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///Kyle D. Anderson\\\

Name: Kyle Dwayne Anderson

Age: 24

Race: Dragon-Shifter (Normal form is Human/Dragonarian Hybrid, Dragon form is a crimson-scaled Dragon. I'll post a pic later.)

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 145 lbs, 6' 8"

Weapons/Equipment: AR635A2 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, dual Rune Katanas, Multi-Adaptive Self-Regenerating Ablative (MASRA) Armor (Crimson).

Affiliation: Marauder Alpha

Personality: Kind & Considerate when not on an op; cool, level-headed tactician during an op.

Background: Kyle D. Anderson is a Dragon-Shifter - a being capable of taking the form of a dragon. As with all dragon-shifters, he took his first dragon form early on, and has used that form ever since when shifting to a Dragon. Kyle's mother, one Ryukaissen Dragonarian woman named Stathl'en Jek'ari, went missing and was presumed dead when he was a few years old; Kyle's father, one Terran Alliance Special Forces Marine named Thomas Anderson, was a Veteran of the Second and Third Kemoran Wars - when he came home, he was told that his Ryukaissen wife had died and his son had been born in his absence. Grieving over the loss of Stathl'en, Kyle endured hardships and cruelties far too numerable to count - things that Thomas could have stopped, but didn't. Eventually, Kyle was taken from Thomas' custody and forced into a group home on Chevy III. It was there that Kyle discovered his dragon-shifting powers. Kyle, with the help of Anna, a Ryukaissen woman exactly his age, he escaped Chevy III, and went on to be a freelance mercenary. With Anna, and later, a Kemorainian Ex-Con and his former-Faedyr wife - Razuul and Leekudah Tibarik - Kyle formed his team, Marauder Alpha. Kyle married Anna after their op to stop a rebel insurrection led by Colonel Simon.

Physique: Muscular, can endure severe hardships.

Strengths: Stealthy, cunning and skillful. Has an aptitude for using practically any weapon he comes across.

Weaknesses: Tends to be easier to irritate and anger than the others on his team.

////Anna Assinara Anderson\\\\

Name: Anna Assinara Anderson

Age: 24

Race: Ryukaissen Dragonarian

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 155 lbs, 6' 8"

Weapons/Equipment: X60 Assault Rifle, X215 Shotgun, MASRA Armor (Blue).

Affiliation: Marauder Alpha

Personality: Loving and caring, but (like her husband) is a cool, level-headed tactician

Background: Anna Anderson is the Ryukaissen wife of Half-Human, half-Dragonarian dragon-shifter Kyle Anderson, having married him four years ago after Marauder Alpha's op to stop Colonel Simon's Rebel Insurrection. She loves Kyle very much, and would do anything she could to protect him - even if it means protecting him from himself.

Physique: Slim

Strengths: Her body is deceptively slim, but she's got the strength to rival her husband.

Weaknesses: When in a fight, she tends to get aggressive quick.

////Razuul Tibarik\\\\

Name: Razuul Tibarik

Age: 25

Race: Kemorainian

Sex: Male

Weight/Height: 175 lbs, 6' 7"

Weapons/Equipment: X700 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, Kemorainian Plasma Blade, MASRA Armor (Black).

Affiliation: Marauder Alpha

Personality: Looks cold and hard, but is actually a good person - for a Kemorainian ex-con married to a former-Faedyr Assassin.

Background: Not much is known about Razuul and his wife, Leekudah - they met on Kemoran Prime after the second Kemoran war, marrying two weeks before Razuul was sent to prison on charges unknown. Razuul met Kyle and Anna on Antonio VII after he was released from prison, and became a part of Marauder Alpha after the three of them destroyed a rebel outpost. They then went on to rescue Leekuudah from Terrorists on earth, and eventually went on to end a Rebel Insurrection under the command of Colonel Simon.

Physique: Typical muscular body of a Kemorainian (For the record, Kemorainians are snake people with Muscular bodies, five-fingered hands, double-jointed legs, and hooves in place of feet.)

Strengths: His equipment makes him perfect for Close-Quarters Battle (CQB, for you military nuts out there).

Weaknesses: His Close-Quarters fighting style make him ill-suited for stealth ops.

////Leekudah Tibarik\\\\

Name: Leekuudah Tibarik

Age: 25

Race: Kemorainian

Sex: Female

Weight/Height: 175 lbs, 6' 7"

Weapons/Equipment: X40 Assault Rifle, Dual retractable Faedyr wrist blades, MASRA armor (Green)

Affiliation: Marauder Alpha

Personality: Very kind and loving, for a Faedyr as feared as she was.

Background: Next to nothing is known about Leekuudah outside of the fact that she is Razuul's wife and that she is an ex-Faedyr Assassin - it remains, to this day, unknown how she became a hostage of the terrorists on Earth. Whatever her motives, she became a part of Marauder Alpha to be closer to her husband, now free from prison.

Physique: Slightly more muscular than the average Kemorainian.

Strengths: Her skills as a Former-Faedyr are an invaluable part of the team - she often uses them to subtly dispose of her enemies.

Weaknesses: Her subtlety is sometimes ill-suited to given situations

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///Kyle Indari\\\

Name: Kyle Indari

Age: 24

Race: Dragon-Shifter (Appears to be Cerinian)

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 145 lbs, 6' 8"

Weapons/Equipment: MP340A2 Advanced Assault Rifle, Hand-held Plasma Caster, Custom Yaut'ja armor (PCD included)

Affiliation: None

Personality: See Below.

Background: Cerinian Survivor of the Necromyan attack on Cerinia (See my Star Fox: Insurrection 'fic coming soon). Survived the ruins of Cerinia for two years before the Dragonarians found him. Advanced through the ranks of the Dragonarian ODST quickly. Disappeared in an encounter with the Yaut'ja race, where he lived among one particular tribe. The Kemorainian/Necromyan joint attack that wiped out his tribe has left him traumatized beyond the point of insanity. He trusts no one. He hates everyone. His contemporaries would make him as evil as the Kemorainians, but underneath the layers of scars and pain lies a heart of gold for any who know how to reach it. After three years, has learned to tap into his Dragon-shifting powers to gain advantages.

Physique: Muscular, can endure severe hardships.

Strengths: Stealthy, cunning and skillful. His light weight allows for extreme dexterity, and when combined with his customized equipment, makes him almost impossible to kill.

Weaknesses: Unlike the above characters, Kyle Indari's past has left him so traumatized, he has trouble distinguishing friend from foe. When he senses anything he thinks is a threat to him, he tends to lash out. Pissing him off - or making him revert back to his tribal instincts, for that matter - may be the last thing you do.

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While it isn't exactly Kyle Indari, this should give you an idea of what he looks like:


He doesn't normally wander around with his dragon wings extended, but this is (more or less) what Indari looks like. Minus the weapons in his hands.

Anyway, here's a new one for ya:

///Jason Anderson

Name: Jason "Marauder" Anderson

Age: 22

Race: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 156 lbs, 6' 8"

Weapons/Equipment: X700 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle, Modified B1 Battle Droid Blaster (fires Type-3 Disruptor Pulse), Twin Lightsabers (Red, Orange)

Affiliation: None, Contracts with the Marauder Corp.

Personality: A predator in his own right. Watches enemies and allies alike for signs of weakness or treachery. Quick to strike.

Background: Jason Anderson is a man who has seen horrors he refuses to speak. Though not nearly as paranoid and cynical as Kyle Indari, he has his reasons for not trusting those around him. He had intended to join the Marauder Corp - the Dragon-Shifter Military - at a young age, but the transport ship he was on was shot down over a post-apocalyptic world. For eight years, he survived there, finally finding a way off the world and acquiring a ship at the same - a modified Stingray-class Assault Corvette named the Recalcitrant Predator. After he escaped, he met Kyle Indari in orbit, where he retrofitted the Predator with three stolen self-maintaining Borg Transwarp Coils, during which it was revealed to Jason that his father was once a Jedi, and had left his lightsabers for Jason. Within six months, Jason had mastered his powers, and they grow still to this day.

Physique: Muscular, can endure severe hardships.

Strengths: Cunning, skilled, guileful and quick.

Weaknesses: Mistrust of others lends him few allies.

////Recalcitrant Predator

Description (Since I lack a picture): Shaped like a stingray, with turrets facing aft on both dorsal and ventral surfaces. Purple-blue hue to the hull, like a Covenant ship.

Shields: Grade 3 Shields, Dragonarian MASRA armor generators.

Propulsion: Kemorainian Propulsion engines

Power/Translight Drive: x3 Stolen Self-maintaining Borg Transwarp Coils.

Armaments: x1 Kadgeron Torpedo Launcher, x8 Type-IX Kadgeron Phaser Banks, x2 Burst-fire Kadgeron Disruptors, x2 Single-fire Kadgeron Disruptors, x4 aft-facing Kadgeron Plasma Autopulsers

Size: 100 Meters

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Here's a new one for ya, ppl - just don't expect me to use her right away.

///Keesha "Keesh" Indari\\\

Name: Keesha Indari

Age: 24

Race: Cerinian

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 145 lbs, 6' 8"

Weapons/Equipment: RX Mauser M240 Dual-Purpose Assault Rifle, green MASRA armor, gray tank top under camo shirt and black jeans, giving a deceptive country-girl look, twin Lightsabers (Purple, Yellow), wears a gray cloak.

Affiliation: Whoever Kyle Indari is working with at the time.

Personality: Passionate and loving of Kyle Indari, but tends to throw quotes around (much to Kyle's general amusement ant irritation).

