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So, before you read, I have gotten flak before for similarities to Star Fox. The only similarities I see personally are the scifi setting and anthropomorphic characters, but maybe I'm blind. I do admit some influence, however. Hope you enjoy it.  I will put up more chapters later if you guys like it.

I am aware there are a few errors, I haven't given it all a good edit yet.



-mild language


Chapter 1 :I don’t have a license to kill. I have a learner’s permit.

It was quiet as always in the depths of space, the only thing breaking this silence being the low hum of a large mother ship traveling at low speeds. It was long, and bulky at the stern while being slender and aerodynamic at the bow. It was a deep golden yellow with a dark navy blue striped down the center of the sides.

Following behind it were two, small, slender, black fighter vessels, each with a single pilot inside. Inside one was a young gray wolf, his eyes a deep blue. His name was Blitz Emmerich. In the other sat a young dalmatian with black forearms that formed into a flame pattern at the elbows, black ears, and eyes as blue as the wolf's. This was Volkner Faust.

Blitz was a young bounty hunter, and ranked #7 by the GBHF(Galactic Bounty Hunter Federation). His father, Kai Emmerich, was one of the founders of this young federation, or at least its current form. Kai was allegedly betrayed by his partner during a bounty mission, leaving Blitz with only his mother, Delilah Emmerich, who died of sickness not long after.

Volkner was not a bounty hunter, but Blitz dragged him along for the ride sometimes. They had been friends since junior high school, and got along because of their ability to relate to the background of one another, at least to some extent. It certainly wasn't because their personalities were compatible. Volkner's parents were also deceased, though the causes are more mysterious. His mother, Sylia Faust was apparently murdered by blade, but the only DNA besides her own found at the scene was that of his father, Sigurd Faust. Sigurd simply vanished, and it is unknown where he is, or if he is even alive. Unlike Blitz, who was an only child, however, Volkner had a younger sister, and was adopted by a foster family.

Blitz was after a bounty this day, and, as he sometimes did, invited Volkner along. Their target was a lion named Locke. He wasn't a very big or fabulous bounty, and he was wanted for destroying a public building, more specifically the wing of a museum. A total of thirty-six civilians were killed in the incident, and at least 2 survivors were orphaned.

“So, why'd you want my help again?” Volkner inquired, his voice coming through in the Blitz's cockpit.

“Cus your my buddy...I can't want to hang out?” Blitz grinned.

“Blitz, you don't trust anyone but yourself, how can you possibly call me your buddy?”

“That's not true, I just don't trust most people...”

“Whatever, and who calls going after a bounty 'hanging out' ”?”

“I do.”

“That isn't what...ugh, never mind...” Volkner said with a sigh and a hand on his forehead.

“Aww, Volkner is angry.” Blitz laughed.

“Change of subjects, why are you going after this Locke guy? He's only worth about...what, 5,000 Credits? You're the #7 ranked bounty hunter in the galaxy, and you're going after small fry?” Volkner inquired as they continued following the vessel closely.

“When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, 'Why god? Why me?' and the thundering voice of God answered, 'There's just something about you that pisses me off.'” Blitz chuckled.

“There's no way you came up with that...” Volkner glared through the cockpit.

“Stephen King.” Blitz replied.

“That author from Earth? Hm...anyway, let's get this over with.” Volkner insisted

“You say that like it's a chore.” Blitz said as they increased their speed and landed in the vessel's open docking bay. “Amateur mistake #1: left your docking bay unlocked.” he said as they both landed and jumped from their cockpits as the automatic door close behind them, the hiss of the airlock nearly deafening them temporarily.

Blitz was dressed rather casually in a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans, as well as a studded bracelet and belt that he always seemed to be wearing. Volkner didn't go too far out of his way either, only wearing a simple pair of jeans a red hoodie.

