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Starfox meets their match...


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Ok,here I will post my FanFics and some will be serious...

and others...will not be,ok here's my First FanFic...

Oh,and I work off and on,so you might have to wait a while

for the next chapter to come out...





Chapter 1...Dawn

The Great Fox was on Corneria.It was simply 8 hours after Starfox killed Andross on Sauria and 7 hours after Krystal had joined the team.

But,as dawn broke through the Great Fox,Slippy was up early.


Slippy exclaimed.

He had finally reached level 13 in Call of Duty Black Ops (a game "imported" [smuggled] from the new-found planet,called Earth or Terra) and his Xbox 360 gave up on him,the inside of the console

was melting,you could smell the burinig plastic coming from it. You see,this is why Slippy didn't have enough time to meet Krystal (or as he called her,"Blue Chick" or "Fox's Lady") so,he decided

to go and meet her (Slippy style) now while his Xbox stopped burning,or at least stopped flashing red rings.

"Ho,hum might as well meet that new girl,damn why don't I just get breakfast while I'm at it?...MMMMM Waffles!"

Slippy muttered.

He quietly made his way through the winding corridors of the ship,and was careful not to wake Fox,Falco,or Peppy from their deep sleep.If they were awake...they would not be happy...


Falco quietly muttered in his sleep.

Slippy giggled and recorded that on his handy dandy "Palm Cam" so everyone could watch it to the chagrin of Falco.After that he quietly made his way along the hallway.

So he kept on going and ended up in the Lounge/Kitchen room.He found Krystal there,asleep on the couch with nothng on except for her green sweat pants and a white T-shirt 2 sizes too big.

Why was she dressed this way? Why do you ask? Well if you must insist,Fox didn't have time to find female clothing so he let her use Falco's old clothes instead...and Falco didn't know.

He said that they would find her suitable clothing tomorrow,and he said that 7 hours ago. Which means that he has to find her clothes today.

Oh well,that's besides the topic!

Ok,Slippy was now formulating an idea... a devious one at that. It was an old-fashioned camp trick...the hand in a bowl of warm water trick...God,what made Slippy so socially inclined? I'm going

to let you figure out why. So he was already done with filling up the bowl with the warm water,wait that was an understatment...the water had steam coming off it.

Krystal had just came to Corneria and she wasn't accustomed to their ways and such,so it was obvious that she didn't understand Slippy's motives for doing this...oh and she woke up the minute

Slippy entered the room.That was a natural defense that telepaths developed over time.So she was simply lying there with her eyes closed,questioning Slippy's next move and thought.So she was there

wondering,litsening and when her hand hit the water...this is what happened next...

She did not react the way a person generally did when that would happen. So she didn't pee herself-instead she said this to him...


She yelled.

She flug her arms violently and screamed some more. That was enough to wake up Half of Corneria. She reached for her staff,tried to stab Slippy with it,although she missed.Slippy threw the water

straight at her face...if you are a Krystal fan,you'll be pleased to hear that it missed.They chased each other round and round the Kitchen,screaming and fighting.

Fox ran straight in,watching everything. They stopped once they noticed him standing in the large threshold, and pointed at each other.


Krystal yelled.


Slippy retorted.

Falco walked in and responded before Fox could even blink.

"Hey guys...hey Slip,hey Krys,nice outfit."

(His nckname for Krystal is Krys) He said without a hint of sarcasam,and like nothing happened,while everyone's jaw dropped...Falco was humming while making coffee.

"Well that tears it,Krystal come on,we're getting you a new outfit and Slippy,call Robo Butler,I mean R.O.B to clean up this mess."

Fox said.

Krystal walked towards him and he wrapped his arm around her,comforting her.


Slippy said.

Fox flipped Slippy off and continued on his way.


Krystal said.


Fox replied.

"What's a date?"

She asked.

"Errr,I'll tell ya that when we're shoppping."

Fox replied nervously.

Krystal simply laughed and kissed him on the cheek.She read his thoughts. Fox blushed for once.


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i sorta like it, and i don't even read fan fics

Than Stay Tuned for more Sluggsnipa goodness,my dear ajc3000fox.


Chapter 2...SHOPTASTIC

Joyslen Satiana was the cashier for the local "SHOPTASTIC" botique store,she didn't really care for the clothes in here or the people that came in,arguing and returing crap that they said it would

be "Perfect" for them,or family members. She dealt with the worst fashionistas imaginable. One time this chick came in and when she was up front and ready to pay with only one item,she kept on

b!tching about her friends and gossip and stuff that Joyslen was oblivious to so she kept the line behind her held up for 20 minutes and then the fashionista got a message from her boyfriend on

her phone saying that he wanted to break up with her,needless to say, 20 minutes later she left the building in tears,that stained her overused eye shadow.No,the only thing Joyslen cared about was her

her fat paycheck at the end of the long month.

So,as 2 Vulpines entered,one with a GREAT sense of fashion,whom she half recognized. And the other Fox who was in clothes for a slob or a man (same thing for Joyslen) with torn up boots...

Joyslen guessed that they were shopping for the latter,who was a girl. They both looked 21 in age,but it didn't matter to Joyslen,who just wanted her money.

"Hi,I'm Fox and here's my friend Krystal...can ya reccomend her some clothes?"

Fox was obviously a girl fashion unaware person. So was Krystal.

"Anything but that!"

Joyslen joked and pointed to Krystal's shirt.

