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Star Fox: The Mimic


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Alright guys! Here it is, this is kind of exciting, haha! I have a few rules I'd like to pass, I'd love it if you could try to stick with them. Nothing harsh, just some simple guidelines, I guess.

1. Please don't post one-line-wonders. They're really quite pointless, make it a paragraph at least if you can. :3

2. If you're infected, don't let anyone know! Except me of course, I kind of need to know. :P

3. Keep it realistic! No over-powered/super-awesome people or anything, but I think that's in the original rules anyway.

4. Start where ever you like as long as it's on the Great Fox or you make your way to the Great Fox! :)

Okay, we should really get to know each other, and our characters, well enough before the drama starts. So for a little while, this will just be basic everyday life, for a few posts anyway. Just so we can get a good idea of what everyone's like, what everyone does, etc. Is that okay? It's just to provide depth and stuff. :3


"Can I lick the spoon?"



"No Freya, it's gross, and it's unprofessional. Now stop buggin' me and do somethin' useful. Like those dishes over there. They ain't gonna wash themselves hon."


Freya knew that she was fighting a losing battle anyway. The Head Chef never let her lick the spoon, nibble leftovers or even sample starters. He was a stern man, dedicated to his job and passion. To him, cooking was like brain surgery - it had to be perfect, it had to be precise, and most importantly, it had to be right first time. There were no if or buts about it. However, he was not a mean man. On a more friendly approach, his name was Jeff, and he liked to cook. He also liked praise on his work, cookery shows, shiny new cutlery, dogs, bread sticks and salsa. The simple pleasures in life.

Freya swished her tail from side to side as she scrubbed dry lasagna off an oval, ivory-coloured plate. She was lucky to even have this job, but that didn't stop her from indulging in the satisfying act of brooding. She loved to cook as much as the next "Head Chef's Assistant", but she had been in this job for three months now, and all he would let her do was brew soup and assemble sandwiches. This was not what she had trained to do, and not what she had expected from the newspaper ad. Regardless, this was the Great Fox! Home of the famous and heroic fleet of Star Fox! She remembered the times she spent with her friends watching the team on T.V., and how her friends had swooned.

"Ooh wow, did you see the slow-motion of Falco? He's so HAWT!"

"No way, Fox is way hotter, with his cute little nose and perky ears."

"You're both grossing me out, Slippy is by far the pretty boy of Star Fox. I tell you, if I could just meet him once..."

"... What is wrong with you?"

That was basically the flow of conversation when the News Show came on. Of course, Freya took part in the teasing and taunting, but she personally never found any of the Star Fox Team attractive. Too famous, and that means too much competition. She picked out all their personality flaws, or what she calls "personality flaws", and decided that they were not her type.

She had, however, taken a shine to Peppy. Not in a romantic way though. She just felt this... affection for him. The kind of affection you would feel for an old friend or a mentor. She knew in the instant she met him that he was a kind old soul. And so easy-going. He had not only given her a job, but had especially requested carrot and salad sandwiches from her every day. He said he didn't know what it was that made him enjoy them so much; maybe it was the crispness of the lettuce, the swirl of salad cream, or the softness of the bread. But it didn't matter. The very fact that Freya had impressed someone so awesome, so brilliant, made her secretly shine with pride. And she kept her promise too - at 3pm every day, Peppy of Star Fox enjoyed a hand-prepared, freshly made sandwich, lovingly crafted by a humble little cat-girl. Again, one of life's little pleasures.

"Freya!" Jeff barked, shattering her fragile little day-dream bubble.


"Come over here a second, I'm going to show you how to fold chocolate in between layers of pastry."

"Really?!" Freya's ears immediately perked up, and the tip of her tail twitched with anticipation.

"Uh, yeah, I'm puttin' you in charge of the brioche for the feast tonight. Fox and co. get back from a dodgy mission tonight and we ought to welcome them accordingly. Now shift yer butt, I ain't got all day."



And that's all for tonight. Hope you guys liked it, can't wait until you join in! :D <3

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Guest Mr. Mario

(Oh man...here goes nothin...)

