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Kursed: Requiem

Guest Para Astaroth

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Guest Para Astaroth

*Before I begin, there will be a good amount of blood, swearing, and gore.  Also, this is a continuation of my last fanfiction, "Kursed:  Darkness Amidst."*


A day has past since Kursed was brought back to the GPF's HQ.  The day was calm and peaceful with a gentle breeze that eased any tensions that would have been attained by any negative event.  The sea reflected the sun's bright glow as they swashed against the walls of the HQ; seagull-like birds sang in their flocks as they hovered over the HQ; docked battleships that dwarfed any patrol boat rocked slightly in the waves and the crewman all in a single-file line picking up trash as they got on their hands and knees to pick up the slightest crumb of trash.  But, amid the pleasant quietness, Kursed rested on the rails on the edge of the wall, staring blankly out to sea as her hair swayed slowly in the wind's direction.  Her mind raced with all that had happened in the past month and she had to question herself on how she managed to survive such an ordeal.

"Kursed,"  The commander said, stepping up behind her with his hands behind his back; Kursed looked over her shoulder with her ears perked.  "We have your ship in our docking bay for you to use to leave this area.  Whenever you're ready you--"

"I'm ready now."  She said abruptly and pushed off of the rails.  The commander retaliated a little, looking to the side in shock, and nodding. 

"Oh!  Well...  Follow me and you may leave as soon as your ship has started up."  He informed and turned around -- walking back into the double doors that opened before he reached them.  Kursed looked slowly over her shoulder back out to the sea, sensing a faint life presence back at Darius City, but ignored it as she watched the dark clouds in the distance slowly progressing towards the HQ.

Storm clouds, she thought to herself, observing the skies.  Even through my last daunting ordeal with Meta, I can never seem to get away from negative things in these filthy worlds...  She turned and began walking towards the doors as the sound of thunder echoed over the horizon.  "I just want to get away from it all..."

Kursed walked down a long hall with glass showing other GPF men on radars and walking around with folders, taking them to their superiors.  She also looked at the large screens that showed the devastated Darius City with dark clouds pluming out from it and buildings continuing to collapse.  She then looked to the opposite room and saw the same room to her left, but a few had camera screens with one particular one showing Kursed walking down the hall.  She tensed her expression and looked back down the hall as she made her way to docking bay.  As she continued, a soldier stopped her and held out a rifle to her; she only looked at it then to the soldier.  "What?  You want me to take this a suvenior?"

"No,"  he disapproved, shaking his head.  The soldier was a brown colored dog with seagreen eyes and marginly muscular.  "Your pistols won't stand a chance against everything you come across.  This here isn't a rifle -- it's a specialized chip that's default look is a rifle, but by voice athorization it can morph into another weapon that the user requests."  He held the rifle to himself and went to demonstrate it to her.  "Blitz Eagle."  On command, the gun instantly started disassembling itself and the reassembled the parts into a desert eagle-like pistol with dual barrels and a steel stock.  He showed it --front and back-- to her and held it out.  "Take good care of it."

Kursed took it without aknowledging him and placed it in one of her pistol holsters.  She then continued on her way down the hall, ignoring any soldiers passing by and stopped in front of two doors.  She looked around in confusion with her hands on her hips and sighed; staring up at the ceiling as she waited.  "Kursed, we are going to you to stand in front of the doors while we comense a bacteial scan."  The commander's voice rang throughout the speakers above the door, which cause Kursed's ears to perk and look up at them.

"Ugh...  People these days are becoming too clean..."  She grumbled and a holographic line stretching wider than Kursed began running up and down her body.  "They need to at least get a little dirty...  Ridiculous clean freaks...."  Soon, the scan stopped and the doors glowed a greenish tone, followed by an A.I.'s voice.

"SCAN COMPLETE!  BACTERIAL AND VIRUS SIGNS:  NEGATIVE!  YOU MAY PROCEED, MS.  KURSED!"  Kursed looked around a little, but knew that every station had some form of A.I. to help keep maintainance work in check.  The doors unlocked and hummed open with the commander behind a large window held together by large, black, steel beams.  Inside held several tens of GPF ships with Kursed's off to the side of the rest.  She spotted it almost immediately and stepped to it -- placing her hand on the hull of the ship and a smile soon stretched across her muzzle. 

