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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Date: July 3rd

Time: 1:15 AM

Location: Las Vegas, NV

It has been weeks since the 4th DoA (Dead or Alive) tournament was held worldwide. Things have not changed for most of the combatants that have participated in that tournament...except for one person who claimed the champion's title, Zack. He was a funky DJ who always spends some time with his girlfriend, Niki, who can at times be very worried about Zack when it came to his decisions and money. After DOATEC has collapsed and the tournament was closed, everyone decided to go back to their homes and let the darkness contained from DOATEC slip by from their minds...

...They probably won't see what is coming to them shortly as the next day will arrive soon.

Chapter I: You're invited!!

In the noisy and busy streets of Las Vegas, Zack and Niki in the white limousine was on their way to a casino to spend some money Zack won from DoA4 into a Roulette game he loved to play. When the limo parked near the red strip that connected to the casino's entrance, Zack paid his driver the money and watched as one of his assistances opened the door for him and Niki to get out of and walk on to the strip and enter the casino.

"I hope you don't bet it all like last time..." Niki in a worried tone whispered to Zack.

"Relax, baby!! I'm always in a lucky mood to win!" Zack said with a cheerful smile as he got out of the limo and waited for his girlfriend to get out.

As they both had their fancy shoes on the red carpet, Zack letted out a breather and walked inside to the casino with Niki behind him. She looked around the casino to find Zack's favorite Roulette game so he could bet his money there and 'Hopefully' win more cash.

"Hey Zack...is that your favorite game right over there?" Niki asked while pointing her finger to the electronic scoreboard which stood near the Roulette wheel.

Zack looked, nodded his head to his girlfriend and preceded to the table with the wheel. There he saw a marble which spun around counter-clockwise with the wheel with some chips placed near the numbers '8' and '22' on the table. The ball stopped on 30 and the dealer took the chips away from the table and saw Zack & Niki who were waiting to make some bets.

"Please place your bets" The dealer called out.

"Hey Niki! Ya think I should bet all my money on the double 0?" Zack asked.

"Please...choose something different, Zack. You're not gonna win on that number many times..." Niki said.

"She says yes!!" Zack said, forking out most of the money he had to the dealer. He added "All on #0!!"

Niki did not say anything, nor did she gave any expressions. (She probably didn't know Zack placed all his money on 0)

The dealer placed a coin on the '0', spun the Roulette wheel very fast and threw the marble in there, spinning very fast in the opposite direction of the wheel. All Zack could do was hope the ball would stop on 0...

"Oh my gosh, I can't look!!" Niki cried out with her eyelids shut tight. Zack patted her on the back and still watched the ball spin...soon, everyone was looking at the wheel.

The ball's speed began to decrease and Zack was shaking his left fist up & down for luck... as the ball slowed down, it stopped moving and landed on something green. Everyone around the table gasped, even the dealer.

Zack said "Girl...I think you may want to open your eyes and see this."

Following Zack's instruction, Niki opened her eyes and looked on the electronic scoreboard to see a '0' being shown, she then looked on the table to see the chip on '0' and finally looked on the wheel to see the ball was on the '0' border. Niki letted out a gasp and yelled

"You did it, Zack!!!! Oh my gosh... I...I..."

"I told ya we win, didn't I?" Zack said with a sheepish grin.

"I don't believe it!!" Niki said.

The dealer got up out of it's chair and said to Zack, "Wait here while I go unlocking the vault to get your cash." and then the dealer left from the crowd who went wild over Zack's winning bet.

"I think you know what I'm gonna do with that cash, Niki!" Zack said.

"What...are you gonna do?" Niki asked.

"I'll bring back my island again and invite the female combatants to spend time there!! They won't even know it's a trap again!" Zack said with a short and loud laugh.

"But Zack...we've been getting nothing but the girls to stay at your island. Don't you think..."

"Invite the male combatants as well? Sure!! Then our island will receive popularity and everyone will want to go there!! Niki, you are a genius!" Zack said and joined in the crowd by break-dancing near them. He added "Oh and by the way...our new island will be named Exotic Zack Island!"

* * * (9 hours later...)

Location: Unknown at this time

'Dear guest,

Me, Niki and Fame Douglas have invited you to enter the DoA5 tournament on Exotic Zack Island to prove that you still hold the courage to the champion's title!

To show that this letter is approved by the DoA maker, Fame Douglas, I had made him sign his full name on this letter in signature form:

*Sloppy signature here*

I hope you will enjoy your time at Exotic Zack Island and I wish you luck on your way to DoA5.



I read the letter on my way to the plane that was about to depart from the airport to Exotic Zack Island, walking slowly as I bumped into a very few people along the entrance. They asked me to put the letter away and then they guided me into my seat for where I would be for the flight. After I sat down across from the plane's entrance, I watched as more people got into the plane and were guided to their seats. There was in order from my view:

An old man with white hair who appeared to be in his 60s dressed with a black robe with animal fur on his arms & legs

A student of some kind with yellow-ish hair who was dressed in some karate clothing and had to be at least 16 years (He sat in the front with the old man together)

A girl with purple-ish hair who looked young (Probably 16 years) and was dressed with a dark purple Kunoichi robe and had a light purple-ish bandana around her head

There was more people coming and they were kinda close together so I couldn't describe any further...