"Ok,I guess we'll just have to figure it out ourselves."

Krystal said,turining away from the wasp of a cashier that was Joyslen (no,really she's a wasp).

So Krystal got fitted and Fox bought her a bunch of random clothes that were her size,and Krystal tried them on.

*Cue Cee Lo Green music*


So,just visualize Krystal trying on a bunch of clothes with that music on.

First,she tried on some Beach clothes like Daisy dukes,Tie-Dye T-shirts,and flip flops.

"Nah,we don't live in an episode of Jersey Shore...thank God."

Fox replied regularly.

Then she tried on a Biker-chick look, with a Tank-top,Leather Jacket,Jeans,Berret,and High Heels.

"Errr,what do you think?"

Krystal asked.

"This looks like Katt's style.No."

Fox retorted.

"Who's Katt?"

Krystal replied,feeling left out that she didn't know Fox's web of friends.

"I'll let you meet her and the others today,you should meet them."

Fox said with a happy tone.

Then she tried on multiple outfits and they always said,in unison "No."

The final look she tried on was a great look for her.

She put on a light Grey Hoodie,with a light Pink Shirt underneath,along with some Skinny Jeans,and a pair of Girl Vans.

To both of them,this was a perfect look. So the purchased that outfit and ones like it too.But Joyslen had to scan the merchandise while Krystal was still

in it because Krystal didn't want to go back to Falco's trashy clothes.

As they walked out of the store,the time was already 10:22 and they had started shopping at 8:37.

So, fox suggested that they should by some food to lighten the mood and well,obviously,feed themselves.

Not even a pure second later,Fox's PDA vibrated.

"What's that in your pocket?"

Krystal suddenly asked.

"My PDA,I got a message from someone. Ohh,that reminds me. Here's your PDA."

Fox handed Krystal her PDA.

Fox checked to see who messaged him, and it was...not just one person...

Fox opened his PDA...

Fara Pheonix sent you a message!

Subject: OMG

Text:Omg fox you got a new team member!!I want to meet her now!!

lets get Breakfast together!!! Falco just told MEEE!! Do U like her?


Bill Grey sent you a message!

Subject: New team Member?

Text: Falco and Slippy just told me that you like the team's new

member? WTF is this all about? I want to meet her. NOW,tell me where

to come.

Amanda sent you a message!

Subject: my2tery G1rl

Text:Who tried to KILL SLIPPY,I heard that your new chick tried to kill him!

can I meet her soon?LOL I will defend Slippy cause he's cute...I LUV HIM W/


P.S.:I kinda like Slippy...but you can't even notice!

Katt Monroe sent you a message!

Subject: WTF?

Text:I got a text from slippy saying that the new chick on your

team is evil? WTF,oh and I got a message from Falco saying that

you got a new chick on your team. we need to talk some where.

tell me where!

Miyu sent you a message!

Subject: Ok,What?

Text:Who is this girl slippy keeps on taliking about?

meet me in person and tell me.

Fay sent you a message!

Subject: copy of *Quote Ok,What? Quote*

Text:I basically need you to meet me like Miyu said...


Who is this girl slippy keeps on taliking about?

meet me in person and tell me.


Fox read all of this and left one simple reply to all of them:

You Replied to all contacts!

Subject:Meet me

Text:Meet us at the Trim cafe at 10:30,all will be explained.


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Oh my gosh I love this! In fact, this is like, rofl! I don't think I've read something this funny on this forum in a while. LOVE the writing style! Though at first, I thought it was sloppy, but I pretty much forgot that because it is SO MUCH WIN! :lol: Keep it comin' plz! :D

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Oh my gosh I love this! In fact, this is like, rofl! I don't think I've read something this funny on this forum in a while. LOVE the writing style! Though at first, I thought it was sloppy, but I pretty much forgot that because it is SO MUCH WIN! :lol: Keep it comin' plz! :D

I didn't know that you loved them THIS MUCH. So stay tuned Wolfie.

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Ok,here's the much anticipaited...DRUM ROLL...CHAPTER 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3...Explanations

The Trim cafe was indeed a modest place,it served Coffee,Pastries,various drinks,and what was unusual about this Cafe was that it also served Burgers.And not just any burgers...

they served Bacon burgers,and a multitude of others...but it's most praised burger was their Chili burger. This particular cafe was also a place where the Starfox team usulally met

when there was nothing to do and they just wanted to catch up on news and gossip surrounding the other members. They also met up with non-Starfox members like Fay,Bill,and Fara,etcetera.

So the long time owner,and clerk of the store,Herald Grey (who was also Bill's father) was not suprised to see the crew here,but he was suprised to see Krystal.

Fox came up to Herald and said:

"10 Chili burgers,with 1 coffee."

Herald simply replied:

"This round's on the house Foxy,and I bet you know why!"

Herald said it loud and sarcastically,while he was making hand motions to Krystal. So Fox could be embarassed.

Fox blushed,he knew that Herald wasn't ignorant to a new arrival.

Fox shook it off and walked calmly to their table.

Everyone was staring at Krystal,some with malicious looks *cough* Amanda *cough* . Others with looks of pure excitment,and some with looks of curiosity.

"Ok,here's Krystal. I rescued her from Andross on Sauria. Man,why can't that b@stard accept death?"

Fox said.

"We're friends,just friends,"

Krystal said while stifling a laugh.

"I'm a telepath,and right now Fox think's I'm quite pretty!"

Krystal laughed and the rest of the group followed.

