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Fox's Aircraft


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This is a design that I am working on getting to work in flight simulator. I also hope to make an actual aircraft (preferably RC) I call it the Ha-wing.

It reminds me of the Arwing, but the design concepts for actual flight, rudder, and everything is different.

I am hoping to get it working in X-Plane 9, which uses a bunch of different design tools, to see if it will actually fly.



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looks awesome!

might need to map some aerodynamic coefficients on the nose area though, like canards or a lifting body. From the looks of it, you might have some problems with center of gravity and center of lift.

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Yeah, I'm hoping to work that all out though. I know the front will need to be redesigned, but the back needs "more weight" so to speak. it just looks to thin.....

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