* * * (After everyone took their seats...)

By now there were no more people coming, so I decided to stare out the window near me on the left side of the plane and watch as it was ready for takeoff. Everybody in the plane introduced themselves (Even though they knew each other) except me, I preferred to stay quiet since my mind was already focused on the tournament.

"Ayane, you should ask who that newcomer is near you." Said a male who was dressed in a white robe, Hayate. (He sat across from me and the purple-haired girl in the back of the plane.)

Without being whinny or objective, the girl next to me tapped me on the right shoulder and waited for me to face her.

"What's your name?" Ayane asked.

I said nothing.

"Ahem." She tried to get my attention.

I still said nothing.

"You don't have a name, do you?" Hayate asked since he knew Ayane would be trouble if I didn't respond to her.

I shook my head.

"So you DO have a name, yes?" Ayane asked, her temper began to rise.

I did not respond.

"Maybe it prefers not to share it's name?" A black ninja who sat next to Hayate, Ryu Hayabusa suggested.

"Well, if that person is not giving me it's name, I think I'm gonna call it 'Zero' since it won't talk." Ayane said.

I sighed for a bit and faced the window again to look at the clouds that pretty much covered the view below the aircraft.

"So it's name is Zero, Ayane?" A girl in front of us asked who wore a wrestling outfit with a mask that covered her face. (Her name was La Mariposa but many people refer to her as “Lisaâ€.)

“No, it has a real name...I just think it won't open it's mouth and share it.†Ayane replied and started to fall asleep.

Soon, everybody in the aircraft was silent and they probably didn't want to say a word until they arrived at the island. Suddenly, an announcement came on over the speakers:

“Dear guests, we are arriving at your destination very shortly. We thank you for boarding the 'Black Hawk' airlines and hope for you to win the tournament.â€

“I can't wait to see what the island is like.†Hayate said to himself.

“It's probably another one of those traps set by Zack...†A girl with orange hair said who wore her blue “Shinobi dress†with her name stitched on the back of it and had short puffy sleeves on her arms. (Her name was Kasumi and she sat in front of Hayate and Ryu.)

“What makes you say that?†Hayate asked.

“Because before you and the rest of the guys arrived there, me, Ayane, and the rest of the girls spent 14 days at Zack Island. It was not paradise...there was no rescue coming, we had to wear thin swimming suits and...thats it.†Kasumi explained.

“Sounds like my kind of my place...good thing I came with you guys.†A man said in a sort of drunk tone who wore a white long sleeve T-Shirt, some brown pants and had white hair. (His name was Brad Wong and he sat with Lisa.)

“...That's...kinda creepy there.†Hayate responded, not knowing whether the comment was directed towards Kasumi or Brad.

“Now come on, I don't you guys to ruin my fighting spirit by saying we're all being set-up!!†A male shouted out who wore mostly cowboy or American clothing and had yellow hair. (His name was Bass and he sat across from the old man and his student.)

“Yeah guys, show us your spirits!!†A female joined with Bass. The female wore jeans, a cowgirl hat and boots and a bra which had the blue and white stars on the left and the red and white stripes on the right. (Her name was Tina and she was Bass's daughter. She sat with him.)

Soon, everyone on the airplane went into the argument and it just kept getting heated up, it would never end until someone decided to ragequit out of the debate. I tried my best not to get in the heat but hearing so many people's arguments going through my mind is just killing me.

“THAT'S ENOUGH!!!†The old man yelled out in the plane. (His name was Gen Fu)

Everyone immediately became silent and the argument was finally over, now I could focus on the tournament again without having any claims of a hoax running in circles around my mind.

“Sheesh, how can any of you people say that there is no tournament at the island when we aren't even there? Even if the ladies here have already been to Zack's island twice, we all can't assume it's a trap unless we actually set foot there and found it out ourselves.†Gen Fu explained.

“All right...let me just prove that I think the island is a set-up, all right? No arguments? Good, now...who here has kept the letter from Zack?†Lisa asked.

Everyone in the plane replied “Not me†and shook their heads, I said nothing as always...although I still had the letter in my right pocket. Suddenly, I felt as if someone slipped their hand through the pocket and tried to swipe the letter...I saw Ayane holding the letter in her left hand and she said to me before handing the letter to Lisa:

“It's only for a moment.â€

I didn't bother trying to get the letter back.

“OK, first of all...Mr. Douglas is dead, so unless his daughter Helena confirmed a DoA5 tournament, then this marks part 1 of a set-up. Part 2...look at Fame's signature, it looks like as if Zack tried to copy it from one of Mr. Douglas' documents and messed it up horribly.†Lisa said while examining the letter.