Background: A Cerinian Survivor of the Necromyan attack on Cerinia, Keesha "Keesh" Indari was off-world at the time of it's destruction. When she returned to find her love, Kyle, she had learned that he had already left. In an act of desperation, she went across the galaxy to find Kyle. After the Cerinian Home Planet was destroyed, it occurred to her that there was no one left that knew her name was Keesha Thompson, so she branded herself with the Indari family mark, indicating she was unified with a man of the Indari household, and changed her name to Keesha Indari. She eventually found Kyle, suffering from flashbacks of what happened to Cerinia. However, in their brief time together, Keesha was murdered - or so Kyle thought. Through means not even Keesha understood, she awakened from her eternal slumber just prior to her autopsy. To the coroner's surprise, she got up, seemingly-unscathed from what had been a fatal gunshot to the head, and signed herself out of the morgue. Now, she once again hunts for her long-lost love.

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Believe it or not, ballisticwaffles (whether he realizes it or not) gave me the idea for this guy. So, here goes...

///Xherron "Zee" Makreth

Name: Xherron Makreth (Pronounced "Zee-ron Mack-reth)

Age: 24

Race: Reman

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 140 lbs, 7' 2"

Weapons/Equipment: Reman Disruptor Rifle, Klingon Disruptor Pistol, customized/modified Reman Combat Armor w/ Infiltrator-grade PCD, multi-spectrum hunting mask and energy shield, often wears a brown cloak over all of this. Carries trophy crimson lightsaber, but has no connection to the Force.

Affiliation: Whoever hates Romulans

Personality: Typically reclusive, but utterly contemptuous of Romulans. See below.

Background: An ex-prisoner of the dilithium mines of Remus, and a veteran of the Dominion Wars, Xherron escaped the mines, and is one of the few who escaped to another dimension. Having lost his mother, father, and brother to the Romulans' cruelty, he hated them, and as such, was disappointed to see Romulans and Remans working as one where he ended up. Still, what he perceived as this particular 'verse's Romulan's "gullibility" worked to his advantage, and he was able to manipulate them into honing his skills. In training, he specialized in stealth, night ops, infiltration, sabotage, escape & evasion, martial arts, and the repair and maintaining of weapons and armor, Romulan and otherwise. he became a big-time hero of the academy when he killed a Sith Marauder with his own lightsaber. He kept the lightsaber as a trophy, and left the academy afterward, but not before crafting a unique set of armor that allowed him to operate in the day (though he prefers to operate at night). He also included a Dragonarian/Kemorainian Infiltrator-Grade Personal Cloaking Device (PCD) and an energy shield, while his mask allowed him to see in a wide variety of light spectrums and doubled as a universal translator.

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While this isn't exactly a character, it's going to be Kyle Indari's new Flagship, fresh from the shipyards of Kuat and refitted with Dragonarian tech:


Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer REFIT


Dragon's Rage


x1 Axial Superlaser

x500 Heavy Twin Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons

x287 Kadgeron Phaser Banks

x287 Kadgeron Torpedo Bays (Photon, Quantum, Gravimetric, Kadgeron Plasma)

x150 Directed Ion Cannon Batteries


Multiple Overlapping Kadgeron/Particle Shields


17.5 Km


x100 Tractor beam emitters

x5 Gravity Well Projectors

x30 Transporters


x5,000 Gunners

x610,000 Naval Personnel (Romulan, Cardassian, Dragonarian, Kemorainian)

x500,000 Marines (Sangheili, Human, Klingon, Reman, Mandalorian)

x300,000 Commando Droids

x1,700 Pilots

////Fighter Compliment

x20 Longsword REFIT squadrons

x20 Seraph REFIT squadrons

x20 TIE Defender Squadrons

x30 Basilisk War Droid Squadrons

x30 Skipray Blastboat squadrons

x30 StealthX Squadrons

x40 K-Wing Squadrons

x40 TIE Avenger squadrons

x40 XG1 Star Wing Assault Gunboat Squadrons

x500 Regular Incursion Drones

x500 Pilot-assissted Incursion Drones

whew! man, that was a hassle!

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MIght wanna redo your figures there mate. The Soverign class star destroyer has an upwards capacity of only 650,000 men and a fighter contingent of only 52 flights. Either that or make it substancially bigger.

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Done. The original model was merely 15 Km long, so I made it a whopping 17.5. Oh, well.

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I dont think 2.5 Kilometers can make the ship take 500,000 more people... but whatever.

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Well for a first time this is excellent. Mathematically speaking it's a bit off, but it's for RP so who's counting? besides you. :-P

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Well, after some time away, I have returned with a couple of new chars:

////Kyle Bellator

Name: Kyle Draco Bellator

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 6'7", 185 lbs

Race: Human/Dragonarian Hybrid

Sex: Male

Appearance: Slim, but strong. Sapphire-blue dragon eyes, indicating is Dragonarian heritage, with tan skin and dirty-blonde hair. Wears various camouflage clothes under a grey cloak when off-duty.

Weapons/Equipment: RX Phantom P2A1, Model 78 Kadgeron Disruptor Rifle, twin Elite Marauder Blades

Affiliation: None

Personality: Funny, outgoing, like to throw around quotes, much to Annika's general amusement.

Background: Kyle Draco Bellator is a humorous man with much to like. He is a veteran of the dragon-shifter war against the Draconian Collective, and can personally attest to the horrors and atrocities commited by the Draconians. It is rumored that he is the sole survivor of the Draconian attack on B'tari, but only he and his girlfriend, Annika, know the truth. Cool and level-headed in combat, he engages only on his terms. He does, however, break this to protect his love, Annika. It is also noted that he has strange powers and abilities, though no one knows where they come from.

////Annika Dufresne

Name: Annika "Anna" Dufresne

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 6'7", 176 lbs

Race: Ryukaissen Dragonarian

Sex: Female

Appearance: Pink-scaled Dragonarian woman, occasional patches of dark scales on her tail, back and legs. Has amber-yellow eyes, blonde hair and dark, curved horns protruding from underneath. Wears various clothes under a grey cloak when off-duty

Weapons/Equipment: Model 76 Kadgeron Disruptor Rifle, R38A1 Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Yaut'ja Combistick.

Affiliation: None

Personality: Much like her boyfriend, but can get defensive from time to time.

Background: Annika Dufresne, or "Anna" as Kyle calls her, is the girlfriend of Kyle Draco Bellator. She alone knows where Kyle's power comes from, and she alone knows the nightmares he awakens to from time to time. She met Kyle in a bar on New Terrell, and has been with him ever since. She was at his side through every moment of the war he fought in, and it is truly no surprise that he loves her and she loves him with a passion few could understand. She is the only one that Kyle willingly shares his life with, and it comes as no surprise that she does anything she can to protect Kyle. She has repeatedly stated that, should she ever marry Kyle, she would change her name to Anna Draco Bellator - which, in Kyle's opinion, would translate to "Anna the Dragon Warrior."

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New char. Whoop-dee-doo. I'll use him later.

///Darth Faasnu

Name: Darth Faasnu

Age: Unknown

Race/Species: Cerinian

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6' 7", 165 lbs

Weapons: Multiple Lightsabers

Equipment/Attire: Armored robes that look tattered (See my Avi) with the belt holding said lightsabers

Physique: Slim, but strong and hardy

Abilities: Force powers, various Thu'um shouts

Affiliation: None

Personality: See the bio.

Background: Darth Faasnu is a contradiction - a Sith Lord who acts too Jedi to be Sith, yet too Sith to be Jedi. Faasnu's story goes very far back, starting with the day he became a Jedi. Though he completed the Jedi teachings, he normally acted outside the order. Others saw him as misguided, while some thought to test him. He was attacked by assassins time and time again, and each time, he outdid them - at the cost of becoming more warlike. After the last of the attempts, Faasnu had grown in his power so much that he felt something calling to him - an echo, distant and faint. He had no way of realizing that this echo he felt was the destruction of Cerinia. When he returned to his home world and found it destroyed, rumors go that he went completely over to the dark side, unleashing a fury at those responsible and renaming himself as Darth Faasnu. Aiding him was a dragon-shifter named Kyle Indari, and they brought the fires of death to the Necromyans. However, in the final mission, Faasnu was killed - or so Indari thought. Just as Faasnu was ready to surrender to the dark oblivion of death, he awakened, resurrected by the ancient Cerinian Dragon, Ahkrinviingah.

Confused and angry, Faasnu demanded to know why he had been denied his death - and Ahkrinviingah told him, "Because, as dark as you have become, you do not deserve such a death. You need not waste your life in a blaze of anger and hate; there will be others of your kind to aid... We must band together to survive this unfortunate... event." In return for his service, Ahkrinviingah promised to make Faasnu immortal. Many years had passed since then, and Faasnu aided many Cerinians in that time.

Consistent with his master's promise, Faasnu showed no sign of aging - in fact, he had died multiple times, only to rise again and again. Repeatedly, Faasnu has told his enemies, "I can die a thousand times, and still, I will rise, as strong as before." Rumors circulate, however, of an odd case of amnesia. These rumors start when Faasnu, himself, awakened - as he had in the past - from a fatal wound. He had no recollection of what happened, and he could not remember who he was outside of Darth Faasnu, the immortal Sith pledged to the service of Ahkrinviingah.

Slowly, but surely, Faasnu's memories return to him in a variety of ways. To the untrained eye, he is a Sith bearing a look of murder and death - but those brave enough to confront him quickly see that he is not what he appears to be. However, it is noted that Faasnu has, over the years, developed multiple personalities that change his demeanor in an instant. But anyone who braves his contradictory looks and messages, who speaks to him as a person and not a thing, immediately can earn his respect. When in conversation, he can be anything from funny and outgoing to grim, cryptic and reclusive.