"It's good to see you again, my friend...  I thought I had lost you in the fight on Darius City..."  She said with a slight happy tone and her hand soon was slowly moving back and forth along the hull.  "I thought wrong..."  She then placed her hand onto a certain spot on the ship, causing the ship's cockpit hood to slowly rise up and she climbed up onto the ship, then into the cockpit.  She then pressed a light blue hologrammed button on the right side and the hood slowly shut above her head.  She then pressed three others that were near it --which started up the engine and the lights inside of the ship came on-- and then waited for the lift-lock to release her ship.

"Well, Kursed,"  The commander began over Kursed's comm channel, "I guess this is where we part our paths.  God's speed be with you."

Kursed rolled her eyes and nodded to the commander's wish, "Yeah, yeah...  I have had enough luck as it is...  I just need to keep that good luck on my side so that bad karma doesn't whip-lash back in my face."  The commander chuckled over the comm and he gave the order for the lift-lock to release Kursed's ship.  Soon, a loud siren blared throughout the interior of the HQ and red lights began to flash anonymously throughout the docking bay.

"Kursed,"  The commander spoke again through the comm channel.

"What now?!?"  Kursed retorted, looking down at the control pannel.  "I just want to get out of--"

"We ALL know that and we want you to go on your way.  But we have spotted a large armada of ships outside of our planet's atmosphere.  We do NOT know what they are doing there, but they are hovering over the planet.  Reports have came in that they are Venomian in nature, but I have my strong doubts.  Venomian ships would not amass in that large of a formation and spread out in such a way."

"And you want ME to go investigate, right?"

"Well...  That was the general idea."

"Listen, commander, I really would like to leave this godforsaken slumhole and get out of here, but--"

"Kursed, DROP the childish excuses!  This is the fourth time this armada has appeared above our planet!  We are getting more reports that they are scanning our military information and learning to exploiting our weaknesses in a matter of days.  If you don't help us, then they will soon turn their attentions to YOU!"

"I thought you erased all of my ties with the--"

"We aren't even a THIRD of the way done erasing everything!  Deletion of your ties with the GPF is going to take a few weeks; MAYBE a few months at that!!!  This is our last request for you to do for us.  I promise we won't call you for anymore help after this.  Complete is, and you're finally set free."  Kursed groaned and sat in her ship for a few minutes while thinking to herself.  In some ways, she wanted to help them; the other ways, she did not want anymore affiliations with the GPF.  She had to make her decision NOW, or there won't be any turning back.  "Kursed?"

"I'm sorry, commander, but I'm through with all this crap.  You can do this on your own!"  Kursed said aloud and her ship broke loose of the lift-lock --sending sparks flying all around it and causing the lift-lock to break off one of it's rails-- and her ship roared out of the HQ.

"KURSED!!!  WHAT ARE YOU--  God, DAMMIT!!!!!"  The commander's voice rang through Kursed's comm.  She glared down at it and pressed the button displayed in the center of the hologrammed control pad:  "Disconnect transmission."  She then grunted as she gripped the handles tightly in her ship and disappeared in the distance out of the atmosphere of the planet.

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 1

"Finally," Kursed grunted to herself, then looked out her cockpit window to the planet growing smaller in size, "Do not have to worry about being relied upon..."  Her Cloudrunner ship soon was nearly halfway out of the planet's atmosphere until a stray ship zipped by in front of her ship.  Feeling not the slightest bit squeamish, she adjusted the handles in her ship, making it flip off to the side, and roared off in the direction of the ship that had passed her.  She then caught sight of it about two hundred yards in front of her ship and she slowly adjusted the handles as her ship slowly leveled out -- lining up with the enemy ship.  "Initiate Fighter Mode!"  Kursed ordered and the ship flashed with certain parts glowing.  Then the wings rolled back, the laser cannon's barrels extended about two feet, the brake's portion narrowed with extended parts, and the exhaust roared with a larger flame as Kursed pulled the handles inside the cockpit towards herself.  The ship dramatically increased it's speed and velocity, but her ship was speeding too quickly and zipped past the enemy ship.  The pilot in the enemy ship realised this immediately and armed his ship's weapons with the push of a button.

"WARNING!!!  ENEMY LOCK AQUIRED!!!" Kursed's ship's automated system chimed in.  Kursed shot her attention down to the control pad and it viewed the outline of her ship in red with large red words behind her ship that read, LOCKED.  "EVASIVE MANUVERS IS REQUIRED!!!"