“Yeah, I couldn't even read that sloopy bloopy writing.†A girl said who wore a jacket made out of jeans materials, some fancy shoes and...jeans of course. (Her name was Hitomi and she sat in front of Brad Wong.)

“Finally...there's a alien sticker on this which is what Zack loves to dress up as.†Lisa concluded.

“So says the person who doesn't believe in aliens.†Tina said.

“God...if this argument heats up like last time, I am so going to unleash my rage at them all...†A man mumbled who wore a orange vest, camo pants and some military boots. (His name was Bayman and he sat behind from Bass and Tina.)

Lisa did not respond to Tina seeing as it would resume the argument that happened about 3 minutes ago, so she sat back down, handed the letter back to me and sighed. I putted the letter away and waited until the plane arrived...

* * *

Location: Exotic Zack Island

“Isn't this great Niki? My island is back up again and I won't be afraid to do some gift shopping for the guests!†Zack said with a smirk who was looking at the ocean from the balcony's railway.

“Yeah it is, Zack! Although you have to admit...it will be difficult trying to please the girls again since they know about this...†Niki said who was near Zack and holding a glass of wine to drink.

“Don't worry about them, just wait a few days...and they'll like this place! No complaints to be sent to me! And if they want to leave the island...TOO BAD!!†Zack said again, tapping his wine glass with Niki's and taking a small drink of it.

“Well, there's their plane. Let's get ready for them...†Niki said, finishing up her drink and walking back inside Zack's mansion.

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Date: July 4th

Time: 2:00 PM

"Is it just me or do I get the feeling I'm being spied on, no matter where I am and what I do?"

Chapter II: Paradise

The aircraft begin to fly downwards but for some reason when I saw most of Zack's island...there was no road for the plane to slow down on and then drop us off at, it was just sand and some palm trees soaking in the sun.

"Well folks, this is as far as I can get, hopefully one of you know how to land without injuring yourselves." The announcement came from the pilot and then it pressed the button which opened up the floors beneath our seats...we were all going to fall down and land on the island.

Soon, everyone including me fell at least 125ft from the sky and were falling down towards the sand, all I could do was hope there wasn't any coconuts in the sand so it would hurt our heads very badly.

"THIS IS WHY I NEVER TAKE SKYDIVING LESSONS!!!!!" Bass yelled out while keeping his legs straight in sideways form.


I briefly shutted my eyes and then my body landed on something soft while I heard the others land on something soft as well.

* * * (A moment after I opened my eyelids)

Everyone around my surroundings were gone and nowhere to be seen, but I didn't care too much since I'm not the person who gets all upset because he was all by himself. Feeling the heat rising up as the sun's rays intensified, I decided to take off my shirt, socks and shoes, and pants so I wouldn't go suffering a heat stroke or some other heat related problem...then I decided to go wander near an parasol so I could stay in the shade and relax for a bit underneath it.

I sat down in the lawn chair and listened to the calm waves that were soaking up the sands a little near from me and then the seagulls that were flying around on the island...maybe this place ain't so bad to be in, but it makes me wonder if I should take the girl's speculation that this island is a trap or not...nah, I wouldn't want to be those “Conspiracy theoristsâ€.

As I took a breath of fresh air from the island's trees, I heard someone shouting out somebody's name in the distance...I didn't know what the name was until the voice grew louder and someone got closer.


The voice sounded male and angry...I wouldn't want to mess with whoever is shouting out those words although I am a bit of a experienced fighter who knows...well, let's just say I know fighting. Looking around my surroundings, I saw Bass riding a water jet ski in the waters...I didn't see any other people in the watercraft other than Bass, so I can't say he could be racing someone.

Just then, an announcement came from the speakers with a bit a screech that hurted my ears...

“Testing! Testing! Can anyone hear me? Good!! This is Zack speaking...did you all really think there was a DoA5 tournament here? HA HA HA, you silly monkeys...I gotcha again to stay at my island!! And'll say it looks better with the men now here than just the women who have already been at my island a few times. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! Now that you all are here, rescue ain't coming for ya for 14 days...there's plenty of food and drinks everywhere in the island but I can't tell you where they are...and you may want to wear your swimming suits, you know...to get a tan? Avoiding heat problems? Swim in the island's pool? I think you guys get the ideas...anyway, I hope you enjoy yourselves on Exotic Zack Island for 2 weeks. This is Zack speaking...now signing off!!â€

My dreams...my dreams of winning the 5th tournament have been destroyed once I heard there was no DoA5 here. I was angry so much I would punch something to get rid of that feeling, even if pain meant much to me...but I couldn't stop myself from listening to the waves and seagulls as they somehow relaxed my mind like a drug.

Assuming that everyone else has heard Zack's announcement, I would imagine hell breaking loose...but my friends always say to me “Sometimes...on the first day of a vacation or whatever, people ain't gonna act civil to anyone. If you manage to wait a few more days...things will start to chill out.â€

Feeling it would time to go get some rest, I got up from the lawn chair, carried my clothing with me and decided to walk to the forest where I guessed the hotels will be at...it was a little surprising to see my feet weren't hurting me since whenever I walked on grass and dirt, they always seem to ache.