Many have tried to get in contact with Faasnu's dragon master - but where his master is and how one can contact him is knowledge only Faasnu knows, and he seldom shares it with anyone. It is said that the only other person that knows how to find Ahkrinviingah is Kyle Indari, who learned of him during a chance encounter with Faasnu in a bar on Sangheilios. Occasionally, Faasnu meditates - regardless of location - to speak with his master. In this trance, Faasnu is utterly still, seemingly frozen in time as everyone and everything around him moves about like normal.

In combat, Faasnu is devastating, using a combination of Thu'um shouts, Force powers, and his multiple lightsabers to decimate his foes. Sometimes, more damage is done to the environment around Faasnu than to his opponent - though these occurrences are few in number. In appearance, Faasnu wears an armored robe that seems tattered from age. His helmet hides his face, and he sometimes has a hood over his helmet.

All in all, Faasnu can be a good person to know and a powerful ally - one must simply look past the surface to see him for who and what he really is - the immortal Sith who is always willing and able to wage war to save others, the Jedi's spirit of retribution against the dark forces of the galaxy and the bane of Sith Lords everywhere.

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Re-did one of my RP chars, the other three are new:


///Kyle Indari

Name: Kyle Indari

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Height: 6' 5"

Species: Cerinian/Dragon-Shifter

Homeworld: Dragon'taan

Physique: Slim, but fit

Attire: Wears a full suit of MASRA SOPIS armor (for those unfamiliar with the acronym, that's "Multi-Adaptive, Self-Regenerating, Ablative Special Operations Powered Infiltration and Sabotage armor) under a grey jedi cloak. When in dragon form, has crimson powered dragon armor. Both sets of armor materialize/dematerialize on demand.

Occupation: High General of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps.

Weapons: Currently uses Dual Lightsabers (one blue, the other red), twin Model 30 Kadgeron Disruptor Pistols, and an RX Hybrid H3M1 (img Below)



Vessel: Marauder-class Star Dreadnought, the Dragon's Rage. (See my art thread in the non-starfox works area, "The Dragon's Lair," for an accurate image of it - it's on my mural.)

Strengths: Power as a Dragon-Shifter, a Jedi Marauder, and the many experiences he has under his belt.

Weakness: Sometimes suffers from flashbacks from time to time. See background.

Personality: See background.

Background: Kyle Indari is a Cerinian Dragon-Shifter who has seen and done it all. The story of his life starts with his life on Cerinia. He was the second child of dragons Draco and Sheila Indari, and the younger brother of Mathayus Indari. However, Mathayus was never present when Kyle was born and raised - he suffered an odd disease as a dragon-shifter in which he took his Cerinian form, but was unable to shift back. Rather that face rejection by his family, Mathayus went to the Jedi, and Kyle was born in his absence. When Kyle was born, Sheila was stricken with a different disease that rendered her unable to have any further children. Like Mathayus, Kyle was born with the Dragon-shifter's genetic marker that allowed him to become a dragon-shifter. Unlike Mathayus, however, Kyle was never stricken with the rare disease Mathayus had suffered.

One fateful day, Mathayus landed on Cerinia to face his parents - and unwittingly landed hours before the Necromyan attack that destroyed Cerinia. The reconciliation between Kyle and Mathayus was short-lived, as they found themselves forced to watch as their home and everyone they knew burned and died around them. Thankfully, Draco and Sheila were off-world when Cerinia was glassed - but the two brothers were unable to escape, as Kyle's escape craft was stolen by an old friend of his, who at that time, betrayed him to get off-world. The day Cerinia fell served as the catalyst that set in motion the rise of Kyle Indari as the High General of the Marauder Corps.

As soon as they could, Kyle and Mathayus made off-world to avenge the death of their home. During the quest for revenge, Mathayus took on a Sith name: Darth Faasnu. However, at the close of the quest, Mathayus was apparently killed, and Kyle was never the same. He drifted from one end of the galaxy to the other, and was recruited by the Dragonarians just prior to the First Kermoran War. By the end of the Third Kemoran War, Kyle was a hardened and seasoned veteran of war. After the end of the last war, he again drifted, and eventually found work with Dragonarian Jedi Weaponmaster Kylet'oran Jek'ari and his family and the team they led, team Star Dragon. Even so, his time working with them was short - the memories of Cerinia continued to haunt him, and drove him to leave the team. Such as it was, the Necromyans learned of Kyle's presence, and for one reason or another, began hunting the dragon-shifters. After a series of events in which Kyle learned the true extent of the threat the Necromyans posed, Indari gathered resources and ignited a duty-call to all Dragon-shifters. Within months, Dragon-shifters across the galaxy flocked to join him, as well as large mercenary factions. They settled on a remote world, now known as Dragon'taan, with it's sister moon, New Cerinia.

The war that followed, called the Marauder War, served to illustrate to Kyle that his life happened the way it did for a reason. He later found out that his brother, Mathayus, had survived his death, and operated under his Sith name Darth Faasnu. At the close of the war, Kylet'oran and team Star Dragon disappeared, leaving Kyle to deal with a resurgent Sith threat, an attack from the Interstellar Concordium, and a threat from the Galactic Empire of Universe 02-Gamma. When it was all over, Kyle had been proclaimed the High General of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps.

Though Kyle is not the same person he used to be, thanks to the events of his life to this point, he is still somewhat cynical and slightly reclusive. He is more outgoing than he used to be, but he still is a bit sensitive on certain subjects. As a war veteran of several different wars, he tends to have flashbacks of the things he's been through. As a dragon-shifter, he tends to be easier to anger sometimes. All in all, he is not a bad person to know - he is a very powerful man with useful connections. If you are kind, expect just as much in return. If you want to fight him, however, be prepared to wage war.



///Anna'khan "Anna" Indari

Name: Anna'khan Indari, AKA "Anna"

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Height: 6'4"

Species: Dragonarian/Dragon-Shifter

Homeworld: Dragon'taan

Physique: Slim

Attire: Wears a set of custom-tailored Dragonarian MASRA SOPIS Mk IX Battle-Armor when on-duty, wears grey tank-top under a white-and-red shirt with blue jeans when off-duty.

Occupation: Second-in-command of the DMC (Dragon'taan Marauder Corps)

Weapons: Purple Lightsaber Staff (Melee), Model 78 Kadgeron Disruptor Rifle (Img below), El-Aurian Disruptor

(M78 Kadgeron Disruptor)

Vessel: Sometimes shares the DMCS Dragon's Rage, but other times, commands an Avenger-class Battleship, the DMCS Protector (Img Below)


Strengths: Is an extremely well-skilled combatant

Weakness: Soft-hearted in regards to her husband

Personality: Gentle, kind and caring off the field, utterly devastating in face-to-face combat, calm, collected and tactful in starship engagements.

Background: Anna'khan "Anna" Indari is a kind, gentle and caring woman, for a Dragonarian whose father is the current head of the Dragonarian Military. She is also a Dragon-shifter, and the first Dragonarian Dragon-Shifter ever to be born on Cerinia. Her early life was good, as the early life of a Dragonarian on Cerinia goes, and she had many relationships with others, most of which fell through because they didn't meet Anna's high standards. It wasn't until she met Kyle Indari - the one who would eventually become her husband - that things changed for her.

At the time, Anna had broken up with her last boyfriend, Aurthur Riley, who she felt wasn't faithful to her. She searched for someone who would remain true to her, no matter what happens, and fate brought her and Kyle together. At first, Kyle didn't trust Anna, and it didn't take long for Anna to ascertain why: Kyle's childhood was one of loneliness and despair, a result of being the only Cerinian Dragon-Shifter present on Cerinia. He hated those around him for what they did to him, and was cynical toward Anna because of this. For reasons unknown, Anna pitied Kyle, and became his friend during his harsh times. Eventually, after getting to know one another for so many years, they fell in love, at which point, Aurthur tried to make a return to Anna's life.

The time that Aurthur tried to win Anna over from Kyle marked the beginning of a chain of events that would later reshape Kyle and Anna's life. For months, Anna saw Aurthur as a friend, and it wasn't until the Fall of Cerinia that Anna found out why he was so adamant over getting her trust; when the Necromyan Collective attacked Cerinia, the Dragonarian Fleet was elsewhere, and Cerinia was defenseless. Aurthur - through means no one but Anna knew - convinced Anna to turn her back to Kyle, and they stole Kyle's only escape craft to flee Cerinia as the Necromyans set fire to the world. This would prove to be a mistake, and one Anna would regret to this day. She left Kyle to die on Cerinia, and the decision haunted her every night. Once they escaped Cerinia, Aurthur turned his back on Anna, marooning her on Tatooine. Ironically, this proved to be Anna's salvation; Aurthur was flying Kyle's ship when it was destroyed during a skirmish between Dragonarian and Kemorainian Forces at the close of the Third Kemoran War.

After Aurthur had marooned Anna on Tatooine, Anna was devastated. She had been manipulated by an old flame into betraying perhaps the one person who she actually loved, and left him to die. Broken-hearted and haunted by what she had done, Anna wandered the Galaxy, alone and unloved. She blamed herself for her pain, and became isolated and reclusive. She scarcely interacted with anyone, and never let go of what happened. When her father found her wandering in a spaceport on Romulus, her life again changed. Her father revealed to her that Kyle had not perished on Cerinia, as she had thought; he was actually alive, but Anna's father knew not where he wandered now.