A red fox in a formal clothing decided to get out of the bathroom for who-knows-how-long, looking around a bit...

"Ok...it seems nothing good has ever happened here in the past few days but...I guess watching TV or so..." Norman said in a sigh, looking over to find something better to do rather than just sitting...

"Hey...do we have any games out here to play? Anyone?" Norman asked, hoping someone would answer...

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(If memory serves, everyone is on the Great Fox? :P, and that is an impressive wall of text Redeemer! :P)

    Zeke snored gently, his chest rhythmically rising up and down.  He was, and had been, fast asleep for quite some time.  As his alarm clock began to blare for the third time in the day, he stirred a bit, his still form now gaining some motion.  Zeke lifted the covers farther over his head, hoping to drown out the sound of the repetitive drone of the alarm, but to no avail.  His drowsy hand reached out and silenced the clock as he slid forward, pulling the cover off of him and stretching, initiating a large yawn and his "morning" routine.  "Heh, 3:30PM, morning, same thing", he joked to himself as he scratched the back of his head, not remembering what to do for the day.  As his feet touched the ground, he attempted to rub the sleep from his eyes, and eventually stood up, slowly making his way toward the shower.  The bathroom was quite a nice place for him, much of his thinking was done in the room, along with some minor relaxing, especially during showers.  As he stripped down and entered the shower, the warm water began to sooth him, relieving the tension in his body.  His tail wagged back and forth happily, knocking against the wall several times. 

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(OOC sorry guys, just to say I made a quick edit, Rule number 4. I'll reply again once everyone else joins in, just so we all stay at a good pace. And thanks crazyfoo, hehe, all my posts tend to be like that unless I'm stuck. :3)

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(OOC sorry guys, just to say I made a quick edit, Rule number 4. I'll reply again once everyone else joins in, just so we all stay at a good pace. :3)

(Sounds good! :P)

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The alarm clock next to Gearhart's bed went off. It made hardly any noise, almost none at all, but it woke him up with ease. He pressed the timer to shut it off. He sat up, yawned, then stretched. Well, guess it's time to get going soon... He thought, eyes still closed, as he got up and walked over to his dresser. He picked out clothes, and walked over to his stereo. He turned it on to a reasonable amount; Enough to hear it with a shower running. He went over to the bathroom, stripped down and activated the bathing machine. He stepped in as the water got to a nice temperature. He washed all his fur and tail; He didn't want to make a bad impression.

Soon enough, he got finished cleaning himself, and stepped out; His eyes now open, and a neutral expression on his face. He shook dry first, then dried off using the towel. Gearhart slipped into is clothes and exited the restroom. He put on the clothes he picked out, and started getting ready to start the day. He had no gun, no weapon of any sort on him. All he had was a suitcase with his clothes, and some emergency medical supplies, seeing as the Great Fox was sure to have anything and more than he could bring. "Looks like I'm set." He finished while sitting and rubbing his eyes while yawning.

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'I don't even know why I'm here...' thought a 19-year-old wolf, his silver fur seeming to dimly shine even in the darkness.  He was aboard the supposedly magnificent Great Fox, idly tossing and catching his trusted silver dagger as he sat against the wall in a quiet, empty room.

The wolf's dark green cloak and black, form-fitting tank top were on the ground beside him, leaving him dressed simply in his worn, brown leather boots and loose white pants, a black cloth tied around his waist with a leather sheath at his left hip.  His deep pockets were empty, a pouch tied around the cloth at his waist simply containing a few credits.

Catching the dagger one last time, he let out a quiet sigh, bringing his left knee up towards his chest.  Resting his left arm on his knee, the dagger clenched loosely in his fist, he slowly rubbed his bicep.  Two fairly thin, black lines ran along his left arm from his shoulder to his wrist like snakes, crossing paths twice.

His icy blue eyes peering calmly through the blackness, he thought to himself, 'If you want to get away with theft here, Tyr, stay focused...I'm sure the hype about Star Fox isn't for nothing.'