"You're alright,Krystal."

Fara said while patting her on the back.

"Ok,let's not overwhelm her,introduce yourselves first.'

Fox said while his cheeks turned redder than a lobster's back.

"I'm Bill,I knew Fox ever since we were Pups."

"I'm Miyu,I knew Falco and through him,I met Fox."

"Hi,I'm Fay,and err,oh crap I'm soooo nervous right now!"

"I'm Katt,I knew both Fox and Falco in the flight academy."

She winked at Falco.

"I'm Fara,Fox's Ex-Girlfriend..."

Fara explained.Herald gave Fox a little whisle

"Err,Amanda it's your turn!"

Fox hastily replied.

"So,that's why you're so jumpy around me...don't worry,I don't mind."

Krystal said.

Fox relaxed a little. Although it was clear that she was bothered by this.


Amanda yelled.

"He started it,like always. Litsen,Amanda could you like an even MORE socially unaware jerK? Cause I doubt it would be possible."

Falco said to the Frog.


She then began to squeeze Slippy like there was no tomorrow.


Slippy began to croak.


Amanda said.

"Oh crap,fine..."


She said it sarcastically but Amanda didn't seem to mind.

So Amanda's grip on Slippy lessened until Slippy wriggled free of her grasp.

"Whoa,that was a close one...I guess I owe you one Krys!"

"Just stop calling me 'Krys',O.K ?"

Krystal said.

At that very moment,their waitress came over and served them their food,and everyone was hungry and glad that that fiasco was over.

"WTF is this?"

Krystal said while staring in awe at her Chili Burger.


Bill said while wolfing down the awsomeness that lay before him,the GOD of ALL CHILI BURGERS! (Better than Tommy's)

So,Krystal sat down...she took her first bite...And then...AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!

"HO-LY-CRAP...This,is AWESOME!!!!"

She said with a mouthful of chili.

Now,you may ask,why this was so awsome. Well I dunno,You tell me because it's Herald's GREATx4 Grandpa's recipe.It's a family secret. A secret recipe. Like Mr.Krab's formula without some

failure of a theif,Plankton trying to steal it. (Danm,why do I mention SB now)

So,as everyone was tring to overcome the nearing food coma,they spoke of the *speaks in Jack Black's voice* AWESOMENESS *clears throat* .

"What are we gonna do after this?"

Fay said.

"Take a BIG@SS NAP!"

Everyone else said.

Fox,who's mind was shattered in two,was thinking of 2 things: His last meal,and if Krystal thought HE was attractive. He suddenly remembered that she was a telepath.

His mind raced...


Fox looked at me and slapped my face. Hard.

Then,the group split up,and Krystal gave them her PDA number and vice-versa.

So,as the Starfox team was driving home,SOME SH!T HAPPENS:

"How did your date go,FOXY?"

Slippy said.

"Godanmit Slip, I WILL STOP THE CAR RIGH-"

Fox was interrupted by Krystal.

"It went well,Slippy,and I might as well ask you if you like Amanda or not!"


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Chapter 4...We made you.

Krystal spent a great deal of time with her PDA that night,she stayed in the lounge because her room wasn't prepared yet (Either that or she'd have to sleep with Slip). She stayed up,resarching pop

culture,and she found out that a great deal of pop artists were...not her style,but she developed a liking for Eminem,Florece and the Machine,and the Black keys,and some other Independent bands.

She fell asleep with her PDA in her hand and Headphones in her ears.

She woke up early,this was a habit that started when she was growing up on Cerina to work on her Parent's farm.


She suddenly had an urge to listen to some Eminem,so she chose the "Randomizer" button on her PDA's DJ app.the song was We Made You by Marshall Mathers (EMINEM) and Jessica Simpson.

She started to sing along.


"When you walked through the door it was clear to me.You're the one they adore,who they came to see. You're a,Rap Star.Baby,everyone wants you. who can really blame them? We're the ones who

made YOU!" She sang.

Fox suddenly walked in like always,to get coffee. Then when he saw Krystal dancing around in lingere (I DON'T KNOW IF I SPELLED THAT RIGHT!) and singing Eminem,he started singing along.

"And that's why,my love,you'll never live without,I know you want me baby. I can see you checking me out! And girl I know,I know you want me too,don't try to deny it baby,I'm the only one for


Fox sang with a sly grin.

Krystal was suprised,so she decided to stop and wonder why Fox had just came in.

"You like Eminem? Danm,I never knew that!"

Fox said.

Krystal blushed,she was wondering why he started to sing with her.

"Well,I never knew that either."

She retorted.

"Well,what happened last night? Some weird transformation?"

Fox said.

"Something like that,all I did was listen to songs,and research pop culture."

She replied.

"Music can do that!"

Fox said.

They both crashed on the couch,and laughed nervously.

They moved closer and closer,and when they were right next to each other,when...


Falco came in,grinning.

"Hey lovebirds,GET A ROOM!"

He chuckled afterwards.

"I wouldn't be saying that Falco, *cough* Katt *cough* !"

Fox snapped.

Falco cocked his head back,in awe. He thought Fox didn't know that.


Falco said.

"Slip installed a secret camera in your bedroom,we caught you lovebirds chatting online. And it didn't sound like it was idle conversation."

Fox grinned.

"Well,at least it was just talk,and you two are about to make love on the couch!"

"And,you just met. Player Fox,Player."

Falco said again.

