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making a thread with your RP characters seems to be the cool thing to do, so I guess I'll comply!  :lol:

Also, I'm adding another character, so I may as well make a topic.

Here's Silver's Bio.

Name:      Silver Phoenix

Age:        ~3 years older then fox. (?)

Species:    Twin-tailed Feline

Fur Colour: Grey with black stripes and white face (see Avatar)

Eye colour: Mainly Blue with a little yellow.

Sex:        Male

Height:    ~6'0

Weight:    ~180 lbs

Outfit:    Standard issue Green flight suit with kneeboard, survival vest, waist holster. Standard issue flight gloves. Yellow and black "Bone Dome" helmet with retractable visor (usually worn only when flying).

Picture: (Thanks Starfox mccloud15!)



        Silver is quiet, calm and controlled. He will sit quietly, watch and listen and will rarely speak up in a social setting. Once he is alone, however, his true nature comes out. He is adventuresome and eager, with cunning to match. He will listen to a good plan, or ignore a bad one. He will unwillingly be a leader if everybody else is incompetent in his eyes, but otherwise just does what has to be done. He works best alone.

Weapons: Freelance pilot of lone remaining SF-214, uses powerful, slow firing blaster on foot.


  Legendary fighter-interceptor pilot, but not as good on foot. Highly resilient to mind-reading. Analytical and sometimes stubborn. Silver generally prefers using power rather then control and accuracy, both in starfighter combat and on foot. Weapon of choice is Gatling gun, but he doesn't usually carry one because it's too bulky.


  Not very agile. Has a slightly shorter jump then Fox. Blaster charges slightly slower as well, and is generally inaccurate. This puts Silver at a disadvantage in one-on-one, close-quarters fighting. Below normal Landmaster skill. Strongly dislikes water following a ditching on Zoness, and hates being snuck up on.


  Excellent pilot with excellent starfighter, and as good as Falco in an Arwing. Good stamina on foot, very powerful blaster, fast sprint. Very effective against large numbers of opponents, tanks and starfighters. less vulnerable to thought-pattern reading then most.


  Born to a large family on Katina, he was driven away due to differences in values. When he was still really just a kid, Silver joined his father defending Zoness from Andross before the Lylat wars. He eventually became a pilot for a ship-borne fleet defense squadron, where he learned most of his starfighter skills.

After the fall of Zoness, Silver went on by himself, changing his last name to Phoenix, after the legendary pilot Fara Phoenix. He found, repaired and modified the last known airframe of the legendary SF-214 starfighter and fitted a triple G-diffuser system in addition to retaining the craft's original engines. Calling it the StarCat, he began flying mercenary missions in the outer rim.

Silver became well known and notorious around the outer rim planets for his unique assasination style. He would intercept and destroy the convoys and transports carrying his target. To deal with large convoys, he can mount up to six Predator missiles under his fighter, in addition to it's heavy, slow-firing Lazer Cannon based on the Landmaster cannon system.

Eventually, lack of business in the outer rim, and later the invasion of the Aparoids, led to Silver operating nearer to the center of the Lylat system, occasionally contracting for the Cornerians.

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Nice! Is silver also the thing in you Avatar?

Thank you, and yes. And he's not a "Thing", he's a cat. :P

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(That just made me remember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZzv4TVHw4c )

Fine. Kitteh :U

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Here's my second character. Yes, she's intended to be Silver's love interest. I'm just that predictable. :facepalm:

Name: Sarah Black

Age: 2 years younger then Silver

Species: Short-haired Feline

Fur Colour: Jet Black

Eye Colour: Emerald Green

Sex: Female

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120 lbs

Outfit: Form-fitting red synthetic leather flight suit with armor inserts, black leather jacket. Custom flight boots, (similar to motocross boots), and green bandanna tied around neck. Crimson-red "Bone-Dome" style helmet with HUD visor worn when flying.

Picture: (Thanks Asper!)



Sarah is definitely the strong-silent type. She rarely talks to anybody but her closest friends, and as a result, usually comes across as cold-hearted and removed from others. However, to those who know her, she is a friendly, clever, witty person. She will ignore somebody she disagrees with rather then arguing with them, and generally dislikes men because they always seem to be coming on to her.


Sarah uses one or two accurate, quick firing blasters, depending on the situation. She pilots an Acer Daggerwing Mk.Ib, a rare fighter from the outer rim, and one of the latest in a trend of quick, light G-diffuser based ships.


Skilled pilot and strategist, and very quick and nimble on foot. She makes up for her weapons' relative lack of power with good marksmanship and precision. Capable of impressive acrobatics on foot and equally impressive aerobatics in a fighter.


Sarah can jump high and dodge quickly, which makes her very good in close combat. She is trained in martial arts to a point where she can easily down much larger opponents, but she is not a master. Her calm temperament is a strong point in battle, helping her to keep her cool even in the most chaotic situations.


She has poor stamina, so she can not stand taking hits from any weapon of substantial power. She also lacks top running speed, and her blasters and starfighter are based around accuracy and quick operation, so they lack power and range. She is also secretly afraid of isolation.


Sarah was born to a wealthy family on Katina. She is the middle child of three. Her older brother was very successful in school, but emotionally unstable, and her younger sister had a learning disorder which put her in constant need of attention. As a result, Sarah, the normal, middle child, felt she did not get as much attention as her siblings, and began to feel separated from her family.

She attended the same school as Silver, and was in his class, despite being two years younger. The two rarely acknowledged each other, despite having side-by-side lockers and being next to each other in most classes. After graduating with top marks in her class, she was accepted into the Cornerian Flight Academy.

After the academy, she joined a mercenary squadron known as "Gatto Nero", formed by four fellow graduates. They operated in the outer rim, contracting for the aristocrats, cartels and monarchs of the outer planets.

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