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Steve is snoring. Half of his body is off his bed, and is hand and right foot is hanging from the bedside. Suddenly his alarm clock rang loudly, and he was so shocked when he woke up that he fell of the bed with a thud. The thud shook the alarm clock, and it fell from the edge of the mini table it was on, landing right on top of Steve's head. He sat up, turned it off, and went to the bathroom.

15 minutes later he is putting on his clothes. Black tee-shirt, Blue-and-red jacket with dark blue jeans and black rubber shoes. He fixed his hair. He wore his wristwatch and sky blue bracelet, ate some food, and is out of his room.

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Anna, a 22 year old hyena, was hanging casually around the kitchen, observing Freya's work with her emerald eyes. She had brown, spotted fur all over her body except for the white running from her chin to her inner thighs, stood 5'4 and often hid her body behind bulky hoody sweaters and jeans. The only times she could consistently be seen in anything different was in hot environments or working out, which given her fit physique, was pretty often. While moderately strong for a woman, she had a (mostly) gentle heart to contrast it and, unless angry, was very sweet. She also didn't technically work on the Great Fox, but came to work with Freya enough to be considered part of the crew.

Anna considered offering Freya help, but knew from experience that it was going to be turned down. Should she offer anyway for the thought, or just stand there? She played with the strings extending from the collar of her sweater down, finally arriving at her decision.

"Anything I can do, Freya...?"

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(Perfect, Milkshake! :3 )

Freya turned quickly as her friend's question reached her fuzzy, ginger ears. She watched Jeff leave the kitchen (he said something about the blender gone missing) and she found herself full of adrenaline and excitement after being trusted with the task of brioche-making. She took a sharp intake of air before firing out her reply in a single fast train of words.

"Can you believe this?! Jeff finally trusted me to do this! Eeeheehee, this is so exciting! Don't you think this is exciting? I mean, remember all the times I moaned at you on how he never let me do ANYTHING?"

She began to calm down, her face blotted with sugar and flour, and her tail flicking back and forth so fast, she was sure she should have knocked the table over by now. She grinned at Anna.

"This is what I've been waiting for, hon. This is it. This is what I wanted. I know it's only brioche making, but it could lead to something else. Something better. Who knows? Maybe a member of Star Fox will eat one of these-"

She glanced at the currently unattractive, uncooked lumps of dough.

"- and wish to compliment the chef. Maybe Fox will come to me and say 'Hey, Freya, right? Yeah, those brioches were awesome, in fact, they were the best pastries I've ever tasted!' And I shall reply: 'Oh, Fox, you're too kind. I'm only a humble Chef's Assistant, nothing special.' And then Fox will explode with anger and demand I get a raise."

Freya giggled at her own stupidity, her little fangs appearing slightly, giving her a mischievous look. She knew her daydream would stay a daydream, but it was a source of entertainment. She reached over the table towards the radio, and turned it on. She left a massive blob of dough on the button but she didn't care. She checked the clock, and it was only a few hours before Star Fox got back from their mission. Maybe dancing would pass the time quicker. She suddenly blinked, realising that she had not answered Anna's question.

"Oh crap, sorry Anna! Yeah actually, if you want to melt down that chocolate, I'll let you lick the spoon. It's up to you, I can handle it, but if you're bored then help yourself."

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Anna nodded, taking the chocolate and placing it on an appropriate burner, starting the heat. She turned around and leaned against the counter, facing her friend again.

"Excited much? You're just making snacks..."

Anna looked at the floor, realizing her insensitivity but not quite finding the words to make it up.

"...B-but, they're special. They're for Fox and them, right?" she cracked an awkward smile, unmatching to the rest of her body language.

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Freya understood her friends insensitivity. After all, she was only making a danish snack - it wasn't exactly lobster and summer salad.

"Yeah, it's for Fox, but I know what you mean. After this party I'll probably be put back on dish duty and sandwich assembly," she sighed. She kneaded the dough just a little bit more, and then transferred it to the chopping board.

"I've just never done anything like this," she picked up the rolling pin, "And I can't help but be excited. You know what I'm like Anna, I always look too far into things then get shot down when I get my hopes up."

