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Star Fox: (Working Title)


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Fox looked out into space from his cracked cockpit. Alarms were blaring in a fast, high pitched warning that there was no more fuel. Lights were blinking all over the front and side panels, telling him that his left wing was in desperate need of repair, his right wing had broken off completely, and his oxygen level was slowly decreasing. Smoke was emitting from the rear engines, floating off into the eternal abyss behind him. His orange fur was burnt in several places, a slight sting where there were more severe burns next to his left eye and right under his jaw. His vision was slightly blurred, the flashing lights clearly not helping.

Fox closes his eyes, thinking back to how the hell he got into this mess. It’s all scattered memories, like he was going way back when he saved Dinosaur Planet, or when he first met Krystal. “Heh…” he barely manages to speak out, his voice cracking. “Krystal…” He slowly begins to fade away into his memories, comforted by the thoughts and almost seemingly dream-like state he was drifting into…


“Fox! Fox, you need to come down to docking station B.” an old man’s voice spoke through the comm. speakers in my room. I turned my head a little, about to take a nice hot shower. My jacket was off and my headset was sitting next to a picture of me and the team after our first victory at Venom. I kind of missed those days. Back when being a mercenary meant something. Now he was doing odd jobs by himself, with little to no help from the rest of his team. At least that’s what it felt like to him.

“What is it, Peppy? I was about to relax…” I said with annoyance and exhaustion mixed in an almost perfect blend. “Is it General Pepper? Tell him I’m busy doing paperwork or something…”

I could hear Peppy sigh, knowing he does all the paperwork for the team. Damage reports. Casualty numbers. Bills. Contracts. “Fox, it’s a ship coming from Dinosaur Planet’s surface. She’s hailed us and has asked permission to board.”

“She?” I said questionably. I couldn’t imagine who would- Krystal? The blue vixen?  Last I saw her, she was pretty peeved for me ‘stealing’ her magical staff. Maybe she came back to try to destroy the Great Fox. Or maybe to apologize for being so stuck up after I saved her life. I then shook my head of those and thousands of other thoughts running through my head. The only thought that stuck in his mind was when he first laid eyes on her while she was still trapped by the Krazoa Spirits. Whatever her reason would be, I was sure that she meant us no harm. But just to be on the safe side, I put my jacket on, activated my headset, and equipped my pistol. “Let her dock. I want the whole team there. Falco too.”

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*Note* I know that it's short. But I havn't written anything StarFox or otherwise in over a year. I'm rusty, which is why I posted the prologue and it's uber short. >_> Critisism is wanted.Can't make good art with your friendly neighborhood Critic Man.  :lol:

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