The two surveyed the docking bay for a moment. It was simple, and there were three vessels besides their own in the bay. They opened the storage compartments on the side of their ships, and took out their weapons of choice. For Blitz, this was two katana, one of which he fastened on his back, and the other which he kept at his side. Volkner instead pulled out his single two handed claymore.

As they ran through the ship, their feet made a rather annoying clanking noise on the metal floor. The eventually came to a large, open room with a huge window as a wall on the other side. A figure stood in front of this window, staring out into space; a lion, dressed in golden, mechanical armor, of which his right arm seemed to be composed. In that arm he held a long, heavy blade, which appeared to be made of a similar material at the hilt. His fur was a light golden brown, his mane a darker shade, and his eyes were a dark brown as well.

“Locke! Wanted for the destruction of public property and the murder of at least 35 on the planet Kabar.” Blitz said drawing out the katana at his side.

“Yep...that's me...” the lion replied picking in his ear in his pinky.

“...uhhh...we're here...to...capture you?” Blitz said, an eyebrow raised at his reaction.

“Uh huh....”

“This guy is weird...” Volkner commented.

“Well, I'm not gonna complain if all he does is stand there, personally!” Blitz said as he ran towards Locke.

As Blitz neared, Locke's armor start to glow a bright red, a gear like device in the hilt of his sword spinning at a high velocity as the blade began to glow with heat. When Blitz was close enough to take a swing, he was parried by this heated blade with enough force that it sent him flying. As Blitz landed on his back, he bound into a back flip, landing in a crouch beside Volkner.

“A technomage, how wonderful...” Volkner said with a sigh.

“What's that mean, he listens to Daft Punk?” Blitz asked.

“It means his armor and sword are powered by magic, and quite possibly, even this ship.”

“So we're inside something he can control while he fights us?”

“It's possible...”

“Are you two gonna stand there and talk all damn day?” Locke asked as he hoisted his blade onto his shoulder.

“Blitz...look at his armor...” Volkner informed, his eyes intensely focused on Locke.

“What about it?” Blitz asked, his head tilted in a perplexing manner. The armor didn't really peek his interest, and he seemed to be more or less looking out into space through the window.

“There are small spaces near the joints...Try to strike him there. I'm gonna get his attention. Make it quick!” Volkner replied as he dashed towards the idle opponent.

Locke seemed somewhat surprised at Volkner's sudden actions, and rolled to the side as Volkner stumbled past. The gear in Locke's sword began turning again as his armor and his weapon began to glow once more. He tried to slam his sword into Volkner's back, but Volkner swiftly brought his sword up, locking them in contest.

Volkner was gritting his teeth as they pushed against one another. Though he was somehow effectively preventing Locke from getting to him, the pressure was weakening him. “His armor...it's increasing his natural strength...” Volkner grunted as he was slowly pushed back.

“I might not get another chance like this...” Blitz thought as he watched on. Electricity surged through his left arm, shot out from his palm, and shot at Locke like a bullet. Blitz hit his mark, and the surge of current struck the hole between the shoulder and body of the armor.

Locke's armor began to fade back to it's original form, and the gear in his blade slowed to a stop as he stumbled back.

“Your armor is out of commission, and it's two on one. Give up!” Blitz barked, glaring at him confidently.

Locke laughed a bit as he cracked his neck. “You two must be mental or somethin'...the armor is controlled by ME. It might be mechanical, but it's ME that makes the gears turn. As long as it's still on me-” he said before the shoulder piece dislodged itself and fell on the floor with a metallic ting. “dammit...” he twitched as the rest followed suite.

Blitz and Volkner cuffed him, and put him in the passenger seat of blitz's vessel, just behind the pilot's seat. They would take him to the GBHF HQ, and turn him in alive for twice what he would have been worth dead, and split the profit between themselves(unbeknown to the GBHF, however, as Volkner was not a licensed bounty hunter, and it was technically illegal for him to ever accompany one). They left the ship in their flyers, and almost seemed to be racing one another on their way back home.

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