"Damn...!!"  Kured growled, baring her teeth and looking out the cockpit window.  She immediately pulled the handles in down-and-upward fashion, then towards herself, and her body pressed hard against her seat as her ship spiraled upwards -- her engine roaring louder.  She kept briefly looking out her cockpit window, making sure the enemy ship was following her, "Come on...  Come on...  Come and get me, you little bugger!!!"  A second later, the enemy ship made a tight G maneuver up in Kursed's direction.  Seeing the ship flying up in her direction, Kursed sneered and slammed on the brakes -- pulling the left handle up and the right down, the ship dipped to the side, and she quickly pushed the throttle as her ship made an alternate G maneuver.  Then, her ship seemed to drift in behind the enemy ship and time seemed to slow as she watched her ship obtain the lock. 


Kursed sneered, "I know..."  She then pulled the triggers on the handles and several rounds screeched out of the Cloudrunner's barrels and zipped by the enemy ship.  "Come on...  Come on...  Land one..."  She kept her fingers on the triggers as her ship continued firing until she heard a loud beep and a screen on the control pad popped up.  "WEAPONS OVERHEATED"  it read in flashing red letters.  Kursed looked down briefly in anger, but whenever she looked back for the enemy ship, it was gone.  "What...?!"  she questioned, a little nerved of what just happened.  As a pilot, she forgot that looking away for only a brief moment could be disastrous. 

Soon, her ship was slammed hard by laser rounds and her ship lost twenty percent of it's shields.  Kursed was thrown a bit forward as she looked down at the control pad to see a red dot behind her ship -- the white arrow on the radar was her own ship.  She released her grip on the handles and grabbed her ship's seat straps, then pulled her arms through them and pushed the buckle in.  She then grasped the handles once more, but her ship was hit once more.  Her ship's shields were now down to sixty-five percent.  "DAMN!!!"  She sweared, looking quickly behind herself once more.  She then slammed on the brakes, which cause the enemy ship to zip by her own fairly quickly, and she hammered the throttle.  She acquired another lock, but this time she switched her lasers to heat-seeker, and fired two consecutive rounds.  The enemy ship spiraled upwards with four rounds following his every move and he set off two bright flares that caused three off the rounds to veer off, and explode into the flares, but one was left -- it veered slightly towards one of the flares, but continued to follow the it's target.  The enemy ship did sharp G maneuvers, spiralling barrel rolls, and loops, but they all did nothing to shake the laser round.  Sensing it could not lose the round, the pilot ejected out in an escape pod, and the round slammed into the fuselage, causing the ship to explode into several parts and scattered about.  Kursed cheered briefly and soon regained her ship's controls, then veered off back towards the armada of ships the commander mentioned before she left the HQ.

She carefully flew around the dismantled ship she had just destroyed and continued flying easily over the planet.  She looked down at it for a few moments, seeing the HQ's small figure amidst the vast sea, and her ship became illuminated by the planet's glow.  Soon, she received a warning signal of numerous ships from her ship's radar system and looked down to see a small amount of anomalies idle in a spread out manner.  She looked up to only see a few fighters idle with their engines off and a few frigates idle as well with green and red lights flashing occasionally along them.  She then slowly flew amid the fleet, just watching them as they never paid her no attention, and she then turned her attention ahead of her ship.  She adjusted the handles on her ship, flying in along side one of the frigates and looked for a faction sign, but never saw a single one on it.  She then slowed down and looked down at the fighters, which were a mixture of red camo mixed with rusty orange patterns, but they too did not show a faction sign; the frigates shared the same color schemes. 

It seems as though these ships are on standby,  Kursed curiously thought to herself as she looked around at the fighters and frigates eerily still and quiet.  But...  I wonder WHY they are...  She went to contact the commander on the planet below her, but transmissions were blocked by a jamming device.  She looked around, trying to find the jammer, but she could not see any of them.  There had to be more than one, so she started a scan of the whole fleet.  The scanner inside her ship then turned on and showed a "SCANNING" symbol on her control pad that rotated every second that passed by and Kursed kept a watchful eye to make sure that the ships all of a sudden turned their attention onto her ship.  Then, the ship's scan ended and showed that all of the frigates had jammers of all kinds.  Then, the ships were name a common enemy she had heard of, but never had seen, nor faced herself.

She then slowly sat back in her seat, eyes wide with shock, and looked out the cockpit window as the realization dawned on her:

"It's....  The Venomian Army...!!"

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Holla, the sequel to Darkness Amidst is here! This looks promisingly awesome, can't wait for more!

