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Milky's biographies


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Using Rob's template, will add more to this as it becomes relevant/I get motivated to do so.


Name: Anna Sommerset

Age: 22

Race: Hyena

Origin: Milwaukee suburbs, Northern United States, Earth

Home: Milwaukee suburbs, Northern United States, Earth

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 7

Weight: 120 pounds, rounded

Build: Moderately slender, hidden usually behind her wardrobe that seems to be made up almost entirely of sweatshits and jeans. She is slightly bigger than the usual female shape through a mixture of muscle and body fat, but a good amount for both. She's healthy, not deathly skinny.

Eyes: Emerald green

Hair: Dull brown fur with spots of darker brown scattered about. Has tan running down her front from her chin to her inner thighs.

Family: Single, moved from her parents and siblings some years ago, only keeping contact with her parents whom she borrows money from until she finds steady employment.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Personality: Snarky, intelligent, prideful, manipulative, bossy, playful, cautious

Background: Anna is a fairly nondescript hyena female coming from a large family that immigrated to Earth. She was born into a rough but relatively standard childhood of being picked on by her older siblings at every turn. The constant hazing weathered a front that makes up much of the person she is today, cynical and a bit of a fighter always demanding dominance over those around her that rarely publicly makes known her softer side. Anna is also proud of herself, mentally putting herself above most other people she meets despite being an unemployed civilian sapping money off her parents. Anna will very rarely explicitly tell you that she likes you, expressing her affection through teasing and playing instead unless caught at an emotional moment.

Abilities: Nothing extraordinary, other than being able to fight fairly well for her gender. However, as most of her experience lies in friendly competition, her style is very unrefined and erratic, taking "whatever hurts them" over proper training. Has recently put these abilities to use as a source of temporary income.

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Name: General Milky

Age: 20

Race: Human

Origin: SFO

Home: SFO

Sex: Male

Height: 6'00

Weight: 200 or so lbs.

Build: Sturdy. Not a scrawny guy by any means, which is emphasized by his full suit of crimson armor.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, spiked back.

Family: None to be spoken of.

Alignment: Nuetral Evil

Personality: Sneaky, enigmatic while still somehow having an abrasive presense. Prone to completely going off the deep end.

Background: The General served a good leader, being of a high rank and trust. Milky'd eventually off his liege to take over his position and everything under him.

Abilities: Nothing innate. However, he has brain, cunning, and lots and lots of tools and manpower.



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