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I made a planet in Photoshop


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I have copied this from my post on ArwingLanding.


Well...I do not usually submit FanArt often, but I think the time is golden. I was making a planet in Photoshop Elements 7, and it was an Icy planet. When I was done, I was having a hard time trying to come up with a name. Now, I am pretty creative with other planets. But then I started thinking of Starfox for some reason. All of a sudden, the thought popped into my head: "Hey! I know what I can call it! Fichina! The icy planet in the Lylat System!" So I did, then I proceeded to submit it to deviantART where I thought I'd share it with you guys.


Also, if you want me to make other planets of the lylat system, just post it. I am still a beginner, so keep in mind that it will be a while until I am able to make Corneria.

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