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Alvon Radu

Guest Cornerian Tiel

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Guest Cornerian Tiel

Name: Alvon Radu

Age: 28

Race/Species: Cockatiel

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6 feet

Weapons: Alvon always arrives at the battle with one of the standard issue CDF machine guns found in StarFox Assault. He is the captain of a Cornerian Cruiser(Assault era), and thus he is able to call down orbital bombardments :D

Abilities: He is a moderate tactician, which earned him the command of the Defender. Alvon is somewhat skilled with the machine gun and sniper rifle.

Bio: Alvon Radu is a cockatiel, one of the many birds whom joined CDF after they were discovered, leaving their planetary defense force in favor of leaving it to the Cornerians. He is average height for a cockatiel, 6 feet. He often wears standard CDF officer dress, however, on rare occasions he dresses in marine attire when going to the fight personally.

Background: When a child, Alvon enjoyed strategy games. His parents were proud, however, many of his peers which were sired from "radical" parents disapproved of his hobby. Shunned and depressed, Alvon enlisted in the Cockatien Navy Acadmemy. Even though he passed with flying colors, no one befriending him as a child affects him for the rest of his life.

After graduating from the Academy, Alvon was assigned to an aging Blitzkreig class cruiser in the Cockatien Navy as an ensign. The ship went through several skirmishes and remained intact at any rate. However, at one skirmish the cruiser was dwarfed by a Zarem class battlecruiser controlled by remnants of Andross's forces. The captain of the cruiser, Alvon's mentor, was killed by an explosion near the bridge. But Alvon, now a Chief Petty Officer, took command. They successfully maaged to land a critical hit on the Zarem and it fled.

This incident, rather, miracle, put Alvon on the fast track to becoming an Admiral of a large fleet. Yet another encounter with Andross's forces occured, this time under an equally capable commander. Half of Alvon's fleet was destroyed by seven Umbra-class defense stations brought along with the enemy fleet. A transmission was received from the enemy reptile commander simply saying: Prepare yourselves for death. However, against all odds, Alvon was able to destroy all but three Zarem class cruisers. Outnumbered and out-gunned, the enemy surrendered. The actions of Alvon introduced two of the Zarems to his fleet. The third was packed with the enemy survivors and had left the system.

When the Cockatien homeworld was discovered by a Cornerian recon team, the CDF brass looked at his combat record and put him in command of a modified cruiser. Alvon was present in command of a cruiser when the remains of Oikonny's "fleet" were hunted down. During the course of the Aparoid crisis, Alvon grew to respect the StarFox team saying, "They get the job done." In several battles during the campaign against the Aparoids Alvon led a team of hand-picked marines to the surface of planets, even the Aparoid homeworld.

Strengths: Alvon is a brilliant tactician, and although not muscular, he is skilled with most weapons.

Weaknesses: Since he wears officer attire most of the time, he is very susceptible to weapons fire. Because of his hollow bone structure, he sometimes has trouble lifting weapons. His wife is also another weakness. And he is sometimes very prone to anger.

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