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Name: Keneka "Kiwi" Kowazaki

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Hieght: 5'8"

Weight: 148lbs

Planet: Earth

Bio: Kiwi is an intelligent and creative boy that designed a special computing organism called the [glow=red,2,300]CBV222[/glow]. The device is specially designed to hack into any computing program or device. Kiwi is a bit of a troublemaker and can tend to use the device in ill intent, causing, havoc, turmoil, and most of all trouble. Kiwi resides in the industrial future city known as Kibountek where he sells all of his inventions (with the exception of the [glow=red,2,300]CBV222[/glow]) to ongoing entrepreneurs’ for money. Kiwi recently stole away aboard a cornerian vessel that was on its way back to the lylat system.

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Oh he must mean me to help get you prepared for RPing :lol:

OK, The only RP that you are allowed to be in now is the Cornerian Complex. The other RPs are Storyline, and you must get permission to post in them, most of the ones are already in process. Your best bet is to go to the requests section and review each of the RP's and if they are still looking for people, submit your character. Now if a story is alreayd in progress PLEASE do NOT post in it. :P

Now the Complex is a Lounge Style RP. The Complex has pretty much alot of things in it. Now we have rules here when we RP, and please refer to these general RP rules:

The lounge style RP is where characters can interact, and do things. If you have any questions do not be afraid to PM me or one of the GMs for this RP

1. The main forum rules apply.

2. Please keep RPs PG. Keep the cursing to a minimum and do not describe violence in explicit detail.

3. No sexual acts or desires for sexual acts.

4. Do not insult anyone.

5. The RP Moderator has full control over behavior on this board and may take any action within reason to maintain order and civility.

6. The RP Creators (GMs) set the rules, scenarios, and format for individual RPs. They also are the primary enforcer of the policies of their RP. The staff will back GMs at their request.

7. No more than four RPs may run simultaneously. This is to prevent mod staff from being overwhelmed. Additional RPs started will be locked. One unlimited "Lounge" RP can run in addition to the regular RPs. It will not count as one of the four.

8. RPs are to be submitted in the RP request thread, and the RP mod will allow them on a first-come first-serve basis. Please be fair and only submit ONE RP at a time. If you submit multiple RPs, they may be skipped-over out of fairness.

9. Each RP should have a specific final objective/scenario. This is to ensure that other people's RPs get a chance to be active.

10. You may not be the same canon character on multiple RPs simultaneously or consecutively if another person wants that role. This is to allow others a chance to take those roles. Exceptions: 1. No one else wants the role after a reasonable period of time 2: If you create an original character (IE your own character), you may play that character in as many RPs as you want, provided it meets the creator's guidelines.

11. No double-posting. Use the edit button.

12. Only staff may delete posts. If something needs to be changed, use the edit button. If something needs to be deleted, please ask the RP mod.

13. Allow time for other people to react to your post. This is for two reasons: 1. fairness and 2. to regulate the pace of an RP so that the RP mod can keep a good eye on it.

14. If your RP's scenario ends and you want to continue, please add a sequel to the request queue.

15. Make sure your actions are fair. You do not get to declare someone dead nor have unlimited invincibility. Always give everyone else a chance to react.

16. If the RP creator, RP moderator, or any other SFO staff member asks you to leave an RP, you must do so.

17. Any RP that the staff deems to have gotten out of control will be locked.

Flow Control Notes:

Please make sure that an RP stays reasonable in movement speed. Reasonable is what the RP mod is comfortable with. If the RP mod asks you to slow the pace down, please do so.

The RP mod has authority to temporarily lock an RP to slow the pace down.

Now The Rules for the Cornerian Complex are as Follows

-fights are allowed, but only fights that would be feasible in a place as public as this. This means no guns or running to space and dogfighting. Also be aware that fights will not last long due to security reasons, so if you want a big, long fight, this RP is not the place to do it.

-It will take place in a supercomplex. (Of course. =P)

-3 active PC’s per person. Canon characters (For now) are kicked. Players may switch out characters with others they have. This is to give a basis of crowd controlling, and such. This is a rule that depending on how this all goes might or might not be changed.

-As of right now, it should have little connection to the LLH. This is to avoid alienating new people and to take measures against having this fall into what was making the Hotel such a problem to everyone. (This is a rule that has mainly been covered, and dealt with so far amongst the players who were really active in the hotel, but just a reminder.)

So as you all know, you must follow by both the in general RP rules made by DZ, and follow this set also for this one.

And with no further adieu, let’s  get the show on the road!]

Now we have 2 General Mods for this specific RP.  Milkyway, and Nick1349. when they ask you to do/stop something, your best suggestion is to listen, they help keep things flowing :D

Now if you would like an Idea on how most people RP here, refresh yourself with some information here.


Now when you feel you are ready, give an introduction to your character in the 3rd person. An example is below.

"A dark fox with a dark tan streak down the center of his head, came in wearing a pair of Blue-jeans and a dark green polo shirt with a pair of polarized aviators walked in. Had been curious to what was inside this "Super complex" to his amazement, it was like a never ending building with everything that someone could desire.


Here is where the complex link is


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O_o O-ok I think I understand atleast a large amount of that

It's not actually that hard to do. You mostly just do what you would do in these situations, so if your at a mall or a arcade how would you act?
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he'd probably cause some havok... XD I know this person in rl, we're class mates.

My men can keep him in check then.
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