Anna's life again changed when the Marauder War ended. She felt more and more that she had to face Kyle again, to put the ghosts of her past to rest once and for all. She tracked Kyle down through his old colleagues on Team Star Dragon, who took her to Dragon'taan. When she faced Kyle, there was a brief, but emotional argument between them, but Kyle eventually dropped the barriers between them and took her as his lover again. It was also explained to her that Darth Faasnu - an enigmatic figure to Anna - was Kyle's older brother, and that Kyle had a son, Drake. It was unknown who his mother was, however.

Anna married Kyle when DNA labs confirmed that Anna was, in truth, Drake's biological mother. With the family circle complete, Anna finally found peace with everything that had happened. But, as the DMC's Second-in-command, Anna isn't an unskilled warrior. Her past scars and years wandering the galaxy have given her a warrior prowess to match Kyle's. With her powers fully awakened, she stands ready to fight for what the Indari Family believes in.



////Drake Indari

Name: Drake Indari, AKA "The Dragon Prince"

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6' 0"

Species: Dragonarian/Cerinian Dragon-Shifter

Homeworld: Dragon'taan

Physique: Well-fit

Attire: Materializing/Dematerializing MASRA SOPIS Mk IX Battle Armor when on-duty, Camouflage-colored clothes when off-duty

Occupation: Successor to Kyle Indari as Head of the DMC (Dragon'taan Marauder Corps)

Weapons: Twin Lightsabers that change color with his state of mind (Red when angry, blue when calm, etc.). Also uses a wide variety of guns, but is commonly seen using an RX Kalashnikov AK50M7 (Img below).


Vessel: when not on the Dragon's Rage with his father, Drake commands a personalized and droid-run Indari-class Battleship, the DMCS Indari (Img below)


Strengths: Training by his creators, used in conjunction with things learned from his mother and father.

Weaknesses: Tends to be easy to anger, like his father used to be.

Background: Drake Indari is a warrior born of two great figures: The head of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps, Kyle Indari, and the daughter of the head of the Dragonarian Military, Anna'khan Assinara. However, Drake was not "born" to into their care; rather, it was via DNA stolen by the Weyland-Yutani corporation that Drake was conceived; he was created in a genetic lab. When he was "born," he was raised as a weapon - a weapon that would be set against Kyle Indari himself. Drake, for the longest time, knew not what was in store for him, and it was entirely by accident that he discovered who his father was and what WY had intended for him.

The rebellion was inevitable. Like his father, Drake despised being manipulated, and in his rage, burned the lab he was created in to the ground. He spared no one, and stole a ship to leave the cursed world he was created on. From ages 12 to 15, he searched for his father, finally meeting up with him on Corneria. However, just as father met son, a Sith assault on Corneria, led by a renegade Sith Lord named Darth Malgus, caused father and son to unleash the full fury of their powers. The Sith assault force was decimated, and father and son finally had a chance to reconcile. The family circle was still, however, incomplete. In his rage, Drake destroyed the only files that WY had of his mother. It was not known to Kyle or Drake that Anna was Drake's biological mother.

From ages 15 to 17, Drake and Kyle scoured the galaxy for Drake's mother. It was only known to the Indari Family why this was so important; after a number of conflicts and near-misses, they were ready to give up when Anna surfaced on Dragon'taan. As with before, the Indari family was unaware of Anna's connection to Drake. Anna had come to Dragon'taan to settle something in her past with Kyle, but it turned into a rekindled relationship. When Drake met Anna, he recognized her face from bits and pieces of information in the Weyland-Yutani database. Anna's DNA was tested, and it was confirmed that Anna was Drake's mother. With a relationship already in place, Kyle and Anna married months afterward.

But this was not the end. With the family circle complete, Drake shifted his focus to other matters. He developed a working partnership with the head of the Sangheili Military, Thel 'Vadam. In his dealings with the Sangheili, it was requested of the Sangheili to Drake's parents that they commission a starship for Drake, working with the UNSC Military, UNSC ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), and the Sangheili Military to create new ships for all of the factions involved. One such ship, the Indari-class Battleship, was custom-tailored for Drake. Drake named it the DMCS Indari, in honor of his family. During the ship's maiden voyage, it received a distress call from Sangheilios, the Sangheili homeworld; it had fallen under attack by Jiralhanae and ex-Covenant forces. Using a small fleet of warships created by the Indari's supply of Polymorphic Marauder Drones, Drake saved the Sangheili homeworld almost single-handedly. It was during that time that Drake met Spartan-X050, also known as "Frosty."

Drake again got a chance to work with Frosty and his Sangheili companion, Zuko, when they requested his aid in destroying a major Pirate Ourpost which ONI had confirmed was harboring Insurrectionist Fugitives. Drake, Frosty and Zuko devised a plan of attack that would utterly devastate the pirates - Frosty and his task force mounted a frontal assault on the outpost, while Drake and a fleet of Marauder Drone-created warships came up behind and decimated the base. Not only was the base destroyed, but thanks to the Gravity Well Projectors mounted on Drake's ship, not one pirate escaped. Drake was commended by his father for his role in this, and since then, Drake has earned many commendations from his father and from numerous politicians. Eventually, Kyle named Drake his successor as the Head of the DMC.

With a very bright future ahead of Drake, he is eager to face his next challenge. Do not, however, mistake this for arrogance or overconfidence; he has the skill, the tactical knowledge, and the edge needed to rip through his foes. Drake still bears remnants of his anger, and it is easier to anger him than most; Drake is capable of bringing all kinds of destruction down on his enemies; however, if you should find yourself his friend or ally, consider yourself lucky - few can say they have a friend like Drake, one who has multiple connections and is the Son of the head of the DMC. If you push, expect to be pushed back. If you are kind, you can expect equal or greater value in return.




Name: Spartan-X050 AKA "Andrew"

Call-sign: "Frosty"

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Height: 7' 9"

Species: Human/Spartan

Homeworld: New Arizona (Birthplace), Dragon'taan (Current Residence)

Physique: Bulky, muscular

Attire: Wears DMC-Issue MASRA SOPIS MK-IX Battle-Armor when on-duty, wears a set of camouflage-color clothes when off-duty

Occupation: Dragon'taan Marauder Corps/UNSC Military Liaison, DMC Marauder Operative

Weapons: Modified MA5C Assault Rifle, DMC-Issue MP340A3 (Img below), Sangheili Plasma Sword



Vessel: Has joint command a retrofitted DMC/UNSC Warrior-class Battlecruiser (Img below), listed as UNSC Pride of Arizona, uses a DMC Stealth Runabout for Solo ops with his Sangheili partner, Zuko.



Strengths: Abilities and such from his Spartan Augmentations, usually has backup from his Sangheili friend, Zuko 'Vadam

Weaknesses: Isn't quite as subtle as his Sangheili companion.

Personality: Typical military nature, calls the higher-ups "Sir." Usually doesn't speak unless spoken to or has a good reason to speak.

Background: Spartan-X050, as he is called by the UNSC Military, is a legend. He was created by the UNSC Military as the start of the next generation of Spartans, the Spartan-IV's. These new Spartans combined everything learned from the Human-Covenant War with technology given by the Sangheili and acquired from the Jiralhanae to create an advanced supersoldier. The result was better than anyone expected; Spartan-X050 was a natural leader, and became something of a legendary warrior on Sangheilios when he single-handedly defended General Thel 'Vadam - the head of the Sangheili Military and the ex-Covenant Arbiter - from an attack by the Jiralhanae. In recognition of this, General Thel appointed Zuko 'Vadam, his own son, to guard Spartan-X050.

Just after the Jiralhanae attack on Sangheilios, the UNSC found themselves in another war against the Covenant - or rather, what was left of it. Led by a San'Shyuum known as the Prophet of Deliverance, the Covenant Remnant tried to finish what the original Covenant Collective started: The Annihilation of Humankind. With a peace treaty already in place between the Humans and Sangheili, both races waged bloody war on the Covenant Remnant. It was a stalemate, at first; with now-equal tech on both sides, neither the UNSC/Sangheili Alliance nor the Covenant Remnant could gain any ground - until Spartan-X050, by a random stroke of chance, made contact with the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps. He enlisted their aid in the war, now called the Remnant War, and the tides began to turn.

The DMC's entrance marked the true beginning - and end - of the Remnant War. Woefully outnumbered and hopelessly outmatched, the Remnant was crushed into a dim memory. The final blow came when the Prophet of Deliverance was killed in action by Spartan-X050 and Zuko, who had boarded his ship with a contingent of the Spartan-IV's and their Sangheili counterparts, the Sangheili Predators, in an attempt to capture the San'Shyuum alive if possible. In recognition for numerous acts of service, Spartan-X050 and Zuko 'Vadam were granted command of a DMC/UNSC Warrior-class Battlecruiser, the Pride of Arizona. They were also named the official liaisons between the UNSC-Sangheili Alliance and the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps.

Because Spartan-X050 is such a legendary figure and has an extensive military record, little is known of his origins. It is public knowledge that Spartan-X050 was born on New Arizona, near the border of Sangheili space, but little is known beyond that. His fellow Spartans call him "Frosty" because of his cool demeanor under pressure. The only person that knows and openly calls him by his real name - Andrew - is Zuko.

After the end of the Remnant War, Andrew and Zuko were outfitted with DMC-Issue armor custom-tailored to fit them, and found work adding to their service records by destroying specific targets for the DMC. Their ops ranged from Stealth Infiltration, Espionage, and Sabotage, to full-out Assaults and Fleet actions. Pirates across the galaxy call him "The Harbinger" and spin tales and legends of great deeds. Indeed, when Spartan-X050 steps onto the battlefield - whether it be on his ship or on the ground - it always seems to signal his enemies' defeat.

