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err, hear goes nothing ( i will not use this character for a while and will edit intill i am satisfied)

Name: Skanden berg (or just skan for short)

Speices: gray mouse

Height: as tall as  :slippy: but has a proportional body

Apperance: Not very tall but not fat either actualy quite fit. strong, loving gray eyes, pretty much my avatar . wears a purple tunic often. wiggles his ears when he is supprised white teeth. no scars or bruise. often carries a blaster on his back.

Personalty: a calm and furm leader and soilder when needed to be but funny and social when he can be. takes offence to nothing but the killing of his friends. very irratble when stressed or when some one is in danger. a decent poilet but he is usaly used to scout ahead having a fast ship. (ship's name is cheese theif) is very unmaterilastic thinking that itiems that are un nessary  are just for geting stolen.

history: grew up on kew ( in a war torn country much like somlia) he was recuited by a war lord at age 16 and quiclkly rose through the ranks of the army and became a captin at 20 (at this time adventrues just began) but he fights only to ceep the children there safe. he soon leaves after fighting off another attack to go and work a as a mercenary to help pay for his villages securaty back home...

strengths : he is brave and will fallow amost orders. he is very loyal and he is and exeptional infentry man.

Weaknesses: has a weakness for beauty and he doesn't not realise when he is deafted. also he is not the best pilot

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Skan and cheese thief sounds familiar hmmm

seems interesting but whats his official occupation?

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skan as in skander beg a albainian who held off the ottaman empire for 4 decades with 9500 troops. i think you know where cheese theif comes from  :trollface: but he is a mercenary sorta i am still working out da kinks

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ok just wanted to know if he was a villain or not but don't forget about the skan character in :trollface:

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