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SDC Book One: Gathering the Team


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Yep... Star_Dragon has come up with yet another fanfic to add to his bottomless collection. However, before I post this, I must say that this fan fiction has heavy ammounts of violence, language, and dark situations, not to mention extreme graphicness. Now, to post the prologue (The only complete chapter of this story so far)...

Star Dragon


Book One: Forming the Team


1945 hours, Drakkus 50, 4830 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Eridanus Secundus system

“Aw, shit—get ready to bump heads! Here they come!” Frank shouted.

“Katt,” Kyle ordered, “Bring us about, ninety degrees to port—let’s not give them a big target to shoot at.”

“Izanagi, get your Multi-targeting subroutines ready—we’ll need ‘em!” Krystal exclaimed.

“On it,” the AI answered.

“Voro, get a COM line to Fox, tell him to raise shields and power up weapons!” Kyle commanded.

“Acknowledged!” Voro replied.

The Sangheili Gunship Retribution’s Thunder—a heavily-armed refit of the Sangheili Super-Carrier—rolled thirty degrees to port and began to turn as the UNSC-Covenant hybrid ship Great Fox II raised shields and powered weapons. On the other side of the Eridanus Secundus asteroid belt, the tattered Covenant Rebel fleet dropped out of slipspace. In their midst was the stolen Sangheili Star Dreadnaught. The Prophet Hierarchs gave the Star Dragon team explicit orders; Destroy it. They would rather see it in pieces than in the hands of heretical rebels.

“Kyle, the allied fleet is approximately two hours away! They’ve given us orders to keep the enemy busy ‘till they get here!” Kylet’oran announced.

“Dammit,” Kyle muttered. “Tactical, ETA for the enemy fleet’s weapons?”

“The enemy fleet’s weapons will be in range in two minutes.” Voro answered.

“And our weapons?” Krystal asked.

“We are within range for the MAC guns. The enemy is not within range of our other weapons yet.” Voro responded.

“Target the lead ships’ shield generators and fire Poleron slugs.” Kyle ordered.

When the Retribution’s Thunder came around to face the enemy, it fired two Poleron MAC slugs from the nose of the ship. The Slugs impacted on the center of a CCS Battlecruiser, and the cruiser’s shields went off-line. Two Armor-Piercing High-Explosive slugs, fired two seconds after the shields were down, impacted on the enemy ship’s pinch-fusion reactor and detonated it like a grenade. The resulting explosion blew the ship to pieces, adding debris to the Asteroid field. The turreted Plasma Turbo-cannon on the Great Fox II turned to face the other lead ship and fired. The swirling comet of Plasma impacted on a Sangheili destroyer, making the shields flicker, overload, and fail. Two Plasma torpedoes fired from the Retribution’s Thunder burned away layers of Sangheili armor like paper, and the destroyer was peppered to death with Plasma Cannon fire from the Great Fox II.

A Sangheili Assault Cruiser fired a Plasma torpedo at the Retribution’s Thunder, which impacted on the shields.

“Tactical,” Kyle stated, “What just hit us?”

“Sangheili plasma torpedo. Shields are holding.” Voro replied.

“Return fire!” Kyle barked.

The Retribution’s Thunder turned two of its plasma turrets to face the Sangheili Assault Cruiser and fired. The first torpedo that hit blew out the cruiser’s shields. The second one that hit melted off armor like plastic in a fireplace, and the cruiser began to vent atmosphere, gasses, plasma, and whoever else was unlucky enough to be in the halls. Following up with an immediate burst of Plasma Cannon fire, the Retribution’s Thunder ignited the plasma being vented, which, in turn, blew the ship apart.

As the enemy fleet got closer to the two ships, they began to fan out, maneuvering to get a better shot on either ship. Soon, weapons fire began to pour from all sides.

“Izanagi, activate your multi-targeting subroutines now!” Kyle exclaimed.

Within the span of a few seconds, the AI had her multi-targeting subroutines up, and began pouring fire onto the enemy vessels. Three Sangheili destroyers went up in pieces in the first fifteen seconds. The next ship to go was a Sangheili Carrier, which succumbed to the sheer diversity of firepower on board the Retribution’s Thunder.

Shortly after this torrent of firepower poured out of the Retribution’s Thunder, the AI on the Great Fox II, Kellman, activated his multi-targeting subroutines. As something of an artist with those subroutines, he began to systematically dispatch the ships in the Sangheili rebel fleet in ones, twos and threes.

As the Sangheili rebels’ ships were systematically slaughtered, the rebel commander on the dreadnought apparently thought it a good idea to join the fight. However, by the time he got to the two ships, the fleet had been annihilated.

“Voro, lock onto his shield generator, fire every shield-piercing weapon we have!” Krystal ordered.

“Acknowledged!” Voro exclaimed as the ship rocked under a blast. His hands danced along his console, and moments later, he had a lock on the enemy’s shield generator. He sent the coordinates to the Great Fox II, and then fired four Poleron High-Explosive MAC slugs at the generator. Following that was a volley of Poleron Torpedoes. They impacted all over the hull over the shield generator, rending it and shattering it.

“Success, sir—their shields are down.” Voro said. His console beeped, and he added, “Hold on, sir... their shields are going back up!”

“Dammit!” Kyle exclaimed. “Arm all weapons and open fire! We’ll have to bring his shields down with overwhelming firepower!”

The Retribution’s Thunder then started firing every weapon it had wildly; MAC guns, Plasma cannons, plasma, Poleron, photon and quantum torpedoes, disruptor banks and turrets, Assault Phaser arrays, Archer missile pods, Kadgeron Autocannons, and Gauss turrets. The Great Fox II then followed suit, firing its Plasma Turbo-Cannon, plasma cannons and torpedoes, Kadgeron autocannons, and Kadgeron turbolasers. The Sangheili Star Dreadnought returned fire with all the Plasma cannons and torpedoes it had, and the three ships exchanged fire.

For hours, the three ships exchanged blows. The Sangheili Star Dreadnought’s shields were down, but so was the Great Fox II’s. Several of its weapon systems were off-line, and it was severely damaged.

“Kyle, I’m getting a transmission from the Great Fox II.” Voro said.

“Patch it through,” Kyle ordered.

“This is Fox McCloud to team Star Dragon... I am sending everyone on my team with the exception of Fara to your ship. Once they are on-board, get away from here as fast as you can. Take care of my friends.” Fox said. After that, the transmission cut off, and Falco, Katt, Slippy and Amanda transported to the bridge of the Retribution’s Thunder.

Right then, the Great Fox II charged headlong toward the Sangheili Star Dreadnought, its arrowhead shape making the perfect spear to impale the enemy.

“Good-bye, Fox.” Krystal whispered, a single tear falling from her eye.

Krystal closed her eyes and murmured a Cerinian prayer for Fox as the tip of the Great Fox II made contact with the Star Dreadnaught’s hull...

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Oh Noez! (Crazy, insert the kitty poster of that here!... I lost it. :( ) I love it, yet it is kinda sad (As in the situation, not the writing :D). It must continue!!! :)

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Pretty intense so far, I dig it! Keep 'er coming! (Though I hope you finish Sith Rising as well)

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