Fox jumped out of his seat. Falco was right. THEN...he thought some stuff.


"Maybe we should get to know each other..."

Krystal said,with her mind racing too.


Everyone was silently screaming until Slippy came in.

Slippy,who was very drowsy and hungry,passed the rest of the team.

"What is that on Slip's-"

Fox was interuppted by Falco.

"Don't say anything. I want to savor the moment,until he realizes it. Then,PAYBACK!"

Falco said.

"I guess my question has been awnsered!"

Krystal giggled like a school-girl.

Because,you see,the object on Slippy's back was a special and unique shirt.If you were speaking to Slippy from the front,it would look like a plain white shirt.

But from the behind,it was ALL PINK,with a photoshopped picture of Slippy and Amanda making out,and words that read: I LUV U AMANDA,BE MINE!!!!!

Peppy walked in,and looking at Slippy's shirt,he asked Falco:

"Who smeared SH!T all over Slippy's shirt?"

Needless to say,EVERYONE (except Slip,who was oblivious to the scene behind him) laughed.


Fox is now teaching Krystal how to fly an Arwing.

"Ok,I got a hang of it...I'm using Peppy's old arwing...It smells like old carrots crawled up and died here."

Krystal said after she succsesfuly flew around an asteroid,and shot another one with her laser,and another one with her Smart Bomb.

So,they got back to their base on Corneria and,guess what? Slippy brought Amanda over. Let the LOLZ ensue.

"So,I was saying,Beiber looked at me and M*THERF*CKING SMILED!"

Amanda was boring everyone with her stories of intergalactic concerts.

(The people on Earth are in contact with Lylat,HURR DURR).

Falco yawned and replied:

"Who is this Beiber kid anyways?"


Amanda said in response to Falco's comment.She was unaware of Slippy's shirt.

"Never say never,Amanda."

:trollface: Falco awnsered.

"I'm hungry..."

Fox moaned. Everyone looked at Krystal.


She screamed.

"Let's get PIZZA!"

Slippy said,breaking the akward silence.

He turned around to get the phone and...Amanda saw his shirt.


Amanda then proceeded to try to french kiss him.


While Slippy was thrown into mortal peril,everyone laughed at his expense.

Wait,laughter is not the word for us,No,they were ROFLING like hell broke loose.

Slippy turned around and...

"HOLY CRAP,FALCO,I WILL MURDER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Slippy violently threw Amanda to the floor and ran up to Falco.


Falco let out a Girlish shriek while Slippy was pounding on him.

Everyone else was Laughing so hard,they were gasping for air.It gets funnier.

Katt,who was an expert locksmith,walked in the front door,and who wanted to make out with Falco,went in the living room,where she heard the most noise.

"Hey Falco...I'm in the mood-OH MY GOD!!!!"

She saw Falco,who was not in the mood,getting beat up by Slippy.


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Ok,fans (Wolf Fang) ,those last 2 Chapters,(in my opinion) sucked.I'm doing a new FanFic and discontinuing the old one. I'm doing a very more serious one,about my FC,Daniel Black.

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Well, I've posted dumb stuff before too. And believe me, I have been HAUNTED by them ever since. :lol:

It's the kinda stuff that makes me go :facepalm:

Lol, gee, this is really encouraging. :trollface:

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My new Fan Fic about my RP characters Jenna,and Daniel is below.


The Ballad of Daniel Black

Chapter 1...The Sun Came Up...

But no more worries...

Rest your head and go to sleep,maybe one day we'll wake up and this will all just be a dream...

That day was very sunny,very bright,maybe that was his imagination,or it was Titana's sun beaming down on them,like any other normal day. People came and went,they crossed the street,went to the

Carniceria (butcher shop),they passed the market,a normal day,like always. He was 8 at the time,care free and unaware of the coming hell. His parents were concerned,they were watching the news.

The reporter said with no emotion,not a thought for the poor souls she was talking about. She was acting,but the rest of Lylat didn't seem to care. They said there would be warinings of bombings

and violent attacks made by the Ex-Lyatian scientist,Andross. He made several strikes against cities earlier this month,and all efforts to stop him were futile. There were rumors that who ever

worked with him in the past would be targeted,and there was nothing they could do to stop him. Daniel's parents, Susane and Juan Black,who were lions,worked with Andross on a secret "Black Ops"


They were to set up an experimental weapon in the Rebel's HQ.The mission was a failure,it turned out that the weapon backfired and screwed with every living thing's sanity within it's damage radius

luckily,Susane and Juan were out of the damage radius the moment it was activated. Everyone at the base died. Except for Andross...something in his head snapped and he had to be escorted out of the

base tied up and muzzled. That was the day Andross died inside. The day he lost his sanity...his humanity...and the rest,they say...was history. General Pepper exiled him to Venom,where he allied

with the Venomian people and started a 2nd rebellion against Lylat and the CDF. And then,you know the story of how James Mcloud was slaughtered by Andross and betrayed by,Pigma Dengar. The

day a legend died.

Haunted by their past memories,Susane and Juan resigned and set up a new life in Titana's suburbs.There they married and had Daniel Black,and no other children,because Daniel was a handful already

so they could not think of dealing with another child. Although he was troublesome,Daniel was worth it,he was kind,funny,and had all the traits a common child should have. He was very athletic,but

he was normally a "B" Student. They loved him the same anyways. He's still haunted about what happened that day.

Sirens started blaring and some Black shapes morphed out of the horizon...Daniel's parents rushed out of the house and grabbed him,they started running. Then the real trouble started.