All in all, Spartan-X050 may be something of a legendary figure, but he is not above talking with others. He does spend time in general chit-chat, but he is never seen without his companion, Zuko. Where he goes, Zuko follows.


(I'll post the armaments and sizes of the aforementioned warships later.)

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Character I got the idea on the way home from work tonight.


///Kabier "Kabby" Hudson


Name: Kabier Hudson

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5' 10"

Species: Liiraan Lioness (Anthro-Lion race out of Universe 01-Gamma)

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Physique: Slim

Attire: Depends on the day and her mood

Occupation: Pilot-for-hire

Weapons: Doesn't typically tote around guns, but when she does, she uses a modified E11 Blaster Carbine she keeps tucked in a custom holster (Img below)




Vessel: Retrofitted Defender-class Light Corvette, inherited from her father (Img below)



Strengths: Seasoned pilot, is a good shot with her blaster

Weakness: Isn't physically-imposing, sometimes leading to... unwanted situations.

Personality: Generally a peaceful, gentle girl that wouldn't hurt a fly. Tries to avoid violence wherever possible, but isn't afraid to fight.

Background: Kabier is one of an exceedingly rare race - she is a Liiraan, a race of Lions from Universe 01-Gamma. Her kind is rare because they were one of the few races that refused to be absorbed into the juggernaught faction of that 'verse, the Draconian Combine. Kabier had only been born days before the Draconian Combine razed her home world; they held out for the first few hours, but in the end, Kabier's parents were forced to flee their home world with what was left of the Liiraan race. Kabier's parents' ship in particular ended up on Nar Shaddaa, a dangerous and violent world of rogues and cutthroats. Much of Kabier's early life, her father taught her to survive, taught her in martial arts, and even taught her to use the blaster carbine she uses to this day.


While her mother worked at a local casino, Kabier's father's occupation remained a mystery. Were it not for him, however, Kabier's family would not have been able to get out of the slum they lived in for the first decade. For years afterward, Kabier lived in relative peace and prosperity. For reasons unknown, Kabier's father bought a flight simulator, and taught her how to fly a starship. Kabier didn't know why, but she went along with it until she hit 17, when her father left - as he usually did in his job - but never came back. It was reported a week later to Kabier and her mother that he had been killed, though the messenger didn't divulge how or why.


Two years later, Kabier's mother was found dead in a Nar Shaddaa alley. She had apparently been killed by the Exchange, one of many criminal elements operating on Nar Shaddaa. Kabier was now - unexpectedly - on her own. With no job and an unusual set of skills in a 19-year-old girl, Kabier became a pilot-for-hire, hauling cargo for whoever could pay her. It wasn't enough to keep her home, so Kabier adapted to living on her ship. Even so, it was a miserable existence - She had docked for extended periods on six different worlds over six months, and in each one, she had managed to find the one guy that would treat her the worst. It wasn't until a return trip to Nar Shaddaa to buy back what few belongings she had left that fate struck again.


Upon returning to Nar Shaddaa, Kabier was approached by a man from the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps. It was explained to her that her father had secretly been working as a Mercenary for the DMC, and, before his death, left a will for Kabier; from it, Kabier inherited a small fortune, 750,000 credits, and her father's starship. With money to work with and a new starship, Kabier put as much distance between herself and Nar Shaddaa as she could, hauling cargo for more reputable employers. From ages 19 to 21, she went from one end of the galaxy to the other, hoping to meet someone right for her, but at the same time, honoring her father's memory.

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I still prefer the DC-15 over the E11 blaster probably due to 2 factors: Blue lasers(favortie color is blue) and clones use it. (I'm more partial to republic clones instead of Stormtroopers.  But nice profiles.

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(Two new ones for ya, comrades.)


///Tuz'iin Do'Vokun

Name: Tuz'iin Do'Vokun (Translation: Blade Master of Shadow)

Age: 28

Race/Species: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6' 7", 165 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Pale brown fur, a result of too much time spent in armor

Vocal Description: Thick Russian Accent

Weapons: Modified M41A Pulse Rifle, DL44 Blaster Pistol Modded to fire Type-3 Kadgeron Disruptor Pulses, twin Diamond-blade Katanas crafted to be immune to the acid blood of Xenomorphs

Equipment/Attire: Camouflage clothes, Personal Auto-Matertializing/Dematerializing MASRA SOPIS Battleplate armor suit

Birthplace: LV-3297

Current Location/Residence: Unknown

Training/Specialties/Skills: Extensive Military training

Special Markings: None

Abilities: None that need be noted (May develop some abilities later)

Affiliation:Dragon’taan Marauder Corps

Occupation: DMC Marauder Operative

Personality: Typically keeps to himself, though he does tend to start conversations from time to time when he has reason to. Sometimes randomly says words or phrases in Russian from time to time.

Background: Tuz'iin Do'Vokun is a character shrouded in mystery. Though he is definitely Cornerian in origin, it is unknown why his name is in Dragonarian, which translates to “Blade Master of Shadows.†Indeed, like his name suggests, Tuz’iin is a master of blades, fighting with twin diamond-blade katanas. Tiz’iin, as a practitioner of Jar’Kai, combined with his military training and his skills as a Marauder Operative of the Marauder Corps, is a deadly character in combat.

The story of Tuz’iin’s life starts with his early life on LV-3297, a world that, at that time, was controlled by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Tuz’iin was a warrior even in childhood, spending much of his time on his own in the holodecks provided by the Merchant fleets of Drragon’taan. His holodeck times were split between combat combat sims, flight sims and other training in various aspects. He hoped that, one day, he would be allowed to become one of the mysterious Marauder Operatives. This interest in that particular career caught the attention of Weyland-Yutani Governor Dash Lydecker, who – for reasons unknown – saw the boy as a threat.

Such as it was, fate interceded before Lydecker could take care of Tuz’iin, and a Xenomorph hive was discovered on LV-3297. Days later, the outbreak began, and the Xenomorphs attacked the colony. After a three-day fight, the Xenomorphs overtook the colony. It took another four days for the Dragon’taan Marauder Corps to send a military fleet to see what happened, and when the troops landed, they only found Tuz’iin, the sole survivor to the Xenomorph outbreak.

Already traumatized by what he had seen happen to his home, family and friends, Tuz’iin stole a runabout craft from the DMC fleet and escaped LV-3297. However, fate again interceded, and a rogue comet knocked Tuz’iin’s craft out of the stars and onto an uncharted world. There, he survived against an already-present Xenomorph hive, and learned much from a local, alien-friendly Yaut’ja tribe. With their help, he crafted the katanas he now carries, and proved his worth to the tribe when he single-handedly killed a Xenomorph queen.

Thus calmed after his ordeal, Tuz’iin decided it time to become that which he wanted to be, and he took a ship from an abandoned outpost – a modified Defender-class Light Corvette – and drifted from one end of the Galaxy to the other, acquiring and modifying an M41A Pulse Rifle and a DL44 Blaster Pistol, and finally getting a Model 4 TDIG Rift Generator to travel to Dragon’taan. On his eighteenth birthday, he arrived on Dragon’taan, and one of the ships among the Marauder Corps fleet recognized him. He was taken into the Marauder Operative academy with open arms.

The next six years of Tuz’iin’s life were drowned in training and simulated operations as a Marauder Operative. He graduated at the top of his classes, receiving an Infiltrator-grade Personal Cloaking Device integrated in a MASRA SOPIS Armor Suit. In the four years afterward, Tuz’iin more than earned the nickname “Shadow Blade†as he completed more than thirty operations successfully. During one of those operations, however, his ship was shot down by an Imperial Dominator-class Star Destroyer over Mu-Gamma IV, a world in the grip of a zombie apocalypse. He and his AI, Ricca, survived the crash, and he met his current companion, Leigh. Together with another Marauder Operative, Zuko, they and a band of survivors fought their way to an abandoned airstrip in the heart of infested territory, liberated a helicopter, and headed to a facility beyond a mountain range, wherein it was discovered that the zombie uprising was, by far, not an accident, but an Imperial event.

For reasons unknown to Tuz'iin, the Galactic Empire of Universe 02-Gamma - a faction under the control of one General Zariin - had taken a keen interest in Mu-Gamma IV. It is still unclear why this was, but whatever it was they were after, they wanted no one knowing they got it. Whatever the case, Tuz'iin, Leigh, Zuko and the survivors fought their way through imperial forces that had overrun the facility, downloaded all the tactical data they could, and took the ship Tuz'iin currently flies - an XG2M2 Star Wing Assault Corvette. The team blasted off of Mu-Gamma IV, boarded the Dominator Star Destroyer that was in orbit, and disabled it, thus allowing them to escape to Dragon'taan.

Beneath the exterior of a warrior, however, lies the scarred mind of a man. Tuz’iin did not emerge from his ordeals unscathed. He seldom slept, and the few times he did manage to sleep, he awakened hours later, having dreamed of the monsters that destroyed his home and murdered his family.

Physique: Slim, but looks bulky in his armor.

Strengths: Extensive military training, survival instincts

Weaknesses: Severely traumatized by his ordeal on LV-3297.

///Leigh Hudson

Name: Leigh Hudson

Age: 28

Race/Species: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 6' 7", 165 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Crimson Fur with grey stripes down her back.

Vocal Description: American Accent

Weapons: HK G39M2 Assault/Disruptor Rifle, twin Glock 17 9mm pistols w/ silencers, diamond-blade Katana given to her by Tuz’iin as a gift.

Equipment/Attire: Red Flight Suit when flying the ship, MASRA SOPIS armor when aiding Tuz’iin in his operations.