Seeing a tall building not far from me, I walked ahead and opened the double doors which HAD to be the hotel we all were going to be sleeping at. The interior was much colder than what it was outside because of the air conditioning built in...it wasn't cold enough for me to get a hypothermia.

Looking around my surroundings again, I saw a door on the right side near the fireplace that said “Indoor pool, spa and hot tubâ€

I nodded my head, opened the door and saw a pool that probably measured 20' X 38' along with a small hot tub which blew steam and was about close enough to the pool. Once again, I was by myself...nobody was here. Perhaps they were asleep in the hotel, on the beach or doing something else other than sleeping.

I walked over to the hot tub, putted my clothes near the bench, got in and sighed in relaxation as the hot water soaked my skin.

* * * (Inside Leon's room in the hotel...)

"All right, your move." Bayman said while moving his rook in the corner of his side to D1. He was playing Chess with a friend...or rival (Nobody knows what they really are.) of his known as Leon who wore just some tannish-colored jeans.

Leon had to think for a moment since he's had his knight taken and about 2 pawns taken as well...

... .... ....

He moved his bishop downwards to take Bayman's rook which put Leon into a advantage for now.

"Your turn." Leon said and waited for Bayman to make his move.

He moved his queen to F4 and was about to put Leon in check but it would not happen because of a pawn that is still resting there.

* * * (Outside in the beach vollyball cout...)

"So wait...how do we play this beach vollyball game?" A man with brown hair asked who wore some yellow swimming trunks and knew the style of fighting much like Bruce Lee. (His name was Jann Lee)

"Simple! Together as a team, we have to score the most points against them." The girl with black hair said who pointed at Hitomi and Kasumi and wore a white tank top and some shorts. (Her name was Leifang)

"Keep in mind though, this isn't basketball. You have to first bump, then set, then spike!!" Hitomi added.

"...OK, I'll try." Jann Lee said while making a few breathers to make sure he was ready to play.

"Ready? Here we go!!" Leifang said who tossed the vollyball to Jann Lee.

* * * (Back in the hot tub...)

After awhile, my body adjusted itself to the hot tempurtures and and sighed in relaxation again as I still sat in the hot tub. Suddenly, I heard a door open and some footsteps could be heard...louder and louder as someone got closer to me.

"So...if I'm not mistaken, your name is Zero as Ayane said...yes?" A girl with some french accent said who had blond hair and was wearing her swimming suit. (Her name was Helena Douglas)

She climbed into the hot tub with me and sat across from me.

I nodded my head to answer her previous question.

"Now I know you can only respond with yes or no questions but...is it true you never talk? Are you really mute?" Helena asked me.

I shook my head.

"Whatever. Now go ahead...and relax while you can." She said and closed her eyes.

Figuring it would be time to get out and find my room in the hotel, I decided to stand up, get out of the tub, dry myself off and walk out of the pool room. It was odd that Helena didn't seem to act sad as her father was dead many years ago...I could only guess thinking about it would haunt her.

Leaving the pool room, I entered the lobby again and decided to take an elevator which by the time I got inside...it had a list of floors along with the names of guests and where their rooms were at, pretty inovative I'll say.

Searching for my name, I was located on the 2nd floor and on room #17. I then pushed the button that made the elvator go up to the 2nd floor...waiting a few more minutes, I arrived on the 2nd floor and went to left since that was where my room was. Turning to the right on a door that marked "17", I twisted the cold metal knob open and saw someone in my room who was staring out the window...it was Ayane again, only in her swimming suit.

She noticed my presence and she turned to face me.

"Oh, it's you again." She said with her arms crossed.

Figuring that being mute to her would not solve anything, I said:

"Yeah...it's me again."

"So you're not mute after all? Should've known better." She replied.

"My mind was focused on the tournament, that is why I didn't talk." I said.

"And you realize that Zack made that bullshit up, just to drag us back to his island?" She asked.

"I didn't know...until he announced it. I'm sorry..." I said and walked near my bed to lie down and nap.

Ayane shook her head and walked out of my room, then closed the door and walked down to the lobby and then to the beach.

'Well, guess it was no time to ogle pretty girls...' I thought and closed my eyelids to sleep for some time.

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Time: 1:00AM

Chapter 3: The beginning of vacation

I was fast asleep in my room while I was waiting for the next day to come so I could...perhaps talk to everyone on the island and maybe make one of them my friends, but probably knowing them (Or at least some of them), they may not want me to bother them. Oh well, being some attention horse doesn't do me any good but I won't care.

As I layed quietly in my bed, I heard a knock on my door and then some footsteps which had to wake me up due to some facts I can be paranoid. I didn't know who was there...and I was in no mood to talk since I wanted to sleep in for the next morning.

'All right...who should I visit next?' I wondered in my thoughts while going back to sleep.

