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Redeemer's Role Playing Character(s)


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Alright, I'm guessing it's time make this character for my first RP - Star Fox: The Mimic!

Name: Freya

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Neko (cat girl)

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair colour: Dark copper/red

Appearance: Freya is not very tall, standing at 5'6" and slender in frame. She has shortish dark red hair that flicks up at the back (think Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus), and her fringe goes off to the right. She has large cat ears, which are ginger tipped with black, and a silky/bushy tail that is ginger tipped with white. Her eyes are a pleasant almond shape, and dark brown in colour. Her eye teeth are like little fangs, which she sometimes bears when she's angry.

Her favourite combination of clothes are her cotton shirt, which has long, flowing sleeves almost like something from a medieval movie, with stitching detail at the front, and her jeans, which look comfortable but smart. Her shoes of choice are actually boots, which are grey, laced up and covered with buckles, and they rise to her knees.

Home planet: Corneria

History: Freya left home when she was 17. Her parents lost their jobs in a weapons factory after a terrible accident caused it to explode, resulting in a few casualties and a lot of unemployed people. They sat down and had a talk, and her father told her (next to a teary-eyed mother), that they could no longer afford to feed and clothe her, and that she had to make her own way in life. So, packing a few clothes and snacks, she left to find a job.

At first she crashed at a friend's place, and her friend's uncle owned a cafe. He taught her to cook and trained her up as a Chef's Assistant, and when she was 20, she was ready to find her place on the employment ladder.

Looking in the paper for adverts, she stumbled across a job placement entitled: "Ship Chef Required! Please call [insert contact number here]!" She called, and found out there was need of a cook on the Great Fox. She immediately got excited, as she knew only too well from popular media and propaganda that the Great Fox was home to the amazing Star Fox team. Her interview was hosted by Peppy himself, and he was impressed by her perky personality and impecable manners. Needless to say, she got the job, and promised to deliver salad sandwiches to Peppy every day as thanks for giving her a chance.

Personality: Freya is bright in nature, eager to help and enjoys making people happy. She can be somewhat clumsy, tripping over things or bumping into stuff. She's clever and witty, and enjoys a good game of verbal cat and mouse with the Head Chef of the Great Fox, but that doesn't mean to say she's immune to harsh words. She's a sensitive girl, and can sometimes take things to heart but never, ever lets it show for the sake of peace.

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Name: Redeemer (Red)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair colour: Dark copper/red with streaks of purple through the underlayer.

Appearance: Red stands at 5'5", and is curvy in frame. She wears a dark purple shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, a pair of dark blue, slim-fit cut jeans, and a pair of black Odessa shoes. On top of that, she wears a red hoodie, which zips up at the front. She prefers to wear it unzipped.

Red's hair is long, and layered so that it parts to the left, and her fringe (or bangs as it's known in the US) slightly covers her left eye. She also has the right side of her lip pierced, but prefers to wear a stud instead of a ring, and her right ear sports an industrial piercing. Her ear lobes are pierced 4 times each, though she rarely wears all her earrings at once.

Red also has a small, script tattoo on the underside of her forearm, and another tattoo of Comedy and Tragedy on her left shoulder.

Home country: Scotland

History: Red was a Global Moderator on SFO before The General took over. Shortly after Milky's victory, she began to gather members into a resistance group. However, as word spread about her work, she was spirited away in the early hours of the morning, on the way home from a resistance meeting. The last thing she remembered was the track playing on her iPod, a close up view of the sidewalk, the feeling of cold stone on her cheek, then darkness.

Personality: Before being captured, Red was a pretty easy going girl. She enjoyed her silly sense of humour, took joy in the occasional troll, and loved to make others laugh. She wasn't a very logical thinker, often acting upon impulse before thinking things through properly, yet was mostly able to right wherever she had wronged. She cared deeply about the members of SFO, often going out of her way to give advice or offer a friendly ear.

Red bears a Scottish accent, which she can be pretty self-conscious about.

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