Birthplace: Mu-Gamma IV

Current Location/Residence: Resides with Tuz’iin on their XG2M2, the Insurrection Alpha

Training/Specialties/Skills: Military training, Survival instincts, Piloting skills.

Special Markings: Aforementioned grey streaks in her fur. Has a tattoo in her fur of the Marauder Corps Marauder Operatives’ logo on her back.

Abilities: None that can be noted

Affiliation: Dragon’taan Marauder Corps

Occupation: DMC Marauder Operative

Personality: Very sweet woman, tends to laugh and joke more often than her companion, Tuz’iin.

Background: Leigh Hudson is a survivalist, a marauder in a woman’s body. Unlike Tuz’iin, she never dreamed of becoming a Marauder Operative. When she was old enough, she joined the Mu-Gamma IV Military Defense Force, and served well until one fateful day.

On Leigh’s Twenty-second birthday, the ship of a DMC Marauder Operative crash-landed on Mu-Gamma IV. Coincidentally, Leigh happened to be in that area when the ship crashed. She pulled a badly-wounded Sangheili – Zuko ‘Mortumee – out of the wreckage before the ship exploded. Zuko awoke days later in Leigh’s bed with no recollection of how he crashed. The day Leigh met Zuko was the day that set in motion the events that would render Mu-Gamma IV a Class-three Hazard Zone.

Just a week later, the government lost contact with a facility beyond the mountain range outside of the capitol of Mu-Gamma IV. The Military sent a strike team to investigate, but they never reported back. Three days later, a viral outbreak occurred, and the military found themselves fighting against a virus unlike anything ever encountered on Mu-Gamma IV. The virus spread through contact, and as more and more people became infected, the military became ineffective at stemming the tide of the walking dead. They tried to call Dragon’taan for help, but the only FTL comm array capable of contacting Dragon’taan was in the facility. The military sent three strike teams to access the array, but none returned. As the military’s numbers dwindled, the undead horde’s numbers grew until they overran the military base, and the few survivors took up bands of civilian survivors in an effort to wage guerrilla warfare on the undead. Over the next three years, the number of surviving bands fell.

It was then that Zuko remembered what happened, though he didn’t understand the nature of the enemy they faced. He pulled Leigh aside one day, told her that the day he crashed, his ship had been pulled out of light speed by a starship mounting an unknown device that affected ships passing through the system at light speed. Leigh could not identify the device nor the enemy, and it wasn’t until she met Tuz’iin that new light was shed.

Leigh met Tuz’iin when his ship crashed on Mu-Gamma IV in the same event that Zuko’s ship did. Tuz’iin was, strangely enough, unharmed by the crash, and made it to the city on his own, where he happened across Leigh, Zuko, and the band they kept together. When Tuz’iin was told of what happened, both to Mu-Gamma IV and Zuko’s ship, he recognized it as the work of the Imperial Military of Universe 02-Gamma, a ‘verse ruled by the Galactic Empire and their Militant Leader, General Zariin, who had - through means no one understood - eradicated both Jedi and Sith from that 'verse. He surmised after examining the logs of what was left of Zuko’s ship and his own that the ship that pulled them out of light speed was an Imperial Dominator-class Star Destroyer.

Now knowing that this was an Imperial operation, Leigh came to the conclusion that the viral outbreak wasn’t an accident – the Imperials wanted something that was there on Mu-Gamma IV. After a harrowing escape from the city on a helicopter, Tuz’iin, Leigh, Zuko, and what few survivors that had made it to the airstrip containing the helicopter, headed for the facility beyond the mountains. Once there, it was confirmed that the Imperials were searching for something. What that something was didn’t matter – the team ensured the Imperials didn’t live to find it. They stole an Imperial XG2M2 Star Wing Mk 3 Assault Corvette, blasted off-world, and disabled the Dominator, making it easy prey for the Marauder Corps retaliation. When the stolen imperial starship – the Insurrection Alpha – arrived on Dragon’taan, the survivors scattered, and neither Tuz’iin, Leigh nor Zuko heard from them again.

In recognition to her valorous service in the aid of Tuz’iin, Leigh was made a Marauder Operative and assigned to work with Tuz’iin. Over the coming years to present day, she developed a close relationship with Tuz’iin. She is the only woman to openly call him Tuz’iin, where as most others simply call him Shadow. It is said that she is the one and only woman who has seen the memories that plague Tuz’iin’s mind, and that she is the only woman he trusts implicitly. Whether or not either is true is knowledge only they hold.

Though they typically live in their ship, they do have a home on Dragon’taan, where they house Zuko, retired from the Marauder Corps. The aging Sangheili even has a wife and a child on the way, all housed in a large home in the eastern part of the residential district of Dragon’taan’s Capitol. Why they house Zuko and his family in their home is unknown – it is suspected that Zuko played the father figure to Leigh when Mu-Gamma IV fell, and Leigh wanted to honor that bond.

All in all, Leigh is a sweet and kind woman with a strong tie to Tuz’iin – Wherever he goes, she follows, even if he tells her he must go alone.

Physique: Slim and curvy body, extremely flexible.

Strengths: Knows how to survive in the worst possible conditions, very skilled pilot.

Weaknesses: Tends to be a little defensive of Tuz’iin.

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(Attached to this post are two images of Viktor's ship and an image of Viktor's weapons.)


///Viktor Drakona

Name: Viktor Drakona, AKA "Crusader"

Age: Unknown

Race/Species: Human/Dragon-Shifter

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6' 4", 177 lbs

Eye Color: Bronze-colored dragon eyes

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: none

Vocal Description: American Accent

Weapons: AK74 Precision Assault Mod, RX Kalashnikov AK74U Assault Refit 1, dual Plasma Katanas

Equipment/Attire: Modified MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor w/ integrated Infiltrator-grade PCD, Various ECM functions, and Anti-Kadgeron Personal Energy Shield, most of the time worn beneath a brown cloak. Armor materializes on demand, and Energy Shield functions even when armor is not active, so long as the gauntlets are worn.

Birthplace: Unknown world in Universe 01-Foxtrot

Current Location/Residence: Typically lives on his ship, the Dragon - officially lives on Sangheilios.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Survival and Combat skills learned in his travels

Special Markings: Six scars on front of chest from Jiralhanae Spike Weapons, one Y-shaped Scar on the front of his chest from where surgery was performed

Abilities: Powers as a Dragon-Shifter

Affiliation: USR (United Sangheili Republic)

Occupation: Unknown

Personality: Quite friendly, but typically keeps to himself.

Physique: Average

Strengths: Survivalist, has high-up connections in the Sangheili Military and Government

Weaknesses: Has flashbacks from time to time (See Background)


Background: There is much history that surrounds the lone-wolf Dragon-Shifter known as Viktor Drakona. He has many nicknames, like "Wraith," "Dukh Drakona" and "The Dragon Prince," but to humans and aliens alike in Universe 04-Bravo, he is known as "The Crusader." The story of Viktor's rise to prominence starts on a nameless world in 'verse 01-Foxtrot. As the only dragon-shifter born on his world, Viktor's early life was one of loneliness and despair. At the time, his world was caught up in a petty civil war that tore his already-divided people apart. This war attracted something, a creature, that forever changed Viktor's life.


12 21 12. Three numbers that were experienced by everyone on Viktor's home planet, but remembered by only Viktor himself. In the words of Darth Traya, "War... is a hunger, and there are spirits in the galaxy whose hunger is never satisfied." Know, then, that on December 21, 2012, on the eve of peace, the day the war was supposed to officially end, the world Viktor grew up on, along with everyone and everything he knew, died. A solar flare triggered a supervolcano that spewed a massive cloud of ash and dust that covered the planet. A Dragon'taan Merchant ship was passing through the system, and detected the explosion. When they arrived, the entire planet was engulfed in the massive cloud of ash and soot. It was a nuclear winter. Rather than risk personal injuries in a searsh-and-rescue operation they were neither trained nor equipped for, they contacted the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps to look for survivors. When the DMC arrived, all they found was Viktor, nearly insane with grief and anger. When questioned about what happened to his home world, all Viktor told the DMC was, "He came for me." The DMC had no idea at the time that the "he" Viktor spoke of was, in fact, a mythical warship known only as "The Ravager," a Phantom ship housing a spirit, attracted by war, that fed on death. It was largely unknown - even to Viktor himself - how he survived the Ravager's attack.


Given the volatility and toxicity of the world, now gripped in a cataclysmic apocalypse, and the high concentrations of Carbon Monoxide and Ash polluting the atmosphere, the DMC's response to what they found was swift - take Viktor from this world. This would prove to be the last time Viktor saw his home world again. He was taken to Dragon'taan, where it became apparent Viktor couldn't stay there, despite his dragon-shifter origins. More and more, he was haunted by what he saw, had nightmares of the creature that consumed his home. He would only find his solace in the stars. The DMC commissioned a vessel for Viktor alone, working with various factions like the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire to create the N'Kal-class Advanced Bird-of-Prey, the Dragon. It was equipped with the latest technologies of all the empires involved in it's construction and rigged to run on a holographic crew controlled by a chief AI, Clara. As soon as it was completed, Viktor took his new ship and left. He took up going everywhere armed, always flew his ship cloaked; he never stayed in any one place for long. He stayed mobile.