* * *

Date: July 5th

Location: Zero's room

Time: 9:21AM

Day 2 of Exotic Zack Island

Experiencing a weird dream which involved me surrornded in a enviorment of ice and glaicers, my alarm clock went off with the simple and non-ending 'Beep, Beep, Beep'. I woke up, rubbed my eyelids and saw Hitomi who walked in my room and turned off the alarm for me while she was still in her PJs.

"Good morning, sunshine!" She said to me with a smile.

"Uhh..." I replied with a groan and then asked "Wha...what are you doing here?"

"I was hoping you and me together could make breakfest for all us guests. Would you like to give me a hand?" She asked me while I got up out of bed and decided to go in my closet to change clothes.

After I changed my shorts, I came out of the closet and answered "I guess although it depends what you're making..."

"Toast." Hitomi replied.

"That's it?" I asked again.

"Well Zacks got all the cereal stocked up so if the guests don't want our toast..."

"Hmm...I have an idea. How about we make our own hot-and-fresh-out-of-the-over bread?" I interuppted her.

"Sounds like a great idea!" She agreed and left my room and proceeded to walk towards the elevator. She stood by and waited for me to catch up to her.

"Now...where exactly do we go to eat?" I asked while I waited for the elevator to come up.

"We go to Zack's diner which is right near the pier. Not too far from here." She answered.

* * * (Near the pier...)

A young woman who sat on the warm sands near a palm tree with shades was looking at the view of the ocean as the water was calm and flowing to the east direction. (Her name was Christie and she had white hair.)

She didn't seem eager to talk since she was cranky at times and was not always 'The person you should chat with'. Although it's still unknown as to why she came to Zack Island the first time, she thought going this time would be for her best...ever since her job as an asassian doesn't always go well and she would never get a vacation.

"Hello!!" A young Japanese girl excalimed while walking to the diner when she saw Christie. (Her name was Kokoro and she had black hair.)

Christie didn't responded, she continued to stare at the ocean.

The Japanese girl thought it would be better not to strike a conversation with someone who doesn't respond unless they were involved in a crime or knew something that nobody knowed about. Kokoro stepped on the mat while opening the door to the diner in which the other guests were supposed to arrive at...thankfully, many of them were there except Hitomi and me.

"Any idea where Hitomi could be?" Ryu asked while staring out the window.

"No clue." Kokoro responded and walked to the left side to sit in the booth next to Ayane who sat across from Helena.

"Zero's not here either..." Kasumi added who sat in a booth behind Ayane.

"Who cares? I'm glad you're here with me..." Brad said with a creepy smile while he looked at Kasumi. (He sat across from her.)

'Does that creeper ever shut up?' Ayane thought.

"Well, all we can hope is that Zero and Hitomi will plan us something good to eat." Hayate said who sat with Ryu.

"Yeah!! I'm tired of eating cereal and shit!!!" Bass shouted out loud.

"Just hope Zack doesn't get here." The young man said who sat across from Hayate and Ryu. (His name was Eliot and he had Yellow hair.)

As the conversation passed on, me and Hitomi opened the door to the diner and saw that everybody was here at the diner...Ayane noticed me and then looked out the window because...I guess that's her nature, staring out the windows cause looking at glass is nice. (That's just me.)

"They're here." Ryu said who didn't even look at us.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious!!" Tina shouted out.

"All right everybody shut up...me and Hitomi will be making some of my own hot-and-fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. It'll be awhile, so could I offer some coffee to anyone?" I asked.

Everybody at the same time said "Yes."

"All right...Hitomi, you go and make about 25 cups of coffee while I make my stuff." I said and walked in the kitchin to prepare to make my own bread which I guaranteed that everyone will enjoy it.

"Bread huh?" Bayman said with a small laugh who sat with Kasumi.

"I wonder how that's going to feed all of us...make it mega-sized?" Kasumi wondered.

"If Zero knows what's the plan, then I will assure it'll become a major success not only to it...but us." Helena said.

Soon...Ayane became bugged of hearing the name "Zero" mentioned in many people's conversations and chatting. As she did her best to ignore it, she couldn't take it and yelled

"Can't you all be quiet about Zero for a moment?!? Geez..."

"What do you have against that person, Ayane?" Kasumi asked.

"All of you people get so hyped up about someone who hasn't even been on Zack's Island, EVER. How do you know Zero will make great breakfest and be a friendly guest to talk to?" Ayane said.

"You know, you're rather acting immature yourself, Ayane..." Hayate said.

"Even if we don't know Zero, I'm sure it'll come up with good food since not many of us here know how to cook..." Lisa said who sat on a stool near the counter.

"Just give that person a chance, Ayane...don't go blowing your mind up with hatred." Kasumi said.

She sighed and stared out the window again...many people could tell Ayane was in no mood to be hearing anymore conversations about me, despite them continuing the chatting.

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

“If you gotta shoot, then shoot, don't talk!!”

Chapter 4: Zack attack!!!

20 minutes were in as I carefully packed the ingredients for my bread to serve to everyone. I knew they probably weren't patient with me and my long time I am eating up but I had to hope they had faith in me...well, I don't expect everyone to have trust and faith to me since...there's a bit of cranky people there.