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Cool! I know I am late to the party, but great stuff. I can't wait to see more!

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 2

"But...  Why would they be here??"  Kursed asked herself in astonishment.  She could only look around the side of her ship at the enormous armada of Venomian ships that hovered over and near the planet.  "If they stage an assault on the planet...  Then I will just have to get out of here as fast as I can possibly go...!"  She decided to keep her ship idle over the armada while watching, and waiting, on their next move.  "But my main question....  Is why would they come this far to this particular plane--"

Suddenly, a screen popped up above her ship's control pad and it showed a brief static screen before showing the leader of the Venomians:

"Greetings, beings of planet Satora!  We are the Venomian Army from the Lylat System.  You may heard of us; you may not have.  We are here for only one sole reason:  The conquering of your planet and MANY others!  If you choose to resist, then we will have no option but to use unrelenting force!  You have two days to comply!  When that time expires and we do not receive a confirmation, then...  We will strike down upon your planet with storms and arrows of destruction!!!"

The screen disappeared immediately and the ships below Kursed's ship began to slowly move.  Some of the fighters zipped across the blackness of space and down towards the planet -- their silhouettes turning into bright fireballs as they entered the planet's atmosphere.  The frigates themselves aimed their ships at the planet while the flagship of the whole armada was no where to be seen. 

"Scan the area for potential Venomian flagships...!"  Kursed ordered, looking down to the control panel.  The ship gave off a quick beep and a radar viewed on the control pad.  Kursed looked around while the ship scanned the area -- watching small fighters zip by her idled ship and ignite into fireballs as they plummetted towards the planet -- and soon, the scanner picked up a large anomaly beside her ship.  By the scanner's predictions, it was ten times Kursed's ship and fifteen times larger than any normal Cornerian fighter.  She looked out beside her ship and saw that the flagship obviously had it's cloak on to avoid any nearby enemy ships -- it wasn't doing too much of a good job.  Kursed could see the outline and disturbance of the ship outside her ship's cockpit window.  "Talk about some cloak...  The ship's movement is still being tracked on radar..."  She said to herself as she looked down at the radar, then back to the flagship.  "...Heh, I doubt this ship would last no where near two minutes in a regular battle..."

The odd thing about this ship is that it never moved, nor did it send out fighters -- it just sat there.  This was the main factor that set the others Kursed encountered apart from one another.  It was something about this flagship that made Kursed feel nearly uncomfortable remaining idle beside it.  So, she decided to slowly veer away from the ship to avoid it from attacking near her, so the shots didn't hit her own ship, and finally stopped a good bit from it.  She kept her eye on the ship while the other fighters zipped by and stopped in front of the armada.  I suppose they do not want the inhabitants on the planet to leave...  Kursed thought curiously to herself.  Likewise, I do not think the commander would want those ships docking around his base...  In any event, I need to get out of here...  I do not want to get caught in the middle of this.

As soon as Kursed turned her ship away from the armada and was slowly traversing out of it, her ship suddenly stopped and wobbled anonymously amidst the frigates.

"Did you really think we did not see your ship amid our own?"  The leader of the flagship said to Kursed through her comm channel.  Kursed struggled to maneuver her ship out of the flagship's tracking beam, but it was useless -- it's hold was too strong and was ripping her ship apart slowly as she tried to get it out of it.  "The more you struggle, the more your ship will be torn to ribbons.  I would advise you not to resist the beam and submit to it."  It seemed Kursed didn't have much of a choice.  It was either she let go of the controls of her ship and let the Venomians take it under their own advisory, or she risked tearing her ship apart, thus taking her own life in it's explosion.  She had to let go of the controls -- it was too much to risk for her own life's sake. 

As she let go, the ship soon was being pulled quickly towards the flagship and up into it's docking bay with what looked like thousand's of Venomian fighters.  There were about four frigates inside -- the size was immense!  Soon, her ship was docked away from the others, like it was inside the GPF HQ's docking bay, and the grip on her ship vanished.  The lift-lock inside the docking bay latched onto her ship with a loud clang and her ship was locked in place.  Right after Kursed's ship was docked, the enormous door behind her shut loudly and her ship's cockpit ceiling opened up with a constant hiss.  Five Venomian troops were standing in front of her ship -- guns armed and aimed at her -- as she stepped out with her hands raised to the air.  She looked to the five and waited for one to speak.

