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Darius Angel

Prince Elite

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Name: Darius Angel

Race: Anthropomorphic Red Fox.

Birth Planet: Corneria.

Date of Birth: 12 years prior to the Lylat Wars. (12, 20, 21 and 23-24 years old during Lylat Wars, Adventures, Assault and Command respectively)

Current Residence: Sargasso Colony.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200 lbs

Build: Well muscled.

Eye Color: Azure Blue

Fur: Dark Brown, with lighter fur around face.

Clothes: Long, Dark Brown pants. V-Neck, Dark Brown T-shirt. Black boots. Black Jacket with two white stars on each collar. Blue-Black leather trench-coat with white symbols on back and arms (civilian use only).

Family: Mother, Tasmyn Angel. Spoiler: Father, James McCloud. Half-Brother Fox McCloud. Maternal Aunt, Jasmine Farrar (née Angel). Uncle, Jack Farrar. Cousin, Tony Farrar.

Alignment: Good

Career: Former pilot, Cornerian Army. Current Profession, Bounty Hunter.

Personality: Darius has a very militaristic mind. His term of service in the military having given him a strong sense of leadership and camaraderie. He has a high level of competitiveness and enjoys challenges. However, he does have a sense of overconfidence and this does leave him occasionally biting off more than he can chew.

Weapons: Darius flies a modified black Arwing called The Angel's Wing. It is based on the standard military design of an Arwing with some improvements made by Darius himself. The Arwing is equipped with two dual-laser blasters and is capable of holding six nova bombs. The Angel's Wing is equipped with advanced stealth technology which allows Darius to enter enemy territory unnoticed. Darius' ground weapons include a combat knife, a Medium-sized power sword, a self-made heavy blaster pistol.

Strengths: Darius is a highly trained pilot. He is also a trained marksman and swordsman. Darius is an accomplished martial artist and as such, is very good at hand to hand combat.
He is also a proven military leader, and is immune to telepathy.

Weaknesses: Darius can at times, be extremely overconfident in his abilities. He also suffers from depression.
Darius also suffers from several medical conditions. One of which results in Darius having an increased sensitivity to pain, and the other resulting in a decreased rate of healing. This leaves Darius more susceptible to injury.

Background/Bio: Early life. born 12 years prior to the events of the Lylat Wars, to James McCloud and Tasmyn Angel. Darius was raised on Corneria by his mother. He was unaware of his paternal lineage until he was seven years old. He learned that his conception was a result of his father having a one-night-stand with his mother. But he remained unaware of his father's identity.
Darius attended school on Corneria and during his school life, he became friends with several people and this developed his sense of leadership. He would also develop an interest in sport, and in particular, Marital Arts.
An exceptional student, Darius finished his primary education at the head of his class. He was offered a scholarship at a well respected high-school at the onset of the Lylat Wars. Darius accepted, and began his secondary education.
Darius' school life was very simple. He devoted himself to his studies and sports, but made a few key friends along the way. At grade 10, he began exploring suitable careers, and, inspired by the achievements of the Star Fox team. He was very interested in becoming a pilot. But he also had ideas from becoming a professional Marital Artist.
Darius finished his secondary education, again, at the top of his class, and was expected to attend Cornerian University. But Darius decided that he would rather become a pilot instead.

Training at the Academy: Darius was accepted into Cornerian Flight Academy, and was put into an experimental training program. This program involved use of a new technology that allowed pilots to train at a faster rate. This was partially successful as Darius completed his full training in a mere two years, but the program however, was discontinued as several of the users began to develop horrific mental conditions.
Darius however, showed none of these, and was put into service at age twenty, as a lieutenant.