She began to roll out the dough.

"Remember Al Bistro's Cafe? How many times did I apply for that place just because he said he thought I was nice? Four, five times? All stemming from a compliment. He wasn't exactly saying 'You've got the job, see you next Saturday, baby'."

Freya looked up and watched her friend tend to the melting chocolate. She caught a whiff of it and her stomach rumbled.

"Oh wow, that smells awesome. I'm totally saving some of these for us. You'll need the wooden spoon for stirring."

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Steve went to the kitchen to have a strange breakfast - pizza. He searched the kitchen for available ingredients then started to work on it. He saw two other animals but didn't bother... they were strangers, after all.

As he rolled, put toppings, and baked the pizza, Steve was wondering about what will happen to him in here. 'Perhaps training?', he thought, and minutes later decided he'll just have to find out, and started to feast on his pizza.

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Guest Mr. Mario

'This place sure has been dark for hours...' Norman thought, right at the moment his cell phone rang...

"Yello. What? Err...nope wrong number...sir." Norman said, then he hung up the phone.

He looked around to find something to eat...

'Maybe this isn't so bad...' He thought, looking through a cookbook...

'Awe dang, its full of fat.' He thought, putting the book away.

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Anna smiled at the notion of keeping some of the snacks for themselves, and got back to work, nonchalantly stirring the chocolate. She felt very... bored. Or maybe not? Something foul was in her chest but she couldn't quite pinpoint it. With a sigh, she returned to focusing almost entirely on her own thoughts until the next order woke her up.

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Zeke stepped out of the shower, wiping himself down and redressing.  There were many other things to do aboard the Great Fox, but he just wasn't feeling up to participate in much at all.  "Well....at least the kitchen is open....maybe I could sneak in the back, grab a pastry", he joked to himself as he stepped out of his allotted room and locked the door.  The hallways were brightly lit and clean, a welcome change of scenery from his quarters.  As he continued to walk, nothing struck him as out of the ordinary, it was just another regular day.  He yawned slightly, stretching while doing so.  The kitchen was always a place of interest for him, as his love of food was almost unmatched by any other.  He slowly took cover, leaning against the wall next to the door, and peering around it.  The aromas drifting from the busy ovens and other appliances were enough to make him salivate.

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Freya began to fold blobs of chocolate into the pastry dough, and rolled it up into an oblong shape. She was doing well, the oven was preheated and she was going to finish just in time for Star Fox arriving. She was getting more and more enthusiastic by the moment, and she shook her behind to the music in the radio, her tail swishing to the bass.

"There he is, the Electro Gypsy

Everywhere he goes

He needs to take a generator

Power is not

What he craves my friend

It's just the means to

His electro end."

Her ears twitched as Jeff entered the kitchen. He gazed over at the source of the noise and raised a bushy eyebrow, a slight smirk appearing on his stubbly face. He stopped, put a hand on his hip and relished the moment before (what he would like to think as) his harrowing one-liner.

"Sounds like someone's strangling a cat in here."

"Racist," Freya grinned, showing her cat teeth ever so slightly.

"Freya, you need to put those in the oven now, Star Fox are going to be here in about half an hour, and those take half an hour to bake. So chop-chop."

"Yeah, I'm finished anyway, Anna helped me save some time."

"Well," Jeff huffed as he heaved a large pot of beef stew onto a trolley, "I'm taking these to the dining room along with everything else. Bring those once your done."

"Sure thing, I'll be along shortly."

"Roger that, and don't call me Shirley. Whoa!" the middle-aged grump swerved to avoid an observer in the doorway, "Watch it buddy, men and cat choirs at work here."

Freya rolled her eyes in Anna's direction - Jeff was so gruff at times but it was hard not to like him. She looked over to the person in the doorway and smiled.

"Can I help you?"

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Gearhart felt it was about time to go from his room and do something. He got up, and left his little room, tidy as always. He walked to the halls rather calmly as his stomach decided to grumble quite loudly as he gained some hunger. Well, guess I know where I'm going... He thought while making his way to the kitchen to help fill his stomach a bit if at all any.