"Move!"  One of the troops demanded and Kursed did as she was told.  As she was passing the troops, one of the shoved her hard, making her look over her shoulder to him.  "Move it!  Faster!!"  He demanded louder and Kursed grunted under her breath as she was lead into a room with a table and two chairs:  one on each end.  They shoved her into one of the seats and placed energy cuffs onto her wrists as three of them disappeared after the door closed in front of her.  She quietly struggled with the cuffs on her wrists, but one of the troops noticed this and struck her behind the head with the budd of his rifle.  "CUT THAT OUT!!!  You cannot escape the cuffs; it's useless."

The blow to the back of Kursed's head left her knocked senseless and her vision blurry.  The room started to spin a little as she tried to shake it off.  Her body soon felt heavy and her head hung anonymously over the table, and before she knew it her head struck the table, causing a gash to cut across her forehead, and knocking her out.  She fell to the floor -- the chair knocking away from her -- and the troops stepped forward towards her.  They exchanged glances while one kept it's stare at the other.

"Nice going, dumbass.  Now what are we going to tell the Colonel?!"  The troop asked.  The one that struck Kursed, looked to him, then down to Kursed's out body.  "She has gash on her head, thanks to you, and now we have an unconscious prison on our hands."

"Will you SHUT UP for a minute?!?  I am trying to figure out what to do with her."  The other troop retorted loudly and looked back to Kursed.  "All we can do is just say that she tried to escape her restraints and we had to make her stop."  He then knelt down beside Kursed's body and lifted her up by the arm and placed it over his shoulder.  He then wrapped his other arm around her waist as the other troop walked to the door, opening it for his comrade.  "Ahh, her head is cut open...  Now the blood is going to get over my armor..."

"That's your fault, dumbass."  The troop holding the door clarified for his comrade and the troop carrying Kursed gave him a middle finger, then walked passed him down the hall.  Soon, they came to the prisoner's block, telling the guard they need a cell for her, and he led them to a cell.  He swiped his card down the identification slot -- the light above the cell glowed green -- and it unlocked.  He slid it open and the troop carrying Kursed brought her in, then threw her to the floor.  He patted himself down, wiping any unnecessary blood that had gotten onto his armor onto the prisoner's bedsheets, and walked out. 

The celldoor closed behind him and they all walked away.

The scene darkened and everything grew quiet..........

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  this is good but i have a couple tips for you  mainly your writing first of all you really should read though this some of the words aren't the correct Tense.

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Poor Kursed, that must have hurt.

Ouch. :|

Duh yah that hurt *rubs forhead*
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Hard hit.  O_o I like how it is progressing, and can't wait to see what happens next for Kursed! :D

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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 3

  Hours passed and the cell in which Kursed was held remained silent the whole time.  Blood had drained slowly down her forehead and was forming a small puddle around her head  – damping her hair in a reddish tint.  Her body was so still that she seemed dead on the floor, yet she was still unconscious from the earlier blow from the Venomian soldier.  After awhile, her right eyebrow twitched and she slowly started to move around, but not much.  She held herself up with her forearms as she stared at the tint in her hair that soon stuck several strands together and the blood from her head started to slide down inbetween her eyebrows, then down the bridge of her nose, and off the side of her muzzle and dripped onto the floor as it stopped at her chin.  For a gash in her head, it was not giving out much blood.

Kursed placed her hand slowly to the gash but quickly took it away as the gash stung to the slightest touch – she breathed in quickly through her teeth as she touched it.  Sighing to herself, she sat up and looked around to figure out where she was, but hardly had a clue where the Venomian soldiers might have taken her and left her.  By the looks of it, she inferred, she was in a containment cell of some kind.  Feeling around, she felt the cold and coarseness of the floor she remained sitting on, her hand soon hit the legs of a bunk bed – which seemed to be made of a hard metal material – and ran her hand around some more to figure out what else was in there.  After awhile, she only came to the conclusion that she was in a cell block by herself and with just a bunk bed to sleep on.

“It’s a shame how these people treat their prisoners…  Not hardly giving them anything…”  Kursed said to herself – her voice echoing in her cell.  She got up from the floor, getting a little light-headed as she did so – and sat on the bunk with on leg on the floor and a leg propped up on the bed.  She looked up at what she could see was just the dim image of the ceiling and just snickered to herself as she thought to herself about being a prisoner of an enemy race.  “Must feel the way I am to be a prisoner of a certain race…  The sense of containment is not much of anything I have dealt with…”  She rested her head on the steel bar behind her back and looked up at the dirty mattress above her. 