Fate interceded one day, as on a visit to a fringe Cardassian system for a routine resupply, Viktor and his ship inadvertently wandered into a Borg attack. Because his ship was equipped with Kageron-enhanced weaponry and Anti-Kadgeron defenses, and had a cloaking device derived from the one used on the Reman Warbird Scimitar, Viktor helped the Cardassians beat off the attack. The Borg ships were easy prey for Viktor. After his resupply, he left changed. Such became the case with many worlds across many different 'verses that he traveled to - he seemed to pop in, either in orbit or planetside, to beat off some sort of attack or incursion, and then vanished, earning him the nicknames "Wraith" and "Dukh Drakona." He became a hero, but always was he haunted by the Ravager. As the days went by, Viktor became consumed by thoughts of vengeance. He wanted to destroy the Ravager for destroying his home. In his long nights and periodic meditations, Viktor discovered a way to destroy the spirit that consumed his home. But he needed an ally.


As fate would have it, he got his ally - and his chance for revenge - one day while passing by the Sangheili home world, Sangheilios. While he ran a routine ship-wide diagnostic, during which everything was shut down, his ship was boarded by a Jiralhanae attack party using technology given to them by the now-rogue Romulan Tal Shiar. Viktor fought them off, but was nearly killed doing so. That's when the head of the Sangheili military, Imperator Thel 'Vadam, happened across his ship. Thel's wife, Lina, recognized Viktor as an alien warrior she knew only as "the Crusader." She and Thel, along with their son, Zuko, saved Viktor's life. Viktor's recovery - and the insistence of Thel and his family that he stay - kept Viktor on Sangheilios long enough to call it home. But in doing so, he placed Sangheilios at risk. One night, he awakened from a nightmare - one that told him the Ravager was coming to finish what he started so long ago.


The stories of how Viktor managed to destroy the Ravager vary wildly, but what is unanimously agreed on was that Viktor cut out the Ravager's heart, destroyed its mind, and burned its body. Thus was the end of the demonic, death-consuming spirit known as the Ravager. Viktor's revenge was complete. A celebration was held in Viktor's honor on Sangheilios, and for the first time since the death of his home planet, Viktor was at peace. But after the conclusion of the celebration, Viktor felt something in the galaxy, something that called out to him. Promising to maintain contact with his new-found Sangheili family, Viktor left Sangheilios in his ship, and ended up in Lylat.


It remains unknown what Viktor searches for, and how it calls out to him...

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New character WITH IMAGE!


///General K'torr

Name: K'torr

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Species: Dragon-Shifter/Sith Pureblood

Home World: Unknown

Physique: Looks Average, but is stronger than he looks

Attire: Armored Black Sith Battleplate Robes

Occupation: General in the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps

RX Hybrid H7M1

Dual Red Lightsabers

Strengths: Cybernetic Enhancements, Ambidextrous, deadly shot with his rifle, master in Dual-blade fighting

Weaknesses: Certain elements of his Cybernetic Enhancements require him to be on constant medication every six hours. Prolonged periods without medication can possibly be fatal, depending on current situation.

Personality: Cunning, Calculating, and Clever in combat (both starship engagements and planetary/personal combat), funny, outgoing, and good-to-know out of combat.

Background: General K'torr is a figure if increasing controversy. He is the commander of the small military faction within the Sith Empire called the Draconis Crusaders, and has been for years. Conjecture arose regarding how old K'torr really is; it is public knowlede that K'torr is the man who founded the Draconis Crusaders after defeating his master, Darth Baras, but the age of his faction would seem to suggest that he is quite old - but, despite this, he manages to remain young-looking. How he does it is unknown, but it is speculated that he uses stolen Necromyan technology to stay alive, but it has never been proven. It is rummored that K'torr has a soft spot for someone, a woman who he willingly shared his life-prolonging technology with - but no one knows who she is. Among his factions' personnel are his command staff - the daring, former-slave Twi'lek, Vette, who runs K'torr's Special Operations unit; the competent, no-nonsense soldier Malavai Quinn, who manages the day-to-day operations of K'torr's army and fleet and also acts as third-in-command; the eager, powerful apprentice, Jaesa Willsaam, whose special ability to sense any person's true intentions landed her as second-in-command of the Crusaders; the Reckless, but undeniably effective Commander Pierce, who runs the Crusaders' Black Ops Operations; and the survivalist, deadly-efficient Commando, Broonmark, who acts as a field officer in the Crusaders.

K'torr created the Draconis Crusaders after defeating his master, Darth Baras, in an epic duel. While the forces under Darth Baras bowed to K'torr, the empire betrayed him. The constant infighting of the Empire's Dark Council and the Emperor's apparent inability to destroy the Republic also reinforced K'torr's decision; instead of waging a lone-wolf war against the Empire, K'torr, after securing his followers on a fleet of loyal warships and working alongside a like-minded Sith named Vokun Suleyk and his followers, defected to the Republic. Working alongside Jedi General Draco Bellator, K'torr took a unique view of the Force, at the same time helping Draco fight the Sith Empire. While K'torr wasn't present to see Draco deal the killing blow to the Sith Emperor, he felt it from where he was, and felt that Victory had been achieved. Thus was the beginning of the Crusaders' legacy.

Months after the Sith Emperor died, K'torr again helped Draco in staving off a renewed Sith Empire under Darth Malgus. K'torr was present, and helped Draco fight, the would-be emperor, Darth Malgus. After Malgus died, Draco, Vokun and K'torr hunted the Sith remnants across the Galaxy. It was during this time that they encountered General Kyle Indari and the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps, and the unlikely trio became Generals in Indari's command staff for the coming Marauder War. But the threat of the Sith remnants remained ever present on their minds, and they remain ever vigilant against any sign or threat from the scattered Sith...

///DMCS Iron Regent


Predator-class Battlecruiser/Assault Carrier

DMCS Iron Regent

x20 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannon Turrets (x10 Port/x10 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Heavy Disruptor Cannon Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Plasma Torpedo Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x4 Kadgeron Heavy Gauss Cannon Turrets (x2 Port/x2 Starboard)
x2 Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Launchers (Forward-facing)
x4 Kadgeron Anti-Starship Long-Range Missile (ASLRM) Launchers (Forward-Facing)
x4 Kadgeron Mass Driver Turrets (x2 Dorsal-Aft/x2 Ventral-Aft)
x1400 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons (x700 Port/x700 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron High-Explosive Short-Range Missile (HESRM) Launchers (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x32 Multi-Craft Hangar Bays (x16 Dorsal-Bow/x16 Ventral-Bow)
x1 Marauder Drone Storage/Hangar Bay (Center Ventral)

8,150 Meters


HAILSTORM Point Defense System
DERAILER Missile/Torpedo Guidance System Jammer
PHANTOM Stealth Comm Decoy System
HARLEQUIN Decoy Launcher
TOWER Anti-Cloaking Device Nullifier
Emergency Thrusters
Dragon'taan Cloaking Device


PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
SNIPER Optical Telescope
PREDATOR Infra-red Telescope
HUNTER Sensor Network

Overlapping Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Energy/Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Particle shields

Mandalorian-inspired MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating

Plasma Fusion Drive

{{FTL Drive}}

Model 49 Translight Jump Drive

Model 6 Trans-Dimensional Inter-Galactic (TDIG) Rift Generator

{{Translight Velocity}}

915 Light-years per day

Not to be confused with the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps Carrier of the same name, the Predator-class Battlecruiser is a warship designed by the Sith Crusaders using various design ideas and inspirations, and built by the Crusaders in collaboration with the DMC. The DMCS Iron Regent was the first of it's kind, and reflected the ship's Sith origins while representing the pride of the Crusader fleet. Equipped with a cloaking device like any other DMC vessel, it is capable of making devastating surprise attacks on it's own. However, this Predator has a slightly larger hangar capacity than the DMC Predator (thanks to it's design), and despite being smaller than the DMC Predator, it is more heavily armed than it's DMC counterpart. The Sith Predator also houses numerous Orbital Drop Pods for surface engagements. Equipped with the latest advances in Dragon-Shifter sensor, countermeasure, and shield technology, and plated with a Mandalorian-inspired version of MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating (Rumored to have been gleaned from Sith databases after the Mandalorian Wars and combined with existing DMC armor technology), the Sith Predator is a fearsome foe. It also comes standard with DMC-issue FTL Drives, a TDIG Rift Generator, and DMC-issue Engines, allowing it superior maneuverability compared to older Sith designs. Because of all this armament, defense and all other technologies packed onto this ship, it fills many roles, ranging from Assault ship to Heavy Assault Carrier. It's primary weakness is the location of the Shield Generators: Like the all Sith designs, the three shield generators generating the shields on the ship are located on the external surfaces of the ship; two atop the dorsal-aft Bridge structure, and one behind the Hangar Bay that stores the Marauder Drones. Also of note on the Predator is the fact that it carries a compliment of DMC Marauder Drones - starfighter-sized, AI or remote controlled drones that use a polymorphic generator combined with advanced materialization projection emitters to literally become varying kinds of warships, everything ranging from a corvette to a dreadnought. This allows the Predator to deploy a sizeable fleet in seconds at little cost to time and no cost to resources.

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Name: Ketorr (pronounced "Kay-Toor")


Age: Unknown


Race: Wolf


Sex: Male


Height: 7' 0"


Weight: 235 lbs


Home World: Unknown


Physique: Well-built, muscular


Attire: Varies from day to day


Weapons: Unknown


Occupation: Unknown


Strengths: Apparent cybernetic enhancements, very strong


Weaknesses: Severe amnesia, cybernetic enhancements occasionally cause problems that can become fatal depending on current situation.


Personality: Tends to keep to himself, but isn't afraid to have a conversation with others. If he thinks you know something he needs to know, he'll ask. He never gets hostile (verbal or otherwise) unless provoked, and instinctually protects others when he feels it prudent.