Lights appeared in the sky,blinding anyone who kept their eyes open.Daniel and his parents were running,and then he heard 3 deafaning explosions,like in his action cartoons,so humorusly fake.

This was too real. He started coughing on ashes,still blinded.He felt his parent's hands leaving him. Then,his sight returned.He was surrounded by smoke like,horrible,swirling monsters.He smelled

ashes,and another smell,this was a very curious smell...like the smell of...blood. And here was the sun shining down on him,like it was reassuring him that he was safe. He wasn't. He was a lion,and

without his family,his pride,he was nothing.

"Mom? Papa?"

He yelled and yelled,hoping for a response.

Then the smoke cleared,as if to awnser him,to tell him that there is some kind of hope,but...instead,he found ruins of buildings and burining rubble.Worst of all,he found his parents.They were not

moving...dead. Dead. Dead. He repeated the word in his head,thinking that he was in some kind of horrible nightmare. This was reality. His mind didn't accept it. Not yet. He checked their pulse.

Nothing. His mind finally snapped. He sobbed quietly. He changed. He realized that there was a world outside of his,a much cruler,a harsher world. Hell. It was hell. Like how the preacher described

it.Burning,Total hell. Death.

He started running,away from this hell. But,wherever he went he saw more death and destruction. People dead. Horror. And nightfall was horrible. It's like the ghosts of the danmed rose. He didn't

sleep that night. Then the morining sun came. It was mocking him,taunting him. Like an old friend turned rouge. He fainted from sleep deprivation. When he woke up,he was in some kind of office.

He was lying on some chairs,still in his raggedy clothes.There was a girl next to him,about his age. He didn't recognize her,but she was the only company he had aside from the voices coming from

down the hall. He half recognized that voice. The girl next to him was a wolf,and she was wearing torn up clothes.

"What's your name?"

Daniel abrubtly asked.

"Jenna,Jenna Niclole."

She awnsered.

"Where are we?"

Daniel asked.

"The soldier said it was a custody office."

She said,not knowing what a custody office was.

"He said that since my parents...are..."

She stuttered.


Daniel simply nodded,signifying that his parents were too.They sat there,in akward silence until Daniel asked another question.

"Are we orphans?"

He asked.

"I'm moving in with my uncle in Sitarna."

She said,avoiding the obvious awnser...

"My grandma lives in Sitarna."

Daniel realized that his grandma was his last living relative,all others were dead.

"I guess we'll be neighboors then!"

She said hopefully.

As if it were destiny,their relatves came out of the room,relived that the action of filling out the custody papers were over.

"Mi neito!"

Daniel's grandma said My Grandchild in Spanish.

Both sets of people left the building and drove back to Sitarna from there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 2...Life...

Daniel became friends with Jenna soon after he settled in Sitarna. Daniel also bonded with his grandmother as well. Sitarna was a good place,it was just filled with bad people.Some refer to Sitarna

as the "Hood" or a ghetto. People were mugged,shot,robbed and such. There were many Gangs in the area,but the 2 major ones were always fighting for supremacy over the other,and each gang had one

leader always protecting himself,even from his own men. Daniel wasn't involved with gangs when he was younger,but he was forced to when he was older,due to peer pressure and such.If it wasn't for

the violence in his area,Daniel lived a normal life. He was somewhat popular at the local flight academy and undoubtedly smart. Despite these things,many people that knew him often reffered to him

as that he had "No Mercy" for anyone that crossed him. Due to that,he was often labeled "Volatile" or "Crazy". He didn't care.

At school,Daniel showed a lot of potential in Melee combat,and was an expert marksman. Earining his nickname: the Hunter.His friends,Jenna Nicole and Panther Caruso,were talented as well but they

were more or less toned to being pilots than Daniel. Although Daniel was invlolved in some violence in his area,he never saw any real "Action" until his final year at the academy,when he just

learned that the Star Fox Team had killed the mad scientist,Andross. He cheered for them,but he felt as if he was the one to destroy Andross. So as he and his friends were walking to the market

discussing the StarFox team and the defeat of Andross,this happened...

"That guy had it coming."

Jenna said.

"No doubt,it was about time."

Panther replied.

"They're academy dropouts and younger than us!"

Daniel humourusly said.

"By one year,so they're like 22."

Jenna replied.

"They must've had help."

Panther said.

"Well,that Mcloud guy is the son of James,so he must be a freakin natural!"

Dainel added.

They kept walking and now they were halfway there.

"So Panther?"

Jenna asked. Panther nodded.

"Isn't this past your pretty boy curfew?"

Jenna continued.

"Oh,quiet Jenna,because I'm rich doesn't mean I have to obey my parents."

Panther snapped.

"Stop fighting,you two."

Daniel chuckled.

Then,a huge truck pulled up to the curb and out came some gang members,they were heavlily armed and covered head-to-toe in crude armor.

This is friendly territory... Daniel thought. AW,CRAP THEY'RE COMING FOR THE BOSS!

Daniel realized that the boss of a friendly gang was nearby,and he was a good friend to him.But wait...another figure stepped from the truck.

That's...oh no,that's not THEIr boss...Kobalt Teufel (YAY FOR CRAPPY NAMES!)

"Get behind some godanm cover..."

He commanded his friends,and they understood.Daniel pulled out his knife,and went into an alleyway.