Suddenly, lights came on instantly, illuminating the room and blinding Kursed for a moment – groaning by the sudden illumination of light upon her eyes.  After they came on, she heard the clanging on cell bars by an approaching guard.  “ALRIGHT!!!  EVERYONE UP!!!  WAKEY, WAKEY, YOU SLUMBERING DOGS!!!”  he announced as he proceeded down the cell block.  He then came to Kursed’s cell and banged on it.  She did not flinch one bit as he did so.  She simple glared at the direction of the banging and looked back to the mattress above her.  “ROLL CALL!!!”  He announced over the intercom, “YELL YOUR PRESENCE AS YOUR NAME IS CALLED!!!  ROMERO DISANTE!!!”  A distance voice echoed down the cell block and the guard continued calling prisoners’ names.  Kursed closed her eyes and thought how ignorant it was for the guards to have a roll call and that they should know the prisoners’ names by now.  She soon remembered the time she was hunted down by the Galactic Police Force and soon caught, but was in need of her assistance with a certain problem:  The problem being a rogue android by the name of Kursed Assimilating Machine -  4, or KAM-4, whom the GPF and Kursed named ‘Meta-Kursed.’  The ending result was the destruction of a whole entire city, the killing of the android, the alliance of the GPF and Kursed, and millions – perhaps billions – of dollars worth of collateral damage.  The area was left in shambles.

“KURSED!!!”  The voice announced over the intercom and Kursed slowly opened her eyes at her name being called – she didn’t respond.  “I SAID, ‘KURSED’!!!!!”  He called again and Kursed never responded once more.  The sound of feet stomping became apparent and grew closer and closer.  Soon, they stopped at her cell block with the sound of a card swiping and the cell doors unlocking.  Then, the door slid open and two soldiers stepped in.  The guard calling the roll call stepped in as well and stood in front of Kursed, “When I call for your name, you answer back.”

Kursed simply looked up to him, “You should already know that the people you have captured are here…”  She looked back to the bunk above her, “There’s no reason to have a roll call in the first pla— KUH!!“  She was then struck on the side of her head, causing her to fall onto her elbow on the bunk bed  holding the side of her head, then shaking it off.

“Back talk is not allowed on the General’s flagship.  The price for that is hazing…  So on your feet.”  The guard ordered and Kursed just sat there staring him down.  “Are you deaf?  I said, ‘ON YOUR FEET’!”  Kursed then spat onto his suit and the two soldiers grabbed her by the arm immediately and threw her to up against the wall – she gave a slight grunt as her back landed against it.  Soon, the soldier to her left threw a punch to her gut, causing the wind to leave her lungs and hunch over, and the soldier to the right pulling her up by her hair.  He, too, struck her stomach and the left soldier decked her on the left  cheek several times.  The guard proceeded out as they continued hazing Kursed, whom was enduring it like everything else she had to put up with.

Blows were coming in everywhere, but Kursed could predict where the next one was coming for some reason.  A blow landed on her right rib cage, making her lean in the direction of the soldier her who hit her, a blow to the other rib cage made her lean again, then to her right cheek, outside her left eye, the bridge of her nose, and ending with a strong blow to Kursed’s right jaw.  She was thrown to the ground by the force of the blow and began coughing and wheezing by how much they beat her.  “C’mon,” one of the soldier said as they looked down over their shoulder’s at Kursed on the ground with her hair masking her face, “We are done here.  Let this be a lesson, Kursed:  Do NOT disobey our orders!”  Kursed only chuckled through her pain and looked up at the one talking with half of her face showing.

“Enjoyed it, huh?  Well, I am not going… to*Cough*…  say my name…  Even if you demand it, *COUGH, COUGH*…”  Kursed choked out, smirking to them.  Then, the soldier she was talking to walked over and kicked her extremely hard to the chest and stomach several times before walking out – The cell door slammed behind the soldiers as they left.  Kursed cringed from the pain she endured and slowly lifted herself up onto her left elbow – head hung over and coughing, wheezing, and gasping for air.  Teeth baring and blood dripping from her lips, she sat in her cell while hearing other prisoners talk out to their fellow prison mates about the hazing they heard. 

Kursed, left beaten and bruised, sat in her cell block not shedding a tear from the mindless, and senseless punishment she was given, and continued to cough on and off.

The only image that flashed in her head about this was the battle she had with Meta-Kursed:  The same blows were given to her from her doppelganger.

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Just a question will there be any mention of her telepathy?  keep going this is good.

