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StarFox: Maho no Hakai


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Heh heh~

Before I start, I just want to say that one of the characters will be from a previous fanfic I posted here, but her story and profile will change. (Her name was Silvertail, but now her name's Asami.)

Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

NOTE: You might see some Okami references.... :lol:


What a busy day today.

It's almost like I get no break!

I walk over to a table.

A note?

I start to read it.



I don't know anyone named Aunt Kame.

Is she my real aunt, or simply someone who likes to be called that?

I contact Peppy.

"We've got another one, Pops."

When I hang up, Krystal is on the line.

"I received a signal from Sauria. We'd better meet up."

What perfect timing.

Chapter 1: Hidden Family

(Fox's Point of View)

I had a weird dream.

It consisted of a young blue fox (and when I say blue, I mean pure blue.) with 9 tails and fireworks.

The fox was riding on the fireworks, and many colors burst into the dark sky.

When the firecracker that she was riding on had burst, she landed on her two feet on the cold ground.

The blue fox then took out a caligraphy brush.

The brush grew into size until it was about her height.

With the gigantic brush, she drew a symbol in the air.

A circle.

The circle turned into the sun, and it was daytime.

My vivid dream ended there.

Getting out of bed, I looked in the mirror.

Fox McCloud.

Leader of StarFox.

Nothing seemed different.

Eating my breakfast I looked at my teammates.

Falco, the Ace Pilot.

Krystal, our telepath.

Peppy, the elder.

Slippy, the loveable mechanic.

There were 2 seats empty.

"Peppy, did the table come with 8 chairs?"

"I believe so."

I had a feeling that a new member could join our ranks.

Departure time.

We got into our Arwings.

The feeling of flying through space was unbelieveable.

Landing on Sauria, we met up with Tricky.



Tricky then pulled out a scroll.

It was green with a lime green border.

On the scroll, the words "Magic, Earth Faction" were written.

"A civilian told me to give this to you."

"Do you know the person's name?"

"Someone named... Kame, I think."


It was her again!

I opened the scroll.

Ancient drawings of dragons, herbs and plants had been drawn.

Unreadable letters were scattered across the paper.

It almost seemed as if the drawings were alive.

Tricky then pointed to a cave.

"The person came from there. Maybe you should check it out."

We said goodbye to Tricky and headed for the cave.

It was dark, like my dream.

Slippy kept on tripping over random objects, ranging from my foot to a huge rock.

"Look, A light!" Krystal exclaimed.

There it was, an opening leading to a low cliff.

Sparks flew all around in the air like fireflies.


It was just like my dream.

A blue fox was riding on a flying firecracker.

"Now that's one crazy fox," said Slippy.

Just as expected, the firecracker that she was riding on exploded, and she landed on the ground flawlessly.

Everyone claps.

She doesn't seem surprised that there were people in front of her.

The blur fox takes out a brush.

As she drew a circle in the air, a smile grew on her face. She really enjoyed this stuff, didn't she?

The circle gives off a pure light, and it becomes day again.

She then says....

"I wish light returned to our village, just like this cliff... don't you wish that as well, cousin Fox?"

Chapter 2: The Forbidden Magic Society (魔法ã®ç¤¾ä¼šã‚’ç¦æ­¢)

(Fox's PoV)

This girl was....

my Cousin???

I never knew her!

"C-Cousin? You mean we're....."

"Yup. I'm your cousin alright, ~masu*."

She was very young, maybe around 8~11 years old.

Nine tails, light blue fur, and a bright look in her eyes.

She carried a VERY large scroll on her back, and it was similar to the one I had received from Tricky, except for the fact that mine was much smaller.

The scroll she was carrying was blue with a light blue border.

On the scroll were symbols that even my translator couldn't even comprehend.

She was flat-chested, and she was wearing pants that had one short leg on her left, and a long leg on her right.

Her shirt was green, and she also sported an orange sash tied around her. One sleeve was long, while the other was short.

My cousin speaks.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd come with me, ~masu."

"To where?" Slippy asked.

"To a certain place."

My "cousin" took out her brush and wrote something on the ground.

She touched what she had drawn with her hands, and a teleport portal was formed.

Scientists in Corneria were in the process of making a long-range teleport device, but all of them had failed.

She could do what the scientists couldn't.

In a flash of bright light, we landed on soft snow.


Was this Fichina?

"Welcome to the Mirage Dimension," says my Cousin.

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Heh heh~

Before I start, I just want to say that one of the characters will be from a previous fanfic I posted here, but her story and profile will change. (Her name was Silvertail, but now her name's Asami.)

Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

I don't think I know you,but AWESOME FANFIC! It definetly reminds me of Okami,although I never truly played it.

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