He sprinted through the filth behind the buildings,ran up to a patrolling soldier and stabbed him,he died with a yelp.

"What the hell was-OH CRAP!"

One of his comrades yelled,and he opened fire on Daniel with his G11 Pulse Rifle.Daniel quickly grabbed the fallen soldier's weapon,a Plasmid Commando rifle and shot a few rounds towards the

assailant.One shot peirced the soldier's helmet,right above the neck.


One of the soldiers screamed,but it was too late,the plasmid reached the soldier's chest before he could take a second glance at his attacker.

Daniel knew he still had the element of suprise.The soldiers were making their way up to through the streets and wasting every unlucky soul that came into their sights. Daniel climbed up and on

to a balcony,and leaped from fire escapes,more balconies,and platforms to catch up to the makeshift army that was crawiing through the streets.Then he approched a sniper on a rooftop. Daniel

slowly and silently approached him,with his knife barred. Then,when he was right behind the sniper,his gun dropped,giving away his position.The sniper quickly turned around and lunged at Daniel.

Both men toppled over each other and began to fight. The sniper took a hard uppercut to the jaw and a kick to the shin. he got right back up and tossed Daniel aside like a ragdoll. Daniel yelped

in pain and fear. The sniper grabbed his discarded knife and kneeled by Daniel.

"Did you like being a hero, kid ?"

The sniper asked Daniel cruelly in a russian accent.Daniel grabbed the sniper's hand and tossed him to the floor.

"Yes,I did. Now,enjoy your stay in HELL !"

Daniel crushed the toppled over sniper and gasped in fear. This was scary,very scary to Daniel. Killing came natural to him,no remorse,no regret. Like the predator he was. Daniel walked away from

the mess he made. In shock,Daniel still went on. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as naturally as the blood in it did. Now,he was right above the group of ragtag soldiers.The sniper Daniel had

killed had supplied him with a few cylinder shaped grenades,probbaly chemical grenades...He threw one,the gas spewed out violently and was the color of vomit. The soldiers winced,gagged,and fell

down,dead. Dainel knew it was in his blood to kill,after all,he was a Lion. But the idea didn't sit well with him,he felt as though he was torn,and the predator in him was winning. He was right.

The predator in him was coming out. The gas lingered for a little longer,accompying the sound of muffled screams and groans. Daniel smiled a cruel,sadistic smile. He suddenly felt overpowered

by himself,and he fell back,but when he came to his senses,There were 7 figures running from the cloud of toxic gas. Daniel fired at them,but he was too late.As the gas cleared,a lone,coughing

soldier stood in the remains of his fallen allies. He aimed his gun at Daniel and fired. Daniel hurled back,firing his gun in confusion. His shoulder felt as if it had been peirced by a razor-sharp

blade,then a dark red fluid began running down Daniel's arm. He was shot. Daniel cried out and looked back at his attacker,who was now dead. Daniel hung his head,and slowly and agonizingly crawled

down a fire escape. He fell,in exauhstsion. He looked over his shoulder and saw a house,Daniel half recognized it but he was blinded from pain. With the little amount of strength he had,Daniel

wrapped his jacket around his wound,wich would at least slow the bleeding. Daniel felt a tiny bit better.

He sighed and stared at the house again. He recognized it now. The Boss's house,his HQ. Daniel stared in disbelif,but then the dead silence was broken by gunshots. He heard a screams.

He heard a painful,deathly note,and two very frightened screams,one by a male and another by a female. Daniel limped slowly,but steadily towards the building,but while he was still limping,Police

forces had already grouped around the block,searching for bodies and soldiers. One officer glanced towards Daniel. He rushed over but Daniel refused his help. The officers made a perimeter around

the house,giving displeased glaces at Daniel and yelling:

"Get back here,you can't play hero!"

The officers pleaded him,but they realized he would just have to be another victim in this battle.

The police were slowly moving in on the house,but 3 figures appeared on the balcony of the house. The authorities aimed their weapons at the figure who was holding the other 2 figures at

gunpoint. Daniel took cover by a wall,expecting to hear gunshot rings in his ear but he was greeted with the sound of a German's hostile voice.

"Stop,do not shoot,or I vill vaste zeh hostages!"

The imposing figure barked.

Daniel turned and saw that the speaking figure was Kobalt (who was a menacing white Jackal),who was holding a male Panther and a female wolf at gunpoint. Daniel's mind raced. He knew he had to act

now. Daniel didn't even bother litsening to the officers cries of disagreement when he ran into the house,with all eyes watching. Daniel spun into the house and found a figure bleeding in a corner.

He recognized him,the Boss. He had been shot multiple times in the arm and legs,and was left to die. The Boss was a large Pug,which seemed strange that he was the leader of the most powerful gang

in all of Sitarna. He was slumped in a corner,looking as if he'd been through hell and back,Daniel sighed and flipped him on his back,and checked his pulse...he felt a small throb,another,and

another,at regular intervals,the Boss was unconsious,but still alive. Daniel shook him awake.


"Danmit,boy I was better off dead!"

The Pug spoke in a southerner's voice.Daniel chuckled and looked away,thinking that he would expect a guard at any moment.

"I took care of them mothafuckas,it was Kobalt that got me,finally..."

He coughed blood and stuttered.

"He's got my friends,what should I do?"

Daniel asked.

"When I die in yo bigass arms,yall go kill Kobalt."

The Boss said.

"Danmit,what are we gonna do without you?"

Daniel and the Boss laughed,although their lives were in danger.

