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OK I finally got one

Name: Grave Man

Species: Robot Master

ID Number: DMN-001

Age: 6 Years after events of Megaman 10

Appearance: Grim Reaper like appearance, armor is jagged and asymetric, face is a single eyed demonic skull, commonly wears a cloak

Weapon: Magma Sabre

Height: roughly 6' 5"

Build by an unknown doctor, Grave Man was built for one reason, to hunt criminal robots. He and his siblings, the Death Masters, regularly hunt robots whom are defying the law or are under the control of some evil scientist such as Dr. Wily. Grave Man is the leader of the group, which isn't all a good thing considering he's hot headed and easily angered. He can use his Magma Sabre to burn through even the thickest walls to get to the other side or can simply burninate his foes with burning hot slag. HIGHLY recommended you don't get on this bots bad side.

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Bring him on! I can take him! But anyway we don't see a lot of robot characters around here. Your the first as far as I know.

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