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RP character: Kato

Rogue Fox

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Name: Kato

Race: Fox (Cerenian)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Cerinia

Fur Color: Blue fur. White fur on face, tail tip, center of body, and inner ears

Eye Color: Sky Blue which glow when using his telepathy

Innate Abilities: Telepathy

Learned Abilities: Piloting skills, Martial arts, Weapons training, Survival skills

Clothing: Kato typically wears a black and blue bodysuit containing lightweight armor. He wears a helmet containing a communications relay and an eyepiece that provides tactical information. He also wears a pair of black gloves and a utility belt which holds a variety of items.

Weapons: Kato is skilled in a variety of weapons including blaster, beam sword, and staff.

Jewelry:  Kato wears a silver heart shaped double-sided locket on a silver chain. The locket contains a picture of Krystal on the one side and of Kayla on the other.

Relations: Krystal (cousin) Kayla (girlfriend)

Personality: determined, very protective of his friends and family, and also very kind and caring.

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Seems really powerful, along with no back story, or explanation of his strength. Seems to be one of the usual ones that are somehow tied to Krystal, so eh. A character none the less, but could be worked on a lot. =]

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