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Silhouette (Star Wars)


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A lightsaber is an incredibly inconvenient piece of equipment.

When activated, it shines like a beacon and roars like an ion-engine; and that's just when it's held steady. Simply swinging one makes the roar that much more prominent and when it strikes, it cracks as if it were bolt of lightning. The very act of holding such an item in one's hand is synonymous with a single incriminating word thats as good as a death sentence these days.


Yet for all its drawbacks, a lightsaber does have one redeeming quality: it is very small, which is probably the only reason why I still have mine. Not to mention that it can be quite handy as a tool in the right circumstances.

And then there is the almighty Force. Mediclorians within one's cells helping to play tricks on the very fabric of reality, all before reality has a chance to realize that it's been duped. Such sleight-of-hand tricks have even more possible uses than the lightsaber, but the Force is conversely, even more dangerous to use than the lightsaber. The Empire's inquisitors have ways to locate, hunt down, capture and presumably kill any individual found to have some affinity with these abilities, and they do so through the Force. This is why I rarely use the Force any longer, at least overtly.

There is a curious planet within the inner-rim territories known as Myrkr, and on it are even more curious creatures called yasalamiri. These little lizard-like animals –who have few more thoughts than to eat, to mate, or to survive– are essentially able to dam the flow of the Force, shut-off the tap to that reservoir of power. The yasalamir can render any individual who uses the Force to attack unable to harm them, and also renders the creatures undetected by those who use the Force to find them. Though it is possible for one to learn this technique, it does inconveniently inhibit one's ability to use the Force for anything else. However, after Palpatine called for the extermination of all Jedi everywhere and began his campaign to eliminate all who use the Force, I have found this technique most useful in keeping a low-profile.

During the war, I was but a young Jedi Knight involved in the Bothan Spynet's operations based out of my home-world: Bothawui. The Grand Army of the Republic wanted to "keep an eye" on the Spynet, to make sure they were cooperating with the Republic's needs, so they sent in the clones like they'd always do. Not surprisingly, the Spynet administrators were nothing short of absolutely furious, and refused to allow the troops into their deep operations. The only compromise they would accept was to allow a Jedi –a Bothan Jedi specifically– to babysit their highest workings.

That would be me.

The Bothans, particularly in the Spynet, are a practical, cunning, even if a bit of a self-centered bunch. Do you know what they did when the infamous Order-66 was issued? When the clone troops burst into the Spynet's operations facility to slay me, the Bothans thought fast –putting their own interests first, as always– and made quite a show of staging my death. The thermal detonator may have been a bit overboard in my opinion, but it was enough to fool the mass-produced, single-minded soldiers of the Republic, or Empire, whichever it was at the time.

The Spynet saw the advantage in having a Jedi Knight hidden away within their ranks, and since the order was disbanded, they offered me a chance to work with them and live, or they would turn me over to the Empire to die. They didn't have to make it such a stark choice between life and death, as the circumstances at the time were like that anyway.

I took them up on their offer, obviously, and I am alive, well, and out of the clutches of the Empire –even if the Jedi Knight the spynet was assigned is officially dead.

My teacher in the order was Jedi Master Kai Hudorra, but I presume him dead now: the same as a vast majority of all who were assigned to be Senior Generals in the Clone Wars. My given name was Mashir Ivei'lya of Clan Ilya, but I have not used it openly for over a decade. This is not a problem, as the Bothan Spynet highly encourages the use of aliases and false identities.

My Spynet Codename is "Silhouette", and I often am not referred to by anything else.

And now, agents within the Bothan Spynet, with its fingers and ears reaching all across and all throughout the Galaxy, have finally confirmed the rumors about this Rebellion against the Empire. Now that is an intriguing prospect, one I am certain my fellow Spynet operatives won't be able to resist getting themselves involved into.


This is a concept I've had for a while (a few years at least), but never really had the time and/or focus to fully explore being distracted by Legacy. I planned to include several reverences and cameos from certain characters and related events at this point in the timeline. I'd really like to go back and flesh this particular story out sometime. What do you think?

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Sounds rather interesting so far. I'm quite the Star Wars geek, so if you'd ever want to ask some questions related to your research, then I'm available.

