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the king's brigade (rp charecters)

King of the Shrooms

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name: delirium


height: ~6 foot 6 in.

weight: 254

physical description: a well postured hawk of impressive size, the most dominate feature is the massive wings he sports allowing him to go anywhere on a single planet without transportation but he admits the it make space travel kinda uncomfortable since wings are not made to be leaned on in seats on ships. he usually wheres a vest and a pair of jogging jeans so that he can show off.

occupation: currently a traveling performer, but is known to participate in war when duty calls

Weapon: the 2-handed sword of thunder- abaddon, carried around mostly for self protection.

general description: rather intelligent and very strong willed in what he believes, though most the time he comes across as a braggart. He doesn't think of war as something big mostly since his childhood was spent preparing for it which is normal for his home society. Delirium in his entire life has never lost a physical battle, but knows it's a possibility and is constantly training himself to never lose, it also helps he has been fighting since he was young and has many years of experience in the art of battle, no matter what it may be. he left his home simply to search for someone to best him in battle, but has been unsuccessful in this endeavor. later he realized he able to play a trumpet rather well, and had taken up as a side thing, performing in public for spare change. he doesn't usually have problem with money though due to the many people betting cash that they could best him, and losing to Delirium.


Name- Jerod

Human scientist

Age- 25

Height '5"5

Weight- 134

Typical clothing- a robe and cloak, or a scientist uniform, also wears an armlet with an embedded gem on his wrist AT ALL TIMES.

Personality- VERY cocky and curious


Cocky and curious, Jerod is a scientist. He won't hesitate to barge in someone's personal space for the sake of science, however he has a nasty contraption.

This armlet has a special- one of a kind- gem in it that blocks all psychic activity in a 1 mile radius, including magic and telepathy, it also fits nicely on his wrist so it can't just come off. He is very skilled at martial arts so that he can fight any would be thieves


NAME: amakasu barley tenji

PROFESSION: bartender


POWER: the ability to make others drunk at a whim, also the same supernatural strength all oni possess

SIZE: ~5'`10" and 170 IP

background: an oni that lived underground in gensokyo for many years, he has decided that gensokyo wasn't cool enough and decided to investigate the cosmos. he had managed to convince the kappa of the youkai mountain to make him a ship powered by nuclear fusion and set out to explore! after many years of being bored he just settled down and opened his ship to the public as a bar. he manages the bar by himself as his supernatural strength is more than enough to handle anybody.


name: Gilgamesh

age: who cares

size: big enough to matter

occupation: greatest swordsman wherever I am!

back-story: "doesn't matter my back-story or where I come from, I'm still better than you" -Gilgamesh-

(note that some faker was sent to the void by Ex-Death, what a jive turkey)


NAME: Manami Ahiru (Ahiru Manami for you English people)

AGE: unknown, as she is immortal she feels no need to keep up with it (estimated to be over 10000 though) looks to be 21

SIZE: 5'4" 125 IP

occupation: magician- specializing in illusionary and light magics

family: long since deceased

Back story: a magician of considerable age and power, she has lived a life of solitude for thousands of years, she has placed a spell on the forest she lives in to keep anyone she doesn't want in meeting her. not much is know about this person other than that she is immortal.

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wheres my constructive criticism at =0

It's tough to criticize a vaguely explained character. As is, we only know his occupation and a trinket he happens to own. However, for Delirium, there's this;

he came from a simple home and was raised ordinarily with no trouble in his young life,

it also helps he has been fighting since he was young and has many years of experience in the art of battle, no matter what it may be.

These two statements horribly contradict each other. I think I know what you meant, but it doesn't show. Fix it.

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wheres my constructive criticism at =0

Constructive criticism is in low supply nowa days, Lol. But I do think a tiny bit more work should be put into him before a good critique can be done. =]

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i have put all characters into top post for convenience yay!

i will continue to just add to that list as i go

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