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critical hit! (comical game critics)

Hatsworth III

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well, i am working at my fanfic that is a tv show (looks like a talk show) starring my character andrew d. hatsworth the third (long name, eh?) and he talk about upcoming/actual videogames/consoles, and interview some pepole like the starfox team, or even your character! (pm me and we will discuss about questions, answers, etc.), a well-humored fanfic, most of the punchlines thati will use are full of sarcasm, and other stuff. If you have any ideas to help me to make the fanfic get even better, post on this topic.


stay tuned



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I hope the writing structure of your fic is better than it is here.

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@Robert Monroe sorry i english is not my main language. (spanish neither)

still thinking on it.

andrew: coming up: a new splaterhouse? starfox assault, deep in, and something else...... stay tuned!

Episode 1

andrew: hello! welcome to the critical hit! the first show that you see games in a funny (maybe acid humor) way!

and i am you host: Andrew!

For our topic, i saw a new splaterhouse, yeah that game that you hav to rescue your girlfriend and yo are a jazon-like guy, if it's a new version, well, it would be okay, but not much, if it's a remake, it's horrible! at least closer to the original that project alterated beast. the guy is over-muscled,  what the fuck the gave to him? steroids?

the game is ultrviolent now, and very away from the original, except by the name and the main character's mask.

...and what happned to spore? after spore hero/hero arena, nobdy sayed a word about it, why they don't launch a spore 2? they just have to ix a lot of things and pronto! (also add some new ones)  spore 2, talking about maxis a new the sims 3 expansion is coming it's called ambitions, the difference? you can play in your career, and play in some new ones, like particular investigator, firefighter,cientist, and some other things.

stay tuned for more!

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