remus, Romulus and Qo’nos – attack the left breach!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Battle groups Lylat, Venom and Earth – hit the right breach!” Fox commanded.

As the weak points were assaulted, Admiral Dodonna spoke up. “The Sith fleet is in disarray! Now’s our chance! Hit that Star Forge with everything we’ve got!”

1155 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar

Location: Star Forge

Kursed limped her way to the control consoles of the Star Forge command center after a near-miss with Malak. She had succeeded in distracting Malak and his apprentice, Bastila, enough to allow the allied fleet to break through the enemy lines. All that was left to do was to disable the shields. She accomplished this, slashed out the console, and was about to leave when something stabbed her from behind. She looked down to see a crimson lightsaber blade protruding from her abdomen. Grabbing her own lightsaber staff and breaking it into two, she jammed it into Malak’s sides and ignited them.

“If I die, I’m taking you with me.” she grunted. Malak said nothing as he tumbled to the floor. Kursed holstered her lightsabers, jerked Malak’s out of her, and fell to her knees.

She did it. Malak, the Sith, the war – it was finished. Now she could be at peace. She toppled over, and the last thing she saw before the darkness of death took her was the wedding ring Fox had given her.

Good-bye, My love. I’ll see you on the other side. She thought.

Then, as a transporter beamed her off-station, Krystal “Kursed” McCloud was no more.

1230 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Medbay of the Dragon’s Rage, Sith’ari Rift

Everyone in Medbay stood gathered around a single body. Kursed’s body. Jenifer, Falco, their newborn daughter, Kyle, Katt, Krystal and Fox all gathered around Kursed as she lay lifeless on the bed. There was much she knew that was now – perhaps for the better – lost. No one spoke as they silently mourned her loss.

Finally, Kyle broke the silence. He placed a hand over her forehead and said, “I offer you a Dragonarian prayer; May your death bring you the peace that had eluded you in life. May you always walk under the wings of the Prophets, and may you always stay in the shadow of their refuge.” With that said, everyone said their final good-byes to Kursed, and left Medbay.

1440 hours, Ikktar 45, 4836 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Corneria

Krystal didn’t think she could stomach the operation to rid Fox of his neurological condition, so she instead waited on the Dragon’s Rage. While she waited, she decided to access Kursed’s encrypted database.

“Computer, access encrypted database ‘Kursed,’ authorization code: four-seven-alpha-tango.”

Instantly, Kursed’s face appeared on the computer screen.

“Krystal, If you are hearing this, then you are trying to access my database. I am recording this before I tell my plan to Kyle, and I feel I have to warn you of what’s waiting for you after the Sith are defeated...”

To Be Continued...

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