“What's taking Zero so long?” Christie asked in a bored tone while taking a sip of her coffee.

“I can go check on that person if you want...” Hitomi offered in a friendly tone.

“...Fine.” Christie replied and stared at Bass who was arm-wrestling with Tina.

Hitomi got up out of her booth and walked into the kitchen to see I had a huge-sized bread which it's smell started to spread in the diner.

“It's done.” I said while carefully holding the pan with my oven mitts and while I was walking out.

“Smells good right over there.” Hayate said who stared at Ayane who didn't even want to make some eye contact with someone.


“Can't you just calm down for a minute, sir?” Eliot said who had his ears covered up from Bass' yelling.

I putted the bread pan on the counter, took the bread out the pan and began slicing it up to pieces. The bread knife Zack used was a bit dull but still sharp at the same time, I hoped it would not ruin the taste.

Suddenly, all of us heard a knock on the entrance door with two figures outside the diner. None of us bothered to say 'come on' so we waited to see who came inside...and if it was someone bad like a bandit, raider or something, we just beat the shit out of it until it no longer functions itself. The door opened with Zack and Niki who walked in the diner with both their smiles on their face.

“Zack?! What are you doing here?!” I said, finishing up the slicing.

“I just heard you were making the guests something, so me and Niki decided to check it out and try it!!” Zack said with a grin.

“Smells great in here!!” Niki said in a cheerful tone while walking near the plate with slices of hot bread.

“Is that what you made there, Zero?” She asked.

I nodded my head.

“Hold on, lemme try it out before you guys can have it!!” Zack said, dashing near the counter and swiping a piece of bread off of the plate. He blew his hands since the food was hot and he wanted to take a bite of it quick. He chewed with his mouth closed and tasted a piece.

“...Mmm...MMM!!! This stuff is fantastic!!!” Zack said, taking a gulp.

Niki obtained a piece and tried it out herself, chewing and chewing the food in her mouth.

“...This is good food there!” She said, gulping.

“Can we get our slices now? I'm getting tired of-” Helena was interrupted by Zack.

“Sure you can!!” He said with a grin a little bit bigger than his previous one.

“I'll dish it out for you.” I said, grabbing the plate and walking around the booths, giving everyone from Hitomi to Kasumi, 1 slice of bread...Ayane didn't seem interested in it.

As everyone took a bite out of my bread, I received over a mouthful of compliments to how my food was very good.

“This stuff's great! Are you a chef or something?” Gen Fu said.

“I love it!!” Eliot said.

“It's just like feeling my own...wonderful melody!” Helena said.

Everyone else gave their compliments to me...except Ayane.

Kasumi said while tearing her piece of bread in half and handing it over to Ayane over behind the booth:

“Hey, give this a try. I'm sure you'll like it.”

“No thanks.” Ayane replied.

“Oh come on, Ayane! Almost everyone likes it here...why don't you give it a go?” Hayate asked.

“Fine. For you...Hayate-san.” She said and took the piece from Kasumi's hand and started to eat it up. Soon enough, Ayane became a little bit happier when she finished eating up.

“It's very good, Zero.” She said without even looking at me.

“Thanks a lot, everyone.” I said without minding Ayane who was not looking at me directly in the eyes.

“You know...I've got an idea. Since you're so good at making food here...could I maybe assign you as the island's chef? Think of the wonderful possibilities!!” Zack asked.

“I don't know, my mind is a bit old at remembering stuff...” I said, scratching my head.

“Nonsense! You knew how to make bread without even looking up a cookbook or the internet!” Zack said.

“Well...I'm not sure. Let's wait a few days before I go making up my mind.” I said.

“All rightly then, your loss.” Zack said.

“Hey Zack and Niki...are you open to questions by any chance?” Kokoro asked.

“What kind of questions? Trvia questions? Too easy. Questions about the island? Yeah.” Zack said.

“Fire away.” Niki added.

“Can I maybe leave the island tomorrow?”

“What for?”

“My mother is kind of worried of me...I think she would flip if I spent 14 days on a island with strangers here.” Kokoro said.

“Strangers? What are you, 5 years old?” Leon asked.

“No, I'm 17...” Kokoro added.

“No you can't leave the island! Sorry, but that's how it goes with me!!” Zack said with a chuckle.

“Can I call her then? At least so she knows where I've been for the past 14 days?”

“Sure, knock yourself out.” Niki said...although she didn't have a cell phone on her.

“Here, use mine.” Helena said who gave her cell phone to Kokoro.

She dialed her home phone number and waited...and waited...

All she could hear was a buzzing sound, not even a voice was heard.

“She's not answering.” Kokoro said.

“That's because there is no reception here!! Ha, ha!!! Howdidcha like them apples?!” Zack laughed.

“Is there maybe internet here?” Bayman asked in a quiet tone.

“Yeah, but you can't call for help on there.” Niki said.

“Why is that?”

“Because this genius here invented a proxy that blocks all social network sites and emergency sites as well!! We can even tell if you're trying to get help!” Zack said.