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I actually like it. I'm a bit of a Star Wars nut myself. I look forward to seeing this story continue.

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I read this a while back on your fanfiction.net account but I didn't get around to reviewing it, since it was published way too long ago and I figured you were no longer interested in it. I haven't dabbled into the expanded universe a bit, only seen the movies, but for now I can follow this well enough. As always, characterization is the biggest draw to your writing, and you manage to make even this info dump fun to read. I can't really give any real criticism at the moment with there only being backstory, but it does look promising. Still, I'm more interested in seeing some of Legacy, which I haven't reviewed yet but I'd be willing to wait if you decide to take this side project further. You push out chapters very well anyway, even if you were slowed down it wouldn't be much worse than the pace of many other fanfic writers I follow.

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Heartbroken Pride

-38 BBY-

An ordinary enough speeder taxi darted through a somewhat upscale suburban housing development, during a brisk afternoon. The buildings here favored a simple elegance in their architecture, with nothing too garish, nor completely dull. The landscape was mostly developed over by the residences, but beyond was a lush temperate landscape of plains and forests, which spilled into an impressive ridge of snow frosted mountains. This was a suburb of Drev'starn, the capitol city of Bothawui, and the planet's largest urban center.

The taxi soon came to a stop outside one of the houses, and two men clothed in the ubiquitous robes of jedi exited. One was a stocky human with a jovial, almost carefree face, but which belied a hidden cunning and wisdom. The other man was young Bothan, with a cleanly cropped mane and beard of jet-black over khaki fur. While the human's expression at the time was that of assured confidence, the bothan jedi however was far more anxious.

"Master Giiett, I must urge some restraint and guarded tone here." the bothan jedi cautioned, "The Ivei'lyas are members of the very proud Bothan clan Ilya, and they will... greatly appreciate a certain measure of respect and courtesy."

"Well honestly Kai, who doesn't?" Giiett said with a chuckle, "Oh don't look so sour. You know I wouldn't have brought you along if I didn't value your expertise on these things."

"Because I'm Bothan." Kai said flatly.

"Well, yes." Giiett responded, "Who else is going to help me navigate the minefield of Bothan society's faux-pas? You think I'd trust the Acquisition Division with such sensitive subjects? And please Kai, how many times have I told you to just call me 'Micah'?"

"Too many times, mas– Micah."

The two jedi precoded down the house's walkway to the front door. It was one of the more luxurious houses, at least from how it appeared on the outside, with a neatly manicured lawn and garden out front, and a well maintained building exterior. It was definitely the home of a family that was fairly well-off, and could afford these luxuries.

"Now, what would be the most appropriate greeting to use here?" Micah asked about halfway through the walkway.

Kai pondered it for a few moments, sifting through the long list of Bothan customary greetings, and came up with, "Favor and Fortune upon you and your house."

"A bit vain, isn't it?" Master Giiett commented.

"It's Bothan." Kai responded with a shrug.

They reached the front door, activated the door chime, and waited.

The door pated open a few moments later, showing a sharply dressed Bothan man on the other side. His features were well groomed, but the one element that stood out most about him was the flame-red color of his neatly cropped mane. He received the two jedi visitors with a look first of surprise, then of concern, bordering almost on suspicion.

"Favor and Fortune upon you and your house." Master Giiett greeted as he bowed forward; a normal Jedi gesture of respect.

"Ah, um..." the other Bothan imitated the bow, and replied, "May the Force be with you, Master Jedi."

"I am Master Micah Giiett, and this is Knight Kai Hudorra." he motioned to Kai, "Is this the house of Karka Ivei'lya?"

"It is, and I am he." the flame-maned Bothan answered with a nod.

"May we come inside?" Giiett asked, "I hope we aren't intruding."

"No, not at all, please, come in and make yourselves comfortable."

"Thank you for your hospitality."

Karka showed the two jedi into his home. The interior was much like the exterior: simple elegance. The front door opened into a small foyer, connected directly to a cozy, well-kept living area just past it. Ivei'lya showed Giiett and Hudorra to the couches and coffee table, and the two jedi took a seat as they waited for their hosts.

"Eshka dear, we have guests!" Karka announced.