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Guest Para Astaroth

I'll put it in maybe the next chapter or the one after that.  Right now, she doesn't really have much to listen on to or read anyone's minds so she's not going to use it just yet. :wink: 

By the way, thanks everyone for the comments!

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(I know but it can be used for more than that.)

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Guest Para Astaroth

Yes, I know, but I'm not going that far.  I'm just going to use it for real telepathy -- speaking through the mind -- and such.  I might add a little telekinesis here and there, but it's going to be used with machinery-like objects.  Not with her mind herself.

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I never did think  Kursed or Krystal had telekinisis ,but hey it's your fan-fic sorry If i sound whiney just saying keep rolling  this is very interesting.

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Guest Para Astaroth

but it's going to be used with machinery-like objects.  Not with her mind herself.


She's not going to use her mind for it.  She will use some type of equipment that has it.

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I never did think  Kursed or Krystal had telekinisis

I never said she was.
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Guest Para Astaroth

Chapter 4

After the soldiers left the beaten Kursed lying on the floor, she pulled herself up with the help of the bars from the bunk bed – baring her teeth and grunting while doing so – and stumbled into the wall on her arm.  Emotions soon began to overwhelm within Kursed and she placed her hand to her face, then ran her hand slowly through her hair as she looked to the ceiling with tear-stricken eyes.  Then, she sobbed quietly to herself and slid slowly onto the floor curled up in a ball against the wall and the bunk, but in front of the bed.  She wrapped her arms around her curled in legs and just wept to herself while letting the day draw in.  Although it was not a normal occurrence, being beaten as badly as she was deemed too much for her to bare. 

Soon, the sorrow she was letting loose soon grew into anger, making her grit her teeth and breath heavily.  Her heart began to race as her blood boiled in her veins, her hands gripping her bounty hunter outfit tightly by the legs, and veins popping along her arms and on the side of her head.  “This….  Is TOO much…!”  she growled to herself and yelled at the top of her lungs.  This caused two of the guards walking along the cell blocks to spin around slowly to this abrupt scream and walk slowly in the direction of Kursed’s cell.  As they got closer, Kursed’s arms were hanging out the cell bars and she was standing against it with her head hung slightly down and her eyes blankly staring in front of her.

“Hey,”  the guard on the right asked, knocking on the bars, “What’s with all the commotion??”  Kursed simply looked at him and the other two guards.  “Say?  What’s gotten into you now?  Getting a little more insane like the others are?”  The guard chuckled to himself, along with the one to the left, and they turned around.  “C’mon…  Let’s get back to what we were—“

“….Hey….”  Kursed said somewhat quietly to the guards and they turned around to her.  She looked to them, “Ever wonder what it’s like…  To feel pain?”

“If you want more, then we’ll—GUH!!”  The guard was cut off and grabbed quickly by the throat.  The other guard went to hit her arm off his guard mate with the butt of his rifle, but Kursed grabbed his neck also.  Her grip soon grew tighter and tighter, her eyes now glowing a vibrant sea-green, and lifting them off of their feet from inside the cell.  “ACK…  *GASP*…  Whuh…  What…  ARE…  you….?”

Kursed smirked and pulled them in slowly to the cell bars, “I’m…  That nightmare you keep dreaming about…!!!”  She then gripped their throats tighter, making their breaths exhale altogether and slammed their heads into the bars.  They dented inwards, causing the soldiers to fall unconscious immediately and Kursed let her hold on them go – they fell and hit the floor with two consecutive thuds.  She looked to the keypad and walked to the side of her cell, reached out and around her cell to it, and ripped it out.  This caused the door to unlock and slid open and Kursed stepped out with her head angled downwards, but looking both ways with her eyes glowing still.  She looked down at her feet to the unconscious soldiers and picked up one of their rifles, removing their clip belts and strapping it diagonally across her chest, taking one of their sidearms and holster belt, and strapped them on.

She proceeded to pick up the men and throw them into the cell and did so by dragging them in, then made sure they would stay out.  She aimed the rifle to their heads and fired off two shots – one into each of their heads.  While she was doing what she did, the prisoners were cheering like heathen animals – banging on the cell bars and rooting for Kursed.  After the gunshots rang out, four guards were alerted by the sound and were sprinting down the halls in the flagship towards the cell blocks.  Kursed stepped out of the cell block, a hand on the trigger and another holding the grip of the rifle, and proceeded to where her mind told her was the exit.  She looked up at the camera to her right and stared blankly at it with her glowing eyes.

