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Team Star Fox vs the Death Worm rated T (humor oriented)

The Green Fox

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Note: takes place after the SF command ending where Dash becomes the leader of a new Venomian empire.

This is a humor story, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

    Dash had started his own empire. He wanted to emulate Andross, and take over the galaxy, and he began sending in Venomian ships to conquer Corneria. Team Star Fox had been sent to take them out. They had already taken down a lot of the armada, but suddenly, they came into contact with one of the largest venomian ships they had ever seen....The Death Worm!

    "Aim for the red laser firing projectiles when the hatches on its bottom open up!" instructed Peppy.

    "That sounds gross!" said Slippy.

    "That is an order. I'm the general now, PEPPY, not Pepper remember?" said Peppy, scowling at Slippy.

    "Ok, enemy shield scan downloading, right away!" said Slippy. Fox began taking shots at the giant worms head, while Slippy was taking care of its backside.

    "One less robotic worm butt to kick!" said Slippy as he blew up the back of the worm ship. The rest of the worm ships components began to blow up in smoke, and all that remained was the head.


    "Right away, sir!" said Fox. Fox shot lasers into the worm heads eyes. He found it was innefective.

    "Those lasers aren't working on that enemy Fox! Use a Nova Bomb! In its mouth!" said Peppy.

    "OK, HERE GOES NOTHING!" said Fox. Fox fired the nova bomb into the worms mouth, and it blew up. The Star Fox team began to celebrate, and Fox popped open a bottle of champaign.

    "FOX, I am proud that you destroyed the Death Worm ship, but you cannot drink champaign in your Arwing, it could severely damage the controls! You know what happened last time?" said Peppy.

    "No General, I don't remember sir!" said Fox.

    "Well, I don't remember either, but whatever happened, it wasn't good! Is that clear Fox?" said Peppy.

    "Crystal clear sir!" said Fox.

    "Stop thinking about Krystal and focus on our mission. There are still many more ships to take out before we can overthrow Dash's evil empire" said Peppy.

    "Crystal clear is an expression, haven't you heard it before General sir?" asked Fox.

    "Oh, yes, I guess I'm mistaken. But you still should not be drinking champaign in those arwings, the controls are very sensitive" said Peppy.

    "I'm not drinking champaign anymore sir!" said Fox.

    "Good. Nice going taking out the Death Worm Fox. Our next goal is to infiltrate Fortuna's atmosphere and take out the onslaught of enemy forces there!" said Peppy.

    "What's that?" asked Fox, who sounded tipsy.

    "Are you sure you are not drinking champaign still Fox? WE MUST PROCEED WITH THE MISSION! The others and I are already on Fortuna. Hurry up Fox!" said Peppy over the communicator. Peppy was helping the rest of the team battle on Fortuna. Fox was still in Corneria's atmosphere.

    "I'm not drinking champaign sir. I'm eating cheese now!" said Fox.

    "Well, well, the cheese addicted fox. Come on, be your old self again!" said Peppy.

    "OH, ok! WARP SPEED AHEAD!" said Fox, flying as fast as he could. He flew through a warphole and took a shortcut to Fortuna.

    "FOX! You're here! But there's some bad news coming in from Corneria. The chunks of the falling Death Worm ship are falling onto the planets and destroying cities and mountain villages. Since Corneria barely has any military at all, we're the only ones who can take out the falling chunks. And let me tell ya Fox, it wasn't called the Death Worm ship for nothing. Its falling chunks are flying everywhere, destroying infrastructures and natural enviornments on planets everywhere in the Lylat System!" warned Peppy.

    "Man, how are we gonna take out all the chunks of the Death Worm Ship, AND take out the other ships?" asked Fox. "There's no way that's even possible!"

    "We'll split up. Krystal, Slippy, Falco, and I are going to take out the other enemies, while you travel the galaxies taking out chunks of the Death Worm Ship!" instructed Peppy.

    "I hate to be seperated from you guys, but, ok!" said Fox. In the meantime, while Fox tried to take out the remaining remnants of the Death Worm ship, Peppy and the others were battling the robotic boss of Fortuna, Monarch Dodara.

    "We've gotta destroy this dinosaurs robotic butt!" said Peppy.

    "AGAIN?" shouted Slippy.

    "THAT IS AN ORDER!" instructed Peppy.


To be continued...maybe....perhaps.

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Well, it's interesting. Weird seeing Peppy give all the commands, and Fox saying "Sir" a lot. You should continue it, that way more people can give advise and just writing through it might help a lot in the long run. It will be good. :D

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Oh, totaly did not see the "Humor story" part...  my bad. :lol:

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