“So what if I use Google and say I need help? I'd be detected?” I asked.

“Yep. And then the 'good stuff' happens.” Zack said.

I moaned.

“Anymore questions?” Niki asked out loud to everyone.

“Yeah, since you claim this tournament is a hoax...how the hell can we spend some time fighting if there is no prize?” Jann Lee asked.

“You can duke it out with anyone on the island, anywhere, anytime! I won't care!” Zack said.

“When does the casino open?” Lisa asked.

“Later tonight.” Niki responded.

“Will we be able...to...drink some alcohol on this island?” Brad asked who gave Kasumi a creepy stare.

“Of course, at the casino.” Niki said.

“Some of us are under-aged here ya'know..” Eliot said.

“Then we ain't selling it to ya then!!” Zack said.

“How can we buy stuff if we have no money to burn?” I asked.

“Easy. You start with half-a-million Zack dollars!!” Zack said.

“Are they...transferable and usable out of Exotic Zack Island?” I asked again.

“Nope.” Niki said.

“Damn it!!” Bass said.

“2 more questions.” Niki said.

The place grew silent and the ocean waves were taking over the noise along with the music that was playing on the P.A

“Nobody else?” Zack said.

“Yeah uh...is there a Volleyball tournament here?” Leifang asked.

“Yep, but you can't do it by yourself! You'll need a partner in order to participate.” Zack said.

“How do we get our partners picked?” Kasumi asked.

“Well...I can't choose for you guys because that would be unfair. So to get your partner, you'll have to convince them you want them to be your partner.” Niki said.

“All right...last question, then me and Niki go back.” Zack said.

Everything was silent again except for the music and the ambient noise outside the diner.

“Can I fight you?” I asked.

“If you think you got the power, sure!” Zack said with a grin.

“If I win the fight, then what happens?” I asked again.

Zack said a muffled version of 'I don't know'.

“If I lose...?” I asked once more.

“Then you and all of the guests have to spend 14 more days at Exotic Zack Island!!” Zack said.

“WHAT?!?” Bass yelled again.

“I'm just kidding!! So if you lose...you get bruised!!” Zack said and added with a fighting pose of his, “Wanna fight me? Come at me bro! Let's go!! Yo yo!!!”

“Never mind, you aren't worth my time anyway.” I said.

“Chicken!!” Zack said while clucking like a animal.

“I think it's time for us to go...see ya later guests and enjoy your stay!!” Niki said and walked out with Zack who kept on clucking at me because I wouldn't fight him.

The door closed and soon, everyone began staring at me. I'm not sure what they were thinking other than maybe 'Come on, Zero!! Show Zack who's boss!'

I remained silent and sat on the stool near the plate and pan which had no bread on them. Ayane looked at me this time but didn't say a word, I didn't really care about it too much.

“I think our breakfast is dismissed.” Kokoro said who handed the cell phone back to Helena and decided to leave the diner. Everyone left the diner as well which left me the only one inside...most the guests either went to look for a partner, do some sparring, play some volleyball or relax. I decided to leave the diner to sit on a lawn chair nearby to soak up the sun and listen to waves being calm again while they were streaming around the island. I'm thinking about making a plan that I'm either going to wake up early or wait until sundown to watch the sun rise or set since I heard it's very nice and pleasing to look at sunrises and sunsets.

* * * (In Christie's room...)

Christie was in her closet, changing her clothes into some swimwear she kept during a vacation. Once she wore her swimming suit, she decided to lay on her bed and stare at the ceiling above her...she became quite bored and yet somehow relaxed of this vacation despite being to the island 2 times.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door and heard a female voice asking “May I come in?”

“Yeah, go ahead...” Christe replied in a bored tone.

She saw that Kokoro opened the door and walked into the bedroom...she didn't seem to notice that Christie was looking at her and awaiting for something.

“What do you want?” She asked in somewhat of a cranky mood.

“I...I was wondering if you could be my partner for the tournament?” Kokoro asked with a cheerful smile.

Christie paused for a moment and thinked about whether it was a good idea for Kokoro to be Christie's partner or not. Since there was no logical explanation of why Kokoro would be good and she hasn't done too much of a favor to Christie, she added.

“If you don't want me...thats fine.”

“Well...I guess I'll be your partner but don't be expecting me to be happy for you.” Christie said, taking out a magazine to read.

“Don't worry, we'll defeat everybody and win!” Kokoro said in a cheerful tone while leaving the room.

* * * (In Bayman's room...)

Bayman was upset when he not only heard about the fighting hoax but also that he cannot call for backup so he could escape and maybe expose Zack to the public. He was mad that the internet was under very tight control and that anything he tried to do to call for help, 'the good stuff' happens to him.

He sighed and then stared out his window to see the other guests who were either practicing some beach volleyball, relaxing, soaking up the waves or doing some fighting.

“Bayman. It's me, Leon.” Someone called out while knocking on the room door.

“Come in.” Bayman replied and waited for Leon to walk in.