"I guess,Paulie better take over,he's been planning ya know?"

Boss replied.

"No Paulie isn't that dedicated,and I found his ass workin for the other team,no I got someone else in mind..."

Daniel repiled harshly.

"I'm nevah gon put your ass in charge Danny,don't even think about it!"

Boss snapped and flinched.

"No,not me,I wanna go do some otha shit...but you gotta get Niko in charge,and don't give me BS old man."

Daniel replied,Niko was the Boss's son who was neglected by his father and still was enthusiastic about taking his Dad's place.

"Alright,I guess the boy's gonna have to be in charge,to continue the legacy."

The Boss replied,and he stopped bleeding.Then the Boss started coughing,and wheezing and sputtered his last few words:


His sentence abrubtly ended and he slumped back to the ground,his last motion was passing his revolver to Daniel.

Daniel grabbed the weapon and walked up to the stairs. He heard voices,he figured that Kobalt was using his remaining guard as a negotiator,while he was in the room with Panther and Jenna.

He heard cries of disagreement,and harsh laughter,and as he climbed to the foot of the stairs,he could make out the voices. He reached the top step,and he had a clear shot of the negotiator.

He pulled the trigger of the revolver. Bam! the fiend fell and a scream was heard. Daniel ran into the room,and he found Kobalt with his tied up,and gagged friends. Panther seemed fine,

except for the fact that his clothes were stained with the dead negotiator's blood and his sweat,Kobalt was grinning a sadistic smile, and Jenna had her shirt ripped off with her bra exposed.

"Oh hello,Black,I was about to truly enjoy the presence of your friend here...Jenna,is it not?"

He poked Jenna in the back and grinned.

"Yes,she vill bring me great Pleasure ..."

He stroked her hair and got up.

"No one lays a finger on her,you German freak!"

Daniel knocked him back,and tackled him.

Kobalt kept grinning a sadistic smile,while punching Daniel and getting up again,he kicked Daniel and screamed. Daniel raised his revolver and shot at Kobalt. It missed,bout it gave Daniel just

enough time to get up. Daniel pounced on Kobalt and gave him an uppercut to the jaw,and took out his claws,he then began to slash Kobalt's face.Kobalt kicked Daniel,and picked up the negotiator's

discarded pistol,and aimed at Daniel's arm and fired,Daniel yelped,and he forced himself to get up. Kobalt smashed objects from the room on Daniel's head and laughed victoriously.He raised his

pistol and emptied it's rounds into the ceiling. Daniel paused and grinned,he greeted death like an old friend. Kobalt grabbed his knife and motioned towards Daniel.

"Ah Black,do not worry about the girl,she vill be treated vell,although I cannot say the same for lover-boy over there."

Kobalt smiled and lifted the knife. Jenna screamed.

Daniel raised his revolver as darkness closed in. With the little amount of strenght he had left...he pulled the trigger.Then,it was as if time had slowed down,Daniel veiwed everything


Kobalt's head lurched forwards,the bullet getting closer...

His face is penetrated by the bullet...

The knife is dropped...

Gory,bloody,peace,darknesss,death sets in...

Daniel opened his eyes,thinking he would see the face of God,but all he saw was Jenna,Panther,and his Grandmother standing beside him.

"Did we all die?"

"Nope,we almost did."

Jenna replied.

Daniel was realized he was in a hospital bed,his arm was stitched up,and bandaged. His friends were holding flowers and such.

"The doctors said you'll make a full recovery,they're putting you on bacta."

Jenna said.


Daniel coughed.

"Don't get your hopes up,but about 1 week that bacta is very stro-"

A figure entered the room,Daniel recognized him as Niko.

"Hey big man,I heard you're boss now."

Daniel said.

"Yep,thanks for convincing my faggot father..."

Daniel glared at him.

"Your father was a great man,don't you ever diss your papa. He gave his life for you."

Daniel smiled and so did Niko.

"My pop wantedd you to have this."

Niko passed an object wrapped in cloth to Daniel. Daniel unwrapped it and found the Boss's revolver.

Niko nodded and walked out of the room while Daniel was staring at the gun like it was the greatest gift he'd ever got,like he was still that same innocent child.

It's empty in the Valley of your heart,

The sun, it rises slowly as you walk,

Away from all the fears and all the faults you've left behind...

But I have seen the same,I know the shame in your false defeat,

But I will hold on hoping,and I won't let you choke on the noose around your neck...

And I'll find strength in pain,and I'll change my ways,and know my name as it's called again...

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Chapter 3...The Call

Even though Daniel was faced with the last horrible ordeal,he completed school and graduated from the academy with his friends at his side. Jenna was granted a

ship due to her grades and frequent requests. Daniel purchased a fighter off the black market and found a run-down carrier that he now uses as his "HQ". Panther

stole a custom ship from a former Star Wolf member, Pigma Dengar. They each joined forces and created a mercenary team now known as "The Hunters". They completed

each "Job" they did with ruthless and brutal efficiency and gained a reputation as being cold-blooded killers. They often fought against Pro-CDF forces due to

political and strategic reasons. The CDF hold a brutal grudge against them,without a doubt. Despite what's been happening,Daniel's grandmother still remains in Sitarna

and Panther is still rich. The Hunters are now taking refuge in their Carrier,on a Dry Dock (a dock for,ya know,spaceships) in Northern Corneria.

Northern Corneria...