Background: Little is known about the amnesiac Ketorr. There are no records of his birth, residence, contacts, or anything that would shed light on Ketorr's mysterious past. Officially, he does not exist. Ketorr remembers nothing of his entire life before he awoke on an abandoned space station with obvious signs of surgical intrusion. All station logs had been erased, the personnel nonexistent, and a ship left for Ketorr to depart the facility. The ship - a Reman-refitted Romulan Bird-of-Prey - he named the Wanderer and used it to travel across the galaxy in search of who he was and what happened to him. Despite his amnesia, he retains combat instincts - which he uses to protect others when he feels it prudent. It has been recorded multiple times that Ketorr seemingly materializes weapons in his hands when he has need of them, weapons that vanish when his work is done. Ketorr knows not how he does it, but it has served him well since he began wandering the galaxy.


Yet, despite the void in his mind where his memories used to be, there is one thing he still remembers: Someone or something named Sela. He doesn't know who or what it is, nor why it's the only thing he remembered after awakening - but he is determined to find out. This is what compels him to travel the galaxy other than his search for clues to his past. Why or how his search brought him to Lylat is largely unknown, even to Ketorr.


Also of note are Ketorr's apparent cybernetic enhancements; Though largely unproven, it is speculated that Ketorr has numerous cybernetic enhancements, ranging from optical enhancements to various combat applications and personal cloaking without need for a PCD. This makes Ketorr an unpredictable combatant (though he tries not to get into fights when possible), as his combat abilities, combined with his ability to cloak and deploy virtually any weapon imaginable and see in a variety of spectrums, give him a major edge. However, he never starts fights; rather, he's one to finish them.

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///Markus Tokarev\\\

Name: Markus Tokarev

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Height: 6'5"

Species: Cerinian Tiger

Home World: Cerinia (Destroyed)

Physique: Buff

Attire: Heavily-modified Dragonskin Advanced Tactical Combat Armor when On-Duty, random casual clothes when off-duty (though he still sports a personal energy shield in such attire, same as with when he's on-duty)

Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire, Scout, Explorer

Weapons: Varies

Strengths: Stealthy, Resilient, crack shot

Weaknesses: Traumas suffered before, during, and after the Fall of Cerinia have left him cynical and angry.

Personality: Cynical, despairing, mistrustful of others, but also caring, emotional and very sweet to anyone who gains his trust

Background: Markus Tokarev is, at best, suspicious of anyone outside his trust. He is a member of a rare Cerinian race, a tiger born with an inverted fur color pattern; where most Cerinian Tigers are born white with black stripes, Markus was born black with white stripes. His unique pattern earned admiration from some, and scornful disrespect from others. These mixed reactions to him caused him to be a bully and a spoiled brat in his youth, and is recorded to have harassed the Cerinian who would later be known as Krystal Indari - the Cerinian survivor who would lead the forces of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps to the other Cerinian survivors, leading to the rise of the Cerinian-founded New Cerinia Command - multiple times. When Markus hit his teens, however, the roles had been reversed. Though Krystal was never present during his teen years, the bully that was Markus Tokarev became the bullied. He was harassed by those that had once been his targets, and even his own friends turned on him. His teen years were despairing and dark, as he was alone with no one to turn to.

In an attempt to counteract his loneliness, Markus turned to holographic technology, and was largely successful in his efforts. Though his holographic friends could never replace actual companionship, they made tough times go easier. However, when Markus turned 17, he discovered - inadvertently - military uses for his new holographic friends. Because his holographic allies were alien in nature - Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and Gorn - and by extension, had varying capabilities, they were well-suited to carry out various operations on Cerinia in secret. Markus first used them to save a metal mine from a terrorist bombing, and was given a six-figure cash award for it. The lure of that kind of money was too strong for Markus to resist, so he soon found work for him and his forces in frontier scouting, metal mining, and development. Because his allies were holographic, Markus didn't have to worry about the troublesome logistics other leaders would - his forces didn't need sustenance, they had no desire for wealth, and they didn't need to sleep. Markus found that both amusing and convenient, like the video games he had once played in his youth. But still, as he grew older, he grew to appreciate the value of true companionship. He reached out to his enemies and former-friends, trying to make amends for the past. He was somewhat successful, and was able to undo some of the damage he caused, but nothing could prepare him for what happened when he turned 21.

On Markus's 21st birthday, he was surprised to know that, in honor of everything he had done, he had been granted a starship - the Midlothian-class Heavy Destroyer Striker, captured by the Cerinians from the United Insurrectionist Front. While Markus's Holographic troops secured his new ship, Markus celebrated his victories and his birthday with what few friends he'd won back. Ironically, Markus's reward, combined with the Holograms that served him, saved his life. When the Necromyans attacked, the holographic troops Markus had commanded for so many years evacuated him and his friends to the Striker, and left Cerinia. This proved to be the last time Markus ever saw Cerinia and it's people for several years. He rendezvoused with a convoy of survivors fleeing Cerinia as the Necromyans glassed it, dropped his friends off, and then vanished into the stars.

Events moved quickly, then - Markus expended his entire fortune upgrading the Striker - Multi-Adaptive Ablative plating overlay on his ship's armor, an advanced shield system, a Quantum Singularity power core, a cloaking device of the same type as the one deployed on the Reman Warbird Scimitar, and a broad array of experimental weapons that combined older Kadgeron technology with Poleron technology. With his ship fully upgraded and ready, Markus took on mercenary jobs across the galaxy - especially scouting, exploring, and covert ops. However, though alone, Markus was not cut off from galactic events. He kept track of the happenings of the Marauder War, the rise of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps, and most especially, the post-war rise of the New Cerinia Command. While Markus wanted to be among the survivors of his race, one thing stopped him: Krystal.

Because of the history he had with Krystal, Markus had spent many years afraid to come back to his own people, for fear of what Krystal would do to him should he dare show his face. Better he remain in self-imposed exile than be exiled by Krystal for what he did to her so many years ago. But the questions he had still remain: Had her feelings against him mellowed over the long, uncounted years? Did the war against the Necromyans change Krystal? Did she ever forgive a spoiled bully for lashing out at her? Though haunted by these questions, Markus nevertheless performs his duty as Captain of the Striker.


[img width=800 height=450]http://img13.deviantart.net/25a3/i/2012/168/3/e/unsc_midlothian_destroyer_by_annihilater102-d4xr62h.jpg

Heavily-modified Midlothian-class Heavy Destroyer Striker

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Markus has a new ship, as described in Affairs of the Lylat System:


///UACS Thermopylae\\\


Class: Modified Trafalgar-class Supercarrier

Size: 6400 Meters

Defenses: Overlapping Anti-Kadgeron energy/particle shields, Unknown Mandalorian/Borg Alloy Self-Regenerating hull armor, Laser Point Defense System (LPDS)

Weapons: Multiple Kadgeron/Poleron (Kapoleron) weapons. Kapoleron weapons include: Dual Linear-mounted SMAC Guns, Multiple HE Missile Pods, Multiple Omni-Directional Plasma-Disruptor Beam and Cannon arrays, Multiple Omni-Directional Torpedo Launchers (Launches Plasma, Quantum, Transphasic, Chroniton, Bio-Molecular and Thalaron Torpedo types).

Description: The UACS Thermopylae began it's life as a Trafalgar-class Supercarrier, built by the UNSC but somehow stolen by Insurrectionist forces. For years, the Innies kept the Thermopylae away from the UNSC. The UNSC eventually began offering mercenary contracts to destroy the Thermopylae, none of the mercs who tried ever succeeding. It wasn't until Markus Tokarev came along that the Thermopylae was liberated. With his hologram army, he took control of the stolen warship, was paid, and allowed to keep it. But, the Thermopylae as it was then was not enough to suit Markus's needs as the flagship of his fledgling faction, the United Alliance Coalition. No, he needed something far more powerful. Something to keep up with the ships of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps using the technology his faction discovered.


The first thing Markus did to the Thermopylae was enlarge it to be twice the size of the original model. When that was done, he found he had an incredible amount of space for whatever he wanted. Next, he reinforced the hull armor with a mixed alloy of Mandalorian and Borg Hull Armor. The result was a Hull armor that regenerated itself over time from any kind of damage. Next, he installed the best Anti-Kadgeron defensive shielding he could - a gift from the DMC as a sign of good faith, along with their compliment of Marauder Drones and a few other gifts. Now, the Thermopylae was a ship far sturdier than most other ships in the galaxy. But still, Markus had plenty of free space. What did he do next? He installed multiple Kapoleron weapons all over the ship. Where the frontal arc of the ship was covered by Kapoleron SMAC guns, HE Missiles, and Plasma Torpedo Launchers, the rest of the ship was armed by overlapping arrays of Omni-Directional Plasma-Disruptor Beam and cannon arrays and Omni-Directional Torpedo launchers - an idea he gleaned from the Borg at the same time that he got the idea for the Thermopylae's armor, having seen a Borg Cube fight.


The end result was the Flagship of the UAC - a battleship larger than even the UNSC Infinity, with weapons that could shred the aforementioned Infinity and defenses that would protect it against virtually every threat to a starship. The primary problem with the Thermopylae was not with the design, but rather one inherent to a ship of this size; due to the enormous mass of this vessel, it was quite short on maneuverability. However, what the Thermopylae lacks in speed and quick turns, it more than makes up for in firepower, survivability, and resilience. It is, essentially, a tank in space.

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An update, people: I now have an image for our Lord-Admiral Markus Tokarev, as he is in the Lylat Affairs RP:


Lord-Admiral Markus Tokarev.jpg

Full credit goes to KazeKat for drawing this up. Thanks a bunch, mate!

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