They both sat on the bed and took a deep thought for some time, planning on how they would escape the island without getting in trouble or winning the tournament.

“It's hopeless, we can't escape this tropical paradise...” Leon said.

“So what? I'm sure whatever Zack said about policing the internet is a hoax just to make us scared and not even try to attempt it. I'm going to see if it's true...tonight.” Bayman said.

“Whatever. Now...we partners for the tournament?” Leon asked.

“Of course.”

* * * (Near the beach volleyball court...)

I was still relaxing in the sun while I sat on a chair and putted up some sunscreen on my skin. I rubbed the lotion around many of my areas which I would receive the most burns and decided to look at the volleyball court which had Ayane, Ryu, Hayate and Kasumi playing the game.

“How's it going over there, Zero?” Hayate asked while jumping and spiking the ball to Kasumi and Ryu.

“Fine...thanks.” I replied.

“Would you like to play with us later?” Kasumi asked while bumping the ball to Ryu.

“Err...I'll think about it.” I said and stared at the oceans.

Ryu bumped the ball back to Kasumi and she quickly spiked it over the net and watched it go right past Hayate's right shoulder.

“Yes!!! One point for us!!” Kasumi shouted out.

“Don't get too cocky, Kasumi...” Ryu said and waited for Ayane to serve.

“Here it comes!!” Ayane said and with her left knuckle, she bumped the ball to Ryu and for some reason, he slipped on the sand 'Head first' and the ball dropped near his right leg.

“You all right, Ryu?” Hayate asked.

The ninja got up slowly from the sand and said “...Yeah, yeah I'm fine.”

“All right...let's go then!!”

Ryu tossed the ball to Ayane and she waited until the other team was ready...she said before bumping the ball “Don't hold back!!” and watched as Ryu and Kasumi played 'Hot Potato' with the volleyball.

“Err...guys?” Hayate asked with a small laugh.

“I think I'm about done for the day.” Kasumi said.

“Me too.” Ryu added.

“Good game then I say?” Hayate asked.

Ayane nodded her head.

“Now...have we become partners, Hayate-san? You know...for the tournament?” Ayane asked.

“Partners? Err...” Hayate begin to shake a bit.

“Don't tell me you've selected Kasumi!!”

“Wha...no, no, no...I have...err...Lisa!” He said.

“But I haven't seen you talk to her or hang around together.” Ayane whined.

“I'm sorry Ayane...but, I have to go.” He said and walked away from the court.

“...Ryu? Will you-”

“No, I have Kasumi.” He said, interrupting the purple-haired girl.

Soon, they both left the court and walked away from Ayane who was now the only person there. She began to cry a bit and decided to stare the waves.

I heard someone who was getting ready to shed some tears so I got up quickly and noticed Ayane who was sitting on the sand.

“What's wrong?” I asked while walking over to her.

“It's nothing...” She said.

“No...there's something. Just tell me please.” I said.

“Hayate is a traitor...Ryu too.”

“What for?”

“Me and Hayate-san...used to spend time together and he usually cares about me. Now...I don't think he does because he didn't pick me as his partner.”

I sat down on the sand and held her hand.

“So...he's not your partner?”

“No...” Ayane sniffed.

“Look, if makes you feel any better...I'll tell you something that happened to me that was similar to what you said.” I offered up.

She said nothing.

“Ok...back in high-school, I had many close friends and I always spent time with them, during and not during school hours. The high-school had a tournament going on and everyone was required to have a partner. Since most of the people already selected their sidekick, I knew one of my friends would pick me for being their partner...but as soon as you know it, none of them wanted to be near me and they had already selected someone. It upsetted my heart I found no reason to participate...” I told Ayane.

“So what happened after that?” She asked in a calm tone, her crying probably must've stopped.

“Well...after the school disqualified me, I called my parents to pick me up and take me back to home. They knew I wasn't so happy with the friends I had who would do such a thing...but there's something my father told me when I talked about it.”

“What'd he say?”

“He said that 'Even if you don't get picked by your friends to be their partner, your friends still like you...even if you don't like them or they don't hang around with you much.'”

Ayane paused and remained silent.

“Look, I'm sure Hayate will give you as much care as I can think of when you leave the island soon. He won't be with those other people when you leave with him, Ryu and Kasumi...I'm sure he'll apologize to you and I'm confident that you will retain your reputation with him as soon as you two do a mission together or spend time.” I patted Ayane on the back.

She said nothing again.

“Now come on...I know it's a little long but we'll leave Zack's Island soon. Just be happy we don't stay here for a month.”

“...OK.” She replied.

“Now...let me ask you, would you like to be my partner?” I asked.

She said nothing.

“Don't get those mad thoughts of abandoning and being a traitor haunt your mind...we can do this together. We can show everyone who kicks ass and gets away with it!” I said.

“...I guess.” She replied.

“Good, now last question...would you like to meet me at the casino later tonight? I'm sure many of the guests will go there and I think we could both play some poker and yeah.”

“Yes.” She said and got up to walk away from me.

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