In the Living area of the Ship...drum roll...Daniel and Panther were watching TV (how exciting!).

"Any calls?"

Panther asked Daniel. He was wearing jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt,Daniel was wearing the same thing,but wearing sweat pants instead.

Daniel stared blankly at the TV screen for a moment,then turned to Panther.

"Nope,not one danm ring."

Daniel yawned.

"I have an itchy-ass trigger finger,if we don't find work..."

Panther paused.

"Hell,I'm sorta glad. I can see mi abuleita ."

Daniel replied.

"You and your grandma,you can just call her!"

Panther moaned.

"I'm just looking out for my loved ones."

Daniel said emotionally.

"Oh well,here comes one."

Panther sarcastically said as Jenna crawled into the room.

Jenna was wearing nothing but a bra,panties,and a jacket.

"How was sleep?"

Panther asked sarcastically.

"Ugh,shit,Daniel I think the heater in my room is broken."

She ignored Panther's comment,leaning over Daniel.

"No,it's working,it's just that you keep wearing nothing in bed,and it's almost below 0 degrees outside."

Daniel motioned towards the window,which was covered in spring frost.

"What's on TV?"

Jenna asked Daniel,climbing on the couch and sitting herself between Daniel and Panther.

"Same old boring news,the StarFox team might be doing some merc stuff,blah,blah,blah."

Daniel said while putting his arm around her,she snuggled closer while Panther snarled.

"Look at us,our prime,25 years old and we're wasting it on a couch trying to conserve body heat."

Panther said.

"I'm fine,I need a break,that last job on Zoness was tough."

Jenna replied.

"All we needed to do was disable a power station,but since it was friggin raining,it felt like we were fighting off a small army."

Daniel moaned.

"Turn off the TV,my ears are bleeding because of these BullShit ads."

Jenna said while gently patting Daniel's chest.


Panther commanded the TV. It turned off.

"Ahh,will Panther ever find a girl like you?"

Daniel questioned.

"I'm sure. He'll find some nice chick."

Jenna chuckled while taking off Daniel's shirt.Daniel leaned in and took of her jacket. Then they started kissing,forgetting that Panther was watching them with a mix of disgust and jealousy.

"Can you guys please stop making out on the couch?"

Panther pleaded.

Then, a shrill mechanic sound echoed through the carrier.

* RING * * RING * * RING *

"I'll get it."

Panther grabbed a small,circular,metal device and pressed a button.General Pepper was projected on the TV screen.

"Hello Hunters..why are you not decent for a hologram call? I can't belive I'm asking help from you..."

Pepper gestured to Daniel and Jenna.

"What do you want us to do that your precious Star Fox Team can't?"

Daniel snapped.

"I'm going to make this simple and quick, Hunter ..."

He said Hunter like it was some kind of disease.

"They're occupied with personal buisness,and I need the SharpClaw overthrown,they're killing our field operatives. We need one of their leaders..."

Pepper made a horizontal line on his neck with his finger and hissed.


"Sauria,the capital."

The figure said.

"You will recive help,and if you succeed in doing this,your crimes will be cleared and a large sum of money will be given to you."

Pepper continued.

"But,if you fail me,a bounty will be placed on your heads..."

He looked desprate.

"What do we have to do,exactly?"

Panther was puzzled.

"You have to cut off all supplies the SharpClaw has,and to kill their secondary leader,known only by his alias,Spines,the rest will be taken care of by our forces."

The General replied.

"Meet our agent at the Zagard cafe,you can't miss him,but be careful,do not cause alarm."

The General's image faded away and the screen turned to black.

"Come on,let's get go-"

Daniel was interuppted by Jenna.

"I need to call Lynch,my cousin."

Jenna had not grew up alone,she shared her uncle's home with one other person,Lynch Nicole,her younger male cousin. The whole team cared for him,and Lynch was obssesed with their adventures.

He also was concerned for Jenna's well being,she was the only family member that understood him,he often felt isolated without her company. He's currently a 17 year old,living in Sitarna.

"Alright,here you go."

Daniel passed her the phone.

"Call Com Number 123789-156."

Jenna commanded the phone,it buzzed and sounds were heard.

"Hello? Jenna,is that you again?"

Lynch's voice sounded relived,as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

"Hi Lynch,I might not be able to call you for a while,I have a job to do."

She replied.

"Be careful,and don't cause too much damage!"

Lynch joked,although he knew that their lives were in grave danger.Jenna laughed,and smiled.

"Hey,I can see you on the other end,I'm using the Vid/Audio chat."

Lynch continued.

"Getting down with Danny?"

Lynch made the typical wolf whistle,and Jenna blushed.

"Yeah,you could say that..."

Jenna said while shooting Daniel a glare,and Daniel raised his hands in innocence.Jenna laughed again.

"Yeah,gotta go,see you soon."

Lynch said with a bit of hesitation.

"See ya."

Jenna sighed and hung up on Lynch.

"What did I do?"

Daniel asked.

"Nothing,you know I'd never get mad at you,of all people ."

Jenna got up,spreaded her legs apart,and yawned. She stared at Daniel,and then to Panther,and back again.

"Well,we gonna go or not?"

She said while watching them both drool over her.

"Fine,we'll go."

Daniel said while awaking from his self-inflicted trance.

Don't want to hear about it

Every single one's got a story to tell

Everyone knows about it

From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

And if I catch it coming back my way

I'm gonna serve it to you

And that aint what you want to hear

But thats what I'll do

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