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"Whoops, sorry there!", Zeke hastily apologized, eying the different dishes on the cart with great interest.  As he heard Freya's question, he turned around, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.  "Thanks, but no thanks, I just like to look and smell", he admitted, catching a whiff of the different pastries and other goodies set to bake.  "Huh, I think I'm in dessert heaven", he continued to joke, quickly turning around and bolting down the hallway.  "Note to self, find pastry cooling area when no one is around".

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After another time in the darkness, Tyr figured he had to come out of the room sometime.  First, however, he tucked his dark cloak away in the vacant room, wanting to fit in more with the current crowd on the ship, but also wanting to be able to claim it again later.  Taking his tight, black tank top and pulling it down over his head, the silver-furred wolf slid his dagger into its sheath at his left hip, his tail giving a quick flick to the side as he finished.

'Not to mention I might as well look around a bit...' reasoned the wolf.  Opening the door that led into the hallway, he blinked a few times, his icy-blue eyes having grown used to piercing the blackness of the room.  Now that there was light again, it took his pupils a good few moments to shrink, but when they had, Tyr began to roam.

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Steve felt that he needed to at least interact with others or else he's gonna be a loner. A lot of things like this has happened to him before. Abandoned, no one to talk to... But still, he is a good friend if ever someone befriends him. He thought about this as he ate his pizza, which tasted delicious - the way his mom prepared it when he was a kid. He savored the taste as he looked around at everybody.

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Freya raised an eyebrow after the strange visitor had run off.

"Did you know him?" she asked Anna, her ears twitching with curiosity.

She approached the oven and peered through its glass door. The brioche were rising nicely, and were now a golden brown colour. It was time to take them out. As she opened the oven door, a blast of hot air greeted her face, causing her to narrow her deep brown eye and lay back her ears. She swiftly transferred the pastries from the baking tray to the cooling rack, taking care not to dent them with the steel tongs.

The kitchen was now filled with a warm, crispy scent. Freya's stomach rumbled, and she threw a wistful glance at those tasty little pain au chocolat. She knew fine well that they had to sit for 10 or so minutes, to allow them to become crisp and cool. But surely she could handle the heat, she had devoured soup that was hotter than these. She reached out, her fingertips could feel the air getting warmer as they neared the taunting treat-

"Ding-dong. Would all Great Fox personnel please make for the Dining Hall."

Freya jumped and yelped as the sudden announcement snapped her back to her senses.

"Repeat. Would all Great Fox personnel please make for the Dining Hall."

Star Fox must have arrived already! She began to arrange the pastries into large baskets.

"Anna, help me, we've got to take these to Jeff!"

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Gearhart finally made his way to the kitchen, noticing many in there. If he met eye contact with one, he would throw a smile, a wave, and a "Good Morning." their way. If they wanted a bit more conversation, they would have to start it with him, as Gearhart was nothing without his daily coffee and such.

Although, he first took a glass and got some tap water into it, as he was not picky to the water as long as it was clean. He reached shortly into his pants pocket for what seemed to be a bottle of medicine, prescription to be exact. He took a pill into his muzzle, and drank it down with some water before getting to the coffee machine and making some of his own special brand, which was no more than a bit more darker of coffee.

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Anna jumps at the order, frantically assisting Freya in any way she can. The hyeness takes a moment to relax and lick her lips once all the pastries are in baskets.

"So... we sneaking one of these for ourselves or what? He he..."

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As the announcement sounded through the halls, Tyr stood still, his ears perked and listening carefully.

'The dining hall...'  Apparently every worker was going there.  That meant either one of two things:  It would either be the best place to go so he could learn of the various workers aboard, maybe getting a little lucky along the way, or it could be the worst place to go -because- there were so many people and it would just be better to search the ship while they were all occupied.

After only a moment of quick thought, the silver-furred wolf decided he may as well head down to the dining hall as well, so he started off towards it.

Well, at least in the direction he assumed he would find the dining hall.

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