A lady Bothan soon came down the staircase at one side of the room, with a look of slight annoyance on her face. "Not so loud, husband." she scolded at Karka, "I just put Mashir to her nap."

"Of course, of course. Foolish me." Karka chided himself at a much quieter volume, then returned his attention to his guests, "May I get the Masters Jedi something? Kothtri?"

"Thank you," Kai replied with a reverent nod, "that would most kind of you."

And with that, Karka went into the kitchen area on the other side of the great room, leaving Eshka alone with the two Jedi for a moment.

"What exactly is 'Kothtri'?" Giiett asked Kai in a whisper.

"Spiced fruit drink, Master." the Bothan Jedi replied, "Almost everyone on Bothawui has their own recipe."


Eshka sat down on the loveseat opposite the Jedi, a slight tinge of worry coming across that she did her best to hide, "May I ask what brings the Jedi Order here, to our house?"

"I think it'll be fair if we wait for you husband before we discuss it." Master Giiett answered.

Karka Ivei'lya returned to the living area carrying a tray with a full pitcher and four glasses, which he set down on the coffee table between everyone and began distributing among his guests.

"Now, Masters Jedi, what can we do for you?" Karka asked as he sat next to his wife. His hospitality and cheerful ways hid an anxiety, a deep-troubled worry that the two Jedi could easily sense.

Best not to beat around the bush here.

"We are here to discuss your daughter." Master Giiett said in as calm a tone as he could manage.

The anxiety in the Ivei'lyas was swept away in an instant, replaced by a sudden realization. Why else would Jedi come to their house?

"Is–" Eshka stammered out, "is our little girl...?"

The Jedi gave them a slow nod as their answer. Little Mashir was a Force-sensitive, and the Jedi have come to claim her for the Order. Eshka and Karka clasped their hands together, not sure what to make of the revelation.

"Coming with us is really the best thing for your daughter." Micah Giiett explained, "The Order can teach Mashir to control her gift, and to use the Force for the betterment of the whole Galaxy."

"She will be treated well, provided for, protected, and given the finest education the Galaxy has to offer." Hudorra added.

It was a hard conclusion to come to, but the Ivei'lyas were coming to realize they wouldn't know what to do with their daughter's Force-sensitivity, how to help her. Not to mention the possibility of ridicule among her future peers as a 'freak'. However, the prospect of a complete, comprehensive education, and being looked after by esteemed Jedi Order filled them with some sense of solemn solace.

It was a strange sort of pride they felt then: a heartbroken pride.

"When does she need to leave?" Karka was finally able to ask.

"The sooner it is, the less painful it'll be." Master Giiett told him.

"I see..." Karka's head hung low for a moment, then he gave his forehead a much needed scratch, "Give us a minute, so we can pack her things, say our goodbyes."

"Of course."

Karka and Eshka Ivei'lya left the two Jedi in their living room, and went up the stairs in silence.

They soon made it to the nursery, a dimly lit room decorated in soft pastel colors, equipped with all of the necessary infant care accessories and furnishings needed to care for a child. The child in question was there, in the room, lying in the crib, fast asleep.

"You can't seriously think this is right." Eshka protested, "You can't just let the Jedi take Mashir, not so easily. What will everyone say?"

"I don't care what they'd say!" he snapped back, quietly, so not to wake the baby, "We want what's best for her, don't we? This Jedi thing is the best there is for someone like her, what more can we ask?"

Eshka couldn't argue that point, but she didn't seem at all satisfied. She just stood there, petrified with that helpless look about her.

Karka bent down over the crib and gently lifted the infant Bothan child out. With his daughter in his arms, he pitched his point to the baby instead, "I don't care how far these Jedi try to indoctrinate you, how hard they try to make us forget about you, or you us. You will always be a daughter of Bothawui, a daughter of clan Ilya, our daughter..."

Karka looked up to his wife, who after holding back so very hard shed a single tear, and a weak smile graced her once again beautiful face.

"Go little Mashir, make us proud," he whispered to the bundled child in his arms, "show these Jedi just what it means to be Bothan."


Well, I started writing this old thing again. If you got thoughts, I'd be glad to hear 'em

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