“CELL BREACH IN SECTION 4!!!  ALL UNITS RESPOND!!!”  the flagship’s A.I. said over the intercom loudly and alarms starting blaring after it signed off.  The whole hallway was suddenly lighting up on and off with red lights that rotated constantly.  Kursed’s figure was illuminated by the red lights, but her eyes overcame the lights flashing.  The troops were advancing further onto Kursed’s position and she soon sensed their presence approaching by the flick of her ear, and hearing their footsteps growing louder.  She crouched onto the floor, aiming and looking down the iron sights of the rifle, and waited for the soldiers to come through the door. 

The soldiers stopped at the door in front of Kursed, which was twenty or so feet in front of her, and they swiped a card down the identification box.  The door’s lights faded on it, a green light flashed above the door on the wall, and it slid open.  The soldiers stormed in with their rifles aimed at Kursed and were just about to order her to stand down until Kursed flipped the rifle sideways and pulled the trigger.  Laser rounds zipped out in quick succession and Kursed moved the flipped rifle sideways in front of the group of soldiers.  A few rounds were fired at Kursed, but they grazed her skin and burnt a little bit of her fur.  After she stopped firing and the soldiers were on the ground in a mass of blood and holes in their suits, her eyes slowly scanned the hallway to make sure any other soldiers were coming.  The gun’s barrel was exhaling steam from it and Kursed flipped the rifle upright and placed the butt to her shoulder as she stood up and began jogging down the hall in front of her.

If there is an exit, I need to find it quick…  Before these men tear me apart.  She thought to herself and continued jogging down the hall the alarms continued to blare and soldiers were following Kursed from behind.  She stopped where the hallway ended in front of an elevator and she pressed the up button.  She looked over her head – hearing the soldiers advancing further.  She pressed the button faster and frustratingly snapped a look to the button.  ‘Come on, you blasted thing!!  GET HERE!!!”  She yelled to the door and saw the silhouettes of the soldiers coming down the hall.  She heard one of them give the order to fire and laser rounds began to slam into the walls beside Kursed.  The elevator door beeped and the doors slid open; Kursed alternately spun around, aiming her rifle and rang out several rounds as she backstepped into the elevator, then pressed the button for B-1.  She peered around the corner and fired a few more rounds before the door closed.

As the doors shut in front of Kursed, she pressed the eject button on the touch screen behind the bridge of the rifle where it projected the amount of ammo – it projected ‘EMPTY’ in vibrant red letters.  The empty clip feel out behind the trigger of the rifle and Kursed slipped one out from the clip holder across her chest, then placed it in the clip holder.  After she removed her hand from the clip, a latch flipped over the clip and the gun immediately reloaded itself.  Kursed then narrowed her eyes to the doors as she waited for the elevator to reach it’s destination.

Inside the bridge of the flagship, the leader of the fleet watched Kursed go down in the elevator and into level B-1.  He then looked down to the men on the control panels sliding images to the side and typing commands in.  “As soon as she reaches the ships bay, have our men wait for her there.”  He looked to the screen in front of him, “She’s NOT getting off of this ship…!!!”

The elevator hummed as it was going up and up into the flagship to the ships bay.  Kursed suddenly rose her head and looked to the side – her eyes alternately looking to the other side – and believed she was sensing other Venomian soldiers setting an ambush in the ships bay.  She closed her eyes and listened on to their thoughts which, as she sensed, were setting up an ambush.  She could hear the men repeatedly replaying the leader’s orders in their heads.  Kursed opened her glowing eyes and hid onto the wall to the left – rifle placed to her chest and she silently saying a Cerenian prayer.  Her eyes remained closed as she tightly pressed the rifle against her chest and placing her head to the rifle itself.  It was only a matter of time that the elevator would reach it’s destination and Kursed had to fight her way out of the flagship.

Was it impossible?  No.  She has done something like this all the time before this and it was not anything new to her.  Suddenly, the elevator slowly, the humming dying down, and rocking a little as it stopped in place.  Kursed remained still as the doors opened slowly and rounds began to screech into the elevator.  Feeling the heat from the laser rounds passing by, she opened an eye slightly to see the shots creating holes in the wall in front of her.  Then they stopped.  Opening her eyes, “…..Here I go….!”

Baring her teeth and gripping the grip of the rifle tightly, she stormed around the corner and aimed her rifle as time slowed down.

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