Military Service: Lieutenant Angel was put under the command of Captain Jason Copeland, serving as his executive officer. Together, with two other pilots, they became collectively known as the Inferno Squad.
Darius became good friends with Captain Copeland, and his two squad-mates avian John Barley, and vulpine Christina Winters. During his service, he took up bodybuilding and raised his weight to 200lbs.
Six months after his posting, Darius and the rest of his squad were called on an emergency mission out near Sector X. Another squad had come under fire from a pirate cruiser.
Being the closest available unit, The Inferno squad was called into action.
Unfortunately, the cruiser put up a terrific fight and managed to use a secret weapon to its advantage.
The situation was grim for both squads, they were out of options and had no means of escape.
In the ensuing battle, the team bravely fought the pirates, and Darius, in a moment of pure brilliance, used a rarely known tactic to destroy the cruiser.
The battle won, they returned to Corneria, and Darius was given a medal for his achievement. The commander of the other squad, upon learning Darius' full name, and seeing his eye color, called him the Azure Angel. A nickname that followed him since.

Several weeks after this event, and away from prying eyes, Darius and his squadmate Christina Winters formed a romantic but quiet relationship.

Darius was honored twice during his next six months of service, once for saving the life of a Colonel, and the other for rescuing stranded civilians from an exploding space station. He later discovered, approximately eleven months after his first deployment that Ashely Winters had fallen pregnant with his child. He accepted and welcomed the prospect of being a father.

However, Darius' life took a turn for the worse. Approximately one year and thirty days after his first deployment, The Inferno Squad came under attack from a group of rebel pirates. Despite a valiant attempt to fight off these attackers, The Inferno squad buckled under the assault. John Barley was killed inside his own ship, and Christina Winters suffered a mortal wound. Darius also suffered horrendous injuries during the battle. A relief force arrived in time to force the pirates away. The remaining Inferno Squad members were brought before a medical transport, but the physicians were unable to prevent the death of Christina Winters (and therefore her and Darius' child.) She died holding his hand, and he refused medical attention to be with her. He slipped into a coma shortly after Winter's death.

Darius was brought to Corneria, where the medical staff estimated that he would not survive his injuries. However, he lived on and eventually woke from his coma in time to be offered the chance to undertake part of an experimental treatment programme for a supposed miracle cure which could heal any flesh injury including the severe burns he had sustained. Without much prospect of a normal life, he volunteered to take the treatment.
The healing agent worked, but the medical staff noticed several abnormalities affecting Darius' brain, upon further testing, the medical staff diagnosed that Darius had developed a condition that increased his sensitivity to pain, and lowered his body's healing rate. This, coupled with the fact that Darius soon gained clinical depression, led to him requesting and being granted a medical discharge.

Post-Army life: Darius lived for two months on Corneria, recurring nightmares of the incident ensued, and his mental health declined greatly. He saw many psychologists to try and control his depression, but however, in his mind, he knew the only way he would find closure would be if he found the person responsible for the attack. Darius applied and was accepted to become a bounty hunter, and began to investigate the attack, and who was behind it. After a month, Darius located the pirate leader in the Sargasso Space colony.
Darius, revenge on his mind, and not caring about the consequences, flew to the colony to assassinate the pirate leader.
He entered the colony, located his target, and violently dispatched him, in full public eye, avenging the death of his girlfriend and unborn child.
After the pirate leader's execution, Darius was taken into custody and brought before Wolf O'Donnell. Wolf harboured no negativity toward Darius, and did not punish him in any way. Instead, after learning of his story, he offered Darius a job on Sargasso as his personal bounty hunter. which Darius accepted.

Darius remains under the employ of Wolf O'Donnell and the two have a gentle friendship of sorts. He is on good terms with Wolf's team mates and occasionally fills in as a fourth wingman for the team.

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Looking pretty good there Elite! I enjoy how well you've developed Darius's back-story and personality especially :D. You're off to an excellent start! :) .

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Whoa! That's quite the Background congrates! *claps*

Very cool character!

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Thanks, i think I might just put him in one of my books.

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Thanks, i think I might just put him in one of my books.

Cool! By the way, i added a little to Rex and D'vante's dossier. Just a little something. I dont know i I'll do anything to Stacker's yet.

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nice work SFE i'm glad to xee how well you've developed Darius' story since we last spoke. keep it up :D

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